Best Valentine's Day Apps for Android to Make It Special Day
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Featured: Best Valentine's Day Apps for Android

Express your love like never before with the best valentine’s day apps Best Valentine\'s Day Apps for Android

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Charles M. Schulz once rightly said, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” what about adding a personal touch through a message along with that chocolate for your loved ones? You would surely love to wrap your love in a few words to let your other half know how much you love them! And, if you have got a romantic soul, we have got the stuff for you!

Whether you are alone, in a relationship or a soul that hops up even with the slightest idea of celebrating the love, we have something special for you. Yes, you got that right, we are talking about the day when love is celebrated globally and called the valentine’s day. We have got the best valentine’s day apps for Android to help you show affection for your loved ones.

Here Begins the countdown for the Best Valentine's Day 2018 Apps

Happy Couple - Love Quiz

Happy Couple - love quiz is a fun-filled game puzzle that lets you guess the choice of your partner to earn the points. By guessing the answers your partner has given along with your own answers you could progressively get on to the next level. This will also help you to know more about the choices of your partner. Correct guesses would earn you points to unlock new challenges.


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Between, the famous valentine’s day app is for those who love private communication. Either you want to chat in person or send those lovey-dovey pics to your close ones, Between is there for you. The special chat feature allows the users to chat in private and send messages that only your partner can see. The app includes a calendar feature making it easier than ever to schedule dates and other important events in the app only. “Between” can be said, the app that takes care of all your worries when it is about passing the love message to your partner.

Between Mobile App

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It is a valentine app for Android that has been developed to send flowers in 195 countries across the globe. In case, you wish to express your love by sending flowers, 1-800-Flowers is probably the best way to do the same. There are as many choices as you would love to browse under the budget that suits to the particular requirement of everyone. The valentine’s app for Android let you deliver the flowers in any of the global locations through express delivery on a time and date that suits both the parties.

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Tom’s Love Letters

Tom has a beautiful girlfriend named Angela who loves receiving surprises. You could become the Tom for your sweetheart to send her love through postcards, featuring this famous couple. The option let you create your personalized postcard to send the same through email or through social networking channel Facebook. There are hugs, kisses, and romantic melodies to add extra spice to your love story. Don’t miss your chance to let your loved ones know how much you care for them.

Tom Love

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St Valentine Greeting Cards

St Valentine Greeting Cards gives you the option of designing your own valentine day’s card for your loved ones. There are decorative stickers and frames to use while creating your personalized cards. You could crop images in heart shapes, as a chocolate box or in any other personalized shape you would like your partner to surprise with. It is a valentine day Android app that let you express your true emotions with a greeting card for your loved ones.

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Valentines Day Special

Valentines Day Special is more informative than a functional valentine day app for Android. In case, you are in the search of perfect words that would melt the heart of your loved one, Valentines Day Special is the app for you. There are romantic SMS messages and love poem to impress your love with. Take exceptional love ideas from this app to impress your love with a personalized message. Don’t forget to send chocolates along to win over your partner’s heart!

Valentines Day App

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OpenTable ensures your table booking at a nearby restaurant on valentine’s day. This valentine’s day app for Android is for those couples who enjoy dining out the lavish way. While you can always buy chocolates and flowers as they would not last even on the valentine’s day but a table in the nearby restaurant may be booked by someone else to avoid the last minute chaos on this special day. For the same purpose, you could also use this superb valentine’s day application for ensuring a special dinner date on valentine’s day.   

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Chocolates? Check, Flowers? Check, Dinner Date? Fixed, & now it is time for you to set the right mood before you begin the romantic dinner date. What can get better than the ultimate music streaming app, Spotify to set the mood for a romantic evening? Tune in your favorite music in this application, raise the volume, set the tone and let the love of the music spread in the air. Queue the most romantic numbers to express your feelings for your loved ones through the Spotify app.

Spotify App

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Valentine Love Emojis

The app is the Valentine's gift to those who want to spend a romantic night through messaging. The app offers an emoticon for every mood right from loved themed to the romantic ones. Expressing your love through these emojis would let you pass on your feelings to your loved ones without using words for the same. So, to those who are not vocal enough for their love about their loved ones could use this valentine’s day app for Android.  

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In the Conclusion

Be it through hugs, kisses, cards or even chocolates, celebrating the true worth of valentine’s day was never so easier before these valentine’s day apps. Whether it is about sending chocolates to your love or letting them realize how much they mean to you, a valentine’s day app is all there to express your true emotion in all the glory.

Use any of these valentine’s day application for android to make the day special for your honey. Love is about to approach and the cupid is once again all set to shoot his love arrow to the couples this valentine. Let the cupid do his work and you being the other half for your loved one, can do some efforts to make it the best of her/his life. After all the love is the most beautiful emotional that must be celebrated victoriously on the very special valentine’s day.

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