Most Profitable Apps to Bring Success to Your Business

Investing in the profitable app category can skyrocket your business model in no time.

Most Profitable Apps

Today, there’s an app for everything! Whether you want to order food, book a cab, make hotel reservations, or book household services, everything is at your fingertips. All you need to do is to download the relevant app to avail the desired service.

Apps are best used to serve customers needs. But at the same time, developers can make millions of dollars through the apps. But have you thought that an app can become a revenue-generating platform for an app owner as well? Yes, it can; providing you’ve developed an app that falls in the category of most profitable apps.

Profitable apps are the ones that gratify customers and convert them into long term service users. These are apps that are making immense prominence in the industry due to their quality services. For instance, the healthcare apps eases the doctor and patient operations and drive users towards it regularly, resulting in higher conversions.

So, if you’re in a fix what type of app to create to earn great business success, here are the categories of most profitable mobile apps. You can hire a reliable offshore app development company to build your app, but make sure that you’re connecting with the right technology partner.  

Profitable Apps Categories

1. Music & Video Streaming Apps

When it comes to financial gains, music and video apps are the top picks. Last year, AppAnnie, a mobile data, and analytics firm published a retrospective of the most successful iOS apps since the platform launch.

Impressively, almost all of the top-grossing apps were based on some kind of streaming services. 

The trend continued through 2019 as well, with four of the top five apps that provide streaming functionalities gaining great revenues from their investments. For example, the second-highest-grossing app worldwide is Netflix with close to $184 million in gross revenue.

According to SensorTower 2019 report, mobile users spent $1.27 billion on top 10 subscription video on demand (SVOD) apps in the US alone, considered a 62% growth from last year. Combined, they made up 22% of the total non-game app revenue in the US. On a global scale, the top 5 video streaming services got over $2.2B.

Remarkably, the top 5 lucrative apps in the world offer in-app subscriptions, that encourage users to explore your app to avail premium functionalities

The rise in subscription app engagement is a boon for developers, as the subscription app model provides them with more consistent revenue streams. That’s because subscription apps generate revenue from recurring weekly or monthly payments from established consumers, rather than unpredictable, one-off purchases, for example.’ 2019 Liftoff App Engagement Index.

This monetization model is especially beneficial for most profitable app categories that offer dynamic content (video, music, news, dating, etc.) streamlining services.

Video has also become a standard feature for many social networks and messengers. This demand has been largely fueled by the rise of most profitable Android/iOS apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Indeed, 80% of people are more likely to watch a live video from a brand than read a blog, while 82% prefer live videos to social posts. Hence, it’s clear that how video streaming has picked up the momentum as a standard medium to access dynamic content.

Be it short-form videos, live streaming or video calls, enabling user-generated content increases audience engagement.

2. Dating Apps

Apart from live streaming apps, do you know what apps make the most money? The answer is “Dating Apps

Stats say that with close to $238 million user spending, Tinder occupies the top position on the world app arena for Q2 2019, overtaking last year's charts-leader Netflix in terms of consumer spends.

The app also dominates both worldwide and the US 2019 dating app rankings, bringing more than 59 percent of the top 10 dating apps earnings. Due to all these reasons, this top-grossing app has become one of the most popular types of apps, fulfilling users’ online relationship needs.

Tinder not only occupies the top position in ranking chart, but also leave a strong mark by becoming the most profitable and top-grossing dating app worldwide for July 2019 with close to $75 million in gross revenue. Another one of the best dating apps that have made the most money is Bumble, with Tantan, Pairs, and Badoo breathing down its neck.

According to Gary Swidler, CFO of Match Group, which owns Tinder, a top revenue-generating app most of the app’s revenue is driven by the adoption of its subscription-based premium version, Tinder Gold.

3. Social Media and Messenger Apps

The social networks and messengers occupy the most downloaded apps charts in both 2019 and the all-time list.

Investing in social media platforms is also a highly beneficial to be taken by app owners. Today, every second individual has an account on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And the best part is that these social media networks also offers instant messaging options to make communication and information sharing easy for users.

You won’t believe that Messenger has become the 2nd most popular app of all time, accounting around 1.3 billion users each month. Just like Messenger, there are many other social media and instant messaging apps, making the communication process easier between brands and users.

4. Health & fitness apps

According to SensorTower 2019 report, mobile users spent an estimated $327 million in the top ten Health & Fitness apps on AppStore and Google Play worldwide, which as a result provided top-grossing apps revenue to the app owners. This is 61% more than the top 10 apps got the year before.

As seen from the chart, the highest-earning apps of the category belong to one of the four groups:

  • Mobile fitness coaches and videos 
  • Calorie and diet trackers 
  • Meditation coaches and audio guides
  • Running workouts plans and trackers 

The gross revenue of the most lucrative Health & Fitness app, Calm, was estimated at more than $6.2 million in July 2019 and increased by 16% over the year. These stats increased the growth and app’s rating by four spots to replace Sweat and made it one of the highest revenue apps

Due to immense prominence in the health industry, Apple has also included Calm in the list of the best apps on iOS within the self-care subcategory. Other top-rated apps for meditation and building better lifestyle habits include:

  • Fabulous - Daily Motivation,
  • Calm,
  • Shine,
  • 10% Happier.

Along with Calm, these apps are also gaining accreditation by the users, empowering their internal strength.

Browse here, if you want to read detailed information about different profitable apps.

Alex Will, Chief Strategy Officer at Calm, explains.

As for fitness apps, they are predicted to prosper steadily as people are becoming more mindful of their physical health. The users are particularly attracted to the apps that offer capabilities like online communities.

Additionally, they serve as social networks for athletes with virtual rewards for completing certain activity goals. As Technavio’s analysts suggest, the global market for fitness apps will grow at a CAGR of around 31% until the end of 2020.

The demand for such apps among women is seen as the critical driver of industry success. With the same intent, app owners introduced women specific fitness apps to facilitate the entire women community. The apps are compatible for smartphones and wearable devices that again increase the prominence of health & fitness solutions among users.

5. Games

Despite the wide variety of non-gaming apps, carrying any goal and budget, gaming apps have become the highest money making apps category, app owners investing heavily. In 2019, mobile gaming’s share of all app revenue amounted to nearly 76 percent.

Seen in the image, all the 10 top-grossing mobile games are free to download, offer in-app purchases, and can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store. Most of the games are also available in a multiplayer mode, creating an environment for better user engagement.

In general, more involved games need to be developed by following a detailed guide to make the product more effective and worth using for the users. The payoffs of adopting this process are mostly worth it. At the same time, less challenging games with fewer expenses have many more market competitors vying for users’ loyalty.

So, if you want to develop a gaming app, make sure to integrate all the prominent features required to groom users gaming experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Music and video streaming apps prove to be the most lucrative category in the non-gaming sector and occupy a prominent spot in the top 10 highest-earning apps worldwide. Most of them operate on a subscription basis. 
  • Dating apps are a goldmine, with Tinder coming right after the world-leader Netflix in terms of revenues. 
  • Health and fitness apps market is booming, led by the apps for fitness coaching, calorie tracking, meditation and running. 
  • Games retain the revenue leadership across all categories, with consumer spending higher than on all non-gaming apps. 

So, if you’re looking for the best categories and types of apps to make more money, choosing the one from the above-mentioned list would bring sureshot success. The statistics mentioned in the article itself highlight the prominence of the most-profitable apps of all time.

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