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lode development Develop your app without programming knowledge with these best no code platforms for app development!

Developing an app manually is a time-consuming task. Moreover, you need a lot of programming skills and dedication to even complete one flawless app. However, most of you neither have time nor knowledge of programming to build an app manually. Sometimes, the budget is also an issue as hiring a developer is a costly process. Hence, the need for these best low code platforms occurred.

These low code app development platforms make the process much simpler and faster. You can use a lot of functions like selecting your preferred User Interface, choosing the look of the app, adding features, etc. 

Why do you need top low code development platforms?

Well, if you wonder, what is low code? Let’s answer that first. As we mentioned earlier, these no code software platforms are suitable for those who have low or no knowledge of the app development process. However, even if you are an expert developer, you can increase your productivity and deliver projects faster than usual with the help of these best no code platforms like Jotform Apps. Hopefully, it is clear now that, what is low code development process?

Low-Code Development Platform

Best Low Code Platforms To Develop Applications

Now, we will discuss 12 no code platforms that can help you out with your app-building needs. These low-code development platforms are curated with consideration of their reviews and popularity amongst top mobile app development companies

1. Appian

Appian provides its services with a free trial period. One of the top low-code development platforms is considered as one of the top low code platforms in the world of developers due to its features. The platform offers 100% of the automation of the development process. 

The purpose of this app builder without coding is to make the app development process 20x faster. It is being used by various organizations to improve customer experience, simplify global risk management, and achieve operational excellence.

Appian - Best No Code Platforms

Notable features of Appian, the no code software platform: 

  • Finalize a plan and develop an app within minutes;
  • No technical knowledge is required to use Appian;
  • Appian lets you develop and deploy the app instantly;
  • Easy-to-configure APIs increase speed of app integration process;
  • All apps which you develop on Appian will work smoother on your preferred devices;
  • Appian offers enhanced security certifications on apps developed on this no code development platform.

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2. Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps lets you or your teams develop apps and launch them instantly with the help of pre-built templates. The low code mobile app development platform offers advanced functionalities in the apps developed on this platform. 

Professional developers can create more advanced apps with the help of Azure functions offered by this no code mobile app development platform.

Microsoft PowerApps - Best No Code Platforms

Notable features of Microsoft PowerApps: 

  • This low code app builder offers a wide variety of UIs and templates;
  • It enables integration in apps with Office 365, Power BI, and Dynamics 365;
  • You can build any type of apps without coding;
  • It allows you to add advanced functions that were limited to manual coding before;
  • The platform has achieved the goal of a 74% reduction in app development costs.

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3. GeneXus 

GeneXus is a low code app development platform servicing 9,000+ companies from all around the world. The platform allows you to develop apps and keep ownership without having to share their source codes or copyrights. 

To make the app development process smoother and more effective, GeneXus uses AI support along with the Low-code development process. You can create more efficient apps within much less time and with less effort on this no code app builder platform.

GeneXus - Best No Code Platforms

Notable features of GeneXus: 

  • Build cross-platform apps automatically without any hassle;
  • You can build online and offline apps both;
  • This low code app builder lets you develop complementary apps for SAP and ERP systems;
  • The licensing scheme enables you to keep the ownership of your apps and source codes to yourself;
  • Immediate previews let you see if you are going in the right direction;
  • The platform lets you develop apps with advanced and evolving features so that you never stay behind.

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4. Studio Creatio

This powerful tool lets you build custom solutions or edit existing ones without much technical knowledge. You can use this platform to build AI-supported business solutions with any hassle within less time. 

This one of the best low code development platforms allows extensive integration with technologies like .Net tools, SOAP, REST, OData, and open API. Moreover, swift integration allows apps to get developed according to any ecosystem of organizations.

Creatio Studio - Best No Code Platforms

Notable features of Studio Creatio: 

  • Use templates available on this no code app builder to accelerate the development process;
  • Deploy your apps or upgrade them with new technologies whenever you want;
  • Enjoy technological applications on your software like Microservice architecture, open-source support, all-level-security, scalability and fault tolerance, and extendable platforms;
  • While designing a process, collaborate with your team on the platform itself;
  • Use remote view, comments, editing, etc features to work in collaborations;
  • Convert process descriptions in PDF anytime to export a comprehensive document from the platform.

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5. Mendix 

Mendix no code development platform has helped users in creating 100,000+ apps on the platform. It doesn’t matter if you are building the app for yourself, or your business, if you have a team or not, you can build apps on this platform with no hassle.

With no or little app development knowledge, you can own high-quality app solutions for any sector in this no code development platform. All you need is a powerful idea, to begin with.

Mendix - Best No Code Platforms

Notable features of Mendix: 

  • Mendix allows you to develop apps with technologies like the Internet of things, machine learning, predictive analytics, cognitive services, etc;
  • Develop apps and deploy them with one click without any obstacles;
  • Automated testing and QA system allows you to build flawless apps;
  • The platform supports project collaborations and management;
  • Mobile and tablet app previews allow you to review your apps in real-time.

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6. Outsystems

Outsystems allows you to develop apps and to upgrade them according to business and technical needs. You can develop full-stack apps on this platform without any technical knowledge and deploy them with a single click. 

Moreover, if you are an experienced developer, Outsystems allows you to use your custom codes in-app scripts to add additional features. Security features offered by this low code mobile app development platform provides modern protection to your apps.

Notable features of Outsystems: 

  • Outsystems provides 24x7 customer supports through live chats, Email, and phone;
  • The platform also provides learning courses for those who want to learn in-depth app development process;
  • Superior Technical Support (SLAs) is available for handling critical situations, to guide through the process, and much more;
  • Outsystems allows a collaborative environment so that you can include your team during the app development process;
  • A real-time performance dashboard provides you a detailed review of the health of your app;
  • Connect your apps with any system easily on this platform.

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7. QuickBase

This automated app development solution gives tough competition to its alternatives due to its features. The top no code app builder platform gives you relaxation against the high cost of manual coding and saves your time and effort. Moreover, you can integrate the entire data spread on multiple platforms to manage it from QuickBase.

Notable features of QuickBase: 

  • QuickBase, the top no code app builder, comes with a free trial to assure of its quality and services;
  • Get rid of long stretched time and process of app development by centralizing it on this platform;
  • The platform provides tutorials and guides to maximize its experience;
  • You can automate the workflow through its form-based UI;
  • It allows you to integrate with existing tools and app systems.

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8. Xplenty

Xplenty allows activities like integration, processing, and preparation through point and clicks UI. You do not need coding or technical expertise to build an application on this platform. Xplenty, one of the top low code no code platforms, helps you in reducing hardware and software costs to work with big data. The platform allows you to integrate data from 100+ data stores and SaaS applications including Amazon Aurora, Oracle, Asana, etc.

Notable features of Xplenty: 

  • The low code tools platform offers more than a dozen features like filter, sort, drag & drop components, and join for the workplace;
  • Xplenty, one of the top low code tools, offers a free trial for 7 days only to users who request the demo;
  • The app allows integration with 100+ data stores and SaaS services;
  • To purchase Xplenty, one of the top low code no code platforms, a conversation with the sales team is required;
  • Xplenty doesn’t allow data sharing with outsiders or non-users.

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9. Oracle APEX

This one of the best low code platforms reduces the complexity of mobile app solutions for businesses, individuals, or expert developers. Tasks like manipulating data, creating charts, processing data, editing data, etc get easier with this one of the top low-code platforms. 

With Oracle JET, the top low code app development, you can easily add visually appealing charts of any amount within your app. These highly customizable charts have many color options and support multiple forms of data in this top low code app development.

Notable features of Oracle APEX, the lowcode platform:

  • With this low code software, add data to make it easily accessible from the platform. A sophisticated filtering system makes it easy to find data anytime;
  • The interactive Grid Component makes it easier to select and edit data in bulk. You can select and edit multiple rows at once;
  • Integrate data from various sources like local databases, a remote Oracle database, or from web services in this low code software;
  • Access data and execute SQL on remote Oracle databases with the help of REST-Enable SQL Services with this one of the top low-code platforms;
  • With this low code development platform, build and edit data from Oracle APEX, SQL Developer, or PL/SQL APIs.

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10. Kissflow

Business Process Management (BPM) allows you to build business processes without any knowledge of coding. You can create an end-to-end workflow platform that enables user control without any hassle. 

Its intuitive work management approach and independence of collaboration with other users make it unique. Kissflow is known for its 10,000+ users belonging to various famous brands and small businesses. 

Notable features of Kissflow, the lowcode platform:

  • The case management feature allows the process to report incidents and debug them automatically;
  • Bug tracker tracks every bug and provides a report sorted according to priorities;
  • The platform offers a detailed analysis report for your assurance;
  • Kissflow lets you design fully customized forms for your application;
  • The simple design makes it easy to use for people with no coding experience;
  • Real-time metrics allows you to keep a track of each workflow process.

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11. DWKit

DWKit’s main feature is to offer a no code/ low-code app development platform. The platform uses MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle as its database. Moreover, DWKit supports FormBuilder, Workflow management, Continuous integration services, delivery, deployment, etc. To make it easier to use, DWKit comes with a video tutorial for its users.

Notable features of DWKit: 

  • The main goal of DWKit, one of the top best coding platforms, is to enable you to develop an application 4x faster than traditional ways;
  • Drag&drop interaction reduces the development time, cost, and efforts;
  • Moreover, with an ultimate license, you can have complete access and control over the source codes of your applications;
  • The platform enables you to build, test, debug, and launch applications within weeks;
  • You do not have to know coding to customize the UI or change the behavior of web-browsers;
  • DWKit comes with ready-made solutions for Workflow designer, form builder, security, and the data layer.

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12. Salesforce Lightning

This free low code platform allows you to save 25% of the time by providing no code or low-code development opportunities. Moreover, you can add analytics, prediction analysis, AI, etc to your apps to make them smarter. The built-in AI in this free low code platform also helps you in developing high-quality apps faster and without any complications.

Notable features of Salesforce Lightning, the low code application platform:

  • You can use the Drag&Drop function to develop apps faster in this low code application platform;
  • Its framework allows you to reuse components, develop them, and to integrate them with apps;
  • It allows easy integration from various industries and their business solutions;
  • To speed up the development process, this low-code app development platform combines App Builder, lightning flow, SalesforceDX, and Heroku;
  • You will be assisted with 24x7 customer support for this low-code app development platform.

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In the end, if you have any other queries like- what code is used to code CRMS? You can use other frameworks like Django, Express, and more. For a CRM, Python in Django and Node.js in Express will be used.

These best coding platforms which we have mentioned above can be helpful for you in many ways. You can build multiple applications for your various business processes and release them in less time. Moreover, cost, time, and effort can be saved as well. 

Hopefully, these business solutions will be useful for you and your business!

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