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10 Most Helpful Apps Developed By Students Of Top Universities [2021]

Make yourself apprised of the best smartphones apps created by brilliant students.

Helpful Apps Developed By Students

Every successful startup is based on a bright idea. If the concept of a startup is excellent, it has all the chances to bring profit and become famous. Many students do their best to hit success in the era of technological impressions. Some of them have already laid their hands on different mobile apps.

Just to inspire students, we want to present the best mobile app which has been created by students. Young people all around the world have already begun making waves in the mobile app industry. This is a small step ahead to make people aware of their successful mobile app development journey.

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Here are the best products students have come up with:

10 Most Helpful Apps Developed By Students Of Top Universities

Explore the apps and solutions that are the end results of their untiring efforts:

1. Pulse News

Pulse News is considered to be one of the most successful applications created by a couple of Stanford students in May 2010. These guys sold the application subsequently and then dropped out of school. It is the best mobile app, which aggregates news from various websites, blogs, and social networks. All the news are combined into a bright and user-friendly interface.

2. HBCU Buddy

HBCU Buddy is the app, which was created by two students of Spelman College in 2010. The application won the AT&T Big Mobile on Campus Challenge. By using this app, you can view stats on every historically black college and university in your country. The app even gives you information on average SAT scores and majors, which are available.

3. Rover

Rover app is the creation of two students from Harvard. The app is designed to let Harvard and Cambridge students view deals, news, and significant events in the schools directly from their smartphones. The app participated in the Big Mobile on Campus Challenge 2009 and became the winner.

4. Power Planner

Power Planner is the creation of one of the most creative Arizona students called  Andrew Bares. He created Power Planner, which works as the ultimate homework application. By using the Power Planner, students can keep track of their school schedules and calculate the GPAs. By the way, the app took the top prize in the Big App on Campus Contest, which was sponsored by Microsoft.

5. MadPad

MadPad is the app, which was designed to transform the noises of banging garbage cans, screeching tires into music. This cool app was developed in a Stanford computer music class by a young assistant who has been praised by The New York Times, TechCrunch, and Gizmodo.

6. Battery Go!

Battery Go! is the creation of three friends at Valparaiso. One day they just decided to do a voluntary internship. The result of it is the handy battery monitoring mobile application for iPhones. Nowadays, it is one of the top 100 ranked and paid apps. The friends created their own software company, which is called 9magnets.

7. Mafuta Go

Mafuta Go app was presented by students at Makerere University's College of Computing in Uganda. The app was selected to represent the nation at the Mobile Premier Awards in 2012. The main idea of the app is to help people who drive bikes to find the cheapest and nearest gas stations, food courts, and car washes.

8. Winter Survival Kit

The idea to create an app called "Winter Survival Kit" belongs to a couple of computer engineering students at North Dakota State University. The guys aimed to make a life-saving app, which can help drivers deal with severe wintry conditions. The app notifies family members and emergency personnel, calculates how long the car can still run and alerts the essential safety information regularly.

9. iParkedHere

Brandon Cowan, a student of the high school, created iParkedHere in his senior year. He wanted to assist drivers in finding their parked cars. The app keeps track of the time left on the meter. These days the app has become a top-ranked lifestyle app. You can find it on the iTunes home page.

10. iHomework

When most of the students were enjoying Christmas holidays, Paul Pilone, Virginia Tech student, spent this Christmas break designing his new application. Nowadays, more than 22,000 students use the app regularly to keep track of school projects and assignments.


All these successful solutions are exceptional examples that simply motivate young people to fill the mobile app industry with a few more functional apps. If you’re one of that passionate youngster who possesses skills to implement an app idea into life, start your journey today to impress the world. But coming up with one of the best app ideas is not as easy as it seems Always keep in mind the factors before developing a campus app.

If you do not have technical skills, you can take assistance from an experienced mobile app developer. The world is waiting for students' innovations which will make the future belongs to the young generation!

For more information on the latest apps, stay tuned with MobileAppDaily. And if you want us to do a mobile app review for your latest brainchild, contact us today!

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