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This section is dedicated to all the top listed mobile apps in different categories and genres. Whether it is Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store there are plethora apps to choose from. This makes quite hard to know which apps are best among thousands, the Top X will help you in finding the best among all. You will find top fitness, business, chatting, social media and many other apps listed as the best.

Top App Locks For Your Android Device In 2020

Data breaches and thefts are not new as far as mobile is concerned. Now and then, we come across such an incident. To counter this issue, smartphone manufacturers have added a lot of safety features, but sometimes, these features do fail due to various reasons. What to do then? If you are an Andr

  • Fri, 24 Jan 2020

Top 10 VR Apps For Your Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality technology has revolutionized the way we interact with smart devices. But, right now the mobile industry is the most influenced sector and experiencing the new inventions every day. To put a true VR experience in front of the user's eyes, many tech companies came up with

  • Fri, 24 Jan 2020

Best Google Cardboard Apps For Your Smartphone In 2018

Google Cardboard is a virtual reality device that lets you view games and run apps in a virtual environment. With plenty of viewer types available, you will surely find one that fits you perfectly.  Its cardboard type set up makes it low-cost system, which further encourages interest and dev

  • Fri, 24 Jan 2020

Best Role Playing Games Android - RPG Games [2020]

The single character game or action games are now slowly fading away and are getting replaced by games of other genres like RPG (role playing game). Interestingly, RPG games were one of the first genres to hit Android domain, but it’s craze has started to influence the games lately. Role pl

  • Fri, 24 Jan 2020

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Best 20 Black Friday 🛒 Apps To NOT Miss This Year [2020]

The wait is finally over as Black Friday is here (well, almost here) and the people are just getting started with their Christmas shopping. When it comes to shopping, almost every person has their own huge list of items and gifts that they are planning to give their loved ones. And since its shop

  • Fri, 24 Jan 2020

Best Dialer Apps For Android & iOS [2020 Edition]

Mobile phones were invented to serve the most basic purpose of calling. Ever since the functions in Smartphones have advanced to include high-quality cameras, voice assistants, and much more, yet we use the same old dialer pads. Don’t you think it's worth paying attention to a good phon

  • Fri, 24 Jan 2020

Best Food Delivery Apps For Food Lovers In 2020

Let’s recall the time when we would go out to our favorite restaurant for dinner. There, we had to call the waiter and ask him to note down the order you want on your table. It’s true that the moments offered unforgettable memories but have you ever thought about how much time it took to

  • Fri, 24 Jan 2020

Best Android Launcher Apps To Try In 2020

We know that Android launcher apps have been available on the market for a long time and these sets of applications come packed with some excellent features and functionalities that can restyle the whole interface of the device. What Is An Android Launcher App? From changing the home screen lo

  • Fri, 24 Jan 2020

Best Job Search Apps To Help You to Find Job in 2020

Quality jobs are not easy to come by, especially if you are looking for a job change. There are various reasons behind that. Sometimes, the companies outsource the hiring process to third-party companies and sometimes, it ends up with internal hiring. Whatever it may be, the whole process can be

  • Thu, 23 Jan 2020

Best Beer Apps to Brew Your Drink the Right Way

The relationship between humankind and beer is brewing for over a century now. Beer is available in as many varieties as people and places we have discovered. And, the “hydrating” experience this divine drink offers can't be compared to any other brewing experiences.

  • Wed, 22 Jan 2020