Hatch App Review
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Hatch App that loves you back

Adopt your very own pup for fun.

Updated on January 01, 2019
Hatch App that loves you back

Today, we have picked a different app for the review and believe me it's amazing. Do you have a pet? If no, then Hatch is the app for you to get your own virtual pet. Most of us are living in the metro cities and does not have the bandwidth to get a pet to cuddle or play with. But, the technology has reached a level where nothing seems to be impossible. 

Hatch is the app that gives you your own virtual pet on mobile. You can play, pet and even feed him using your smartphone. The app contains a creature name Fugu that will take you as his owner. The cute little animal will behave similar to the real pet and make you feel like you are not alone anymore.

Fugu will grow with time and keeps changing its mood, behavior, and activities from time to time. You will get an unexpected pet experience with the app and will definitely fall in love with Fugu. 

The app is only of its kind that offers a number of features in order to enrich the user experience. Hatch starts with telling you the story about a mysterious creature named Fugu, who used to live with humans. But, humans and Fugus started a fight over the precious Fugu eggs which led to the Fugus disappearance. Apparently, the creatures have returned to the planet and looking for their caretakers. The whole story contains amazing animation and a background music that will keep you attached till the end.

Key Features 

  1. Get your own personal pet 
  2. Purchase different things in app to enjoy more option
  3. Get loved like a real pet owner
  4. Try out new activities with Fugu

Once the story ended you will be given an egg and the screen stay same for a while. After few minutes you will be notified that your egg is hatched and be ready to meet your pet. Then the Fugu will come out from the egg and will start staring at you, running around and licking your screen. You can feed him with apple and other fruits available on the screen.

You can name your pet anything by typing in the name option available in the app. You will experience cat-like sound from your phone whenever Fugu calls you. The pet also brings surprises for its owner frequently, which contains acorns most of the time. These acorns can be used to purchase different things from the in-app shop run by Max. You will find various items in the store placed to use with Fugu. There are different stickers hidden around the Fugu environment that you can use to fill your pet’s book.

The app is fun to use as you will get addicted to your little friend and will play with him every time you get the chance. The app has an interactive interface, the animations and pet movements are excellent, it doesn't let you feel like you are playing any kind of game.

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