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how to build an app with chat gpt Seeing the abilities of ChatGPT has made developers around the world ask questions like how to build an app using ChatGPT from the ground up? Well, we did some research on your behalf and found all answers!

ChatGPT, probably the most-talked-about chatbot of the year, has infiltrated several industries including the literature, media, entertainment, app development, financial services, etc. According to SimiliarWeb data, in Feb, March, and April, OpenAI’s ChatGPT welcomed 1 billion, 1.6 billion, and 1.8 billion users respectively. The majority of its traffic is coming from India and the USA. 

Now, ChatGPT is popular due to its ability to execute several tasks, a massive database, and sound human-like using technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP). Its abilities have also risen questions like how to make an app with ChatGPT and we will answer them further in this blog.

Answering the question of the decade- How to build an app with ChatGPT?

Building an app using ChatGPT can have several benefits saving money and time involved in the entire development process. However, there are limitations as well that you might have to face before you decide to build an app with ChatGPT. Before we discuss these limitations, we should first go through the process to create an app with ChatGPT. 

Let’s have a look!

Phase 1- Idea generation and planning

ChatGPT can be a great assistant for the planning of your next app. To come up with plan, ChatGPT can come up with an outline of the plan, can provide you with the market data, and can even assist you with preparing a draft to cover the steps involved in the overall app development process. 

Take this further example of how do you create your own app using ChatGPT starting with the planning and idea generation phase!

create own app

Upon asking for some ideas for an entertainment app, ChatGPT suggested 10 options suitable for the entertainment-based needs of the modern consumer. Even though most of these top entertainment app ideas are existing in the market already, it is still good enough to use as the base to start the process to create an app with AI. 

Phase 2- Preparing a rough wireframe of your app

Using ChatGPT to create an app with artificial intelligence is useful for faster wireframing. For instance, if you are building an entertainment app of a hybrid nature, you need a clear app development wireframe for the development process. ChatGPT can help you out with the same. Here’s an example- 

As you can see, ChatGPT is not helping you with a specific wireframing that covers specific requirements to build an app using AI. Though you get a wireframe infrastructure that, if accurately followed, can be helpful in creating an effective development environment. 

Phase 3- Shortlisting ideal features for your app

A development environment consists of several elements such as the color scheme you will use in your app, preparing a UI/UX design strategy, shortlisting features of the app to integrate, etc. 

Now, here’s an example of how to use ChatGPT to create an app’s feature strategy!

ChatGPT suggests several app development trends that are viral in the app development industry, so as a source to identify trends in the market as well, it is super reliable. From offering personalized recommendations to keeping an app user-friendly for multilingual or non-English users, it is a smart approach to create an app with AI strategies suggested by ChatGPT, especially for building quality apps.

Phase 4- Let’s talk about specifics!

ChatGPT is perfect for specific components of the app. You can simply ask it specifications that you can use to build an app using AI whether these specifications are size of app graphics, types of fonts, or categories of app-powering technologies. ChatGPT can help you pick colors, development frameworks, testing tools, the right programming languages, etc once you have your app development goals clear. Here are some examples to help you create own apps.

1. Picking the color palette

How to build an app using AI-suggested designs and colors should be the next question on your list. Because Tools like ChatGPT are capable of even suggesting you a good UI for your app. For example, ChatGPT can provide you with color palette suggestions that can be played around to build and design an ideal UI. This image will explain our point better.

build an app using AI

2. Picking the ideal font

Fonts are crucial for defining the user experience. Picking the right font and font size is easier if you want to create an app with AI. The further example is perfect to answer how to make an app with ChatGPT using the right fonts. 

how to use ChatGPT to create an app

Upon entering the query asking for suggestions for the best fonts for an entertainment app, ChatGPT suggested Roboto, Montserrat, and Open Sans. To cross-check we referred to a blog by Bootcamp suggesting some ideal fonts to use for UIs. The list mentioned Robot, Open Sans, and Lato among the most preferred fonts for building apps as well.

3. Finding the best media player

Next step in our hunt for the answer to the question of how to build an app using AI is looking for a media player that we will use in our entertainment app. As expected, we shot the question to the platform and it gave us a few examples popular in the industry among the top software development companies

Here’s the proof!

how to build an app using AI

For our ideal entertainment app, ChatGPT gave us five suggestions- ExoPlayer, AVPlayer, VLC Media Player, Media Player (Android), and AVFoundation (iOS). All of these video players have their own popularity base as well and with time, players like VLC Media Player have expanded their support to more content types, platforms, and devices. 

For modern apps to run videos from servers, integrating any of the above-suggested web players is a smart suggestion by the ChatGPT platform.

4. Suitable social features for the app

The next question we asked from ChatGPT is to let us know of some social features that we can use while building an entertainment app to make it more user-friendly. You might have seen these features before in several apps, however, ChatGPT’s suggested features are still best to increase the usefulness of apps for the modern target user. 

Here’s what we got!

how to make an app with chat gpt

Social features that ChatGPT suggested are aimed at making users’ exploring and sharing experiences on the entertainment app easier. These features let users easily onboard and register on the app, share their favorite content across social media platforms, add in-app friends, and even follow their activities to find like-mind people. Social features are also the best if you want to integrate features like “What your friends are watching” into your entertainment app.

5. Feedback and engagement tools

The growth of your app depends on how well people engage with it. Additionally, the impression your app creates on the people is also an important factor that influences its over all growth. To ensure your app has a decent amount of reviews to show off, you can use several in-app feedback and engagement tools available to be integrated into your app. 

create an app with chat gpt

Above are some in-app feedback tools commonly used by the software development companies in the USA that can be used to improve the quality of your entertainment app. ChatGPT, on our query “top feedback tools for the entertainment app” reverted to these popular options that have a huge user base. 

Phase 5- Test and debug the app code

ChatGPT is also a perfect tool to identify whether your app code has any possible bugs or not. The further mentioned example by BrowserStack shows the process of Unit testing with ChatGPT. The further graphic shows that ChatGPT is capable of recognizing the code language and provides code info along with an in-depth explanation of the test cases.

build an app with chat gpt

Well, now once you are done with the testing process of the app code using ChatGPT, you can launch the app on the relevant platform.

Benefits of building an app using ChatGPT

build an app using ChatGPT

Above-mentioned phases might have given you an understanding of some advantages that ChatGPT delivers specifically for app developers in the industry. ChatGPT processes requests within seconds and let the user allocate the review part of the job for faster execution. Let us list down some advantages that are making AI chatbots like ChatGPT super popular in the industry.

1. Faster app testing and debugging

ChatGPT’s ability to test codes faster makes it the perfect companion tool for building an app. Whether you want to build a single app or have ten projects in the pipeline, you can use ChatGPT to test their codes simultaneously and debug codes faster than the traditional method of manually testing apps.

2. Creative content generation

ChatGPT is equipped with all the necessary abilities to generate high-quality creative content for different purposes. You can use ChatGPT to write content for the app’s UI. Taglines, about, titles, feature titles, or anything else, ChatGPT can be helpful in generating texts for your apps and can save you from any grammatical errors. You can also generate content for graphics that you will be using in your app with the help of ChatGPT. 

3. Improving the content quality

Whatever you publish on the app will help you create an impression. If you are regularly going to publish written content, ChatGPT is useful to proof-read it as well. It can help you identify and cure grammatical errors, you can improve the readbility of the content, and you can even ask ChatGPT to improve the content you have written so you can impress your potential app users better. 

4. Writing simple structures

ChatGPT can even write codes that are useful for the app development process. You can use ChatGPT to build the code structure that will ultimately help you build the entire app. The popular AI chatbot can write in popular programming languages like C#, PHP, Java, Python, and JavaScript among others. 

5. Researching the market

ChatGPT is the perfect source if you want to research the market with speed and accuracy. It can help you find statistics and facts to use as the base for your app planning. Once you have a target market sorted, you can use ChatGPT to find quantitative facts along with their sources to make your plan accordingly. 

6. Multiple open-source APIs

ChatGPT has a range of APIs ready to use for free. You can use these APIs to power your app with a smart chatbot. Some brands that adopted ChatGPT’s APIs and Whisper APIs are Snapchat, Quizlet, Instacart, and Shop among others. Whisper APIs use speech-to-text capabilities and help developers using them offer a more seamless experience to their users.

7. Personalized assistance

ChatGPT’s capabilities to understand human interaction are helpful in offering personalized assistance. Several artificial intelligence development companies have started using ChatGPT to personalize it for their brands. 

ChatGPT is useful if you want to use it to help your brand serve customers better. You can simply use its API, feed with your brand-related information and integrate it on your platforms like websites or apps. And it will help you assist customers 24x7. You can also use ChatGPT to ask for suggestions to draft marketing and customer service emails and use them to solve customer queries more efficiently.

8. Translating stuff

If your target market includes non-English speaking customers but you are not multilingual, you can use ChatGPT to do your work. Its translation capabilities power the tool and make it user-friendly for a global user base. 

At the moment, ChatGPT is powered by 50+ languages which include Albanian, Azerbaijani, Catalan, Danish, Korean, Russian, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, English, etc. You can translate a single line or can translate entire books, ChatGPT will help you with accuracy.

Concluding- Can ChatGPT build a usable app from scratch?

Testing the ChatGPT chatbot made it clear that it is definitely a good assistant for tasks related to the app development process. The tool can give you codes for specific components of the app and can even test your app’s code. But building a fully functional app from the ground up is something ChatGPT has not achieved yet. Though you can use it to speed up the development process and achieve target results faster than the traditional ways of building an app. 

To conclude, ChatGPT is undoubtedly the sensation of the year for all the right reasons. The tool takes a lot of burden off the shoulders of developers if they decide to create an app with ChatGPT. 

It’s fast, accurate, and of course, the newest version- ChatGPT 4 also has a database updated with the latest information and more accurate data. And even though earlier versions of ChatGPT are available for free, still, the abilities of ChatGPT 4 are not freely accessible. But having such a massive database at your fingertips can be really helpful if you want to build an app that prioritizes quality and quantity in parallel. 

In the above discussion, hopefully, the above insights helped you understand What is ChatGPT and how is it possible to create an app with ChatGPT. Its abilities to help you generate content using AI, come up with a plan, and debug your codes can upscale the app development process massively. So, if you think you are ready to build an app, just find your answer in this How to Build an App with ChatGPT guide, and start with the development process whenever you want.

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