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Top 100 Startups Discover the Next Wave: Top 100 Startups Shaping the Future in 2024 - Innovation, Growth, and Potential Unveiled for the Year Ahead!

These startups span diverse sectors, from technology and healthcare to sustainable energy. In this dynamic landscape, they represent the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship, showcasing groundbreaking ideas, disruptive technologies, and transformative solutions.

There are over 150 million startups worldwide, and about 50 million new startups are launched yearly. Although only 10% of these startups get to see the light of success, there is no stopping innovative minds from bringing forward revolutionizing ideas.

Even with the ongoing global economic crisis, some startups have reached the top. Several startups are succeeding in their respective industries, from AI to healthcare automation, cybersecurity, fintech, and more. Some of these are the startups to watch in 2024. We have curated a list of startup companies in 2024 that are on the right trajectory.

If you love to learn about the most innovative startups to watch in 2024 to revolutionize the world, we have got you covered.

Here is a list of the top 100 startups to watch in 2024, in no particular order or ranking. Dive in to learn about the fascinating details of these best startups in 2024.

Top AI Startups

1. Cohere

AI is one of the top startup trends in 2024 to take your business to the next level. Cohere builds innovative language models used in various fields, including customer support, conversational AI, and content generation.  

2. Anthropic

Anthropic, founded by ex-OpenAI members, pioneers human-like AI with the notable product Claude, emphasizing safety and innovation. It is one of the fastest-growing startups in 2024 in the AI space. 

3. AI21 Labs 

AI21 Labs, an Israel-based leader in AI-powered NLP tools, revolutionizes content creation with platforms like AI21 Studio, serving giants like Samsung and Ubisoft.  

4. Scale.AI 

Scale.AI, specializing in AI training and labeling, collaborates with OpenAI and top firms like Meta and Microsoft and has also worked with the US government to develop LLMs for classified government networks.    

5. Hugging Face 

Hugging Face, renowned for open-source AI models like Llama 2, fosters ML community collaboration and partners with tech giants like Dell and AWS. This is one of the top AI startups in 2024. 

Top App Startups 

6. Blinkist

Blinkist offers 15-minute audio or text insights from over 6,500 non-fiction books. So there is a mini library contained within your hands. It is one of the fastest growing startups in 2024. 

7. Realworld 

Realworld simplifies complex topics like taxes, health, and career development for young adults, offering guidance on career, health, and overall well-being. It is one of the best tech startups in 2024. 

8. Heetch 

Heetch is a ride-sharing app that focuses on late-night commutes. They are well-known for their transparent prices, destinations, and low customer prices.  

9. Instabase 

Instabase offers an Applied AI platform for businesses to understand content like databases, PDF documents, bank statements, etc., and build automated workflows. 

10. Miles 

The Miles app is based on the concept of frequent-flyers programs and rewards users who earn miles through all modes of travel — cars, planes, trains, subways, buses, and more. 

Top Beauty and Wellness Startups  

11. Madison Reed 

Madison Reed specializes in luxury hair color services, offering customized experiences using Artificial intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR).  

12. Function of Beauty

Function of Beauty is a revolutionary beauty and skincare brand that offers customized products like body wash, shampoo, etc., according to individual needs. 

13. By Humankind 

By Humankind creates personal care products with clean ingredients for everyday use and runs on a mission to reduce the usage of single-use plastic.  

14. ManiMe  

ManiMe is a manicure brand that creates custom stick-on gel manicures using 3D technology that can be easily changed at home.

15. NakedPoppy 

NakedPoppy offers clean beauty products customized for customers based on the online assessment of their skin type. 

Top Blockchain Startups 

16. Yuga Labs 

Yuga Labs is a blockchain technology startup that develops non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and digital collectibles.  

17. Fireblocks 

Blockchain is one of the startup trends in 2024 to look out for. Firblocks delivers security services for allocating, storing, and transferring digital assets like cryptocurrencies.  

18. Meetkai 

MeetKai is a blockchain technology startup developing a metaverse accessible for exploring an enhanced reality, owning assets in the metaverse, and accessing this world anywhere through a browser. 

19. Coinme 

Coinme is a cryptocurrency startup striving to make crypto investment accessible to a wider population. It has launched its app, which helps users make cash investments in crypto.  

20. Chainalysis 

With clients across 70 countries, Chainalysis provides a wide range of resources to help banks, government agencies, etc., identify hacked or stolen funds.  

Top Cybersecurity Startups 

21. Abnormal Security 

Abnormal Security is a cloud-based email security platform that learns the behavior of every cloud entity to analyze the risk and provides automated response options. 

22. Snyk 

With its developer-first analysis tools, Snyk empowers developers to fix open-source vulnerabilities and build secure applications.  

23. GitGuardian 

GitGuardian scrutinizes all the public activity on GitHub in real time. The monitoring software helps solve data leakage issues to prevent the compromise of database credentials and certificates.  

24. Claroty 

Claroty is a cybersecurity system designed to secure OT, IoT, and IIoT assets for Industrial, healthcare, and enterprise environments.    

25. Deep Instinct 

Deep Instinct is a cybersecurity platform that utilizes deep learning technology to prevent malware attacks from affecting computer systems across organizations.  

26. Lacework 

Lacework is a data-driven platform that helps with cloud security automation for environments built with Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, and Kubernetes. It helps users innovate in a secure and fast system.  

Top Ecommerce Startups 

27. Verishop 

Verishop is an innovative online marketplace that presents an array of luxury brands for various categories like fashion, beauty, home, electronics, and more.  

28. Neeman’s  

Neeman's is a direct-to-consumer unique footwear startup that sells footwear made of American Merino wool, a natural fiber.  

29. Snackpass 

Snackpass is a rapidly growing online food ordering platform for fast-food restaurants that provides restaurant operations for both the back and front of the house. It includes mobile app ordering, POS hardware, and more.  

30. Leaflink 

LeafLink is an ecommerce startup for cannabis wholesale management. It offers its services to B2B customers, connecting retailers and cannabis brands. 

31. Deliverr 

Deliverr is an eCommerce startup in the delivery and logistics space that helps companies of all sizes keep up with the super-fast delivery timelines of marketplaces like Amazon.  

32. Brandless 

Brandless was built on the idea of putting customers over branding and packaging. As such, the eCommerce platform offers top-quality everyday essentials at affordable prices.  

Top EdTech Startups  

33. Lingoda 

Lingoda is an online language learning platform with in-house learning resources and standardized teaching methodologies for all languages. 

34. Juni Learning 

Juni Learning is an online learning platform for students with a comprehensive curriculum, boot camps, on-demand classes, and one-on-one sessions. 

35. Atom Learning 

Atom Learning is an AI platform helping students get into the best schools with preparation material and online tutoring services. 

36. GoGuardian 

GoGuardian is a subscription model aiming to maximize students' learning potential and create a positive online learning environment.  

37. Unacademy 

Unacademy is a leading online learning platform providing free content by top educators for exam preparation and testing. 

38. Hive Diversity 

HIVE Diversity is a recruitment platform connecting organizations with university students and fresh graduates. 

Top Fashion Startups 

39. Skims 

Founded by Kim Kardashian, Skims is an undergarment and shapewear brand supporting size inclusivity. With celebrity backing, it is one of the best startups in 2024.  

40. Mejuri 

Mejuri is a D2C jewelry brand producing customized, fashionable designs. The brand is committed to sustainability.  

41. Queenly 

Queenly offers a wide range of women’s fashion items, bringing the newest and freshest trends at affordable rates. One of the hot startups in 2024 to look out for. 

42. NA-KD  

NA-KD, an online marketplace, frequently collaborates with designers and fashion influencers to make trendy premium clothes accessible. 

43. Lunya 

Lunya is a luxury sleepwear brand that produces innovative fabrics and thoughtful designs combined with functionality and aesthetics. 

44. Pomelo 

Pomelo presents a huge array of trending fashion at reasonable prices. The brand releases new collections every week.  

Top Fintech Startups 

45. Uncapped 

Uncapped is one of the most promising startups in 2024. It offers revenue-based financing options for online businesses without seeking equity shares or personal guarantees. 

46. Revolut 

Revolut is an all-in-one platform that manages all your everyday spending. Users can send or request money and win exciting rewards. It is one of the best fintech startups in 2024. 

47. Stori 

Stori is a digital platform that offers credit card solutions to Mexican citizens who are underserved.  

48. Affirm 

Affirm is a digital financial institution that allows people to make online or in-store purchases on credit. Users can pay later in weekly or monthly installments. 

49. Monzo 

Monzo offers an all-inclusive financial app that makes money management easier for users without any cost.  

50. Plaid 

Plaid developers provide valuable tools to developers that help them make accessible experiences that let users connect financial institutions with various apps they use.  

Top Food and Beverage Startups 

51. Cozymeal 

Cozymeal offers an online platform for exceptional culinary experiences, where users can join team-building events with chefs, cooking classes, and more. 

52. Bevi 

Bevi is one of the top 2024 startups that develops smart water dispensers. Customers can use these dispensers to flavor sparkling beverages when they need them. 

53. Banza 

Banza is a food startup that creates pasta products with chickpeas as their core ingredient. 

54. Hapi Drinks 

Hapi Drinks creates tasty sugar-free drinks for kids. The drink is healthier than its counterparts and contains 55% fewer calories and 90% of the daily requirement of vitamin C. 

55. Bohana 

Bohana is one of the most innovative new startups in 2024 that makes healthy snacks as popped water lily seeds. 

56. Brewbird 

Brewbird is a food tech startup operating in the specialty coffee market. It lets companies create a coffee program for their office spaces. 

Top Healthcare Startups 

57. Meru Health 

Meru Health offers a comprehensive app that suggests treatment plans for people with mental health conditions.  

58. Vori Health 

Vori Health is a healthcare startup that provides all-inclusive services for musculoskeletal care. It provides physical medicine and therapy, rehabilitation care, imaging and labs, health coaching, and more. 

59. Paige 

Paige provides AI-based assistance to pathologists to help them make more informed decisions about treatment procedures. One of the most promising startups in 2024. 

60. Medable 

Looking for hot startups in 2024? Medable simplifies clinical trials by helping healthcare professionals execute decentralized trials in a single system.  

61. SonderMind 

SonderMind is a telehealth platform that connects patients with therapists to address their mental and emotional health issues. 

62. Pivot 

Pivot, formerly known as Carrot, is another of the top startups in 2024. It aims to laminate tobacco usage and encourage users to form long-term health habits. 

Top IoT Startups 

63. Zypp Electric 

Zypp Electric, one of the top 2024 startups to watch, aims to provide sustainable logistics solutions and reduce carbon emissions with electric cargo vehicles, scooters, and bikes.  

64. Smarten Spaces 

Smarten Spaces presents a building management system that uses AI and IoT to build sustainable spaces with enhanced energy performance. 

65. XFarm 

xFarm is an IoT startup designed to digitize farming and guide farmers on legal requirements, certifications, and crops. 

66. Datanomix 

Datanomix is a production analytics platform that provides data-backed insights acquired during manufacturing to improve business operations. 

67. Infraspeak 

Infraspeak is a maintenance management platform that utilizes IoT technologies to help businesses collect operational data, track assets, and manage orders. 

Top Mobility Startups 

68. Revoltz 

Revoltz designs enclosed electric bikes that provide a protective shell for the driver, like cars, but are way lighter than them. With the rise of EVs, this is one of the top startups in 2024.  

69. Ridepanda 

Ridepanda offers electric bicycles and scooters powered with enhanced theft protection and maintenance assistance for a more secure riding experience. 

70. Bruntor 

Bruntor builds four-wheeled stand-up electric cargo scooters that are highly efficient in an urban setup. 

71. DOCK-Y 

DOCK-Y is one of the hottest startups in 2024, that has developed an advanced rider assist system (ARAS) for e-scooters and e-bikes.  


SMOVE.CITY is another one of the interesting startups to watch in 2024. It provides mobility data to government agencies about transportation in their cities.  

73. Cycleboard 

Mobility tech startup Cycleboard designs and builds three-wheeled electric vehicles and boards powered by lean-to-steer technology. 

Top Real Estate Startups 

74. RentSpree 

Real estate tech startup RentSpree provides tenant screening and rental application services that simplify the leasing process for landlords and property managers. 

75. Zumper 

Zumper is a rental platform where renting an apartment is as easy as booking a hotel room. Users get notifications when apartments they might prefer are ready for lease, making it one of 2024's best startups to watch.  

76. NoBroker 

NoBroker is an online marketplace for real estate where users can explore, buy, and sell properties without any brokerage. One of the leading players in the market for 2024 best startups.  

77. Own Up 

Own Up is a platform where buyers can explore and connect with top lenders to find a home within their budget through a completely transparent process. 

78. Rhino 

Rhino makes renting easy for tenants by letting them pay installments, obtain security deposits, and get renter insurance and lease guarantees on a single platform. 

79. GetAgent 

GetAgent is a comparison website where users can explore, compare, and pick real estate agents to manage their properties. 

Top Sustainable Startups 

80. Mill 

Mill is a smart trash bin that dries, deodorizes, and shrinks food waste converted to chicken food, reducing food wastage. It is one of the top 2024 startups to watch. 

81. TemperPack 

TemperPack offers sustainable packaging solutions, particularly for perishable food and life since sector. 

82. Too Good To Go 

Too Good To Go is an excellent addition to the list of startups to watch in 2024. The app allows users to buy discounted food from restaurants that would otherwise be thrown away. 

83. Grove Collaborative 

Grove Collective creates home and personal care products, including pet, laundry, and beauty products, that are sustainable and environment-friendly. 

84. Roadrunner Recycling 

Roadrunner Recycling offers tech-based solutions to optimize recycling and waste management processes that can help increase landfill diversion. 

85. FuelGems 

Texas-based startup FuelGems has introduced a fuel additive that decreases diesel, gasoline, and biofuel emissions. 

86. Heliogen 

Heliogen is one of the top tech startups in 2024. It presents an AI-powered solar plant that uses sunlight and thermal storage to provide affordable renewable energy. 

Top Travel Startups 

87. PickYourTrail 

PickYourTrail is a travel platform that helps users book entire trips and plan complete itineraries based on individual timing, preferences, and budget. 

88. Roadsurfer 

Roadsurfer offers RV campers for rent for outdoor adventure lovers. It offers unlimited mileage, road assistance, rebooking options, etc. 

89. Tripsider 

Tripsider helps users find the right trips based on their interests and budget. It analyzes past experiences and account preferences to suggest trips.  

90. Airalo 

Airalo is an eSIM provider that helps travelers stay connected without the hassle of changing SIM cards every time they move places.  

91. BabyQuip 

BabyQuip is a platform that offers baby gear, such as cribs, car seats, strollers, etc., for rent for families that love to travel together.  

92. TravelPerk 

TravelPerk is an excellent platform for frequent business travelers and one of the top 2024 startups to watch. It helps them manage their travel expenses and book business trips easily. 

93. SafetyWing 

SafetyWing provides insurance to travelers that covers their medical expenses and provides assistance even when they are away from their home countries. Their flagship product is called Nomad Insurance. 

Top Pet Startups 

94. BasePaws 

It’s one of the startups to watch in 2024. BasePaws offers cat DNA test kits that provide health insights and information on their breed and traits. 

95. Dobbing Dog Ranch 

Dobbing Dog Ranch is a premium dog boarding that offers services like grooming, training, customized diest, group play, vet care, and more. 

96. Bingo Insurance 

As obvious from the names, Bingo Insurance offers affordable pet insurance to help owners tackle heavy veterinary bills. 

97. Animal ID 

Animal ID is an online platform that offers QR codes on tags and an app that helps identify and rescue lost pets. 

98. PetDX 

PetDX develops non-invasive tests to help vets detect and treat cancer in pets from early stages. 

99. Butternut Box 

Butternut Box creates customized recipes based on each dog’s unique nutritional requirements and allergies. 

100. Animal Biome 

Animal Biome provides at-home gut microbiome test kits for pets. Pet owners can mail fecal samples to get detailed reports. 

Summing Up 

Despite the changing socioeconomic dynamics, the startup community has remained strong, with promising new startups rising. Discussed above are our top choices for startups to watch in 2024.

Surpassing all challenges, these startups have made a mark in their respective industries. If you are in search of some inspiration, research the motivational journey of these innovative companies. 

We hope the list of startup companies in 2024 and new startups in 2024 was helpful. Stay on the lookout for companies that are successfully growing.

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