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10 Best Android Launcher Apps To Try In 2021

Transform the look of your Android phone this new year with these top Android launchers.

Best Android Launcher Apps

We know that Android launcher apps have been available on the market for a long time and these sets of applications come packed with some excellent features and functionalities that can restyle the whole interface of the device.

What Is An Android Launcher App?

From changing the home screen look to app icons and from theme colors to font size, everything is possible with the help of Android launcher apps; all thanks to its diverse features and customized options.

The dominance of Android over the device OS is well-known and it’s mainly because of the customization opportunities that come with it and due to the same reason, almost every device is integrated with a pre-installed launcher application. For instance, Google packs Pixel launchers on all of its Pixel devices and the same goes for other smartphone manufacturers.

Why Use Third-Party Android Launchers?

The third-party launcher for Android apps is a direct replacement for the default launcher that comes built-in for the device. The third-party launcher apps do not just offer tools to manage the home screen, but there is an endless amount of customization for users to suit their needs.

Over time, third-party launcher apps have become smarter and more feature-rich and also save a lot of time by bringing many of the features to the same page.

Best Android Launcher Apps 2021

Without wasting much time, here is our rundown of the top Android launchers that will let you better manage the UI of your smartphone:

1. Nova Launcher - Best Launcher For Android  

Nova Launcher is one of the first Android launcher apps and also the best customization launcher application that made its way into the app stores and with time, the Android app has made its name in the mobile industry. Nova Launcher is known for its customization features like gesture support, customization of the app’s look and feel, android icon pack support, themes, and more.

The best thing about this launcher for Android is that its developer team keeps it updated and thus helps in removing bugs and errors. For greater ease, home screen layouts can be stored in the back up while switching to a new device.

Nova Launcher Prime includes features like gesture controls like swipe, pinch, double-tap, and more, unread count badges for messages, new tabs or folders in the app drawer, hides never used apps, custom actions for swiping on app shortcuts or folders, and more.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of Nova Launcher app here.

Nova Launcher - Best Android Launchers

Notable features of the best free launcher for Android, Nova Launcher:

  • Snap icons or widgets halfway through the desktop grid cells.
  • Color control options.
  • Customizable app drawer.
  • Offers a backup and restore option.
  • Can import layouts from other good Android launchers. 

Download this best android launcher from Google Play Store

2. Microsoft Launcher - Best Free Launcher For Android

Soft Launcher for Android offers the user an easy way to manage their stuff on their device. Right from tailoring the calendar to-do lists, and Sticky Notes, the Android Launcher app makes it more productive with Cortana, which can read unread text messages, calendar updates, and more for the user.

The digital assistant is an add-on to this app launcher for Android and helps it stand out among other similar Android launcher apps.

The app is a boon for people who have a Microsoft account because; the user gets direct access to documents, calendars, and other recent activities. The Microsoft Launcher app syncs all the windows devices and makes it easier for the user.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of the Microsoft Launcher app here.

Microsoft Launcher - Best Android Launchers

Notable features of the app launcher Android, Microsoft Launcher:

  • Pin contact on your Home screen.
  • Let Cortana read unread text messages, calendar updates, and more.
  • Personalized feeds like news, calendar events, docs, and more.
  • You can search the web or device docs in one place.
  • Gesture customization. 

Download this best Android launcher from Google Play Store

3. Apex Launcher - Best Android Theme Launcher App 

Apex Launcher is one of the best-customized launcher apps that transform the entire look of the stock Android and adds extra new features thrown in for good measure. Its transition animations, scrolling dock, and scrolling habits are simply amazing.

The app launcher for Android packs thousands of themes and icon packs that can further be downloaded from the Play Store. For greater convenience, Apex Launcher sorts apps in the app drawer as per the title, installation date, or how frequently it’s being used.

Apex Launcher Pro features include dynamic drawer customizations, unread count notifications, flexible icon gestures, transition effects, enhanced folder support, and more.

If you wish to know more about this app, you can read the full review of Apex Launcher app here.

Apex Launcher - Best Android Launchers

Notable features of best Android customization app, Apex Launcher:

  • Optimized for both phones and tablets.
  • Advanced theme engine.
  • Convenient home screen gestures.
  • Hide apps from the drawer.
  • Drawer apps sorting. 

Download this best Android launcher from Google Play Store

4. Smart Launcher 5 - Best Launcher For Android

Smart Launcher 5 is another fantastic Android launcher app that offers some out-of-the-box features. The user can easily search for contacts, apps, or even search for content on the web.

Due to its fully customizable support, Smart Launcher is entirely customizable; thanks to many options that come stuffed in this app. With tons of themes and icon packs to download, the home screen can be altered in unique ways.

One thing that sets this one of the new Android launchers different from others is that it is a community-driven project, which is why the app gets updated regularly and supports all the latest Android APIs and new devices.

Smart Launcher 5 - Best Android Launchers

Notable features of the best Android launchers, Smart launcher 5:

  • Automatically adjust the ambient theme.
  • Adaptive icons with enhanced customization.
  • Automatic app sorting.
  • Designed to be used with one hand.
  • Comes in an ultra-immersive mode. 

Download this best Android launcher from Google Play Store

5. Evie Launcher - Best Launcher App For Android

The lightweight launcher comes with excellent gesture controls, which multiplies the launcher speed and the launcher experience. Users can also back up the Evie layout to Google Drive.

Customization options for the app include a swipe down to "Open Notifications," gesture controls to open apps, and an app-sized personalized interface. This App launcher for Android is free and offers much more than many of its competitors.

In a recent update, the Android launcher app was added with new features which include the freedom to choose a search engine, lock home screen icons, show more local results in search, Android O notifications, and more.

Evie Launcher - Best Android Launchers

Notable features of the best launcher for Android, Evie Launcher:

  • Search inside all of the apps in one place.
  • Swipe up for instant access to all apps.
  • Search results to create custom shortcuts.
  • Import and customize the layout, wallpaper, and more. 

Download this best Android launcher from Google Play Store

6. ADW Launcher 2 - Best Launcher App For Android

ADW Launcher was the predecessor of ADW Launcher 2 and even the first version was remarkable. The new ADW Launcher is added with an updated UI that can fit in with any Android version.

The Android launcher app offers tons of new features like launcher shortcuts, extensions, and a lot of shortcuts. The best customization launcher app also has a make-your-own-widget feature which is a great add-on for an app like this.

ADW Launcher 2 - Best Android Launchers

Notable features of the best Android launchers, ADW Launcher 2:

  • Support for Android 10 launcher shortcuts.
  • Icons effects section.
  • Dynamic UI coloring using wallpaper colors.
  • Indexed fast scroll app drawer style.
  • User gesture management support. 

Download this best Android launcher from Google Play Store

7. Niagara Launcher - Best Launcher For Android

If you are an ardent fan of Pixel devices, the Niagara Launcher is your pick. The Android app and Apple launcher offer the best features of Android Pie and Pixel Launcher. With all this, there are plenty of customization features that can refine the home screen experience.

The users can even import existing layouts from the best android launchers like HTC Sense, Google Now Launcher, Apex, Nova, Samsung/Galaxy TouchWiz, and others.

Niagara Launcher - Best Android Launchers

Notable features of the best Android launchers, Niagara Launcher:

  • All apps in a simplified list
  • Featured on XDA Developers
  • Nominated as one of the best Android launchers by Lifewire 2019.

Download this best launcher from Google Play Store

8. AIO Launcher 

AIO Launcher is one of the best launcher apps for all Android users. The launcher Android app has hundreds of mobile themes and HD wallpapers with a variety of styles like stars, anime, games, cartoons, and more.

AIO Launcher Android also offers screen 3D effects and app widgets which can be used to customize the menu, home screen, and lock screen.

Interestingly, AIO Launcher runs on an independently developed 3D Engine, which also makes it one of the best launchers for Android that helps the mobile launcher app to run in a fast and secure manner. AIO Launcher can also be considered as the best launcher for tablets as well.

AIO Launcher - Best Android Launchers

Notable features of the best Android launchers, AIO Launcher :

  • Daily updates for wallpaper and themes.
  • Screen and drawer animation effects.
  • Hide & Lock APPs to protect phone security.
  • Added 3-D effects. 

Download this best Android launcher from Google Play Store

9. Hyperion launcher 

If you wish to get the Pixel feature to embed in your smartphone, try the Hyperion launcher. The open-source Launcher application has been added with a lot of features and under the leadership of a volunteer team, the app gets updated regularly.

The launcher for the Android app seems to have been inspired by many futuristic launcher apps and therefore, the Hyperion launcher app has many of the features similar to the modern Launcher apps, along with a few others.

The one thing that has helped this app to be listed in the top Android launchers is that it’s free and doesn't include any ads or in-app purchases.

Hyperion Launcher - Best Android Launchers

Notable features of the best Android launcher, Hyperion launcher:

  • Hyperion Dock
  • Multi-color
  • Iconography
  • Typography
  • Custom Grid Size
  • Google Smart Widget

Download this best Android launcher from Google Play Store

10. Lawnchair

For those who do not own a Pixel phone, but love the way it looks and works in terms of interface, Lawnchair can be their time-being solution to get the same aesthetics, flow, and even some functionalities. 

Lawnchair is free and open-source, meaning there is no limit to the feature updates. By default, it mirrors the visuals of Pixel phone with support for adaptive icons, notification dots, auto dark mode, and much more. Though it works on Android Pie, officially it is compatible with Android 10 and 11.

Lawnchair - Best Android Launchers

Notable features of the best Android launchers, Lawnchair:

  • Google Pixel inspired visuals and appearance
  • Android 9, 10, and 11 compatible
  • Support for app icon packs
  • Configurable icons and grid size
  • Open-source
  • Google now support 

Download  this best Android launcher from Google Play Store

Note: The list of best and new android launchers is put as per the number of downloads and user feedback. If you wish to try, you are free to pick any of the best launchers for Android apps as per its functions and features. Over time, other launcher applications for Android like the Smart Launcher and Microsoft Launcher apps have steadily marked their presence in this field. But now it's time to change and try something new in 2021 like one of the unique Android launchers. Just think of a perfectly set up app drawer, finely complimented with Icon Pack Studio and KLWP, cohesive and awesome Android themes; it’s all dazzling.

In addition to this, if you are an app owner and want to get your app reviewed, get in touch with MobileAppDaily.

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