5 Best YouTube Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones

YouTube has the five best apps released officially which have different uses. For instance- YouTube Kids is an app filled with kids’ cartoons and learning content.
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February 01, 2022
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YouTube first was released on December 15, 2005, for the public. By 2006, YouTube had a network of 25 million views each day. The video streaming platform rapidly gained popularity and inspired many other developers to develop apps of the same nature. However, YouTube still leads the video streaming market. YouTube has also become a social media platform that follows algorithms based on interactions to grow outreach.

Currently, there are different versions of YouTube available in the market. But all YouTube apps have different purposes than just streaming videos for the user. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few iOS and Android YouTube apps that are active in the market currently. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Our Top Picks

YouTube is leading the current video streaming market due to its free and paid videos. Moreover, the app is also a great opportunity for content creators to expand their audience. Thus, more and more people are now joining YouTube to publish content that users love. To assist with the same, YouTube has released a few apps as well. We are discussing them further.

Best YouTube apps in 2022

Furthermore, we are discussing the five iOS and Android YouTube apps that you will find useful. These different versions of YouTube apps offer different features, which we will discuss along with each title as well.

YouTube Studio

Apple 4.0
android 4.2

This one of the top apps for YouTubers has everything a content creator needs. From uploading videos to adding hashtags and descriptions, YouTube Studios have all the features required. This YouTube app download gives you a platform on your smartphone where you can manage your channel and review every aspect of it. You can review analytics on this one of the top iOS and Android YouTube apps. 

Moreover, this best YouTube app also allows you to tweak your videos before you publish them on the channel. You can add filters, adjust contrast and exposure, increase or decrease vibrance, and more. 

If you are looking for one of the top apps for YouTubers, use YouTube Studio without giving it two thoughts. The YouTube Studio app can also be very useful for not only individual creators but also for top app development companies or other organizations looking forward to generating promotional content.

Features of this best YouTube app

  • Review video performance
  • Manage multiple channels
  • Add or delete videos
  • Edit descriptions and hashtags
Download this best YouTube app for Android and iOS

YouTube TV: Live TV

Apple 3.9
android 3.8

This one of the top YouTube connected apps works just like television but without any cable. You can watch your favorite shows, sports events, movies, and much more in real-time as it airs on cable networks. One of the YouTube connected apps, YouTube TV gives you the feeling of portable TV that is included in your smartphone.

Features of this YouTube mobile application

  • 70+ channels to stream in real-time
  • Use Smart TVs to sync and watch
  • Comes with cloud storage space
  • Can be used with up to six accounts
Download this top YouTube application for Android and iOS

YouTube Kids

Apple 4.7
android 4.3

As the name suggests, the best YouTube app for Android and iOS devices has unlimited entertainment and learning content for kids. The YouTube Android app is designed to make sure that kids do not get access to anything parents do not want them to see. Moreover, the YouTube Android app also allows setting up parental control according to the age of the kids using the app.

Features of this top option in all YouTube apps

  • Unlimited educational and entertainment content
  • Lets you set up parental control
  • Free to download
  • Set screen usage limit timer
Download this YouTube application for Android and iOS

YouTube VR

android 4.0

Google has not released a YouTube VR app for iOS devices until now. But if you are an Android user, you can enjoy this YouTube mobile streaming application for free. The app includes shortlisted VR supporting content that can be watched with the help of supporting third-party devices. You can either buy a premium VR headset or buy cheap cardboard headsets that will offer you the VR experience as well. This best YouTube app for Android is literally a delight in the world of entertainment due to the surreal experiences its video offers.

Features of this one of the top YouTube apps

  • Exclusive for Android
  • Free to install
  • Surreal streaming experience
  • Can be used even without VR devices
Download this YouTube application for Android
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YouTube Music

Apple 4.7
android 4.5

As the name gives it away, this one of the top YouTube connected apps works like an audio player for your smartphone. You can explore millions of songs added in the database of this top music app to pick your favorite taste and stream from anywhere. The app also allows you to save your favorite songs offline so that you can stream them even if the internet is not available.

Features of this top app in different versions of YouTube

  • Millions of songs to stream
  • Personalized taste, location, and time-based recommendations
  • Free to use
  • Exclusive and trending music on the go
Download this best YouTube app for Android and iOS
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These best YouTube apps that we discussed above are official products of Google that users can choose from. Moreover, if you are an app developer as well and want to get your app reviewed, you can contact MobileAppDaily and get it done. It will give your mobile app a good marketing scope. Moreover, you will also get to know if your app can have some improvements.

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