Quora's Poe app introduces user-generated chatbots through prompts based on existing bots

Poe offers the ability for users to create their own bots using prompts, leading to the creation of a new creator class within the field of prompt engineering.

Quora's Poe app introduces user-generated chatbots

Poe, a chatbot app launched in February by Q&A site Quora, is now allowing users to create their own chatbots using prompts combined with an existing bot such as ChatGPT as a base. 

Initially, Poe debuted with support for a handful of general knowledge chatbots, and last month rolled out subscriptions that allow users to pay to access more powerful bots based on new language models, including GPT-4 from OpenAI and Claude+ from Anthropic. Now, Poe offers the ability for users to create their own bots using prompts, leading to the creation of a new creator class within the field of prompt engineering. 

Online communities have sprung up to enable people to share their prompt ideas with one another. With the new feature, users can make their own bots based on either Claude or ChatGPT and once created, the bot will have its own unique URL, which will open the bot directly in Poe. 

Users will be able to access the bots via Poe’s iOS app or Android app on the mobile web or via its desktop web interface. In the future, the plan is to offer bot creators feedback about how people are using their bot so they can iterate on improvement. 

Later on, the company also plans to develop an API that would allow anyone to host a bot from a server they operate, which would allow for even more complex bots. To date, the mobile app version of Poe has 1.17 million installs and has generated $520,000 in gross revenue, according to app intelligence firm

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