Best Mobile Panic Alarm Apps for Smartphones

Turn panic into protection with the best mobile panic apps available for Android and iOS users. Empower your safety and enhance security in critical situations.
Last Updated on : December 19, 2023
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In today's fast-paced world, personal safety is of utmost importance. Whether you're walking alone at night or in an emergency, having a reliable panic alarm app on your mobile device can provide you with a sense of security and peace of mind. Read More

Top Mobile Panic Apps for iOS and Android Users




Download PeopleSafe:

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PeopleSafe stands out as an all-encompassing safety app that goes beyond just offering panic alarms. With panic alarms at its core, PeopleSafe ensures your peace of mind in various situations. The panic alarm feature in PeopleSafe is a powerful tool that instantly notifies your chosen contacts and, if necessary, emergency services when you feel threatened or unsafe.

PeopleSafe features a one-touch panic alarm button that instantly connects you to emergency services. Be it a medical crisis, a security threat, or any other urgent situation, help is just a tap away. This app takes a comprehensive approach to safety by integrating real-time location tracking. It feature allows you to share your whereabouts with trusted contacts, ensuring they can keep an eye on you during potentially risky situations.

Furthermore, PeopleSafe understands the importance of discreet assistance. For discreet assistance, the app includes a stealth mode, enabling you to send silent alerts when a conspicuous call for help might escalate the situation.

Adding to its suite of features, PeopleSafe also offers safety tips and resources, empowering you with knowledge and strategies to handle various emergencies. In essence, PeopleSafe isn't just an app; it's a proactive safety partner, blending technology with a human touch to provide comfort and security in your daily life.

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Download bSafe:


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bSafe is a user-friendly and highly effective panic alarm app that prioritizes your safety. bSafe allows you to take swift action when faced with dangerous situations. With a simple tap on your mobile device, you can send an SOS alert to your pre-selected contacts, providing them with your exact location.

What sets bSafe apart is its comprehensive approach to safety. In addition to panic alarms, it features a "Follow Me" option, enabling your contacts to track your movements in real-time. This feature is particularly useful during evening strolls or runs, ensuring that someone always knows your whereabouts. Moreover, bSafe offers audio and video recordings in case you need evidence of an incident.

bSafe is a reliable and intuitive panic alarm app that not only keeps you safe but also provides valuable features to enhance your sense of security in everyday life. The app is packed with innovative technology and advanced features to enhance security in emergency situations. Users can see, hear, and monitor all activities in real-time. This community safety app can easily address all your safety concerns and security issues. 

This SOS app sends an alarm to guardians, responders, and emergency services. It is considered the best panic alarm app which comes with a comprehensive emergency management system. It is the best safety app for handling emergency situations at an individual, organizational, and societal level.

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Download Noonlight:


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Noonlight is not just an app; rather, it functions as a personal security guard on your smartphone. With its advanced features and world-class security systems, Noonlight stands as a beacon of safety and assurance, offering you and your loved ones peace of mind in emergency situations. 

It is considered among the best emergency call apps for iPhone and Android for its effortless SOS feature. With a simple, prolonged press on the screen, the app discreetly contacts emergency services, providing them with your exact location and crucial personal details. This silent alarm is a game-changer, especially in situations where a traditional phone call is not possible. 

Noonlight pioneer in integrating with other smart devices and apps. This compatibility enhances your safety net, automatically sending alerts if potential dangers are detected, such as a car crash.

The app includes a unique timeline feature where you can preemptively input details about your plans, like a late-night walk or a first date. This information becomes invaluable during an emergency, offering responders context that could be vital in ensuring your safety. Download the Noonlight app and safeguard your well-being easily. 

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Ok Alone

Ok Alone

Download Ok Alone :


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OK Alone is one of the best emergency alarm apps which functions as a reliable companion for those who often find themselves working or travelling alone. Understanding the unique challenges faced by solo workers, the app offers a blend of technology and empathy, ensuring you're never truly alone, even when physically solo.

OK Alone offers a unique check-in feature. With customisable intervals, the app prompts you to confirm your safety at regular times. Even if you fail to check in, the app automatically sends alerts to your employers or guardians. 

For situations where you might feel uneasy, you can seek instant assistance with OK Alone’s instant SOS alert. With just a tap, the app sends an emergency signal, complete with your GPS location, to a predefined list of contacts, ensuring a swift response to your situation.

Additionally, the app also offers a location tracking option. This feature offers an additional layer of security while maintaining the user’s privacy. OK Alone is more than an app; it's a vigilant partner, providing solo workers with a sense of security and connection, regardless of their location or situation.

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Safety Line

Safety Line

Download Safety Line :


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SafetyLine is a dynamic app created specifically for organizations who wish to ensure the complete safety of their remote workers. In case of emergencies, the Safety Line app alerts the employers and sends the required help to the location. Its smart technology makes it the best-equipped app for large organizations. 

With its intelligent check-in system, users can set regular check-ins tailored specifically to their everyday schedules and routines. If you miss a check-in, the app initiates a dedicated protocol to ensure the user’s safety. Under this protocol, all emergency contacts and services are notified.

For emergency situations, SafetyLine includes an easy-to-access panic button. With a simple press, the app sends an immediate alert, along with your precise location, to your emergency contacts. This rapid response panic button can be extremely helpful in crucial situations. 

Additionally, SafetyLine offers discreet GPS tracking. The app prioritizes privacy with its discreet GPS Tracking feature. Your location can be traced quickly in emergencies. SafetyLine is more than just a panic alarm app; it is a reliable safety net designed to provide peace of mind and protection for individuals in solitary work or travel scenarios.

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Red Panic Button

Red Panic Button

Download Red Panic Button :


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The Red Panic Button app is a unique personal safety app that combines simplicity and security. This app offers a straightforward yet highly effective solution, acting as a vigilant guardian in your pocket. The app's primary functionality is the Red Panic Button itself. 

With a single tap, you can instantly send an SOS message to a pre-selected group of contacts. This message isn't just a call for help; it includes your exact GPS location, enabling your loved ones or emergency responders to find you swiftly.

It is an excellent women's safety app as it offers multiple ways to trigger the alert. Whether through the app interface, a wearable device, or voice activation, the Red Panic Button ensures that help is always within reach, even in the most challenging situations.

Additionally, the app features a customisable emergency plan. Red Panic Button also incorporates a valuable feature for parents and caregivers: the ability to track the location of the phone in real-time. This function provides an extra layer of security for those responsible for the well-being of others.

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My SOS Family Emergency

My SOS Family Emergency

Download My SOS Family Emergency:


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SOS Emergency is a no-frills panic alarm app that focuses on simplicity and effectiveness. With a single tap, you can send an emergency message to your contacts, complete with GPS coordinates. This app is ideal for those who want a straightforward solution without unnecessary features.

It is the best panic button app, which offers certified alerting solutions for companies to protect their employees and workers. With an online SOS account, organizations can process alarms at the time of emergency situations. During critical situations, employees can send an alarm and notify emergency services for help. 

The app forwards all emergency calls with complete details of the concerned person and their accurate location to the emergency terminal for quick help and assistance. It is the most reliable web-based solution for crisis management. The SOS Emergency app offers tailored solutions for different companies and their employees. 

Unlike other panic alarm apps, the SOS Emergency app can ensure complete safety even during power failures and other unfavorable situations. The multi-layered security solutions cover the entire alerting chain right from initiation to transmission of emergency calls. This panic button app ensures smooth mobilization and coordination at the time of emergencies. Download the SOS panic button app and empower your worker’s safety and security. 

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Why do we need panic alarm apps?

Panic alarm apps offer the most effective way for the security and safety of employees and individuals. These management systems offer the right support and help during emergencies. Here are the top 5 reasons that justify the need for the best panic alarm apps on your device. 

1. Improved personal safety 

Panic alarm apps offer an additional layer of security for all individuals. These apps are specifically beneficial for the elderly and young children when they require immediate assistance in emergency situations. These apps can also be helpful for people who travel at night or from unfamiliar areas. 

2. Quick assistance 

Panic alarm apps are designed with advanced technology, which ensures quick response and help during emergency situations. Users can send instant alerts with just a few taps. These apps will notify the nearby services, which can offer support quickly. 

3. Real-time location tracking 

Most of the panic alarm apps support real-time location tracking for users. This tracking system ensures that all accurate information about the user’s location is available to their guardian or employers. Real-time location can also be shared with trusted contacts easily. 

4. Empowerment and independence 

Panic alarm apps can empower individuals who feel unsafe or vulnerable while travelling along. With emergency support just a few clicks away, individuals can feel more secure and safe while travelling alone at night or through unfamiliar locations. 

5. Versatile in use

In addition to personal attacks or health emergencies, panic alarm apps can be extremely useful for a variety of situations. Individuals can use a panic alarm app at the time of natural disasters, car breakdowns, or if they feel lost in an unfamiliar place. 

How did we choose the best mobile panic alarm apps?

Based on our research, we have singled out 5 must-have features for mobile panic alarm apps. Out of the multiple panic alarm apps available in the market, you should pick an app that combines all these features. 

Let’s discuss them in detail. 

1. Customisable settings

The best panic alarm app must be able to offer customisable settings and features. Multiple users can have diverse needs. This is why customisable settings and features are an important part of all panic alarm apps. Customizing options can allow users to alter the content of emergency alerts, triggers, contact lists, and much more. 

2. GPS Tracking

Panic alarm apps are meant to ensure the safety of their users. This is why GPS tracking is an essential component. Without accurate location information, the help providers won’t be able to find you on time. Users can also send real-time location updates to their trusted contacts in the emergency list. 

3. Panic Button

Panic buttons are available in almost all the best personal safety apps. It is a big red button available on the screen of the mobile phone, allowing users to quickly alert their guardians. Panic buttons are specifically helpful for users who are stuck in a critical situation and require urgent support. So, if you are looking for an app for risky situations, a panic button is a must-have feature. 

4. Inactivity monitoring 

Inactivity monitoring helps in case the user has fainted or is unconscious. This feature tracks the owner’s interaction with the device and updates the whereabouts. If the user is inactive for too long, the apps can automatically send alerts to the emergency contacts. 

5. 24/7 support

A personal safety app should be able to offer 24/7 support services for its users. With a responsive staff, the emergency request can be processed within a short duration, ensuring help at all times. However, for apps that offer automated results, 24/7 support is optional. 


Having a reliable panic alarm app on your mobile device can be a lifesaver in emergency situations. These 7 mobile apps offer various features and levels of security, ensuring that you can find the one that best suits your needs. Remember to download and set up your preferred app today to stay safe and prepared for any unexpected events.

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