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A Complete Guide to Understand AI Tools for Marketers from Every Perspective!

Utilizing AI marketing tools for successful campaigns is the need of the hour. Here’s an article that an help you with that.

ai tools for marketers

Marketing is a complex business. Unlike many of the business siloes where the work objective is clear and ROIs are fixed, in marketing everything is subjective. It is impossible for a marketer to gauge the degree of work done and the response from it. In such a situation, it is important that marketers have every kind of supporting data and assistance to create higher conversion. For this, AI marketing tools provide much convenience and help marketers leverage the full potential of time and data.

Therefore without any delay, let’s understand what AI marketing tools are…

What are AI Marketing Tools?

Any marketing tool that is backed by AI technology comes under the umbrella of AI marketing tools. These AI-driven marketing automation solutions provide self-learning and self-evolving capabilities. There is a range of best AI tools for digital marketing, inbound marketing, outbound marketing, etc. that allows a range of services. It includes prediction from customer data, content creation, content optimization, website data scraping, website analytics, leads score generation, etc. 

Different Types of AI Tools for Marketers

There are several types of AI tools for digital marketing, inbound marketing, offline marketing, etc. To give you a clearer idea, here they are:

free ai tools for digital marketing

Note: Try to find relevant design elements for each of the type of tools mentioned above. Do a basic search and if you can find them for all only then use it, otherwise, create a table only.

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1. Predictive Analytics Tools

Predictive analytics are AI marketing tools that process past/current historical data to make future predictions. Right now, these tools are also known as data science and machine learning tools. 

Predictive analytics in marketing can be used for:

  • Customer segmentation 
  • Lead scoring
  • Content recommendation
  • Ad recommendation
  • Personalization of customer experience
  • Estimation of new acquisitions

It combines the power of AI and ML to base predictions and provide multi-faceted insights for marketers.

2. Customer Segmentation Tools

Customer segmentation tools are AI marketing tools that allow product managers, customer success teams, and marketers to segment customers based on various characteristics. Some of the characteristics that can be used for assessment are:

  • Customer journey
  • NPS (net promoter score)
  • Behavior inside the app

There are primarily two benefits of using an AI-based customer segmentation tool which is:

  • Ease of collecting customer data to understand users better
  • Capability to create a better in-app experience

Different types of segmentation provided by customer segmentation tools are:

  • Segmentation based on psychology
  • Segmentation based on geography
  • Segmentation based on behavior

3. Chatbots 

Chatbots are AI marketing tools that are rule-based AI virtual assistants. Chatbots have the capability to automatically respond to a query generated by a customer. Chatbots are essentially used for providing real-time responses to customers for different queries. This helps marketers resolve simple queries that don’t require a human operator. Adding to it, chatbots also aid in generating tickets for customer queries that can be resolved later on.

Chatbots can typically be used with:

  • SMS
  • Website
  • Social media services
  • Content Optimization Tools

AI-based content optimization tools can help marketers primarily in four ways i.e. content discovery, content creation, content optimization, and content promotion. These types of tools help marketers to save time, generate accurate content, improve SEO, and much more.

4. Ad Optimization Tools

These are AI-based tools for marketing that uses AI algorithms to develop ad campaigns. These tools analyze & identify the performance to make data-driven recommendations. Recommendations for improving the targets, bidding strategies, and adding creative ad elements.

5. Sentiment Analysis Tools

These AI-based tools gather data from social media feeds, customer reviews, and other online sources that are capable of determining the sentiment. The tool then collates the data to gather insights about the opinion of the customer, customer preferences, and the reputation of the brand. The information gathered from these AI marketing tools helps in the creation and adjustment of strategies accordingly.

6. Recommendation Engines

Recommendations engines are AI tools for marketers that use algorithms and data gathered for website visitors, different customers, and multiple other prospects. The recommendation engine provides data from these insights to recommend products, cross-sell, up-sell, and suggest content that is relevant to the customer. This in return helps in improving the customer experience and drives conversions.

7. Marketing Automation Platforms

Best marketing automation platforms are one-stop solutions for various marketing activities that are repetitive in nature. It includes different types of work from email marketing, and social media management, to lead generation. These best AI tools for marketers helps in optimizing the workflow, personalization of message, streamlining operation, and overall increasing the marketing efficiency.

Benefits of AI Tools for Marketers

ai driven marketing automation

Having AI marketing automation is essential. To further prove this point, here are certain benefits of using AI in marketing:

1. Capability to Predict Customer Behaviour

In today’s day and age, it is important to assess customer behavior to understand the user requirement. Right now, it is not possible to serve two customers with similar products as the requirements vary based on short-term and long-term goals. In this situation as a marketer, it becomes essential to understand customer behavior for both retention and acquisition purposes.

By using AI-driven marketing automation tools, it is possible to predict customer behavior. This allows marketers to create strategies and provide custom products, services, discounts and offers to the customer. This aids heavily in terms of customer satisfaction and retention.

2. Analysis of Customer Engagement

Marketers performs a variety of operations to figure out what works and what doesn’t, for example, A/B testing. However, using AI in marketing eases the process of collecting metrics that can define customer engagement. By aggregating customer engagement metrics, it becomes easier to understand the tactics, strategies, products, etc that worked and what needs to be replaced.
Target-Specific Ads

While marketing, there are segments of customers that respond to a particular product, service, or ad campaign. It is important to gather that data and push target-specific ads so that there are higher chances of conversion. By using AI for marketers, it becomes easy to tap that and convert higher customers with relevant targeted ads.

3. Automation of Marketing Activities

In marketing, there are several activities that are repetitive in nature. For example data entry, lead scoring, marketing, social media, etc. With AI for marketing automation, it is possible to automate these tasks. This would help in increasing the efficiency of the operations and provide the required time for marketers to provide strategic value.

4. Better Customer Relationships

By understanding the requirements of the customers and providing them with timely services, marketers have the ability to increase customer experience. A better and enhanced customer experience is the way to better customer relationships. By using AI in marketing, it is possible to do all that and much more.

5. Optimized Marketing Content

Optimizing the marketing content for SEO, readability, discoverability, etc. is an important task. The better the optimization of content, the better its likelihood of ranking higher in the SERP results. Currently, there are AI tools for marketers that can help in optimizing marketing content on the fly. This enhances the experience of the visitor and helps pull in more user value for the content, and higher traffic on the content piece.

Best AI Tools for Marketers

1. Alteryx

ai tool for digital marketing

About: Alteryx is one of the AI marketing tools backed by cloud technology. The tool basically allows the user to make the process of working with data easy. It provides different functionalities with data such as accessing, combining, cleansing, analyzing, and outputting data with much ease in comparison to any of the solutions out there.


  • Data extrapolation with different operations directly into spreadsheets
  • Different types of access i.e. cloud, hybrid, and private
  • Data visualization via the dashboard
  • In-built predictive data science model
  • Drag-and-drop option for adding the geolocation

2. Hubspot

best ai tools for marketers

About: Hubspot is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The tool provides support for aligning the sales and marketing teams for enabling sales, higher ROIs, and overall optimization of the inbound marketing strategy with lead qualification.


  • Visibility to the entire team
  • Live chatbot support available 24*7
  • Tracking of lead conversion
  • Streamlined sales pipeline 
  • Safe, secure, and easy-to-use platform

3. Chatfuel

best ai tools for digital marketing

About: Chatfuel is a service that enables customers to create a network of bots for different service. It offers a centralized system to all of its users to create and control AI conversational chatbots. The platform is loaded with features to enable a bot-enabled architecture for handling customers.


  • Active dashboard for reviewing the services
  • In-built AI/ML technologies for better conversational skills
  • Code-free implementation 
  • Collaboration tool for the entire team
  • Dedicated content management system

4. Semrush

ai tools for digital marketers

About: Semrush is one of the most popular top AI tools for marketers used for SEO. The toll is predominantly used as an AI tools for digital marketing. The tool lets you perform audits on SEO and SEM on different web pages of the host website as well the competitor pages. The primary use of Alteryx is to measure PPC campaigns, organic positions, content management, social media management, etc.


  • Analysis of the competitor
  • Keyword research capabilities
  • Improved on-page SEO for site health and performance
  • Social media management for increasing brand awareness
  • Local SEO for local customers

5. Grammarly

ai tools for digital marketing

About: Grammarly essentially is an AI-based writing assistant that is used by multiple types of professionals such as college students, writers, and other professionals. It offers different writing styles such as business writing, creative writing, academic writing, and more. This AI for marketers can be integrated with multiple platforms using extensions and is especially handy for content marketers.


  • Built-in communication assistance for fixing mistakes
  • Capability to catch typos, misspelled words, missing punctuation, etc.
  • Capability to set the tone
  • Active suggestion to make your writing clear
  • Shared guidelines among the team

6. Yoast

ai marketing automation

About: Yoast is an SEO plugin for WordPress that is widely popular amongst digital marketers. The plugin can help in a website’s ranking on the search engine. The plugin can help in optimizing the website content and keywords. Also, Yoast provides a whole lot of insights that are automatically provided to the user.


  • Provides readability score based on the Flesch system
  • Provides improvement in terms of transition words
  • Provides insights for consecutive sentences
  • Checks the paragraph length
  • Checks the length of the line

7. Monkey Learn

top ai tools for marketers

About: Monkey Learn is an AI-based analytics platform that extracts text from emails, tweets, surveys, or any text in concern. It transforms them into visual insights and provides workflow automation. The text analysis system of Monkey Learn can also extract data from platforms like Zendesk, Google Sheets, RapidMiner, Google Excel, etc.


  • Provides instant data visualization as well as insights
  • Comes with in-built and custom machine learning models
  • Ease of text analytics along with multiple business templates
  • Provides analysis for surveys
  • NPS (net promoter score) analysis to convert passives and detractors

8. Adobe Target

ai tools for marketers

About: Adobe Target is a cloud-based solution created to provide a tailored experience for personalized user experience. It combines multiple mediums such as the web, social media, apps, and other related channels to help maximize revenue. It provides a visual platform for conducting A/B testing and other rule-based targeting activities.


  • Provides omnichannel personalization for seamless experience
  • Offers the comfort of multiple testing methodologies
  • Comes with AI-powered automation and scalability

9. Pardot

ai marketing tools

About: Pardot is one of the tools from the Salesforce catalog. It aids in marketing automation and lead generation. This best AI tools for marketers help in the identification of prospective customers to turn them into acquired customers. It performs functions such as routing prospective leads to sales, automated marketing campaigns, guidance through prospective buyer journeys, and prospect activity.


  • Integration with multiple CRM systems
  • Automation capabilities for multiple workflows
  • Personalization of information and behavior analysis
  • Segmentation of prospects
  • Alignment of marketing and sales activities

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Wrapping Up!

The capability to mold the data into insights and generate content that on a whim that is relevant, is a superpower in its own sense. A superpower that the majority of marketers wanted to have in order to effectively fulfill their job role. With AI tools for marketers, the capacity to take effective decisions, make strategies, and most importantly decrease workloads frees the marketers from wasting time in redundant operations. These top AI tools for marketers not only liberate them from tonnes of manual work but help them be valued for their intellectual efforts too.

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