5+ Best AI Travel Apps for Planning Stress-Free Vacations

Check out the best travel apps that can simplify planning a holiday using AI technology.
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May 09, 2023
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Many travel agencies and companies have turned to AI and Machine Learning tools to smoothen and remove the turbulence faced by users while traveling. AI tools can effectively record and analyze large piles of data in no time. The information drawn from this analysis can be used to improve the app for users and ensure a more personalized experience.

Travel companies can improve users’ experience by making suitable suggestions based on travel preferences, behavior, and history. Compared to other travel apps, AI travel technology can drive quicker customer service and efficient itinerary planning and automate hectic tasks such as bookings, cancellations, and check-ins.

AI-based travel agents and chatbots can answer users’ questions about hotels, destinations, and flight bookings. These apps ensure a more personalized and seamless travel experience for all users. Leveraging the latest technology and adopting the most advanced trends can ensure that your next holiday is planned and booked without any hassle.

So, which AI-Based apps are changing the travel industry? The article below lists the best travel apps that have profitably used AI tools to provide an enriched user experience. The best travel apps ensure their users with the best feed for their travel options.

Get the Best Travel Assistance with the Top AI Travel Apps

The apps mentioned below are equipped with the latest technology to provide you with a tailored and hassle-free travel experience. These are the best vacation apps that can save you a lot of time and money that goes into planning and booking a holiday. The best trip-planning apps are mentioned with downloadable links that will make it easy to install and use the app. Let’s get into the list now.


Curisio is the best travel planning app for users to book flights and hotels at affordable rates. This app can assist users in planning a road trip without much hassle and effort. It is an AI trip planner with access to multiple itineraries and can help you cover all the best spots at your holiday destination. 

This app can provide its users with insightful information on the best routes and other places that can be explored on the journey. Using AI, Curisio creates the best and the most exciting road trips as per your budget. This app can save you a lot of time that goes into planning a road trip and is thus best suited for travelers.  

You can customize your travel plan and set options for a round-trip or a one-way trip with starting and finishing points. You can also add the places that you wish to explore and visit on the way. The app lets you set a suitable plan as per the number of travelers, dates, and your budget. 

Features of Curisio:

  • It is the best cost-saving travel app that can help you cut down on travel expenses
  • Get multiple plans and routes to choose from
  • You can make your plans flexible by customizing dates, places, and much more
  • Offers an option to explore more about the places that you have planned to visit
  • Enables you to copy the links and share it with your co-travelers
Visit Curisio:


TripIt is an AI travel planner that allows you to organize and track all your travel plans and itineraries. With some information, the app can automatically create an itinerary that will include all the necessary details related to accommodations and flights. 

Using AI-technology, TripIt creates a smart itinerary for travelers that combines information related to weather, maps, and popular restaurant recommendations. You can also share or collaborate your plans with your friends and colleagues. 

Along with planning your trip, this AI app for travel notifies you about flight delays or updates. This app can also assist you with maps and directions that can help you reach your destination easily. It is a full-stacked trip planner app that is preferred by many travelers as it automates planning a holiday and simplifies it for users. 

Features of TripIt:

  • It gives all updates and notifications related to flight status
  • Provides personalized suggestions and recommendations based on your travel history
  • Apart from recording itinerary, you can also record and manage your travel expenses
  • It uses specialized AI-based features such as text-to-speech capabilities and a voice navigation system for the visually impaired
  • Enables you to track your seat and provides information related to VIP travel benefits that can save you money
Visit Tripit:


Kayak is the best travel-friendly app that allows you to search for and reserve flights, hotels, and rental services to make your travel smooth and hassle-free. You can search for a variety of accommodations and travel options available on the app. 

You can filter your search based on prices or dates and get the best deals using the Kayak travel app. Each hotel is supported with comprehensive descriptions, clear images, and customer reviews that can help you make an informed decision. 

Along with securing the best travel deals, this app can also work as an AI trip planner and can help you with itinerary management and trip planning tools. You can receive price alerts using the Kayak app. You can either book your holiday directly from the app or through any travel site of your choice. 

Features of Kayak:

  • It features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate through the app
  • Its unique price tracking feature allows you to secure the best deal and discounts
  • You can get all the information related to flight status, baggage claim, etc, through Kayak
  • Responsive and quick customer support through in-app chat and website
  • Reminds you of the important things to pack and can also function as a currency converter
Visit Kayak:


Adotrip is a premium travel app that empowers you to explore all the travel options under one roof. It is a premium holiday booking app that lets you book affordable flights, hotels, and multiple tour packages. The app enables you to choose the best holiday package out of the different options available. 

In addition to this, you can also explore more about your holiday destination, know more about the cultural festivals, and get insights into the local events that are taking place. The app ensures you travel smarter. 

The app is supported by an AI-powered Circuit Planner that can provide you with the most affordable and fastest travel plans and options. The app aims to make your holiday travel plans memorable and exciting.

Features of Adotrip:

  • Easy to find and compare affordable flights and hotels
  • Know about the facts, significance, and facts about the place
  • Book cheap flight tickets and customized tour packages
  • Customize your trip according to dates and travel destinations
  • Travel on a budget and explore new travel destinations
Visit Adotrip:
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ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that can help you tackle all the vacation planning without consuming much time and effort. This chatbot can sort out all the troubles related to navigating the area and can also help you overcome language barriers. 

GPT4 can help create an itinerary plan based on your budget, layovers, accommodation preferences, etc. By adding relevant prompts, you can get a complete plan for your vacation. From flight details to accommodation recommendations, you can get it all. 

This AI-powered travel planner can provide travel advice and can assist you in booking flights and hotels. It enables customized itineraries and vacation plans based on user’s choice and preferences.

Features of ChatGPT:

  • Helps you save time on booking lodgings, flights, and rental services for your holiday
  • Offers efficient and personalized customer experience
  • It is free of any upfront fee or subscription charges
  • Simple to use and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate
  • It can automate customer support tasks such as categorizing queries, making suggestions, etc.
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Agoda is considered one of the best trip-planning apps. As it is an all-in-one app that offers various travel services, including lodging and flight booking, renting cars, airport transfers, etc. it showcases hotels and individual apartments that are filled with all the facilities and can be rented by anyone to spend a peaceful and quality time. 

Its mission is to provide the best and most affordable travel options for all users. You can use this app to reduce the hassle of booking and cancellation. Agoda’s AI-based platform offers a seamless travel experience from end to end.

You can find various lodging options based on your preferences and budget. It is a travel booking that offers everything from a high-end luxury hotel to an affordable and budget-friendly hostel room. You can filter your search based on location, price, preference, and other suitable criteria. 

Features of Agoda:

  • It is a legit and reliable provider of online travel services
  • It allows you to read reviews and ratings that help you select the best hotel
  • It offers the best deals and discounts for a variety of properties 
  • Agoda offers flexible booking options with free cancellation and pay-later options
  • Provides personalized recommendations based on your travel history
Visit Agoda:

Vacay Chatbot

Vacay Chatbot is an online travel agency that provides booking services for flights, lodging, trains, car rentals, etc. Using optimized AI tools, Vacay Chatbot recommends personalized suggestions on travel destinations, recreational activities, hotels, and other services based on your preferences.

This travel booking app offers a one-stop shop for all your travel bookings and needs. It is preferred by many users as it consistently offers affordable prices for hotels, flight fares, and more. 

Vacay Chatbot streamlines the booking process and offers an enriched experience for all users. It is a legit and one of the most reliable travel apps that will help you plan the entire holiday with the utmost security and helps you secure the best deals. 

Features of Vacay Chatbot:

  • Designs custom trip plans and provides inspirations
  • The app comes with an intuitive interface that is simple to use
  • Suggests local recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions
  • Offers a responsive and live chat support for all users
  • Suggests live events and concerts for a global user base
Visit Vacay Chatbot:

Roam Around

Roam is the best travel planning app that helps you customize the best possible travel plan at any location. The app lets you explore all the scenic locations and areas in your holiday destination. 

This app works as a tour guide that can take you around the city. It is a free itinerary planner app that helps you in building the complete itinerary for any location. Based on smart AI technology, this app can suggest you a day-to-day plan that will cover all the best places to eat, tourist attractions to visit, and all the scenic spots at your holiday destination. 

With this travel itinerary plan, you will never miss out on anything. The app also suggests links that can be used to discover more about the suggested place. Roam Around does all the research and ensures a hassle-free and fun-filled holiday for you. 

Features of Roam Around:

  • Craft a tailored and the best travel app and get a quick overview of the destination
  • Extremely fast and simple to use
  • Gives complete details about the destination
  • Discover new and exciting locations which are off the beaten path
  • Allows you to share the itinerary with friends and family
Visit Roam Around:
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Towards the end of this article, it is safe to say that the best AI travel apps are the future of travel. AI travel planners and booking apps can make planning a holiday much more convenient, hassle-free, and less time-consuming. With personalized recommendations and thousands of booking options, these apps can sort all your needs. 

Top AI companies can help in improving the efficiency and accuracy of travel apps. These apps have the potential to transform the way of booking a holiday and make it extremely simple for users. AI algorithms ensure more advanced, sophisticated, personalized, and accurate travel booking apps. 

Further, if you are an app owner and want to list your product, you can get in touch with our experts at MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews can help you get better reach and potential for your app. To know the complete details of the process, contact us. Till then, keep exploring MobileAppDaily for insightful information and updates. 

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