5+ List of the Best Android Wallpaper Apps That Set the Right Background

Give your phone a whole new look!
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August 04, 2022
Best Android Wallpaper Apps
Smartphones are the real companion we have today with us. These smart gadgets offer their assistance whenever required. Smartphones are pretty much smart in appearance when it comes to the displays and other specifications. And, the addition of the suffix “-ness” to the adjective “smart” alters the appearance notably.

But what does it take to add that suffix to your smart-phone? Well, it is nothing more than a few wallpaper apps that do the needful to you. And, it’s fair enough to change the looks of your phone as you keep changing yours to add that perfect element of being-in-the-trend.

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In this article, we are discussing a few best android wallpaper apps you can use to give your phone an entire new look!

Popular Android Wallpaper Apps for 2023

Let’s talk about these wallpaper apps in detail, one-by-one, to know all about the offerings currently available for the users.

Skulls Live Wallpaper - Wallpapers apps for android

android 4.0

These wallpapers are an excellent offering for those who love it a bit dark. From the array of choices, users can have wallpapers with smoke effects, burning skulls, and live water effects to add a touch of personalization to their devices.

With a set of 18 HD backgrounds, the app comes for free with a variety of specifications for the users. Right from the fiery skull to the ones portraying neon abstract, the choice for the users has been listed prominently within the application. The skully feel gives your smartphone a new look that is a bit scary but a lot mesmerizing to those who love it.

Features of Skulls Live Wallpaper, the best wallpaper app for Android

  • Enjoy smoke effect
  • Get 18 HD backgrounds
  • Use live water effect on your home screen
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Beach Live Wallpaper - Free wallpaper apps

android 4.0

The name says it all. Beach live wallpaper is for those who love being lively and loves it more when their smartphone wallpaper displays a similar message. Give a try to this application in case you are looking for summer beach images or exotic holiday destinations.

The app offers a variety of options under all these categories that are not only exciting but a lot impressive for the users. And, the best news, the app comes with a free download and what can get more delighted than such an offering? 3D Live wallpapers add more to the phone display, making it bright, beautiful, and a lot impressive for the onlooker.  

Features of Beach Live Wallpaper, the best android wallpaper app

  • Amazing HD graphics
  • Saves battery
  • Unique 3D live wallpapers
  • Choose from different beach background themes
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Dworkin - Best phone wallpaper app

One of the best wallpapers apps for android, Dworkin is a collection of beautiful live wallpapers designed to improve your smartphone aesthetics. There are multiple patterns and colors in this one of the best android wallpapers. This free wallpaper for android also offers an ad-free experience. However, some in-app purchases are included as well that you can unlock by paying. 

You can also customize other factors such as shadows, glow, outlines, etc with Dworkin and give your smartphone screen a look that you love. There are built-in presets as well for your device and if you want, you can also add your customized presets that will allow you to modify the look of your smartphone.

Features of Dworkin, one of the best live wallpaper apps for android

  • Multiple live wallpaper patterns like leaves, mazes, swirls, etc
  • Selection of materials like solid colors, leather, fabric, and more
  • Customize presets or use in-built presets
  • Includes in-app purchases
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Magic Fractal - Wallpapers apps for android

One of the top wallpapers for Android smartphones, Magic Fractal was launched in 2022. The new app has, however, grabbed the attention of its users and become a popular tool among Android users. The app offers live wallpapers with functionalities like running in a loop. These wallpapers are customizable and users can customize their speed, manipulate the speed of each color range, and more.

However, the most fun part of the app is its ability to convert mathematical equations into animations. You can also pick already written mathematical equations from the app to change wallpapers and each of these wallpapers is customizable for an improved user experience.

Features of Magic Fractal, the best wallpaper app for Android

  • Customizable wallpapers with different color ranges
  • Plays wallpapers in the loop
  • Provides a very simple user interface
  • Does not overburden the battery
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Transparent Live Wallpaper - Free wallpaper app

android 4.5

The name suggests all that the Android wallpaper app is known for. The camera plays an important role after you set this free of cost available Android wallpaper theme to your smartphone. The camera takes the background picture to set it as the front face of your device.

So, whatever goes behind the phone camera becomes the wallpaper for your device. It is one of the best Android wallpaper applications that users are sure to love. Just install the app that is available free of cost and enjoy the offerings that come along.

Features of Transparent Live Wallpaper, the best wallpaper app for Android

  • The app is free to use
  • Simple interface
  • Enjoy highly customized live wallpapers
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Car Wallpapers HD - Wallpaper apps for android

android 4.2

Car Wallpaper HD, as it sounds evident with the name, offers a series of car wallpaper to the users. The offerings have been listed in a large category including wallpapers for BMW, Hyundai, Bugatti, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Citroen, Dodge, Classic Cars, Sports Cars, Luxury Cars, with the best backgrounds.

The Android wallpaper is an exceptional offering to those who are passionate enough about having car wallpapers on their mobile screens.

Features of Car Wallpapers HD, the best phone wallpaper app

  • Get wallpapers of 57 car brands
  • Simple design and easy-to-use app
  • Get updates regularly
  • Mark your favorite wallpaper
  • Save your favorite wallpaper
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SuperHeroes Wallpaper - Best wallpaper app

android 4.3

To all those who live and can die for the love of superheroes and other fictional characters, SuperHeroes Wallpaper is all there to download on the mobile screens. The high definition wallpapers are everything that a superhero lover would cherish on his/her screen.

The app has been rated 4.5, and that is pretty good out of a 5 point score. However, the images hosted over the application are copyrighted by the owners, but they do not endorse them. Having a glimpse of the app will tell you about the broad set of offerings that come along with the application.

Features of SuperHeroes Wallpaper, the best free wallpaper app

  • High-quality hand-picked wallpapers
  • Save images to your phone
  • Mark your favorite wallpaper
  • Great app performance
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Walli - HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

android 4.7

Installing this 5-star rated application won’t ask you for a single penny. The Android wallpaper app has been selected as one of the best offerings by Google. Choose the wallpaper app if you are a fan of HD background that features 3D images of creative wallpapers in the categories, including space, skulls, animals, nature, Quotes, black, etc.

The HD effect makes it bigger, brighter, and impressive for the users. Users can choose a background directly from the phone to set it as their smartphone wallpaper.

Features of Walli, the best Android wallpaper app

  • HD and 4K wallpapers
  • High-quality images
  • Get new updates every week
  • Find and follow your favorite artists
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Girly Wallpapers & Backgrounds - Best phone wallpaper app

android 3.7

The app has been rated #1 owing to the themes and the wallpapers it offers. There are lovely backgrounds, theme-based wallpapers 10,000+ in the count. Download the app for free and know the reason behind it being #1.

The frequent update to the collection keeps the offerings trendy enough to use. The wallpapers support a wide variety of Android phones, and thus, you can download the app easy to use on any of the handsets. You can share the wallpapers on different social networking sites.

Features of Girly Wallpapers & Backgrounds, one of the free wallpaper apps

  • 10,000+ high-quality beautiful wallpapers
  • Amazing HD wallpaper collection
  • Easy-to-use app
  • The app is completely free to use
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Changing the appearance of your phone is just a wallpaper away, and when you have such an extensive offering free of cost, why not use some of them? All these wallpapers for paid and free Android apps are just great, and using them only adds to the beauty of your smart Android phone.

If you have any of your apps, then get your app reviewed by us today!

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