How A.I. Will Change Your World in 2024 for Better or Worse

How A.I. Will Change Your World in 2024 for Better or Worse

Date: April 04, 2024

Systems engaging AI will perform almost 85 percent of telephonic customer service jobs.

The buzz around AI technologies is yet to settle down. Ever since the first AI device hit the market, people both in the tech world and outside it have been captivated by the technology.

Today, there are many areas where AI is used to simplify processes and make service provision easier. In smartphones and other communication devices, you have AI assistants like Siri and Alexa running the show.

In other areas, AI applications are being developed to help change the lives of modern consumers in different ways.

At a time when top artificial intelligence companies in India and from all over the world have jumped into the race, how could new technologies change the world? As much as many strides have been made in AI, we are still at the early stages of the technology.

Let us look at the different ways in which AI will influence your world in 2021. 

What is AI? 

Before we delve into the finer details though, let us start by understanding AI. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a modern technology that relies on data to make machines achieve particular goals.

In basic terms, therefore, AI is the combination of both data and algorithms to ensure that machines are producing desired results for the market. This is the basic breakdown of what the technology is. It is definitely much more than that though.

There are aspects of analysis, computation, and prediction baked into AI technologies. Both people and machines are thus affected by these technologies. 

AI Technology

AI is primarily developed to affect the lives of people on a daily basis. The simplest forms of AI existed even before the technology was categorized as a separate technological entity. Old devices that were able to perform complex human tasks are today categorized as the earliest forms of AI machines.

Modern machines are of course expected to do extremely complex tasks. As AI technology gets more complex, the world is set to see increased use of machines in workplaces.

As to whether such developments will be positive or negative will depend on the perspective of society. Let us analyze some impressive developments in the near future society in the AI world

Some Jobs Will be Phased Out as Machines Take Over 

As stated earlier, the human resources needed at various levels will be replaced by machines. Some of the easy repetitive tasks like keying in data into machines and receiving communications from others will be taken over by machines.

It is already happening in various fields. Telemarketers, receptionists, and cashiers are likely to find less work in the near future as machines take over their jobs. We have also seen self-driving cars being tested in the past few years.

It is not unlikely to see taxis that do not have drivers on the roads in the near future. This means that drivers will also be replaced by AI. There is also a lot of automation that is going on in big factories.

Algorithms are being used for everything from collecting and disseminating news to selling movie tickets and taking charge of AI Conferences.  

AI Technology

New Jobs are Likely to Arise

It will not be all doom for the human capital though. New jobs are going to be created in various fields as machines take over other areas. The various algorithms that will be needed to run the AI systems, for instance, will need skill in the form of coders.

In addition, a lot of maintenance work will be in demand as millions of AI systems built by the artificial intelligence companies appear in all places. Some of the tough jobs like firefighting and mining will also be left for the machines.

In overall, the increased efficiency in the workplace as a result of AI will result in a highly productive workplace where opportunities will be created. 

AI Will be Key to Developing Even Better Technologies 

While humans have a limit when it comes to processing information, machines don’t. This means that AI systems will be at the center of analyzing the most complex patterns. There is no limit as to how much information a machine can process as long as there is power.

The utilization of huge amounts of data will result in faster conclusions and quicker solutions in society. We will thus have new information on how we can efficiently fix common problems like traffic jams, the spread of diseases and monitoring the lifespan of infrastructure.

On the downside, the very complex nature of AI might be misused by malicious entities. The fact that machines are capable of reading human actions and make conclusions about their nature can be used either for good or bad. 

AI Technology

New Potential of AI Will be Discovered Progressively 

There is no doubt that there is a clear path on where the AI technology is headed to. What is not yet clear is just how much AI can be harnessed. There is still a lot of research going on and the potential and power of AI are issues that will be realized with time.

In 2019, the challenge is not on the innovators. The real challenge is on the economic and political entities who have to determine whether pursuing AI is better for the overall welfare of society. The actors in the AI market are still few and the market is still open for more participants.

AI is a technology that will be at the top of the chart when it comes to how smart a machine can get. With machines effectively becoming smarter and faster than humans, it is not easy to tell yet whether this will be to the benefit or detriment of society.

What is clear is that the technology is already here and the market is curious about it. 2020 is thus a year when more clarity about AI will ensue. So, stay up to date by closely following top tech news platforms like Forbes, MobileAppDaily, CTN News, or The Verge among many others available in the virtual world today.

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