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Mobile application development sector is booming every year with the increase in app downloads. As the count of app downloading every year reached to count of gazillions developers needs to develop new and creative apps with some innovative features to lure the customer in a very short period of time. For each platform, developers need to create the apps in a most efficient way and for that, they need the best tool.

There are numerous number of tools available to develop an app, but which one suits your need and will result in you the desired app with easiest and none- troubling process? And which tools have options and flexibility to allow further changes in the app? Here are some of the most used and trending mobile application development tools suggested by the pro developers.

There are cross platforms also, which are changing the trends in mobile app development, almost 60% enterprises are using cross - platform development tools. These tools are mostly preferred ads they create the app which can be run on multiple platforms.

Mobile Application Development tools:

1. Xamarin

It is a cross- platform mobile app development tool, it allows the developer to create native Android, iOS, and windows based apps. It uses a single shared C# codebase to develop the multi-platform or hybrid app and also have its own interface development tools and online classes. This tool is the most preferred mobile application development tool to create top mobile application technology.

2. Appcelerator

Appcelerator another trending mobile app development tool which can develop iOS, Android, Blackberry, HTML5 and hybrid app. Using single JavaScript code-base it allows the developer to develop the mobile app with real-time mobile analytics. Apps created by this tool are hardware- based and the data can be stored either in the device or in the cloud. It provides tools for rapid application development & a prototype can be built in lesser time with minimum efforts.

3. PhoneGap

Phone-Gap is a mobile application development tool from the IT giant Adobe that can be used to develop an iOS, Android, Symbian, Palm platform based applications. This tool requires the knowledge of standard mobile app development languages such as HTML and JavaScript. It is one of the trending mobile app development tools as it is a free and open-source framework.

4. Sencha

The latest version is Sencha Ext. JS 6 which allow the developer to develop their app in HTML5 code and then they can convert the app by using Phone-Gap from Adobe. Developing the code in HTML5 helps the app to run on mobile devices and web browsers also. It can also be used to develop the code for large business applications with much ease.

5. Monocross

This is a cross - platform mobile application development tool which can be used to develop amazing apps for Android, iOS, Windows Webkit enabled devices. This mobile app development platform uses the app development languages like C#, Microsoft, .Net and MONO framework for creating a multi - platform supported app.

This tool allows the developers to analyze many factors while developing with a number of inbuilt app development features.

As the smartphone users are increasing at a very phenomenal rate, which ultimately boost up the mobile app demands in the coming time. So, developers need to create apps quickly with the attractive attributes. These platforms help the developer to create an app in a short type with ongoing trending demands and features to fulfill customer needs in order to maximize the app engagement.

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