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Movavi Video Editor Review- Is it worth a shot?

Check out our inclusive guide, which is packed with all the information related to the features and functionality offered by the Movavi Video Editor.

Updated on May 25, 2023
Movavi Video Editor Review- Is it worth a shot?

A perfect blend of images and sound can create a video that can leave a strong impression on the audience. A good video, be it a music video, corporate video, advertisement campaign, or anything else must be able to connect with the audience in order to solve the purpose. 

Some of the best video editing apps are required to bring together all the aspects and develop a coherent story. Video editing is not merely about technical knowledge, rather is an art that transforms your creative expressions into a meaningful piece of content. 

With the right editing skills, you can transfer an ordinary video into a better one. These tools can help you enhance the output and will ensure that the message is conveyed outrightly to your targeted audience. From seamlessly blending your videos to adding filters, editing apps can do it all.

Have you shot a video and are struggling with the post-production stage? Continue reading further because we have got you covered. We have brought you the best video editor- Movavi Video Editor. This app can be used for editing videos for different purposes including marketing, business, education, entertainment, and more. 

In this review, we are going to discuss in detail about the exceptional features and functionality of this detailed Movavi video editor review. This editor is extremely helpful for both professionals and amateurs. 

Moving forward to our Movavi video editor 2023 review, we will be giving an insight into the services, tools, interface, and other features offered by the app. Let’s move ahead with this Movavi editor review and discuss the positives and negatives of this video editing app. 

What is Movavi Video Editor?

Movavi Video Editor is a beginner-friendly editing app that can help you create professional-quality videos without much hassle. This app is packed with all the necessary tools that you might need to edit your videos for social media platforms and multiple video streaming pages. 

It can be used to edit and convert videos, create 3D effects, add audio, stabilize shaky footage, and do a lot more. Movavi video editor gives you the ability to edit videos and add special, 3D effects. With its simple-to-use and extremely effective editing options, Movavi video editor is a favorite for both professionals and novice video editors alike. 

As per the customer reviews for Movavi video editor, this app is extremely simple to use and can be used to create high-quality videos with improved skills and advanced tools. This video editor is made compatible with all platforms and is extremely simple to use. 

We create software that is accessible to users of all ages. Our software is available across different platforms – Android, and iOS, and we have made users from 200+ really happy with our apps.

- Founder, Movavi Video Editor

The app is compatible with multiple platforms which makes it extremely accessible. Movavi video editor for Mac and Windows is available for video editors. The Movavi editor app is also available for Android and iOS smartphones. 

When is the Movavi Video Editor Utilitarian?

If you are searching for editing software that can provide both advanced and basic tools in one, Movavi Video Editor is a suitable choice for you.

This app is suitable for anyone who aspires to edit videos easily and get awesome results without much hassle. This app can help amateurs and new-beginners to edit videos like a professional. 

The Movavi video editor helps you perform multiple tasks such as trim, editing, splicing, cleaning, and altering your videos. Along with this, you can also create customized titles and texts, animations, audio tracks, and more. The best part about using this app is that you can save videos and still images in a range of widely compatible formats. 

Movavi online video editor is the best video editing app that is simple yet extremely effective. Making all the adjustments is extremely simple with the Movavi video editor app. The app aims to provide everything that the users might need to achieve an expert-quality video.

Movavi Video Editor

The secret is simple: we have the same goal as our users. And this is to make them happy.

- Founder, Movavi Video Editor

Top Features of Movavi Video Editor

The Movavi video editor app possesses multiple features and qualities that make it the best among the others. So, before hitting the Movavi video editor download, let's weigh the features of this app-

1. Extremely Simple to Use

Movavi video editor offers a simple interface and basic tools for video editing. Unlike other software, Movavi provides its users with easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tools that are perfect for amateurs. Though simple, these tools are backed by the power of Artificial Intelligence. This makes the app at par with professional video editing tools.

Extremely Simple to Use

2. High-Quality Filters and Effects

As per the Movavi video editor reviews, it is safe to say that this editing app offers the best range of filters, effects, and transitions that can improve the quality of your video. The Movavi Effects Store (MES) is an additional subscription offered to users that gives them access to a vast library of effects. Along with this, you can also choose stickers, music, and other content to improve your video. All these effects are updated monthly and hence you can get the most trending finds here. 

3. Supports Audio Editing

Along with editing videos, Movavi video editor enables you to edit audio as per your liking. You can adjust the volume of your video and edit background music as per your liking. Users can add and trim sound effects to intensify and enhance the final output. Movavi video editor online, also allows you to add your own voiceovers in the video. This feature can help you make videos for promotional or educational purposes. 

Supports Audio Editing

4. Advanced Editing Tools

Movavi video editor app can support professional video editors with its advanced tools. It provides advanced editing capabilities such as video stabilization, pan and zoom, and video enhancement. The app also supports 360-degree video editing and screen recording for seasoned video editors. 

Advanced Editing Tools

5. Intuitive Interface

Movavi video editor offers a simple and straightforward interface that can cater to all your video editing needs. You can easily edit your videos without the need for a learning curve. This app can suit the requirements of both professional video editors and amateurs. However, if you are a beginner or a casual video maker, Movavi video editor will be right up your alley. 

Movavi Video Suite vs. Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi video suite offers a more comprehensive range of video editing tools that provides additional features and editing capabilities as compared to Movavi video editor plus. The video suite offers complete editing and video-creating solutions. You can access multiple features like video conversion, screen recording, DVD burning, and more. It is best suited for creating professional-looking slideshows and capturing live videos. 

Conversely, Movavi video editor plus offers a combination of basic and advanced features. It supports additional features like trimming, merging, splitting, and cutting videos. Along, with this you can access advanced features like slow motion, chroma-keying, and video stabilization. 

Movavi video editor plus is a cheaper alternative to the video suite. If you are primarily looking for video editing software, Movavi video editor plus is the way to go. However, if you need additional features, you must opt for the Movavi video suite. 


You can get the Movavi video editor for free download from the app store. You can download the app and avail a free trial of 30 days. After the trial period, you can get paid lifetime access to the Movavi video editor app. 

Future Updates

The Movavi video editor is constantly striving to improve the quality of its app. Based on the Movavi video editor reviews, the company is trying to deliver the best user experience possible. Many updates are in-house for the Movavi video editor app users in the future. 

The company will offer improved and brand-new built-in content that can be accessed by all users. Video editors can use the updated feature without any additional cost or charges. You will also not require a subscription to MES to use these features. 

Movavi video editor review, ratings, and additional information

Movie video editor review, ratings and additional information

Accolades won by Movavi Video Editor app

Movavi video editor has won multiple awards and recognitions for its outstanding services and performance. The app has won the Software Informer Award and is recognized as one of the top video editing apps by Techradar, Macworld, and

How to use Movavi Video Editor app?

Movavi offers a wide selection of tools and features that lets you create professional-quality videos within a few minutes. The best part about using this editing software is that it is extremely simple and fast to use. We have mentioned the steps to utilize this editing app most effectively. 

  • You can add or drag the video from your device to the software. The file menu enables you to upload the desired video through the ‘drag your files here’ option. You can add multiple videos and still images as well. 
  • After choosing the files, you will now have to split and trim the videos as per your liking. The software lets you remove the unnecessary parts from the video and edit the required part. Using the right and left markers, you can trim the clip easily. 
  • Further, you can add artistic effects and animations to enhance the quality of your video. Users get to choose from a vast variety of filters, stickers, animations, and other effects available. 
  • You can also adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color, and make other adjustments in the compiled video
  • Next, you can use transitions to seamlessly blend and join the videos. This feature ensures a smooth finish for videos and improves their quality. You can also add titles and other texts to your video. 
  • Movavi video editor also gives you the option to add audio files and soundtracks to your videos. 
  • Lastly, you can save the edited video and download it to your device. The app is compatible with different formats and lets you download the finished product in the format of your desired choice. 

MAD Ratings

  • Features- 4.5
  • Navigation- 4.0
  • Pricing- 5.0
  • Security- 4.5
  • UI/UX- 4.2

Our Verdict

As per our experience and research, we can confidently say that Movavi video editor app is highly efficient and competent in its functioning and functionalities. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools that can fulfill all your video editing needs, from basic to advanced. Beginners can quickly get a hold of this app and the professional editors can make use of advanced features. 

After weighing the Movavi pros and cons, we found the app extremely versatile and useful for video editing. It comes with multiple standout features such as fast processing speed, multiple exporting options, and many others. In our opinion, the Movavi video editor app definitely tops the chart of being the most useful and affordable editing software available out there. This app is best suited for both personal and professional use. 

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