Instagram Stories Question Stickers: How To Use ‘Ask Me A Question’ [Explained]

Instagram Stories Question Stickers: How To Use ‘Ask Me A Question’ [Explained]

Date: April 04, 2024

All your questions regarding Instagram ‘Ask Me A Question’ sticker will be answered here.

When Instagram introduced the Snapchat inspired story feature, we thought about what could possible make this platform better? However, Instagram keeps surprising us by pushing the envelope with new add-ons for its story feature frequently. To spice things up for your boring Instagram stories, the company has added GIFs, polls, hashtags and even location features.

The Facebook-owned company previously dropped a new feature for its users, ‘Ask Me a Question’ sticker for Instagram stories, that went viral in just a couple of days, as usual. Now that Instagram has added the option of question stickers that you can add to your stories, this is another way to boost your Instagram presence.

Apart from Instagram ask me a question sticker, there are many other new and innovative features that the platform is now offering its users. Some of the latest features of Instagram are the countdown feature, sharing custom music in Instagram stories, live Q&A, add yours sticker on IG stories, and much more.

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What Is ‘Ask Me A Question’ Sticker On Instagram?

Basically, with this feature of Instagram questions, users can put the ‘ask a question’ sticker on their story and wait for their followers to react to it. The questions asked by the users will land directly onto the tab where you see the number of people who view your story.

Besides, the asked question can also be shared as a story without revealing the person’s identity which is preferred by many people. Other than that, users also have the option to reshare the questions along with their answers to their Instagram followers.

Maybe the new questions sticker on the story and sharing the follower’s response is a little bit confusing. In that case, check out the easy way to use the Questions Sticker in Stories as the latest feature, which is explained below.

How To Use Instagram’s Ask Me A Question Sticker?

Using these Instagram story question stickers is very easy! Here are the steps that you need to follow for making the most of ‘Ask me a question’ feature on Instagram:

1. The very first step is to make sure that your Instagram app is updated with the latest version. A new feature will be added to the app once you update it.

2. After updating the app, open your profile and select add story options.

3. Capture video, image, fetch any image from the gallery or you can also leave it with a colored background.

4. Go to the stickers and select the Questions sticker.

Ask me question on Instagram

5. Now your story has a sticker on it saying ‘Ask me a question,’ which is written by default.

Ask me question on Instagram

6. You can change the text for ‘ask a question’ option if you want to ask anything else and post your story.

7. Now, your followers can ask questions by tapping on the question sticker, and they can ask as many times as they want. Here, the user also has the freedom to ask your friends for answers.

Ask me question on Instagram

8. You can see your friend's replies under the people who view your story window.

Ask me question on Instagram

9. If you wish to share any of it with others, you can directly share it as a story and also type your answer on it. On clicking a reply, you will see three options ‘Share response’, ‘Delete message’ and ‘Send Message.’ To share the message, click on the Share response.

Ask me question on Instagram

The latest question stickers are available on the Instagram app, and if you haven't used them yet then you should start asking questions now, don't know what surprising response you will get.

In addition to this, there are many other updates like Instagram questions, that are being offered by this social networking platform to its users. With this new feature on Instagram Stories Q&A, the brand is trying to make the platform of Instagram less annoying for people. But in order to make use of all these features effectively, you should also know how the Instagram Algorithm works along with its basics.

Fun Ways To Use The Ask Me A Question Sticker On Instagram

Below is a list of some of the most fun as well as interesting ways influencers and companies are using Instagram ask me a question sticker on their accounts:

Ask me question on Instagram

1. Hosting a Q&A Session

There is nothing better for customers when their favorite brand or influencer can have direct communication and Instagram is providing this opportunity. Here followers can share their thoughts and ask questions on Instagram about the brand and get their questions answered almost immediately.

For instance, a fitness blogger can start a Q&A session with their followers that have questions like how to be healthy, what can be considered as a fitness diet etc.  

2. Instagram Takeover Challenge

You might well be aware of the fact that this year is all about social media challenges, be it a Keke challenge or a Riverdale challenge. And now the new Instagram challenge that is catching the wind is the Instagram Takeover challenge, where generally the Instagram account of a brand is controlled by a well-known influencer.

For example, the Instagram account of an online e-commerce brand can be taken over by the brand ambassador of that particular brand and have them engage with their brand’s user base.

3. Collect Feedback

Another effective as well as efficient way to use the ask me a question sticker is for collecting feedback. This strategy is currently being used by various major brands as they are asking customers about their thoughts about new services being introduced by them. A great way to collect the feedback from the customers is to ask about their preferences and expectations from the brand.

4. Run A Contest

Users love it when their favorite brand or influencer initiates a great contest or giveaway on Instagram. It is basically a fun tactic that is used by influencers as well as brands to increase their user engagement rate in a short span of time. With the help of Instagram ask me a question sticker, the whole process of organizing a contest becomes fast and simple to execute.

Let’s say, a brand launched a contest on their Instagram Stories and in order to enter that contest users need to provide the right answers to the questions asked by the brand.

So these were some of the most interesting ways that you can use the feature of ‘ask me a question’ on Instagram with your followers. We hope that with the help of this article, your queries regarding how to use ask me a question, a new Instagram stories feature has been resolved.

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