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10+ B2B Mobile App Features to Consider

According to Urban Airship, b2b mobile app features like push notifications might lead towards an increased retention rate by 3-10x.

B2B Mobile App

Mobile apps are playing a crucial role in serving almost every section of the market. Around 3.2 billion smartphone users are existing in the market and they are using top mobile apps for multiple purposes like education, entertainment, business activities, financial management, etc.

According to Statista, Business apps have penetrated 99.33 percent of the Android market till September 2019. These best business mobile apps are being used for tasks like team collaboration, document creations, calculators, etc.

Moving forward, you will find a few business app features for your reference. By the time you are done reading these b2b mobile app trends, you will have a deep insight into the current business app trends.

Trending business app features

Before we start discussing common business features which might come handy if included in apps, let’s have a look at already existing features in a few famous business apps.

  • NetSuite is offering ERP management resources on smartphones. The app can be useful for tasks like Supply chain management, order management, production management, etc;
  • Expensify is popular among business owners as an expense management application;
  • HootSuite is commonly used for social media promotions and scheduling of posts;
  • SurveyMonkey makes organizing mass surveys easier;
  • Citrix ShareFile app lets you collaborate and share files with team members without any hassle.

Top business app features

Now, if you are a developer and planning to build one of the best b2b apps, you might want to read about a few features. These b2b mobile app trends you might find existing in many Android and iOs apps already.

1. Invoicing or cloud accounting

Invoice maker apps or cloud accounting b2b apps are used to help business owners in handling records of transactions. In simple words, Cloud Accounting is a remote network of accounting services. Moreover, with the help of this b2b business app feature, an automated record of deliveries, transactions, and inventory can be maintained.

Moving forward, there are a few successful b2b mobile apps for smartphones offering Invoicing services:

  • Square Invoices
  • Invoice2go
  • QuickBooks Online
  • FreshBooks
  • Billdu

Features for B2B Mobile App

2. Appointments and cloud scheduling

Appointments are an important part of the b2b mobile app strategy. The feature is used to provide customers or clients the option of fixing a schedule for events like meetings, dinner reservations, etc. Additionally, appointment mobile apps for business can also be used to set reminders for events.

A few apps for your business are mentioned further:

  • Schedulicity 
  • MindBody
  • Vagaro
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Calendar.Ai

3. Promotions and advertisements

If you know how to earn from apps, you will surely advertise on behalf of your clients, as it is the easiest way to earn for an app developer. While developing a mobile app, you can include a b2b mobile app strategy that focuses on promotional activities on behalf of other clients. In other words, b2b mobile apps can advertise on the side while serving their main functions. It can help businesses in generating revenues through promotional activities.

However, too many promotions might irritate users. Therefore, a clever UI can be used to provide features and ads alongside without losing the app user.

4. Push notifications

Push notifications are a b2b mobile apps feature used to inform users about the new content or publications. Using this feature can make users find your latest content instantly from the home screen itself.

b2b mobile app strategy

According to a report published by Urban Airship, high-value push notifications result in an increased retention rate by 3-10x. Moreover, targeted push notifications can boost the response rates by 4-7x.

5. Customer relationship management (CRM)

Integrating CRM tools as b2b mobile apps features can boost the goodwill of the business app. It can help businesses build a better service relationship with clients. These b2b apps for mobile CRM can provide features like contact management, sales management, and employee management.

Moreover, Salesforce published a report that the adoption rate of CRM applications is 26 percent in general. Apart from that, another study by Innoppl says that 65 percent of sales personals with CRM apps meet their sales targets assigned to them periodically.

6. AI-based business intelligence

Well, while AI is taking over many segments of the market, Business Intelligence is blooming too. There’s an SAP cloud platform named HANA existing in the market at the moment. HANA is capable of using business servers and cloud networks to access the data.

It uses data like financial records, purchase orders, etc, and observes irregularities. Integrated with mobile apps, HANA can use real-time data and provide information like the same. Moreover, it will use the RAM of the device to store the replicated data. With such practices, AI companies are making their way into serving the business sector better.

7. Geological data

Geographical data is useful for Business apps to tag important business or meeting locations. Moreover, it can be useful to track the real-time delivery status as well. With time, b2b mobile app development process is focusing on serving clients with the exact status of the services they are using.

8. Email and chat app integrations

Well, business is all about communicating with clients and employees. Therefore, in-app chat feature is very important for b2b apps. Many entrepreneurs and start-up staffs communicate with customers on the go. Therefore, Email and chat app features can be very handy for them.

9. Newsletters

Businesses send Newsletters through emails as part of various campaigns. Having an option of email apps for the newsletter management on the go can be useful for business app users. Some b2b apps features like writing and designing newsletters, scheduling newsletters, forwarding newsletters to subscribers, etc are the best examples of features you can add.

mobile apps for businesses

10. ERP management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a critical element of modern businesses. Therefore, apps like NetSuite from Oracle are already offering this feature in the shape of mobile applications. ERP based b2b mobile app trends help business owners in managing different business tasks like inventory management, product delivery, manufacturing, supply chain management, etc. Moreover, you can provide ERP as integration for already existing custom mobile apps for businesses.

Here are a few features of ERP supported b2b apps:

  • ERP with mobile apps can help you in monitoring real-time business-related data related to logistics, inventory, accounts, etc;
  • Business owners can access the status of manufacturing units on the go;
  • With real-time photos and videos, ERP with mobile apps can be helpful for insurance-related functions.

11. Security monitoring

Well, security is one of the biggest concerns for businesses. Especially if we are going to talk about small businesses. Most of the time, small businesses are owned by a single person, and affording extra security staff might be a costly process. However, with the help of security cameras and sensors, Security app features can help in the protection of these businesses. Compared to the security staff or team, it will also be a less costly process.

Important b2b app statistics

Before we move towards the conclusion part, let’s have a look at important statistics to throw some light on important b2b app features:

  • According to Convince & Convert, 35 percent of business people use mobile phones to check emails;
  • According to a report published by Content Marketing Institute in 2020, 81 percent of marketing people used newsletters to approach customers;
  • Think with Google says that 26 percent of consumers use branded apps for stuffs they are looking for;
  • According to Zenith, among all the internet traffic, 75 percent comes from smartphones.

Final Thoughts

Many top mobile app development companies are providing b2b app services currently. With b2b apps having features such as ERP integration, emails, newsletters, etc, business solutions are getting easier.

Techniques like “Push Notifications can not only help you in generating more traffic over the mobile app, it can also notify loyal and new users about your products and services. In other words, b2b apps can also help make the approach-to-the-customer process easier.

Before winding up, we hope that the information we provided to you was useful. However, if you want to read more blogs about mobile apps, you can always visit MobileAppDaily for the latest information and mobile app trends.

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