Best AI Music Generators for Your Next Composition

In this article, we have listed the best AI music generators that will improve the experience for both artists and listeners.
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October 11, 2023
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AI has successfully swamped many industries including healthcare, education, commerce, education, and others. It has impacted and revolutionized our way of running business and has impacted supply chain management. However, a lesser-known contribution of AI is the music industry. As per a Statista report, AI is widely used in media and the entertainment industry and is expected to grow more. Some of the best AI music generator apps and editing tools are now available to help professional artists.

It has started to play a significant role in the music industry, by analyzing large data sets AI can identify patterns and trends that are difficult to predict otherwise. Artificial intelligence can be integrated with music to improve the experience for both artists and listeners. Many artists believe that AI music creator apps and software, power their creativity and push their notes in a new direction. The use of music software and tools allows musicians to gain better traction in the industry.

Apart from artists, many streaming and distributing platforms utilize AI tools to refine their research and to understand the consumer’s pattern in a better way. AI helps music apps to improve the services for their customers and create a stronger consumer base.

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of some of the best AI music generator software that can be used to improve the quality of music and streaming services. You can find all the peculiar features and benefits of using AI music creator software and choose the best one for you.

What are Some Popular AI Music Generators of 2023?

There are multiple AI apps that can offer the best creativity and productivity. Furthermore, we will provide you with a detailed list of the best AI music maker tools along with other important details about their features and working.

All the free and paid tools are mentioned with website links that will make it easy for you to explore and use the software. Let’s head to the list now.



Soundraw.io is an AI song generator available online for creators that is capable of producing music based on the parameters set by the user. It is a free music generator that lets you create several pieces of music in a fraction of a second. The music generated by Soundraw.io has mainstream potential and sounds professional. 

This AI music writer allows the creators to customize the length and composition of their music. You can easily create custom music based on the preferred tempo, genre, and instruments. This tool allows you to choose from a list of themes or moods and it will automatically generate 15 original tracks within your selected musical framework. 

The best part about this music generator is the creation of royalty-free music. You can add your tailored music track to any multimedia creation ranging from YouTube videos, TV ads, podcasts, movies, etc. 

Features of Soundraw.io - A royalty-free song generator:

  • It is extremely easy to use and has an intuitive interface
  • Produces music and soundtracks at a fast pace
  • Excellent sound quality of the music generated
  • Features contemporary genres and modern instrumentation
  • Provides quick and competent support for all users
Visit Soudraw.io here:


AIVA is one of the leading names in the list of top AI music composer software. Since its inception in 2016, AIVA has specialized in classical and symphonic music composition. It stands for ‘Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist’ and is capable of identifying the regularities in music and composing an original track on this basis. 

It is set to be your best companion in the creative process, by creating compelling themes for your projects faster than ever before. By leveraging the power of AI-generated music, you can edit the instrumentation, tempo, dynamics, and more. 

This AI music maker is specially designed to create soundtrack music and thus can prove to be a great tool for composers who work in the film, video game, or TV industry. AIVA can also be used as a song lyrics generator by songwriters who are interested in writing pop songs. 

Features of AIVA - The best AI music creator for professional music producers:

  • This AI music generator is free for all the users
  • Provides an easy and simple interface to edit your AI-generated music
  • Capable of producing a wide range of different genres
  • Displays a piano roll view for better clarity.
  • Available for Android and iOS devices
Visit AIVA here:

Chrome’s Song Maker

Song Maker is the newest addition to Chrome’s Music Lab which provides a simple way of composing, generating, and sharing music. This AI music writer can be used by complete novices and professional musicians. It is a song lyrics generator that is used for writing music most conveniently and simply. It is the best AI music generator free software that can be used for anything related to music.

It is the best AI music maker with vocals that can help you record audio by accessing the microphone of your device. You can simply make a song by adding notes from the grid or can use your computer keys for the same. 

With this music generator AI, you can revamp the tempo, rhythm, beats, and the entire mood of your music using its simple-to-use tools and features. This versatile AI tool is compatible with most web browsers and is thus a preferred choice of users. 

Features of Chrome’s Song Maker - Create, Save, and Share Music:

  • It is an easy-to-use sequencer that lets you draw melodies in the browser
  • Allows you to add drums and other instruments to the track
  • Allows you to attach a Midi keyboard to your computer to play instruments
  • Provides you with a recording feature that translates your singing into notes
  • Allows you to easily share your work using a permalink
Visit Chrome’s Song Maker here:

Synthesizer V

Synthesizer V is upgraded with deep learning artificial intelligence that allows you to switch between traditional and AI singing voices. This AI song generator is best known for generating incredibly life-like singing voices, allowing professional musicians to achieve clear and crisp voices with the help of this free music generator.

Artists can easily create projects with multi-track vocals for personal and professional projects with this AI music generator free. The engine of this AI song generator has been continuously improved to ensure less distortion and a clearer voice. Additional features are included in the graphical interface that can give you more opportunities to improve your upcoming projects.

Features of Synthesizer V - A music generator with AI vocal processing:

  • Offers an extensive inventory of voices 
  • Produces highly realistic voice with its advanced processing 
  • It is 100% offline and can work smoothly without an internet connection
  • Generates music at lightning-fast speed
Visit Synthesizer V here:
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Boomy is a specialized music making software that produces base tracks according to the choice of your musical style. This AI music writer can easily regenerate or edit the track as per your requirements. You can download and use the songs for both non-commercial and commercial purposes as well. 

It lets you release the track on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc., and helps you earn extra income. This AI song maker allows you to edit music in different ways by offering different tools for vocals, rewriting, rearranging, and altering instruments and sounds. 

The main reason behind the popularity of this AI song generator is that it uses automation technology powered by artificial intelligence, which can be used to create and save songs in seconds without any cost.

Features of Boomy - Free AI Music Generator to Create music with custom vocals:

  • Creation time is short and a complete piece can be generated within seconds
  • Provides a variety of music styles that add diversity to your projects
  • Allows manual editing by adding vocals, changing the tempo, introducing echo, etc.
  • You can earn a share of royalties from networks like Spotify, TikTok, Youtube, etc
  • Enables users to earn revenue from music playback
Visit Boomy here:

Ecrett Music

With an intuitive interface, Ecrett Music is a simple music maker that can be used for editing podcasts, ads, monetized videos, etc. This AI music generator from text is best suited for new music artists as it allows them to customize instruments and structures very easily. 

You can choose different moods and alter the length of your tracks. You can also upload your video into the tool to create music that matches it. Ecrett Music is an AI-driven music composing software that is ideal for content creators as it offers multiple customizable tracks.

Ecrett Music, the best free AI music generator, offers the simplest and the most affordable way for creators to monetize their content. The users get to choose from 3 different plans - a free plan, an individual plan, and a business plan.

Features of Ecrett Music - The best AI song maker for creators:

  • Music is royalty-free for personal and commercial projects
  • This AI beat generator is easily customizable
  • Provides with the best quality music at a good price
  • It provides over 500,0000 music patterns that ensures diversification in your projects
Visit Ecrett Music here:

Image to Sound Effect

Image to Sound Effect is an AI song generator available online that offers an interface to convert images into sound effects. This free AI music generator is available online and allows you to upload images and generate sound effects from them. 

It is an AI music writer which uses a deep learning algorithm to identify the mapping between visual, text, and audio features. With the help of this, it can successfully generate an original music track in a variety of styles. 

Unlike any random AI beat maker, Image to Sound Effect can match any picture with a suitable audio pairing. It recognizes the object to identify the elements within the image and then matches these with the sound files. This free music generator is the best example of the new types of creative expression that AI enables.

Features of Image to Sound Effect - An advanced vision for generating music:

  • Suggests suitable and matching sounds for images
  • Easy to use with a simple and user-friendly interface
  • It has a lot to offer to video creators as this site has a large library
Visit Image to Sound Effect here:


Melobytes is an inclusive and creative AI-powered tool that allows you to explore the boundaries of art and music. This AI song generator creates a track based on the lyrics. Melobytes is a useful tool for artists, musicians, YouTubers, and for all the other people who are inspired to create unique content. 

While most music generators only deal with instrumental sounds, this AI beat maker with vocals is ready to sing along as well. It analyzes lyrics and turns them into unique melodies. The advanced version of this free AI music generator is loaded with a variety of editing options. You can edit the length, instruments, musical styles, vocals, and many audio settings using this editor. 

The users of this AI song generator can turn their lyrics into full-fledged music videos by harnessing the advanced AI technology of Melobytes.

Features of Melobytes - An AI-powered tool for generating music:

  • Allows you to set the tone, tempo, time signature, etc.
  • Provides an option to select the type of singer- male, female, duo, robot, or rapper
  • The songs can be downloaded as a MIDI file and can be saved to reuse
  • It is capable of generating a video along with unique sound
Visit Melobytes here:

Voicemode - Text to Song Convertor

Voicemode Text to Song Convertor is an entirely browser-based AI music writer that allows you to create music directly from your desktop or mobile browser. The AI song generator is a revolutionary audio tool that allows you to turn regular voice sessions into full-blown spectacles.

It can act as a synthetic voice generator both from scripts and as a real-time speech-to-speech convertor. The users can simply pick a tune from the song catalog and add one of the seven available AI voices. After this, you can write out the lyrics to produce an original song with this AI music generator for free. 

Voice mode is recognized as one of the most powerful text-to-speech tools that allow users to create personalized audio compositions from text inputs.

Features of Voicemode - A great tool to songify any text using AI:

  • Uses natural language processing algorithms to convert text into an audio composition
  • Allows you to adjust important parameters such as tempo, dynamics, etc.
  • Ideal for musicians, producers, and content creators 
  • Available on multiple platforms- Windows, Mac, and mobile 
  • It is extremely easy to use and does not require technical expertise
Visit Voicemode here:

Magenta Studio

Magenta Studio is one of the best AI music generators that offers a collection of music plugins that are powered with advanced machine-learning techniques for music generation. The AI song generator is a toolbox packed with advanced tools and models to make generative music.

The technology used by this best AI music composer is complex. However, it comes with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for artists to use it. Magenta Studio can assist you in beating the producer’s block, finishing songs faster, and being more creative in your projects.


Features of Magenta Studio - An online music maker for empowering creative expression:

  • This AI music generator is a free tool by one of the greatest developers
  • Ideal for users who are interested in AI music production plugins
  • Allows you to input keywords and moods to generate appropriate lyrics for the song
  • Provides easy-to-access machine-learning models for musical patterns
  • Allows you to produce and modify rhythms and melodies
Visit Magenta Studio here:


The other name in this list of the best music AI tools, Beatoven.ai is useful if you are interested in generating royalty-free music. Beethoven.ai is the perfect music AI generator that lets you pick a music genre, edit it, change the mood of the music, and generate the perfect song for your requirement. 

Beatoven.ai offers its services under multiple categories- Basic, Basic+, and Pro. All the services are directed to empower content creators with a set of creative tools to draft engaging videos and marketing content. It is the best free AI music generator for newbies, who have little or no experience in music creation. If you are looking to reduce your music acquisition time from some days to a couple of minutes, Beethoven.ai is the perfect choice for you. 

Features of Beatoven.ai - The top free AI music generator for good music:

  • Create royalty-free music to upscale your brand
  • Pick a genre of music you want to create
  • Make cuts and modify the music for your requirements
  • Compose compiled music pieces to generate the best results
Visit Beatoven.ai here:

Lyrical Labs

Facing writer’s block and the deadline to produce a catchy song is near? Lyrical Labs is here to rescue you. The app is equipped with the best free AI music generator which is capable of writing lyrics for your next song. 

You can customize the tone, the creativity percentage, and even the topic to produce lyrics of a song. You can even improve produced results using more prompts that can be applied to the lyrics produced.

This AI music writer also enables users to interact with the AI and customize the lyrics further. It is the best tool that can help in bringing your musical vision to life. With an in-built smart dictionary and over 100 languages to choose from, Lyrical Labs is by far the best AI music creator software available in the market. 

Features of Lyrical Labs - The best AI beat maker:

  • Lyrical Labs allows you to generate high-quality music using prompts
  • Set tone, artist, keywords, and creativity percentage to produce music that hits
  • Improve lyrics by adding more prompts if the initial result does not satisfy you
  • Try the tool absolutely free and get creative
Visit Lyrical Labs here:


The next addition to this list of AI music generators, Muzaic Studio offers an amazing level of music customization. You can simply upload the video, customize settings in the composer, and prepare a soundtrack that is available to listen to. 

You can compose a high-quality soundtrack in three clicks that will be produced within minutes. The AI songmaker also lets you focus on artistic expression and produce high-quality music.

This AI music creator offers the most streamlined and convenient method to create original music, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. This tool can also work seamlessly to eliminate copyright infringement issues. Muzaic.Studio can be accessed through Android or iOS mobile apps or can also be used online through its web app. 

Features of Muzaic.Studio - The high-quality AI song generator for browsers:

  • Generate a new song within minutes once the upload is done
  • Customize the mood of the music to produce the song you want
  • Pick the tempo, tone, and rhythm, and generate variations of the song
  • Get copyrighted music produced that you can use in your content
Visit Muzaic.Studio here:


Amadeus offers two tools- Amadeus Topline, the AI-powered songwriting assistant, and Evoke Music, the Royalty-free library filled with music generated using an AI classical music generator. 

This best music AI generator can be helpful if you want to get creative with your videos for any platform. Whether you want to publish the video on any social media platform or planning to make a presentation, or for any purpose whatsoever, Amadeus is the tool that can produce music for your requirements.

This music generator AI software offers unlimited inspiration at your fingertips, enabling you to compose fresh music every time. Amadeus regularly updates its content and helps users to discover a new chord progression easily. If you are looking to create a unique song sketched quickly, Amadeus is the best AI music generator from text for you. 

Features of Amadeus - The best music AI generator for systems:

  • Browse and prepare a song collection
  • Evoke Music and Amadeus Topline offer paid services
  • Amadeus Lab is the virtual factory where Amadeus Code’s music is produced
  • The tool is optimized for all kinds of content including social media, official work, etc
Visit Amadeus here:


Next AI song maker we have is Algonaut, a tool that lets you find sample sounds and prepare music files from these samples. The tool is fast and offers efficient features so you can produce high-quality results within minutes. 

You can start using Algonaut with a free trial or you can buy it for $99 and access the full version on macOS, Windows, or Linux systems. Since its launch, Algonaut has been a favorite AI beat generator for leading artists and composers. It offers a huge selection of unique drum beats that can be used in different tracks and compositions. 

Apart from being the best professional AI beat maker, Algonaut is a great way to pass away your free time. This AI music composer is perfect for saving time and unfolding new and creative ways for composing music for the audience. If you wish to arrange your samples in an upgraded world of sounds, Algonaut is an excellent choice for you. 

Features of Algonaut - The best AI music generator out there:

  • Use the tool as standalone software or as a VST, VST3, or AU plugin
  • The tool is available on macOS, Windows, and Linux platforms
  • You can buy the full version for $99
  • The tool comes with a free trial
Visit Algonaut here:

AI Music Pro: Audoir

Audoir is an AI song maker that can help professional musicians build lyrics, songs, and compose unique music quickly. All that you need to do is browse through different templates based on your mood and genre. The AI will then generate rhyming verses based on your selection. 

You can customize each and every word in the song by specifying its syllables and controlling the mood and genre of all the lines. The best part about using this music AI generator is that it is completely free to use and requires no login or sign up. 

You can access AI Music Pro on iPhones but its manufacturer Audoir also owns a tool that can help you generate catchy song lyrics and poetries. AI Lyrics Assistant can help you write catchy songs while AI Music Pro lets you customize melody gain, bass gain, cords gain, etc so you can produce the music that fits your song requirements.

Features of AI Music Pro - The leading music generator:

  • Get melody and harmonies generated by the AI
  • Customize audio to prepare songs that suit your needs
    `Supports exporting as a MIDI file, an audio file, or a chord
  • The tool does not require signing up
Visit AI Music Pro here:

Pocket AI

Even though Pocket AI can not generate a full song along with music, it can certainly help you write catchy lyrics and poetries for occasions. Pocket AI is equipped with a wider set of features that use ChatGPT API and respond faster. 

You can ask this AI music generator freely if you want to generate poems for any occasion whether for someone’s birthday or promotion or if you are having a writer’s block and want some ideas for new music.

It is a highly flexible and reliable tool that can generate lyrics based on simple prompts. Along with exceptional lyrics, Pocket AI can also be used to generate accurate content, images, get inspiration, and solve complex problems within seconds. 

Features of Pocket AI - The leading AI song generator:

  • Write music or poems using the Pocket AI for your next song
  • The tool is powered by Chat GPT
  • You can use Pocket AI’s features for free
  • Pocket AI is accessible on Android and iOS devices
Visit Pocket AI here:


OpenAI created MuseNet, a leading AI music composer to generate musical compositions that use the sounds of 10 instruments. The tool is designed using hundreds of thousands of MIDI files to help it understand harmonies, rhythms, etc so you can produce high-quality music within seconds. 

This AI song generator can combine beats, instruments, and multiple music styles to find patterns that will convert into high-quality songs. This best free AI music generator is trained on extensive data from MIDI files and can thus quickly generate samples in a preferred style by starting with a prompt. 

This AI music creator can generate 4-minute musical compositions with different styles. The MuseNet knows multiple music styles and can blend generations in novel ways. With its simple yet powerful tools, MuseNet is the best free music generator for both musicians and non-musicians. 

Features of MuseNet - The best AI music generator:

  • Combine beats and instruments to generate songs
  • The neural network can generate up to 4-minute of music
  • Generate music ranging from country to metal, pop to classic, and more
  • The tool is developed and managed by OpenAI
Visit MuseNet here:
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AI Music Maker Tools: The Future of Music?

Artificial Intelligence can be used in different stages of music production. You can use AI tools to compose music, create new sounds, or mix the existing sounds to create a unique album. AI technology can analyze music and detect patterns within a track. 

A music generator AI uses algorithms that are trained on existing music to create a fresh track that resembles the older one. With their unique capabilities to remix old songs, generate new tracks, and offer multiple customizations, the free music generator apps and software are here to stay!

Both professionals and hobbysits can use an AI music composer to create original soundtracks for movies, videos, video games, and other similar projects. If you are looking to create high-quality music with minimal effort, music AI generator tools are the best way out. 

What are the Pros & Cons of AI Generated Music?

Pros Cons
AI music generator tools can help in adding chords and melodies easily. The music produced by AI tools may not always be conducive for the audience.
AI music can be customized as per user preferences. Music produced by AI generators may or may not be of consistent quality.
Music generators can function as a great source of inspiration. Computer-based music cannot imitate the personal-touch of a musician.
Write unique lyrics and overcome the writer’s block with AI music writer tools.  
It can help professional artists to detect copyright infringements and piracy.  

Why Should Musicians Be Cautious with AI Music?

Many musicians believe that AI is not as capable as human creators when it comes to music. In order to match the level of legendary musicians, AI tools should be able to replicate each and every stage of music production - writing, performance, and production. 

Let’s discuss some of the aspects that prove that AI music is inferior to music composed by humans -

1. AI music is inspired by real music

AI music generator for text tool mostly create music based on your prompts or by mixing samples together. At its core, AI is copying human works of art to create new and exciting music albums. AI-generated music is packed with unoriginal elements that can further cause copyright infringement. 

2. AI music offers no credits to real musicians 

As we know, AI music takes elements from original tracks but it offers no credits for the same. These generators tend to copy the work of original artists, without giving them the due credit. 

3. AI music cannot replicate human expressions 

Music is a form of expression that help humans to communicate their emotions and feelings. The emotional aspect of composing music is something that cannot be replicaed by AI music generator software. AI music can sound robotic and thus does not appeal to a larger audience. 


Well, these were all paid and free AI music generators that can upscale the quality of the music that you can use in your videos and for other requirements. Whether you are making a presentation, a compilation of adventurous videos, or preparing a movie, you can use any AI music generator freely to meet your audio content requirements.

Now, to highlight a few best AI music generator tools that we personally liked, we can talk about Soundraw which allows users to customize the length, tempo, and even genre of the music. AIVA, on the other hand, comes with an in-built editor as well that you can use to edit the AI-generated music. There’s a Chrome Music Lab’s Song Maker as well with the ability to record audio using the microphone of the device. 

Top AI development companies have the potential to transform different sectors including art and music. We hope that these music makers help you create your masterpiece music easily.  Lastly, if you are an app owner and want to list your product get in touch with MobileAppDaily. 

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