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best Wear OS games Forget the headache of removing your smartphone from your pocket every time you need a quick gaming session. Check out the further mentioned best Wear OS games we shortlisted to have some quick fun!

Smartwatches, since their inception, have seen plenty of evolution. And, with each stage of the evolution, users got the opportunity to leverage new features. From tracking fitness to controlling music, these smartwatches are capable of offering so many features. Now, even the best wear OS games have become a part of this technology that users can play without having to access their smartphones. These games simply run on the small screens of smartwatches and are able to kill boredom while offering smoother accessibility.

There are several models of smartwatches existing in the industry today that offer full-fledged support for the best wearable apps for gaming. However, due to hardware limitations, the experience could be a little different than what you experience on smartphones or consoles. But to kill the time that you have in your hand these smartwatch games are your best bet. 

Now, furthermore, we are going to list down some of the best games for Wear OS existing today. All of these top games are reviewed by us to ensure you only have to choose between the best Wear OS games out there. Games included in this list will have their own USPs. For instance, some titles will have colorful UIs, while others will offer endless levels. So, go through each of them and pick any option you find suitable for your taste. 

How to get games on smartwatches?

Before we begin the list, let us just describe this small process a little so everyone knows how easy it is to install games for smartwatches. Well, there are several ways to get games on your smartwatches. 

  • Use Google Play Store to search for games that are supported by your smartwatch and just download them
  • Click on links given further down with each option that you will see in this blog to land directly on download pages and then click on the download button to install
  • For Apple Watches, open App Store or use the paired iPhone to find apps on My Watch and install them

List of the best games you can play on Apple watches and Android watches

Now, it is time to go through the best possible smartwatch games developed by some of the leading mobile app development companies. Remember, in this list, you will find Android and Apple watch games from several different genres and tastes. For example, if you love playing adventure games, then pick games from that genre to ensure you have options that you usually enjoy. 

Well, let’s begin the list that you have been waiting for so far!

1. Cosmo Run - One of the best wear OS games for smartwatches

Wear OS games

The popular arcade game, Cosmo Run is a colorful experience where you explore survival paths to clear levels. Surviving long enough also allows you to unlock alternative paths and access more difficult challenges. You can play this one of the best-optimized games for Android wear by using tapping the screen to match the movements required by the game. If you are just starting with the experience of playing games over your smartwatch, it might take some practice to get habitual of this new gaming experience.

Features of Cosmo Run

  • Colorful gaming experience
  • Free to install
  • Includes ads and in-app purchases
  • Multiple ways to solve puzzles

Download this one of the best Android wear games!

2. General Knowledge Quiz - One of the best smartwatch games

best games for Wear OS

If you love solving puzzles and answering questions, well, this one of the best strategy games is designed for you. In this one of the top Wear OS games, you will get questions along with multiple options to answer. These questions will test your knowledge of the world and maybe beyond. Additionally, each time you answer a question right, the game shines a green light and on each wrong answer you get, you see the red light. As something to kill your time, this one of the top games for Android Wear OS is a perfect tool you can have.

Features of General Knowledge Quiz

  • Free to play
  • Downloaded more than 5 million times
  • Includes thousands of questions
  • Simple user interface

Download this one of the best smartwatch games!

3. Wear Maze - The top smartwatch game

Wear OS games

As the name gives it away, Wear Maze is one of the best puzzle games you will come across. In this one of the games for smartwatches, you control a ball to make it pass through several mazes. The goal is to make your ball touch the end of the maze within the time limit. Wear Maze is one of the best Android wear games that know how to leverage the accelerometer of your watch at its best potential. 

Features of Wear Maze

  • A puzzle game
  • Requires you to solve mazes
  • Free to play
  • Simple user interface for each level

Download this one of the best games for Wear OS!

4. Memem - One of the best Wear OS games

games for smartwatch

This one of the top Wear OS games for smartwatches can be the simplest yet toughest challenge that you come across. The game requires you to memorize the pattern of colors getting flashed on your smartwatch screen. However, to complete levels, you need to learn the exact sequences of these color flashes and repeat them. As you keep clearing levels, challenges will keep getting tougher. Though Memem could be one of those games that do not end so if you fall in love with the game, you get to play it endlessly.

Features of Memem for Android

  • Colorful user interface
  • Memorize patterns to solve puzzles
  • Multiple levels to clear
  • Repeat the pattern you see to solve the puzzle

Download this one of the best smartwatch games!

5. Snake for Wear - One of the top Wear OS games for smartwatches

smartwatch games

If you are looking for some nostalgia experience, it’s high time that you get Snake for Wear installed on your smartwatch. The game has a snake that grows as much as you feed it. However, as much as it grows, the game keeps getting difficult as you need to manage Snake’s movements within the screen itself. You can also adjust the speed of the snake to control the difficulty level. The UI is simple and whether you are a new player or a pro, this one of the top Wear OS games for smartwatches is definitely a decent time killer for you.

Features of Snake for Wear

  • Free to play
  • Includes ads
  • Colorful snake game
  • Simple user interface

Download this one of the best Wear OS games!

6. ZZZ - One of the best smartwatch games

games for Android wear

One of the best RPGs for smartwatches, ZZZ is optimized for small screens to run smoothly. As the name suggests, there are many things that you can do in this one of the best games for Android wear. You can collect heroes and level up their statistics to become powerful in this game. Moreover, there are several weapons as well that you can collect and upgrade. The game is specifically built for smartwatches so you get some amazing controls and smooth gameplay experiences when you plan to onboard it.

Features of ZZZ

  • Free to play
  • RPG-styled game
  • Multiple weapons to choose and upgrade from
  • Collect heroes and level up

Download this one of the best Android wear games!

7. Snappy - One of the top Apple Watch games for free

best smartwatch games

Snappy is one of the best word games that you can play on your Apple Watch. The game requires you to swipe letters until you find a word. There are several levels that you can complete by finding words. Also, your score keeps increasing as you find words so you can challenge yourself into breaking your own high score on Snappy. This one of the best Apple Watch games comes with 400 levels for you to complete. So, as a time killer, Snappy is an amazing pick you can enjoy.

Features of Snappy

  • Word puzzles to solve
  • Free to play
  • Includes in-app purchases
  • Simple user interface

Download this one of the top games you can play on Apple watches!

8. Pocket Bandit - One of the top smartwatch games

smart watch game

Optimized for Apple Watches, Pocket Bandit is available for $0.99. In this game, you are supposed to collect treasures by cracking codes. Also, there are cops that will reach you if you could not crack codes within the time assigned, so, in Pocket Bandit, you better be fast! The game is the entertainment that you need. After all, it has maintained quite a reputation among tech reviewers like Techradar, Macworld, Tom’s Guide, and more.

Features of Pocket Bandit

  • Available for $0.99
  • Among the top 30 casual games for iOS
  • Does not include ads
  • Plenty of codes to solve puzzles

Download this one of the top Apple Watch games!

9. Chess - One of the top games for smartwatches

Apple Watch games

If you love a mind-boggling game, Chess is just the thing you need. This one of the best multiplayer games will let you play with real players from around the world. So, there is no predicting how difficult it will be for you to win each game. However, as you win games, your rating increases, and your profile gets intimidating. So, keep winning and showing off your Chess skills in this amazing smartwatch game.

Features of Chess

  • Simple chess user interface
  • Supports playing with real players
  • Can review your chess statistics
  • Playable for free

Download this one of the Apple Watch games for free!

10. Bubble Wars - One of the leading Apple Watch games

Apple Watch games free

If you are looking for a relaxing game to kill your time with, Bubble Wars is indeed a perfect choice for that. This calming app for your smartwatches will allow you to pop up colored bubbles by shooting them. These bubbles will have different shapes as you progress through levels but you will have to pop them within the time assigned. To explode bubbles, you will have to make a combo of three or more bubbles of the same color.

Features of Bubble Wars

  • Plenty of bubbles to bust
  • Colorful user interface
  • Catchy sound effects
  • Over 10 million players

Download this one of the top smartwatch games!

Wrapping Up

As smartwatches are not fully optimized to handle the gaming part, this is why currently we see limitations in terms of quality in the games for smartwatches. However, as new models of these watches are getting released with new technologies, new games will come into the existence too.

Anyway, we hope that you found this list of the best Wear OS games interesting. As our experts review each option listed in reports like the one you just read, you also have the opportunity to list your product if you are a developer as well. Just reach out to us and submit your product for review, if it qualifies, your product might have a chance to show among some of the leading apps from all over the world for their respective categories. Additionally, we also have some other amazing blogs that you can read apart from these best Wear OS games. For instance, tech trends, top apps, app reviews, etc. So, keep exploring MobileAppDaily!


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