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App Promotion via Instagram Using Instagram Ads can escalate your app downloads

Instagram! The most preferred social media platform for sharing photos and videos.

As the platform has picked the momentum, it can’t only be justified as a network for personal use. Today, it has become a global platform that is bringing brands closer to its customers by humanizing its content and showcasing products to inspire the target audience.

Today, Instagram has become a real force in the mobile marketing world. It’s giving multiple opportunities to businesses of almost all sizes strengthening their areas of success.  And that's not all, the working of Instagram's algorithm is not that complex for the regular user to understand. 

Instagram Facts

  • Instagram accounted for over 800 million active monthly users 
  • On average, there are 60% of adults use Instagram on a regular basis
  • There are around 25 million business profiles running drastically on Instagram
  • 80% Instagram user base is outside the U.S.
  • 50% of regular Instagram users follow at least one business profile whereas the other 50% or 60% app growth agreed that they’ve learned something new from the service or product promoted through Insta-ads.

Considering it the best promotion approach, more and more ventures join Instagram which eventually made the feeds much competitive to outgrow with. They plan strategically and implement them to boost Instagram's brand traffic and reputation. 

Jaw-dropping Instagram Engagement Stats

Wondering, how do all these brands are getting leads from the Instagram ads? Well! It’s possible with proven tricks explaining how to promote your apps on Instagram by adhering to a simple and scalable process. 

Let’s move together to get an insight on how to build a robust strategy for app marketing on Instagram: 

The ongoing Instagram promotion strategies:

  • First, you have to switch to a business Instagram profile to drive quality leads and traffic
  • Next, try to include branded hashtags for better post engagement
  • Approaching influencers and convince them to utter a few words about your app
  • At last, use the best tools to schedule Instagram posts to save time

Working on these strategies will help you successfully promote your app on Instagram with powerful ads. 

1. Say Goodbye To Your Personal Instagram Profile 

Promotion on Instagram via personal profile will no longer work for your brand. To promote your app prolifically, you have to switch to a business Instagram profile. It’s the best way you can attract target customers to your brand app. 

Benefits of choosing business profile on Instagram:

  • Add contact buttons so that customers can reach you via email, call, and map directions in no time.
  • Get access to basic Instagram analytics to check the progress of your published content. 
  • Get the liberty to run Instagram ads for strategic brand promotion.
  • Make your Insta stories powerful by adding relevant links.

Here’s a step by step process to help you switch from personal Instagram profile to business profile:

  • Navigate to your personal Instagram profile and then select the gear icon
  • Next, you have to scroll down to select “Account”
  • Here, you’ll find the option “Switch to Business Profile”

Go through the images to have a practical outlook to the steps

practical outlook to the steps

Let’s discover a few branded profiles that have made an immense buzz on Instagram

wework Business Instagram Profile

Have you noticed, how effectively the brand has presented its business profile on Instagram? It has made the presence robust by adding crisp, impressive, and, meaningful target messages to attract users. 

This is what you have to keep in mind during app promotion on Instagram!

It’s not necessary that you have to wind up your brand message in precise words. If your business requires a lengthy description of the business's Instagram profile, you can proceed with a descriptive brand line including the business purpose and intent. This is going to be the best trick to implement Instagram promotion for free. 

2. Start Adding Branded Hashtags For Proposed App 

The proven fact about hashtag vitality busted! 

Creating a branded hashtag for your business Instagram profile would be a wise step to promote mobile apps on Instagram. If you start using your branded hashtag with each Insta-ad or post, users start recognizing your brand in the crowd. 

Agorapulse, a social media management company, conducted a test and the results show that Instagram posts created with hashtags render a 70% increase in likes as compared to the posts published without hashtags. 

Need a graphical image with a percentage bar

Apart from the above results, Instagram posts with hashtags provide various other fruitful outcomes:

  • Increased followers, likes and, comments for improved brand visibility
  • Free user-generated content that you can share on your Instagram timeline
  • Audience encouragement via notifying followers to check out your brand ads

Encouraging your audience with the post including branded hashtags and compel them to tag their friends to the same post results in great brand enhancement, likes, and app downloads. 

Here’s a survey based on Buffer, a social media management platform that has been using the branded hashtag for all of its Instagram posts has grown tremendously by having earned 540% in a year. 

Have a look at how the brands use hashtags for their Instagram account synchronization. 

Instagram account synchronization

3. Connect With Famous Business Influencers For App Promotion 

Gaining the attention of the audience through influencer app marketing has always been the top methodology for mobile app marketing companies. People get influenced more when they see them promoting a business or brand in their words. 

Similarly, if you get your app reviewed by influencers or a targeted community, you’ll definitely get more views, likes and, interactions for your app

Stats About Instagram Influencers

80% Of Influencers Prefer Instagram for Brand Collaborations

The most used and favored tactic to promote the mobile app is to get the app featured by an individual or by a community of influencers. 

Today, social media influencers are hitting the grounds and becoming the most significant source to effectively promote the app on Instagram. No matter influencers secured a followers list of less than 1,000 or more than 1 million, if they possess a loyal list of the audience, they’ll always be asked to promote brands for better impression and fan followings. 

Influencers’ Growth on Instagram

social media platforms.
4. Use Appropriate Tools To Publish Post On Instagram 

Frequent Instagram posts on your account page make your brand on the top of the news feed. and, if the posts are impressive then the chances are higher for a great engagement. We know it’s hard to always keep a close eye on Instagram posts, especially when you're wondering about the best time to post on Instagram. However, optimizing your posting schedule can significantly impact your reach and interactions with your audience. By understanding the peak activity times of your target audience.

Let’s make it easier for you to promote the app on Instagram. Here, we are introducing the tools that definitely help you automate your Instagram posts. 

Best Automation Tools To Manage Instagram Post 

a) Schedugram 

The tool is ideally used to schedule all the posts on Instagram. If you want to automatically synchronize and streamline all the Instagram posts, you should go with the Schedugram Instagram tool. This is the best when it comes to arranging more than one post at a time. 

With this tool, you are also allowed to seamlessly plot your Instagram feeds, analyze your post metrics and repost the audience content to gain genuine attractions.  

How Does Schedugram Perform? 

How Does Schedugram Perform? 

b) Plannable

The next one of the best tools is Plannable, a social media collaboration and, approval platform, which gives your team the authority to approve the Insta posts on all parameters before they go live. 

Consider it an alternative of Google Docs, used for social media publishing. Getting this app for promotion on Instagram, you’ll be able to preview your posts, which saves you from committing costly mistakes. 

Post Management Through Plannable

Final Thoughts

Following these well-aligned and proven mobile marketing tactics generate outstanding revenue. Instagram app promotion is on its peak and still emerging with various new strategies. In fact, entrepreneurs and app founders consider it the best platform to promote an app for free. 

Don’t wait for the right moment, start following the aforementioned mobile app promotion strategies to get the utmost results in your Insta-ads. It’s good to go on your own, or you can hire a social media marketing agency that offers mobile app promotion services. 

We sincerely hope that you found the answer to how to execute app promotion on Instagram. Check out our website if you want to know more about the strategies that can lead your Instagram account towards success

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