10 Best Reddit Apps to Offer You a Customizable User Experience

These best Reddit apps in 2023 will improve your Reddit experience whether you are a community moderator or an active user.
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March 15, 2023
Best Reddit Apps
According to a Statista report, as of May 2022, Reddit’s 47.13% of user base is based in the USA. However, the popularity of Reddit as one of the best social media apps out there has also turned out to be an opportunity for other developers. These developers have found ways to build their own best Reddit apps that can modify the Reddit usage experience. These Reddit apps target the core features of the basic Reddit app but also offer new experiences to their users.

Our Top Picks

In this blog, we have shortlisted some of the top Reddit apps for Android users from all over the globe. These Reddit apps are shortlisted after proper reviews to ensure only the best possible available options are offered to users. Additionally, apps listed here also have an established user base from the prior which can be one of the key points to consider while trusting any of these apps.

Top Reddit Apps of 2023

With each Reddit app for Android included in this list, you will find its features and download links for Android platforms. So, just go through the features and pick the app that you think might be useful for your requirements. Now, without further ado, let’s begin with the list of top Reddit apps!

Reddit, The best Reddit app for Android in 2023

android 4.2

This official app by Reddit is used by over 100k community members daily. The app is designed to offer you every single feature of the official Reddit platform on your smartphone. You can like posts, follow Redditors, text them, comment on their posts, and more. For each interaction that you make, you increase or decrease your Reddit Karma. This Karma helps you in qualifying to create subreddits and other such features.

Features of Reddit, the official Reddit app

  • Use an in-built chat with community members
  • Contribute by sharing GIFs, videos, memes, comments, and more
  • Build communities through subreddits
  • Upvote or downvote posts or comments as per your liking
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Boost for Reddit, The best Reddit app for Android

android 4.6

If the visual experience of Reddit remains the top priority for you, this Reddit boost app is the perfect pick you can use. The top Reddit alternative app comes with features like customizable widgets, day and night modes, comment navigation, AMOLED theme, customizable themes, and more. The better Reddit app also offers a split-screen feature where you can view two pages of Reddit at the same time.

Features of Boost for Reddit, one of the top Reddit Android apps

  • Supports split screen mode
  • Supports between the day and night modes
  • Comes with a customizable widget
  • Includes an AMOLED Theme
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Now for Reddit, The top Reddit alternative app

android 4.3

This one of the top Reddit Android apps is designed to modify your Reddit experience. You can modify widgets on the home screen, themes, the user interface, and more in this one of the top Reddit Android apps. Now for Reddit is also a better Reddit app due to features such as a dedicated Reddit TV, color-coded comments, and more. In short, it is easy to keep up with your favorite content and discussion in this one of the leading Reddit Android apps.

Features of Now for Reddit, one of the top better Reddit apps

  • Includes ads and in-app purchases
  • Use the text editor to edit comments once posted
  • Makes it easy to view the profiles of other Reddit users
  • Comes with a widget to add to the home screen
Download this top Reddit app free

Relay for Reddit, The best Reddit viewing app

android 4.4

The better Reddit app comes with a beautiful user interface to boost your Reddit usage experience. There are animations included in this best Reddit app for Android as well which are designed to boost the overall layout of the Reddit app. You can also explore your favorite Reddit groups and participate in them as you do on the Reddit app or browser. Some features of this best Reddit app for Android that might improve the way you use Reddit are multiple themes, multiple accounts, spoiler support, and more.

Features of Relay for Reddit, one of the top Reddit Android apps

  • Supports messaging on Reddit
  • Best quality of thumbnails
  • Supports inline previewing
  • Supports filtering out subreddits you love
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Joey for Reddit, The top Reddit app download

android 4.6

The top Reddit boost app is a third-party tool designed to modify the user interface of this one of the top Reddit apps. In this app, there are thousands of customizations for layouts included. Additionally, the better Reddit app comes with an app lock, reader view, comment collapse, color-coded usernames, and more. The Reddit app download also provides you with a media tool with customization of the playback speed, qualities of playback, and more.

Features of Joey for Reddit, the leading Reddit boost app

  • Thousands of customization options for themes
  • Thousands of font options
  • Includes a comment collapse tool
  • Supports clutter-free reading
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Slide for Reddit, The best Reddit viewing app

android 4.1

The ad-free Reddit app, Slide for Reddit is designed to offer users customization of the user interface and tons of features that can improve their Reddit experience. The Reddit alternative app is used to browse the Reddit experience while allowing users to customize layouts, colors, themes, and more. This Reddit app download comes with over 12,000 theme combinations which you can explore by trying different configurations of the layout.

Features of Slide for Reddit, the top ad-free Reddit app

  • Access Reddit content offline
  • Customize the experience with 12,000 configuration combinations
  • Different filters to hide or show the content of your choice
  • Over 300 content streams
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RedReader, The best Reddit app

android 4.6

The top ad-free Reddit app keeps the experience tracking free to ensure no ads bother you when you use the RedReader app. You can use this Reddit alternative app to browse posts, comments, and more. The app also supports multiple accounts and comes with support for two-column tablet mode as well. Additionally, the Reddit app download also rewards you with a built-in image viewer and GIF player.

Features of RedReader, one of the better Reddit apps

  • Open-source and free app
  • No ads or tracking tools are hidden in the app
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Comes with a night mode
Download this one of the top Reddit apps

Infinity for Reddit, The best Reddit app for Android in 2023

android 4.4

Another ad-free and open-source Reddit app download, Infinity for Reddit app includes dark and light themes. Additionally, the app also supports a card and compact mode for the Reddit Android apps to browse Reddit elegantly. However, the best feature of this app is Lazy Mode. The mode allows you to browse Reddit without touching the screen. You can enable automatic scrolls and use this one of the top Reddit Android apps to use the Reddit experience without touching the phone.

Features of Infinity for Reddit, the best Reddit app for Android

  • Free to install and use
  • Supports multiple Reddit accounts
  • Does not include ads
  • Comes with a dark and card-based theme
Download this better Reddit app

rif is fun for Reddit, The best Reddit app for Android

android 4.4

This top Reddit app is downloaded over 5 million times. The app comes with an intuitive user interface which is developed to offer performance and speed. The better Reddit app, however, requires plenty of permissions such as internet, boot permission to restore mail notifications, external storage for thumbnail caching, accounts permissions to access Reddit, and more.

Features of rif is fun for Reddit, the top Reddit app

  • No hidden charges
  • Designed to improve the user experience
  • Supports vibrations for notifications
  • Comes with support for background processing
Download this top Reddit boost app

BaconReader for Reddit, One of the top Reddit Android apps

android 4.2

The best Reddit app for Android smartphones comes with features such as AMOLED Theme, original Reddit user interface, multi-mode view, color-coded comments, and more. The better Reddit app also makes it easier to manage subreddits so you can keep a track of all required info or every account that you like and usually browse through on Reddit. There is a draw mode included in the app as well which supports creating memes and modifying images. 

Features of BaconReader for Reddit, the top Reddit alternative app

  • Moderate spam by removing or approving them
  • Includes AMOLED themes with light, black, or dark backgrounds
  • Comes with split-screen support
  • Supports secure login through Reddit OAUTH
Download this better Reddit app
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So, these were some of the best Reddit apps existing in the modern market to improve your Reddit user experience. All of these apps are designed to help you in controlling the Reddit UI, while some of the above-mentioned options are equipped with some additional features as well. In some apps, you can filter the content, save Reddit content offline, customize the user interface entirely, and open two Reddit pages at once. Thus, you will have to go through each of the above-mentioned Reddit Android apps and pick the best option available for you. Hopefully, this blog on top Reddit apps will help you in finding the most suitable option for your requirements.

Lastly, if you are a developer and reading this report on the top Reddit Android apps for some inspiration, you can also reach out to us to list your product among such top apps. However, the probability of your app getting listed among such top apps depends on its quality. So, our experts will go through the app to review it on the basis of several factors and provide you the feedback that can be helpful for you in unlocking the app’s full potential. 


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