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Best Node.js Frameworks to Try Out in 2020

Know what are the most preferred Node.js frameworks for mobile app developers

Node JS Framework

In the case of the Web and mobile app development, the JavaScript frameworks can play a crucial role. For instance, in one of our recent articles, we shared the best use cases and applications for the AngularJS framework. And in today's article, we will be discussing the top node.js frameworks that can come in quite handy in the year 2020.

Node JS frameworks come with a lot of benefits and can highly contribute during the web-based and mobile application development process by making them more secure and fast at the same time.

Defining Node.js

The node.js framework can be defined as a cross-platform and open-source runtime environment that is built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Basically, it is used to develop server-side web apps that are scalable as well as fast.

Along with this, the Node JavaScript framework operates on an I/O model that is event-based. This model is much preferred by the application developers because it is lightweight and highly efficient.

Best Node.js Frameworks 2020

Back in the day, the JavaScript codes were mainly used for client-side development purposes but now we primarily use JavaScript on the server-side. The node.js framework utilizes the event-driven architecture model, so developers are able to conduct asynchronous I/O which further makes these frameworks a better option for companies to opt for.

Below are some of the top node.js frameworks that you need to try in 2020:

1. Koa.js 

The koa.js framework is a node.js web framework that is essentially designed by the team of Express framework. The main objective for Koa was to build a framework that is smaller in size, highly expressive, and acts as a robust foundation for the development purposes of Web apps and APIs.

Even though there are no middlewares in the core section of the koa.js framework, it still manages to offer an elegant suite to make the server-side scripting simple and fast.

Notable features of Koa.js node.js framework: 

  • Effective error-handling
  • Ditched callbacks
  • Component-based building blocking
  • Cascading middleware

Pros of Koa.js

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Support for Sync/await keywords
  • Transcended Generators Functions
  • Code is much more manageable 

Cons of Koa.js

  • Support Community is relatively small
  • Not compatible with express style middleware
  • Generators are not compatible with Node.js framework middleware  

2. Express.js 

Next in the list of frameworks is the node.js Express JavaScript framework. It is a web application development framework that is mainly used for the purpose of designing web/mobile apps along with their APIs with the help of an array of features. Apart from this, Express.js is also known as the minimalist framework.

This JS framework generally forms the back-end portion of the MEAN stack along with the MongoDB database and AngularJS front-end framework. Apart from this, there are various modules available on NPM that can be directly plugged into the Express.js framework to enhance its functionality.

Notable features of Express.js node.js framework:

  • Single-threaded
  • Event Loop
  • Non-blocking I/O 

Pros of Express.js

  • Fast application development
  • I/O request handling
  • Open-source Community
  • Easy to learn
  • Simple integration of 3rd party services  

Cons of Express.js

  • Event-driven Callbacks
  • Code Organization
  • Philosophy of plugins  

3. Meteor JS 

The Meteor JS framework is known as the best node.js framework which also contributes to it being one of the most used frameworks for Node JavaScript. By making use of this framework, mobile and web app developers can create applications for web and mobile platforms.

In addition to this, there are a large number of node.js developers who are available to offer packages as well as resources. This further makes the process of learning the Meteor JS framework easy as it is an open-source framework that is project-based on the model-view-controller (MVC) framework.

Notable features of Meteor JS node.js frameworks:

  • Database integration
  • Front-end solution 
  • Development ecosystem
  • Isomorphic JavaScript Code
  • Live Reload 

Pros of Meteor JS

  • Debugging
  • Seamless Client-Server Communication
  • Abundance of Packages and Libraries
  • Real-Time Testing Tool
  • Simplicity  

Cons of Meteor JS

  • Lack of MongoDB Support
  • No Rendering on the Server Side
  • Lack of Native Widget Library
  • No Inbuilt Support for PWA  

4. Sails.js 

Sails.js is again one of the best node.js frameworks that are free as well as open-source frameworks that operate on the Model-View-Controller (MVC). This framework is mainly used by end-users for developing customized web apps used by SMEs i.e. small and mid-scale enterprises.

Now, the Sails node.js framework can be used to develop apps along with JavaScript, which may also include different kinds of models, views, controllers, configuration files, adapters, and other components.

Notable features of Sails.js node.js framework:

  • Powerful Association
  • Auto-generation of REST APIs 
  • Declarative and reusable security policies
  •  Flexible asset pipeline 

Pros of Sails.js

  • Free Generation of JSON API
  • Separates Business Logic from User Interface
  • Well-supported
  • Convention Preferred Configuration
  • Can store data anywhere  

Cons of Sails.js

  • Comparatively slow Framework
  • Poor asset management
  • Time Consuming
  • Slow project development  

5. LoopBack.js 

LoopBack.js is a well-known name as it ranks among the popular node.js frameworks that come with an easy-to-use CLI and a dynamic API Web browser. Apart from this, the developers are also allowed to build their own models that can be based on their schema or even dynamic models if there are no schemas present.

The LoopBack framework also has the capability to allow a developer to build their own server API that can be further assigned to another server. This phenomenon can be referred to developing an API that is a proxy for another API that supports native mobile as well as browser SDKs for client-side.

Notable features of LoopBack.js node.js framework:

  • Built-in models
  • Various model relations
  • Application Logic
  • Loopback components 

Pros of LookBack.js

  • Full-stack Development   
  • Very Fast Development   
  • Code is modular & structured   
  • Built-in models & features   
  • Additional tools are given by StrongLoop    

Cons of LookBack.js

  • Monolithic Architecture
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Opinionated Architecture  

6. Nest.js 

NestJS is a top node.js framework that is built with the Node JavaScript, which is commonly used to build server-side applications that are efficient as well as scalable in nature. It optimizes progressive JavaScript which is written with TypeScript.

Here, developing with TypeScript means that the NestJS framework has a strong code writing that is a combination of various elements including object-oriented programming, Functional Programming, Functional Reactive Programming, etc..

Along with this, the NestJS framework also makes use of Express.js for providing a ready-to-use app architecture that can allow an effortless application development process.

Notable features of Nest.js node.js framework:

  • Dependency injection
  • Authentication
  • ORM

Pros of Nest.js

  • Robust Technology Stack
  • Fast and event-based
  • Scalable Technology for Microservices
  • Rich Ecosystem
  • Strong Corporate Support  

Cons of Nest.js

  • Performance Bottlenecks
  • Design Issues 
  • Tool Immaturity  

7. Hapi.js

Hapi.js has created a place for itself among the best node.js framework for 2020. Because it is a powerful and robust framework, developing APIs in using this node js API framework is easy. This framework first made its debut in the year 2011 and since then it has transformed itself into a high-end plugin system with a wide range of features.

Some of these features include input validation, configuration-based functionality, implementation of caching, error-handling, platform logging and many more. This is one of the reasons why this framework is also a highly preferred one by the node JS website developers.

Notable features of Hapi.js node.js framework:

  • Plugin support
  • Use of middleware
  • Extract existing node API

Pros of Hapi.js

  • Plugin-based Architecture
  • Catching
  • Configuration-centric
  • Rich Web server functionality
  • Support for Microservices  

Cons of Hapi.js

  • Endpoints are created manually
  • Refactoring is manual
  • Endpoints are tested manually 

Final Thoughts 

So these were the top node.js frameworks that hold a much higher scope in comparison to the other JavaScript frameworks. In simple words, we can say that by using these node JS frameworks, the mobile and web app developers are able to design and develop real-time applications with ease.

Also, these node.js frameworks are a great option for optimizing the scalability and throughput factor of the development process of web and mobile apps. Here, the NPM package manager also makes the app development tasks easier for sharing the source code of the node.js framework. Some of the leading brands currently using node.js frameworks are LinkedIn, Yahoo, PayPal, Walmart, etc..

Also, if you are interested in reading more such interesting articles about JavaScript frameworks or in-depth reports featuring app development companies that are excelling in the industry, then make sure to stay tuned with MobileAppDaily by clicking on the 'Subscribe' button and never missing another update. 

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