10 Best Apps to Hide Applications for Android Smartphones that Boost Your Data Privacy Tactics

Imagine someone snooping through your smartphone and coming across an app that you do not want them to see. Could be embarrassing, right? Well, these best apps to hide applications for Android smartphones can save you from that happening. Want to know how? Let’s have a look at the report for starters.
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April 24, 2023
apps to hide applications for Android
Privacy is one of the biggest concerns anybody has if their smartphone is used or accessed by multiple people. Thus, the requirement to take steps to enhance privacy rises. In this blog, we will introduce you to some of the top apps to hide applications for Android phones that are best if you want to hide certain apps or some content from your phone’s database.

Most of these apps will make your apps invisible and hide your photos and videos. Some of the further mentioned apps support pattern locks, face recognition, pin locks, and more categories of security methods to ensure your data is always in your control.

Our Top Picks

If someone behind your back tries to access your apps, especially the ones that you have locked with one of the best app hider tools mentioned below, apps like Private Zone will take snapshots and save them on your device. This gives you an opportunity to remain careful around them in the future whenever you decide to let them handle your smartphones.

Best Apps to Hide Applications for Android in 2023

Each of the below-mentioned apps are accessible from their Google Play Store links. You can find these links after each option in this list and install them on your device.


android 4.7

The top hide app application is already downloaded more than a million times from the Google Play Store. The app has brilliant features that let you hide your apps, photos, and other such sensitive content so you can save your private data from prying eyes. The app lets you set an app lock that, if enabled, will record every failed attempt of accessing the app data. 

Features of Vault, the top app hider for Android in 2023:

  • Comes with an optional time-based lock feature
  • Records failed access attempts
  • Lets you disable uninstallation of the Vault app
  • Includes a range of images and apps
Download Vault, the best app to hide apps for Android:

Nova Launcher

android 4.4

With this app, you get to hide your Android apps and modify the native launcher look of the smartphone as well. The best app hider also comes with a collection of customizable icon themes and you can find more such themes on the Android app store to customize the UI of your smartphone further. Now, the fun part is that you can hide apps from the launcher of the drawer without having to uninstall them.

Features of Nova Launcher, one of the apps to hide applications on Android phones:

  • Combines features of a launcher app and app hider
  • You can customize app icons as well
  • Provides customizable features for the app drawer
  • All features are available under the Nova Launcher Prime subscription
Download Nova Launcher, one of the best apps to hide applications for Android:

Apex Launcher

android 4.1

The next tool that we are suggestion to hide apps on Android, Apex Launcher has been downloaded over 10 million times from the Google Play Store. The best app to hide apps comes with a range of customizable icons that you can use to make your UI look however you want. With that, there are fancy transition effects included in Apex Launcher as well that are perfect to make the phone feel extra fancy.

Features of Apex Launcher, the best app hider for Android:

  • Includes a range of transition effects
  • Comes with an app drawer that helps you stay organized
  • Easily hide apps from a list if you do not use them often
  • Includes a range of customizable themes and icons
Download this top app to hide your separate apps for Android:

App Hider - Hide Apps and Photos

android 4.1

Today smart apps like App Hider provide users with the freedom to make apps and gallery content private. The best app hider for Android comes with a range of features that include an app hider, image hider, support for dual apps, and more. The app is also capable of disguising itself as a calculator app to help you hide your private content cleverly.

Features of App Hider, the top tool to hide your Android apps:

  • Generate dual apps to use multiple users accounts
  • Disguises itself as a calculator app
  • Best optimized for social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Allows you to hide apps, videos, and photos
Download this top hide app application for Android:
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Vaulty : Hide Pictures Videos

android 4.5

Vaulty is the best app hider that offers smart user data protection features along with abilities that would let you organize your files better. The best app hider for Android has collected over 300k 5-star reviews. Additionally, it comes with support for fingerprint and face-recognition-based login features which makes it possible for users to secure their content better. 

Features of Vaulty, the best app hider for Android:

  • Provides automatic backup services
  • Comes with a biometric login feature
  • You can directly capture pictures or videos from the vault
  • Allows creating multiple vaults with separate passwords
Download this top app to hide apps for Android:

Private Zone - AppLock, Video

android 3.9

To lock your social media apps, photos, and videos, Private Zone is one of the perfect choices you can make from this list of the best apps to hide applications. The app is useful for private browsing and to protect your privacy as well. You can even enable a break-in alert which will capture and save a snapshot of the person who tries to open the app behind your back.

Features of Private Zone, one of the apps to hide applications on Android phones:

  • Securely protect your data and create cloud-based backups
  • A single tap will help you scan your privacy status
  • The break-in alert will capture a snapshot if anyone tries to access locked apps
  • Supports hiding apps, videos, and images
Download this one of the top apps to hide applications in Android:

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro

android 4.2

Secretly an app drawer, Hide Photos is a pretentious Audio Manager for the world. The best part of this one of the best apps to hide applications is that it hides behind a fully functional audio manager quite well. The audio manager works normally and even does not get recorded among the recent apps. To unlock your data from the app, you can choose a password, pin, or pattern.

Features of Hide Photos, the best app hider for Android:

  • The app does not show itself among the recently accessed apps
  • Comes with an integrated video player as well
  • The app includes multiple lock screen options
  • The built-in encryption offers the best security standards
Download this best app hider for Android:

Notepad Vault - AppHider

android 4.2

Notepad Vault is the best tool to hide and find hidden apps on Android. The tool supports hiding apps, photos, and videos, and that too, without requiring any root of your precious smartphones. The app also comes with a Dual Apps feature that allows you to make one clone of apps like WhatsApp and log in with multiple accounts on a single device.

Features of Notepad Vault, the best app hider:

  • Access multiple accounts on a single device
  • Hide apps to securely protect data on your phone
  • Requires no root to hide apps
  • You can manipulate the app icon to make it look like a Calculator app
Download this top app to hide apps for Android:

Apolo Launcher: Boost, theme

android 3.7

The Apolo Launcher app has secured over 10 lacs downloads from the Google Play Store and has thousands of positive reviews on the app store. The app comes with a dark mode that you can enable anytime you like to protect your eyes. Additionally, Apolo Launcher also provides customization for its icons and wallpapers with over 350,000 options to pick from. 

Features of Apolo Launcher, the best app hider for Android:

  • One-click optimization to boost the RAM
  • Provides you with a weather report widget
  • Customize the interface color with 25 trendy shades
  • Comes with a disguised app locker
Download the best app to hide apps for Android:

C Launcher

android 4.4

Probably one of the apps to hide applications for Android smartphones, C Launcher is our last recommendation on the list but has abilities to become the only app you might need. C Launcher comes with a collection of wallpapers, 3D effects, and a well-optimized app locker that hides apps with ease. Just with simple gestures, you can lock apps of your choice when this launcher is enabled.

Features of C Launcher, one of the top tools to hide apps on Android:

  • Comes with a customizable user interface
  • Lets you add 3D effects to your Android UI
  • The app lets you customize the app theme
  • Apps can be locked with simple gestures
Download this best app hider for Android:
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Well, that is all for this list of the apps to hide applications for Android. Every option that we mentioned above has been reviewed to ensure you only have the best options from the industry at your disposal. Whether to secure your personal apps or personal data like images and videos, any of the above-mentioned apps are reliable. And personally, we liked some of these best app hiders more than others due to their ability to disguise themselves as other tools such as UI launchers or calculator apps.

Last but not least, we hope you find the perfect best app hider for your Android smartphone in this report. And before we wind up the blog, if you have the vision to list your product among these best apps to hide applications in Android as well, you can write to us and we will provide you required details of the process of getting featured on MobileAppDaily.

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