Why You Need To Turn Your Website Into A Progressive Web App (PWA)
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Here's Why You Need To Turn your Website Into A Progressive Web App (PWA)

Know more about the process of turning a website into a Progressive Web App

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To turn your simple and basic website into a not-so-basic Progressive Web App or simply speaking into a PWA is actually a smart move to follow. But unfortunately, many are still not aware about this little trick that can help their business a great deal.

But before we proceed towards the reasons on why you need to turn your website into a PWA, we should start by stating what actually is a Progressive Web App.

Definition of PWA

Progressive Web Applications can also be referred to as PWAs, is a modern form of web technology which basically is a website. When a user visits this website via his/her mobile phone this can further be saved on the user’s mobile device and behaves just like a native application.

“Here, the user gets to access that particular website in the offline mode.”

The process of turning a website into a hybrid technology like PWA is unexpectedly short and simple. And this conversion can act as a game changer for some businesses, Why? Let’s have a look at some of these beneficial points:

  • Faster Loading: With PWAs the speed of the website is increased as the content gets loaded at a faster rate in comparison to other sites, while offering a couple of more functionalities.

  • User Re-engagement: There’s no denying the fact that Push Notifications play a strong role in keeping the user engaged by sending a periodic reminder.

  • One-Step Process: Because there is no actual need of downloading the app, the whole process of interacting with progressive web apps becomes one-step.

  • Security: Another great thing that these applications do, is securing the user’s information for further reference and also making them safe from the corruption of data.

The Progressive Web Apps are also very good for your client’s business as well and going by the latest statistics report of one of the biggest e-commerce giants like Alibaba have witnessed a growth of more than 40% with these progressive apps.

PWA Stats

Below are some of the Key Features of the PWAs:

  1. These apps are highly responsive as they can easily function on any platform such as mobile, desktop, tablet etc.
  2. There is no need to have a strong connectivity network or even any kind of connectivity as these apps offers you connectivity independence.
  3. With no installation requirement, the user can directly add a shortcut of the PWA on his/her screen without the hassle of installing the app from the app stores.
  4. Want to share an amazing progressive web application with your friend? No worries! Just copy the URL and share it directly without any need of installing the app.

Misconceptions on PWA

Even though this entire procedure of conversion of your website into something more advanced sounds awesome. But there are several misconceptions surrounding this whole idea that needs to be cleared out first.

What exactly can be converted into a PWA? Does it only have to be a website?

There is no hard and fast rule that only a proper functioning and relevant business website can be converted into a progressive web app. This conversion can also be performed on an online store, a personal blog or just a collection data that is stored online.

This is because the main objective of a PWA is to simplify and optimize the code while also helping in providing faster delivery of content to the end-user.

Should I create a single page javascript-powered app for this conversion?

A big NO to this question, as this conversion process is not limited to just a particular technology. A majority of other technologies like HTML etc. are perfectly valid to be converted into a progressive web application.

Are PWAs designed explicitly for Android?

This is one of the most common misconceptions that a lot of people have related to Progressive Web  Apps. The thing about the PWAs is that you don’t need to install it from a particular app store like Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Frankly, all you need is a search engine to access the world wide web URL of that particular PWA. And once you create a shortcut on your device’s home screen, there further won’t be any need of internet to access it. The user will be able to directly access it in the offline mode with all its features and functionalities.

transform website into PWA

How to Transform a Website into a PWA?

Now, comes the main part that answers the HOW TO question that many of us were wondering about this transformation process. We have broken this entire process into three essential steps, which are:

Step 1: Enabling HTTPS

One mandatory thing that a Progressive Web Application does require is to have a steady HTTPS connection. There are various subscriptions available in the market for this but these prices may vary according to the host and the plans that they are offering.

Note: Try to opt for a secure and known host for the HTTPS connection as such sites are known to rank higher in the Google Search Engine Ranking.

Step 2: Creating an App Manifest

The next step after establishing a secure and stable HTTPS connection is to create a web app manifest. The Manifest can be defined as a single-file alternative that contains various pieces of information like all meta tags from your pages.

This is a key step as the web application manifest provides all the necessary information about the app such as the name, images, as well as the description. This information is crucial because it is further used by the operating system i.e. OS the viewport, home screen icons and splash pages of the PWA.

Let’s have a quick look on the manifest properties that can come handy during the process:

  • Name: The entire name of the progressive web application that will be displayed to the end-user.
  • Short_name: If the complete name of the application is quite lengthy then this property gives you the option to write in a shorter name for the app.
  • Description: This is the portion that will contain the overview of the app’s working and purpose in the form an appropriate description.
  • Icons: This will contain the list of the images with information regarding their type and size.
  • Theme_color: This property will be responsible for the application’s color that will be displayed when a user will access it.
  • Scope: This property is related to the navigation scope of the app.
  • Orientation: With this property, you can select the preferred orientation for your app. Some of the common orientations are natural, portrait, portrait-secondary, landscape and many more.

Step 3: Creating a Service Worker

In simple words, a Service Worker is a component of JavaScript that somewhat acts like a mediator that builds the connection between the host and the web browser. It does that by automatically installing itself in the browsers that are supported to intercept the requests that are targeted towards your website.

Once the network requests are intercepted, the service worker then responds to these requests differently based on their nature. A new Service Worker or SW can be easily set by creating a JavaScript file in the respective root directory.

The Conclusion

Whenever the topic of Progressive Web App (PWA) arises, the concluded question that strikes, again and again, is whether PWAs hold any significance in the coming future of app technology or not. That’s because the app world is currently on a fast track with hundreds and thousands of apps hitting the app stores on a weekly basis.

So, at this point, it is safe to say that we need embrace as well as encourage the usage of such advanced technologies like Progressive Mobile Apps. Because the end-users are always on the lookout for services that are new and requires less work while delivering more output at the same time.

And these Progressive Web Applications somehow fulfills this agenda by providing some serious advantages like greater usability, much better performance, easy offline access, smooth and secure user experience with higher google ranking.

So, in our option, you should definitely give it a try and turn your website into a Progressive Web App.

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