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Best Valentine's Day Apps To Accent Your Love Life in 2019

Now express your love like never before with these trending valentine’s day apps

Best Valentine\'s Day Apps To Accent Your Love Life in 2019

As told by Charles M. Schulz, ‘All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.’ But what about adding a personal touch through a message along with that chocolate for your loved ones? You would surely love to wrap your love in a few words to let your other half know how much you love them! And if you have got a romantic soul, we have got that stuff covered for you with the help of some best Valentine’s Day mobile apps.

Whether you are alone, in a relationship or a soul that hops up even with the slightest idea of celebrating the love, we have something special for you. Yes, you got that right, we are talking about the day when love is celebrated globally and called the valentine’s day.

We have got the best valentine’s day apps for Android to help you show affection for your loved ones.

Best Valentine's Day App For Android In 2019

From the lovey-dovey special edition Valentine’s day wallpapers to ordering customized gifts for your better half, we have curated a list of top Valentine’s Day apps for Android smartphones that you must try this season:

1. Happy Couple - Love Quiz

Happy Couple - love quiz is a fun-filled game puzzle that lets you guess the choice of your partner to earn the points. By guessing the answers your partner has given along with your own answers you could progressively get on to the next level. This will also help you to know more about the choices of your partner. Correct guesses would earn you points to unlock new challenges.

Happy Couple - Mobile App

Key Features of Happy Couple - Love Quiz app:

  • Daily quiz with 10 new questions every day.
  • Scoring & Levels for you and your partner.
  • After discovering matches/mismatches, respond with a message or quirky animated GIFs.
  • Challenges to surprise your partner with a cute idea of activity.
  • Tips to discover better relationships
  • Fill in's to express your feelings with heartfelt messages.

You can download the app from HERE

2. Between

Between, the famous Valentine's Day app is for those who love private communication. Either you want to chat in person or send those lovey-dovey pics to your close ones, Between is there for you. The special chat feature allows the users to chat in private and send messages that only your partner can see.

The app includes a calendar feature making it easier than ever to schedule dates and other important events in the app only. “Between” can be said, the app that takes care of all your worries when it is about passing the love message to your partner.

Between - Valentine Day App

Key Features of Between app:

  • Couple conversations on messenger with free emoticons and GIF selfies.
  • Store precious memories like photos, videos, and notes easily.
  • Schedule and save special dates.
  • Keep track of each other’s schedules and special days in Between!
  • Widget feature to check your d-days easily.
  • Free calls feature for long conversations.

You can download this app from HERE


It is a valentine app for Android that has been developed to send flowers in 195 countries across the globe. In case you wish to express your love by sending flowers, 1-800-Flowers is probably the best way to do the same.

There are as many choices as you would love to browse under the budget that suits the particular requirement of everyone. The valentine’s app for Android lets you deliver flowers in any of the global locations through express delivery at a time and date that suits both parties. - Mobile App

Key Features of app:

  • Users can order flowers, bouquets, and even gifts from this app.
  • It provides an order tracking feature.
  • Covers almost every occasion, including anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Offers same day flower delivery.
  • Delivery options are available in 195 countries.

You can download this app from HERE

4. Tom’s Love Letters

Tom has a beautiful girlfriend named Angela who loves receiving surprises. You could become Tom for your sweetheart to send her love through postcards, featuring this famous couple. The option allows you to create your personalized postcard to send the same through email or through social networking channel Facebook.

There are hugs, kisses, and romantic melodies to add extra spice to your love story. Don’t miss your chance to let your loved ones know how much you care for them.

Tom’s Love Letters - Mobile App

Key Features of Tom’s Love Letters app:

  • Users can send an awesome card to their special someone.
  • There is a wide range of cards to choose from.
  • Option to buy different love songs.
  • Users can also watch animations of love gurus Tom and Angela.
  • Direct social media integration with various platforms.
  • Additional features are available with in-app purchases.

You can download this app from HERE

5. Valentines Day Special

Valentines Day Special is more informative than a functional valentine day app for Android. In case you are in search of perfect words that would melt the heart of your loved one, Valentines Day Special is the app for you.

There are romantic SMS messages and love poems to impress your love with. Take exceptional love ideas from this app to impress your love with a personalized message. Don’t forget to send chocolates along to win over your partner’s heart!

Valentines Day Special - Mobile App

Key Features of the Valentines Day Special app:

  • Get to know the history of Valentine's Day
  • List of top 10 romantic gifts for Valentine's Day
  • Option to save and share Romantic SMS and love poems.
  • Love Meter, Love Calculator, and Love Tester.
  • Special Saint Valentine's Day Movie.
  • Love horoscopes for you and your partner.
  • There are a variety of Valentines Day Ringtones.
  • Love Wallpapers and Valentine's Day wallpapers.

You can download this app from HERE

6. OpenTable

OpenTable ensures your table booking at a nearby restaurant on Valentine's Day. This Valentine's Day app for Android is for those couples who enjoy dining out the lavish way. While you can always buy chocolates and flowers as they would not last even on Valentine's Day, a table in a nearby restaurant may be booked by someone else to avoid the last minute chaos on this special day.

For the same purpose, you could also use this superb Valentine's Day application to ensure a special dinner date on Valentine's Day.   

OpenTable - Mobile App

Key Features of OpenTable app:

  • Reservations and waitlist management
  • Quick table management
  • POS integration
  • Works even without the option of Wi-Fi
  • Free training and 24/7 support
  • Users can add additional devices at no extra cost
  • Highly customizable guest management

You can download this app from HERE

7. Spotify

Chocolates? Check, Flowers? Check, Dinner Date? Fixed, & now it is time for you to set the right mood before you begin the romantic dinner date. What could get better than the ultimate music streaming app, Spotify, to set the mood for a romantic evening?

Tune in your favorite music in this application, raise the volume, set the tone and let the love of the music spread in the air. Queue the most romantic numbers to express your feelings for your loved ones through the Spotify app.

In case you are interested in knowing more about this app then feel free to check out our review on Spotify application.

Spotify - Mobile App

Key Features of Spotify app:

  • Offers thousands of podcasts, including many originals.
  • Users can listen for free on their mobile phones and tablets.
  • Directly play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode
  • Option to download music for offline listening.
  • It has amazing sound quality.
  • No ads on the app, just uninterrupted music.

You can download this app from HERE

8. Valentine Love Emojis

The app is a Valentine's Day gift to those who want to spend a romantic night through messaging. The app offers an emoticon for every mood right from loved themed to the romantic ones. Expressing your love through these emojis would let you pass on your feelings to your loved ones without using words for the same. So, to those who are not vocal enough about their love for their loved ones, they could use this Valentine's Day app for Android.  

Valentine Love Emojis - Mobile App

Key Features of Valentine Love Emojis app:

  • The most passionate Valentine's Love Stickers.
  • Heart touching scenes of Animated Stickers to share with others.
  • There is a wide range of cool stickers to use.
  • Options for sharing on various social platforms.
  • The best collection of Flirty emojis and stickers available online.
  • Elegant single tap sharing option for emojis.
  • A unique collection of cute stickers as well as heart emoticons.

You can download this app from HERE

9. Tinder

If you are one of those people who are not in a committed relationship then Tinder might be the best bet for you. Being one of the most popular online dating apps, there are hundreds and thousands of people who use this app and are aware of its functioning. Here, all you need to do is swipe left and right to the profiles of candidates.

This online dating application is hands down a great choice to find matches in your local area and region. And the best part is that you can also use Tinder for free, however, there is a premium subscription available that provides the user with more features.

Tinder - Dating App

Key Features of Tinder app:

  • Swiping option i.e. left swipe and right swipe.
  • Users can connect to their social media accounts, such as Instagram integration
  • It's a common connection option for users.
  • A subscription feature for Tinder Gold.

You can download this app from HERE

10. Amazon Shopping

There cannot be a Valentine's Day occasion without a special shopping spree for your loved ones. That's the main reason why we decided to add the Amazon shopping app next to the list of the best Valentine's Day apps. This leading online retailer is a one-place destination for all you love birds, from the latest clothes to cute home decor pieces, you will find everything on Amazon.

Amazon Shopping - Best Dating App

Key Features of Amazon Shopping app:

  • International Shopping on a single platform.
  • Options to browse, search, get product details, read reviews, and purchase products.
  • Available in English, Spanish, German, and Simplified Chinese
  • Users can provide reviews, track orders, scan products, etc.
  • Tap the mic icon and use Alexa to play music, shop, tell jokes, listen to eBooks and much more.
  • Option to pay with your local currency, international credit or debit cards etc.

You can download this app from HERE

11. TripAdvisor

This Android app is mainly for those you are bitten by the travel bug and have wanderlust in their eyes. Nowadays many couples are opting for something that is more adventurous than the traditional ways of showing their love and affection. So, if you think that going out for a fancy dinner for Valentine's day is not enough then why not plan a whole trip for that special week.

TripAdvisor - Dating App

Key Features of TripAdvisor app:

  • Users can follow friends and travel experts to get helpful recommendations.
  • Discover new travel destinations from videos, travel guides, articles, reviews, etc.
  • Save as well as organize your favorite travel ideas, all in one place
  • Get access to more than 700 million candid traveler opinions
  • Find the lowest hotel prices from more than 200 online booking sites.
  • Users can search and book personalized tours and attractions.
  • Compare airfares to find the best deal available.

You can download this app from HERE

Final Thoughts

Be it through hugs, kisses, cards or even chocolates, celebrating the true worth of valentine’s day was never so easy before these valentine’s day apps. Whether it is about sending chocolates to your love or letting them realize how much they mean to you, a valentine’s day app is all there to express your true emotion in all its glory.

Use any of these valentine’s day application for Android to make the day special for your honey. Love is about to approach and the cupid is once again all set to shoot his love arrows on couples this Valentine's Day. Let the cupid do his work and you being the other half for your loved one, can make some efforts to make it the best of her/his life. After all, love is the most beautiful emotion that must be celebrated victoriously on the very special valentine’s day.

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