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Pazu Video Downloader Review - An Excellent Prime Video Downloader

Get forever access to your favorite Amazon Prime Content!

pazu video downloader review

Amazon Prime Video streaming service has a huge range of content for almost all genres. However, the streaming service does not allow users to have unlimited access to its content unless they keep paying. Amazon Prime users can not save the media content outside the OTT platform as well. Thus, to solve this issue, Pazu Prime Video Downloader for Mac/Windows came into existence. 

- Jeff Lee, Founder of Pazu Video Downloader

Founded in 2015 by Jeff Lee, Pazu Prime Video Downloader for Mac/Windows offers features that allow its users to save Amazon Prime content in the MP4 format to access it anytime they want. On top of that, it also becomes possible to transfer the saved content to other devices once you download Amazon Prime videos and save them outside the Amazon OTT platform. 

System requirements to use Pazu Video Downloader

To ensure Pazu Video Downloader works smoothly on your devices, it is crucial to ensure that your devices meet the minimum requirements. Here’s the information you can use for your reference before you decide to download Amazon Prime videos with the help of Pazu Prime movie download features -

  • Mac OS X 10.11 and later are required to use this video downloader on Apple devices
  • For devices supporting Windows OS, you can install Pazu Video Downloader on Windows 7/8/10/11

How to download videos by using Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader?

Pazu Video Downloader is the most suitable platform to download videos from Amazon Prime. So, to make the downloading process easier for you, we are including downloading steps to take to download a video from Amazon Prime.

Step 1 - Download Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader from and install it on your Mac or Windows device.

pazu Netflix video downloader

Step 2 - Once installed, open the software and login into your Amazon Prime Video account.

Step 3 - Search for the video that you want to download.

Pazu Video Downloader

Step 4 - Select output information of the Prime series download like video format, codec, language, subtitles, output folder, etc from the next screen.

Amazon Prime Video Downloader

Step 5 - If downloading a movie, click on the Prime movie download button to start the download. Or, for shows, pick the episode you want to download and then press the Prime series download button.

Netflix movie download

Features of the Pazu Video Downloader

Furthermore, we will break down the crucial features of this video downloader software into different points. These features will help us in concluding this Pazu Video Downloader review more accurately. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Supports 1080p download

Netflix series download

The best feature that you get with the Pazu software is its ability to download content in 1080p. So, you get to enjoy the best quality content on your laptop, desktop, smartphone, or Smart TV. Just initiate the movie or TV show download in MP4/MKV on a Mac or Windows device and transfer it to any device you want to play the video on.

2. Download multiple audios and subtitles

tv show download mp4

If the original published content has multiple languages and subtitles, you have the freedom to download these subtitles and languages along with the video. Just use a player that supports changing subtitles or audio and enjoy your favorite content in your favorite supported language.

3. Download videos in supported formats

Netflix shows free download

Your best Video downloader, Pazu supports MP4 and MKV downloads for videos. Most modern smart devices support both formats. So, you can transfer the content on the device you want to watch it on and stream it in either MP4 or MKV format. 

4. Access downloaded content anytime

movie and video downloader

Whatever you download with the help of Pazu Video Downloader from Amazon Prime, it gets saved offline as a normal file. So, you can access it anytime even without an internet connection with your best Video downloader, Pazu. You can use its feature to entertain yourself during trips by saving the content in advance, or to store content so you do not have to pay again to reenjoy a movie or show in the future.

5. Multiple languages for the interface

free Netflix series download

You can use Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader in languages other than English. The software supports languages like Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French, and Deutsch. Changing the language will change menus in your preferred language to help you in understanding the interface better.

Pros and cons of the Pazu Amazon Prime Video Downloader software

There are plenty of pros that this video downloader comes with. However, to ensure the maximum accuracy of this Pazu Video Downloader review, we can not ignore the cons of the product if there are any. So, let’s explore further and find out what are the pros and cons that you have to expect with this one of the most popular video downloaders existing today!

Pros of the Pazu Video Downloader

  • Ability to customize the video format and video codec
  • 1080p download support
  • Multilingual interface support
  • Easy to use
  • Aesthetic user interface
  • Supports multi downloads in parallel
  • Lets you choose subtitles and audios to download

Cons of the Pazu Video Downloader

  • Requires a $14.95/ month subscription to use its features

Awards and nominations

  • Reviewed and nominated by Techolac
  • Nominated by Techtimes

Future updates 

  • Support for the 4K download format with faster speed

MAD Rating

Navigation - 4.7
Features - 4.7
Security - 4.5
Pricing - 4.1

With these ratings, we have discussed everything we needed to know about this software to execute any movie or tv show download in MP4 or MKV. Features that we discussed above certainly show that the app is impressive and an experience every cinema lover should have. 

As Amazon Prime usually publishes content with time-limited licenses, it is obvious that even the most popular movies on the platform might go away someday. Thus, just download the Pazu Prime Video Downloader for Mac/Windows and keep your favorite movies and shows safe forever.

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