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Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Offshore Mobile App Developer in 2024

Hiring offshore app developers is one of the most cost-effective ways to develop a cutting-edge app.

 Offshore Mobile App Developer

Digital solutions like apps are an investment, not an expenditure. Businesses in this digital age can refurbish their entire brand with one small app icon. But the potential of a mobile app idea primarily depends on the workflow efficiency of its app development process and a dexterous team that goes beyond app development. 

Companies can either develop an app on their own or outsource the development. When a company outsources, the development of an application to other countries for their business can be termed as offshore mobile app development. 

Offshore mobile app development is preferred by many business houses as it offers a cost-effective and simple way to develop mobile applications. 

What are the Different Ways of Outsourcing Your Project?

Three main ways of outsourcing are discussed as follows

  • Outsourcing the task to an individual developer or an agency - It is commonly seen that a company hires a freelancer to take over a particular responsibility which the business was not comfortable doing in-house. Hiring a freelancer to do a specialised job is typical. Big operation leads to hiring agencies for meeting the desired results. A company can hire offshore developer to minimize the burden and maximize its productivity and efficiency. 
  • Delegating a certain portion of the whole project - A certain part of the project can be delegated to the hired professionals. Depending upon your area of expertise and the problems you are facing in the process of development, you hire help for any fundamental or advanced process of app development. An offshore developer brings IT expertise in different disciplines that are tough to find among local candidates.
  • Hire a dedicated team of developers - Hiring a dedicated team of app developers is the most cost incurring but also the most efficient way of outsourcing. Hire the dedicated team which will finish the project under deadline making sure all your requirements are matched within optimum resource expenditure.Click here to know more.

Should your app be developed onshore or offshore?

A skilled developer to develop an app is a must. To hire remote mobile app developers quantifies a huge possibility for the adoption of modern frameworks but also comes with its own set of challenges.To help you decide a suitable method for developing an app and pick the best mobile application development company for your app idea, we’ve picked the key differences between the two.

Offshore app development Onshore app development
Requires less budget Higher costs
Global talent pool un accessed by your competitors Smaller talent pool
Language and Time zone difference Clearer communication and face-to-face meetings

Although, how you choose the best app development company depends on your budget limitations, development timeline, target user base, in-app pricing model, etc., we have five key reasons to convince you to opt for an offshore app development company. Here’s why.

Top 5 reasons to hire an offshore mobile app developer

Although crafting an innovative idea into a resourceful app isn’t limited to its development, it does lie at the heart of a successful app. Organizations today have evolved and are smart enough to make the best of the opportunities and resources available to them. Many business houses are now inclined towards offshore mobile app development to avail additional assistance from skilled experts and improve their efficiency.

1) Language barriers don’t apply to programming codes

Advocates who don’t outsource offshore mobile app developers often use the argument of occasional language barriers. While language barriers do pose a key challenge when outsourcing English writers, the same doesn’t apply to app development. 

Programmers across the globe speak the same language of code and can deliver just as good, even better results in development, regardless of programmers’ first language. So, outsourcing may require you to get a translator but also offers the untapped global talent pool. 

2) Pocket-friendly pool of talent 

Hiring an app development company that’s not local or in your country allows you to hire a talent pool of the same or even better expertise than onshore companies for half the price, thanks to different minimum wages. Some offshore freelance mobile app developers come at a fraction of the going rate in your local area, offering the same quality services. If you hire an offshore developer, you stand a chance to bring experience, scale, and knowledge about the latest tools and technologies to the table. These days, companies opt for software development outsourcing in Romania, Poland, Mexico, India, and other international IT hubs.

Moreover, unlike with onshore mobile app developer contractors, you are not required to sign lengthy contracts or agree to a retainer. For bigger projects, offshore app development companies have enough bandwidth to scale up and down to meet your demands. You can select and hire offshore developers per your need and can also cover budget constraints.

3) Technical Brilliance in emerging technologies

Building an app that is at par with the modern and advanced times can be expensive. However, app owners are often surprised to learn that many offshore mobile app development companies offer the latest technical features of apps and virtual infrastructure for way less cost than in-house agencies. This is because most leading tech solutions target countries with cheaper production costs and lower minimum wages for their production process. An offshore mobile app development company has a hands-on experience with all the latest tools and knows all of it inside-out.

For instance, India, a leading tech hub in the world, has app development companies that are Google certified in nascent platforms like Flutter. So, anyone looking to build a Flutter-like app can outsource the same level of infrastructure and expertise at a lesser cost than in-house mobile app developers.

4) Better Risk Management of development glitches

Regardless of the product being built, an enterprise has to count the unprecedented risks with all employed resources, from government regulations and economic downturns to market volatility and talent pool.

It’s often ruled that hiring an app offshore app development company can tie your project into logistical loopholes. But it’s rather the opposite. Since the labour pool is cheaper and foreign investment rules more relaxed in developing countries, app owners find it easier to do damage control in terms of the incompetent workforce or infrastructural backlogs than they do in developed countries with higher labour cost and stricter legal regulations. 

5) Protection from Competitor snooping

In today's cut-throat competition marketplace of mobile apps, to-be app owners must always be on the lookout for potential competitors offering similar services. Employing an onshore app development company may mean that your app’s UI and design could be similar to a potential competitor because the workforce comes from the same geographical boundary, technical expertise and creative force attached to the country. But the workforce in an offshore app development company may be able to offer you a new perspective in terms of user experience because they are exposed to different user habits.

What Services Should You Expect From an Offshore Software Developer?

With an increasing rate of technological advancements and an increased shift towards remote working, an offshore development team can assist you with multiple IT services. Some of the most common services offered by an offshore web developer are:

1. Customer Software Development

Offshore developers specialize in customizing software solutions as per the particular requirements and demands of their clients. From developing web applications to designing tailored software solutions, an effective offshore web development team can do it all. 

2. IT Consulting 

Apart from designing a unique app and software for your business, an offshore development team can be extremely beneficial in offering effective IT solutions and consulting services for their clients. A development team can help you with feasibility studies, technology selection, and software architecture. All in all, it can assist in the successful execution of the project. 

3. Quality Assurance and Testing

A competent offshore development team appoints a specialized QA engineer to examine the software and ensure its quality. QA engineers can ensure the quality of the developed software through different practices that include either manual or automated testing. 

4. Maintenance and Support

Developing a full-stacked application is one of the foremost jobs of an offshore development team, along with this they can also offer maintenance and support services after the development. You can get assistance in fixing a bug, enhancing the overall performance, optimizing features, and other technical assistance.

How to Hire an Offshore Software Development Team?

Admittedly, hiring an offshore mobile app development company isn’t a simple job to do. You can still manage it effectively by laying a strong and proper foundation for the same. You can hire an offshore developer for your company with these simple steps- 

1. Define Goals- Before you hire an offshore developer, you must clearly define the purpose and the services that you are looking for. Companies can hire an offshore mobile app development team to either- 

  • Get an app built from scratch
  • Improve and rebuild the UX experience of an existing app

2. Select Right Partner- Next step in the process is to seek a potential partner and hire offshore developers to complete the task with effective capacity. You must consider the following points to hire a suitable offshore mobile app development company-

  • Verify and check the company’s Clutch profile
  • Review client testimonials and comments thoroughly
  • Check the portfolio and explore their expertise 

3.  Choose a model to work-  Offshore mobile development experts and companies offer different types of collaboration options. You must select a suitable option in order to ensure stability and control. Different types of collaboration options available are- 

  • Fixed Price
  • Time and Material
  • Dedicated Team

4. Select Optimized Communication Tools- Effective communication ensures seamless collaboration between an offshore mobile development team and the client. 

5. Provide Feedback- It is a requisite to provide feedback and suggestions if you hire offshore developer and delegate your work to a third party. Periodic check-ins and monitoring ensure the developers are headed in the right direction.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Offshore Developer? 

The cost of designing a mobile app can be a bit expensive. It is believed that if you hire offshore developers, you are saving a lot on your time and money. Getting your app developed with an offshore mobile app development company is cost-saving; however, the exact cost depends on the resources used. 

Various factors that can regulate and affect the cost of outsourcing app development are listed below:

  • Type of app and its complexity
  • Platforms supported by the app
  • UI/UX requirements laid by the clients
  • Back-end processing required in the development


Before you hire an app development company that’s offshore, make sure you’ve regarded that country’s taxation systems, employment laws, and privacy regulations, along with other logistics that can affect the deployment process of your app.

Similarly, keep an emphasis on the timely delivery of the app. One way to ensure this by picking the best workflow methodology for your app with a thorough discussion with the dedicated offshore app development company.

If you’re not sure of offshore app development, you can also consider mid-shore app development companies: i.e. companies that opt to merge the two, typically situated in countries like Hong Kong or Singapore.

Offshore outsourcing opens the pool of best talent across the world to create mobile apps in any app category but does pose challenges such as coordination, time management, and privacy issues. But with good communication and efficient management, these can be taken care of. You can also check out top mobile app developers offshore and see if they meet your needs. Also, for simple digital products like a calculator app, businesses can look into hiring freelancers for your app. 

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