Meta's Instagram to introduce ads in search results and Reminder Ads to boost advertising revenue

Meta is currently testing ads in search results and Reminder Ads, allowing advertisers to reach people who are actively looking for products or content.

Meta's Instagram to introduce ads in search results

Meta, the company behind the popular social media platforms, has announced two new tools to expand advertising opportunities on Instagram. 

Firstly, Meta is testing ads in search results, allowing advertisers to reach people who are actively searching for businesses, products, and content. These ads will be labeled as "sponsored" and appear in the feed that users can scroll through when tapping into a post from search results. 

Secondly, Meta is launching "Reminder Ads," which will make it easier for businesses to announce and remind people of upcoming events or launches they may be interested in. Users can opt into reminders and receive three notifications from Instagram, one day before the event, 15 minutes before, and at the time of the event. 

These new tools are designed to help businesses build awareness and anticipation for their products and events, ultimately boosting revenue for Meta at a time when the company has seen a decline in ad sales. These changes are likely to be unwelcome news for Instagram users as it brings ads to yet another part of the social network. 

Nevertheless, adding Reminder Ads and ads in search results will provide businesses with more advertising opportunities on the platform. Stay tuned for the global launch of ads in search results in the coming months!

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