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How to Build a Successful Gaming App?

In this article, we will share information about how to build a successful gaming application and what it takes to develop popular gaming apps.

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The gaming industry is among the most exciting and innovative sectors in tech today. From developing small games like Super Mario to monumental games like Pubg and PokemonGo, the gaming industry has blossomed into a lucrative sector since its inception. Instigated by evergrowing mobile app game development companies, the gaming industry is pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver cutting-edge immersive gaming experiences.

Mobile game app development companies are implementing state-of-the-art technologies to deliver ultimate gaming solutions to users worldwide. Moreover, the gaming industry is among the most lucrative businesses in the tech space. According to Statista, the total revenue will reach $267 billion in 2022. Also, it is expected to reach $387.70 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 9.77% for the forecast period (2022-2026).

It has become a real honeypot, and more entrepreneurs are jumping on the bandwagon to develop astonishingly successful games that can help them generate alluring figures. However, building a successful mobile gaming app isn’t plain sailing. You need to understand the nuances of game app development and consider important details before you make your own game app. 

In this game development guide, we have covered the gaming app development process, the myriad facets of mobile game app development, and more. Before moving on with how to build a gaming app, let’s first understand the types of gaming apps to gain a better perspective of the target audience.

Types of Gaming Apps

Developing a gaming app that compels a huge audience to download is easy only when the correct methods are considered. The gaming industry offers vast genres in the market, making it challenging to figure out which type of game will be most successful among the gamers community. So, before you start creating your own mobile game app, you must first understand the types of gaming apps in the market.

  • Casual and hyper-casual games

Games with a low learning curve that amuses the players are known as casual games. They are characterized as simple due to their setting and graphics. Talking tom and talking parrot are a few successful examples of casual games. They have no entry threshold with easy-to-start functionality, and users can stop playing anytime.

  • Arcade games

Arcade game types focus on the gameplay and not on the background story or content play. Most arcade games initially offer short levels to cross easily, which become challenging as they progress. A few successful examples of arcade games are candy crush, angry birds, temple run, and more.

  • Role-playing games

Role-playing games, commonly known as RPGs, center around the players who also have the option to control the character. These games are best suited for gamers that love long gameplays. These games offer multi-faceted stories, lengthy storylines, and several hours of play. Some popular gaming apps include final fantasy, dragon ball legends, and dungeons and dragons.

  • Multiplayer online arena apps

Mostly this type of game is played by two teams or more where every player maintains individual character. The most popular MOBA games are PUBG, Fortnite, Arena of Valor, and more. The major goal of such games is to destroy or eliminate other teams with computer-controlled units to become the winner. These games also have long gameplay and can be seriously addictive due to the graphics and storylines.

Entrepreneurs explore these major game categories while developing their gaming apps. However, with the changing scenarios in the industry, it is expected to see more adventure games and relaxing games for Android and iOS will be released in the future.

Now that you’re familiar with the categories of apps, it’s time to understand how to build a successful gaming app. Though your mobile app development partner will guide and expedite you through the process. However, let us save some of your precious time.

How to Build a Gaming App?

The best way to build a successful gaming app that offers uniqueness and the lightning mode that gathers audiences is by partnering with a reputable game app development company. Here’s a quick step-by-step approach you need to follow to ensure successful game app delivery.

make your own game app

1. Market Research

Understanding the marketplace for your business. To begin with, check out the app store and play store, which is loaded with an array of categories. For instance, some users tend to play easy games when bored, while others might incline toward NFT games that help to earn and entertain simultaneously. This market research will also assist you in identifying your target audience. It can be further used to design a game app, build iOS games and Android games, and market your app. 

2. Build Idea

The app store and the play store are brimming with more gaming apps daily. Now, you have thought of the game category you want to enter, but building a game app idea is even more necessary. Your game idea doesn’t need to be unique, as the gaming industry is the most plagiarised in the tech, and someone will be copying it too. However, you need to give your best by identifying what’s trending in the category, their USP, and what marketing efforts they are implementing. This overall build-a-game app idea will help you push down the competition and advance your app to success.

3. Build a story

Games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Clash of Clans experience massive downloads because these gaming apps come with a story. A gaming app story that resonates with users and makes them feel a part of it, and urges them to look forward to seeing how it advances is what plays a crucial role in the success of your gaming app. Develop a game with a strong character and gameplay story to garner your player’s attention and keep them curved to your gaming app. 

4. Keep it intuitive and addictive

When you create a game app, it’s important to pay detailed attention to the game's simplicity. Your game should not confuse people, and your users should be part of it after every level update. Complex controls and a learnability factor decide the user’s intent to stay in the game or leave. Next, consider the different screen sizes and platform-specific button locations while developing your game app.

Keep your game addictive by developing the storyline as users move through the game. Gamers love to have challenges, and you can make your gaming experience addictive with challenging levels, reward points, and powers that make users special.

5. Winning design

Having an immaculate design of a game app is the most important aspect of your app’s success. Having great design elements can hook users to your app. Everything you see in the game is a part of the design element. Ask your game app developers to start with small interactive features with the right sound effects. Having an efficient game design will keep gaming enthusiasts engaged for hours. Also, they might wait for further extensions as well. Furthermore, a good design will improve monetization, retention, experience, and user engagement. 

6. Have a monetization strategy

The gaming industry is constantly among the highest-grossing app categories. How? Well, the reason behind any successful app is the monetization strategies you’ve integrated into it. Here are a few monetization strategies you can check:

  • Advertisements

Gaming apps can incorporate a pay-per-click revenue model to monetize the game app. The PPC model is quite popular nowadays as it generates a higher ROI. However, you need to be careful while placing your ads. Also, you can sell out your app with an Ad-free version to gain higher benefits.

  • In-app purchases

In-app purchases are another effective way to earn income from users. You can offer a purchase or store option where users can purchase items to make their avatars look good. For instance, PUBG offers various skins and avatar customization modes.

  • Premium versions

Premium versions of the app involve additional advanced features that give your users a better gaming experience. You can offer a free trial or demo to gain more downloads for your premium versions. It will help your users gain insights into the benefits of the premium features. However, only high-quality games with extensive production time and cost from big game app developers opt for this model. 

  • Pay-per-download

Gaming apps with high investment adopt this strategy of pay-per-download. These gaming apps are the best of their class and mostly offer a multiplayer gameplay experience. Users need to pay per download to play the game. Core gaming enthusiasts are mostly reluctant to pay for these games.

7. Build an MVP

Building an MVP for your game is the best way to test your game app idea. Moreover, if you are seeking investment for your game app, building an MVP helps you attract investors. While developing MVP, game app developers focus only on the needful elements, levels, assets, and more. The simplified version of your app helps you gain the attention of diverse investors who would love to be a part of your gaming business. Also, remember, an MVP is never finalized in the first iteration. You must reiterate a few times before getting green flags for full-scale game app development.


The mobile gaming industry is poised for continual growth as investments in mobile gaming startups have skyrocketed in the last few years. Also, creativity in game development opens new avenues for gamers to enjoy different types of fascinating games. Hope you liked the information shared above on how to create a game app. Choosing the right iOS or Android game development company is crucial to successful gaming mobile app development. While finalizing a development partner, filter out the mobile game development companies based on factors such as clientele, portfolio, testimonials, team size, geographic location, skills, talent, and more.

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