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Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence To Surprise You

AI facts worth knowing Facts About Artificial Intelligence To Surprise You

Besides its machine learning effects, Artificial Intelligence has also made the news for bringing some of the well-known personalities on board to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on the human kind. In case, you got it, well congrats you are keeping the tabs on the ever-evolving technological space and to those who are still guessing it, here is the news.

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg had a tussle on the impact of artificial intelligence through tweets. At one hand, where Zuckerberg was in support of the technology, Elon Musk had some other ideas. Well, we are not going to dig deep into that fight, instead we will be revealing some interesting facts about artificial intelligence that may surprise you.

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Artificial intelligence is getting a lot of attention from investors these days. The benefits associated with the technology is not only impressive but a lot beneficial too. AI has the potential to change everything from cloud to computing. Let’s explore some artificial intelligence facts and figures that you are unaware of.

Most AI is Female

Have you ever thought about the voices AI assistant have? Doesn’t most of them echo with a female voice? Yes, they do, and this interesting fact about AI will make you believe that most of the AI is female. Be it Siri, Cortana or Alexa, most of the AI bots are female. Female voice is preferred for the assistant is a reason behind women-centric voice of these bots. Studies suggest people find it preferable to hear a female voice if compared with the male voice. Most men are attached to female voices and that is why most of the AI bots have the female voice.

In the next Decade, AI is Believed to kill 16% of Jobs

As the technology is growing leaps and bounds, artificial intelligence will become smarter in the days to come. And due to their increasing intelligence, meaning they would be offering great assistant, humans will lose their jobs in the next decades. The pros of employing AI in the work is they can do more work in a considerable timeline. They do not need constant direction and would make it easier to do even bulk of tiring tasks in a short timeframe.

Infographic on AI Facts & FiguresA graph that shows the impact of AI among companies over the years

AI Possesses the Ability to Write

Robo-journalism is becoming popular in the print space and you would be surprised to know there has already been a robot that wrote an article on earthquake in California for Los Angeles Times. The artificial intelligence figures were brought down by robot collecting data from a seismograph. The algorithm-based robot outshined in the writing abilities and that is why the next decade could have more robots to write crime stories in-dependence with the human editors to decide which piece of information needs attention than the other.

Some Products you buy online are suggested by AI Bots

This artificial intelligence news is sure to surprise you. Many products you see in your social networking feeds are suggested by AI bots. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has already accepted that the platform uses AI-enabled bots to suggest products to the users depending upon their specific preferences. Moreover, AI helps determine which offer should be presented to the users and when. It adds on to the possibilities of selling the products to those who are in real need. It also increases the probability of buyers to buy the same.

Self-Driving Car Market is Expected to be Worth $127

This is how much the autonomous vehicle market is expected to grow by the end of 2027. The AI technology will play a prominent role to transform this possibility into a reality. Nvidia has already created its AI-enabled computer that is believed to assist driverless vehicles. The AI assistant in these vehicles is capable enough to drive the car from a point to another. The trend of such vehicles is believed to become more prominent in the days to come.

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AI is Likely to Lead Customers Services in the Time to Come

85% of customer interaction is handled by AI assisted bots and it is believed to end the demand of human customer service professionals by the end of this decade. Stephen Hawking, world-famous physicist had already predicted this consequence by stating, "The automation of factories has already decimated jobs in traditional manufacturing, and the rise of AI is likely to extend this job destruction deep into the middle classes, with only the most caring, creative or supervisory roles remaining." the continuous automation of artificial intelligence may have some negative impact on the way we manage our work today.

The Upshot

This is all about the artificial intelligence facts and figures that we have found while our research. What’s your take on this emerging technology? What future have you predicted for this technology to embrace in the upcoming year? Do let us know your vision on the same to make our offering much more insightful. The space of AI is ever-growing and the facts we have submitted will prove to be prominent in the times to come.

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