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Top Mobile App Development Courses For Beginners Online These mobile app development courses for beginners will propound you with every detail of mobile app making.

Since the emergence of the smartphone, mobile apps are rapidly making their way into every aspect of our life. For example, shopping, communication, entertainment and it's just the beginning. For organizations, versatile development is turning into a need to stay aware of shoppers' requirements.

According to a report, people spend 87% of their time on mobile apps, which makes mobile app development a must for every business.

Moreover, the revenue of in-app advertising is expected to reach $16.9 billion by 2018. It clearly shows why many of the budding developers want to make it big in the app development industry, and it calls for the need to learn about the mobile app development courses for beginners.

Top Mobile App Development Courses For Beginners Online 2023 (Updated)

If you are thinking of undertaking an app development course, here are the takeaways:

  • Responsibility for app development and maintenance;
  • Develop required features according to product demand;
  • To know the app module design, coding, and testing;
  • Assist in technical support and responsibility of the product.

To make it simple for you, we have segregated mobile app development courses online for free into two categories:

  • Android Mobile App Development Courses
  • iOS Mobile App Development Courses

If you are looking to make your career in the mobile app development domain, learn about these online iOS and Android courses, which will help you understand the basics, and you will be able to develop your first app.

Android App Development Courses For Beginners

Android is an open source software developed by Google. The Android app development courses online for free is an excellent option for people who are new to programming and an experienced developer as well.

1. Android Basics Nanodegree Program by Udacity

Udacity built this curriculum with Google and is apt for people who aspire to an Android developer and wish to develop their first app. Its Android app development complete course includes Android Basics of the user interface, user input, multi-screen Apps, networking, and data storage.

This app development training course starts with Android app development basics and later if the candidate wishes to learn more, there is an Android developer Nanodegree Program, which is the advanced stage where there is a need to learn localization, advanced graphics, and performance.

Top Mobile App Development Courses

Features of Android Basics Nanodegree Program:

  • Code review on all the projects;
  • App building during practicals;
  • An excellent engaging community;
  • Sets base for the advanced courses.

Duration: 3 Months At 10 hrs/week
Student Reviews: 4.8
Fee: $318/month
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2. Android N Developer Course by Udemy

Udemy’s Android app development course for beginners is another excellent way to learn the basics of Android development. The Android app development courses online include 32 hours of on-demand video and 106 articles, which can be accessed over mobile and TV as well.

On completing the app development training course successfully, Udemy provides the candidate with a ‘Certificate of Completion.’

Mobile App Development Courses

The course includes the following topics:

  • Introduction To Android Studio
  • Java Deep Dive
  • Media: Images, Video and Sound
  • Advanced Android Features
  • Maps & Geolocation
  • Permanent Data Storage

Duration: Full lifetime access
Student Reviews: 4.4
Fee: $182/month
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3. Android App Development Specialization by Coursera

Coursera is another place where one can learn about the Android app development basics and enables learners to apply programming languages features for developing maintainable mobile apps successfully.

The app development training online program helps in learning app development skills and apply Java programming features, Android Activity components, Android Studio tools, Material Design, unit testing, and more.

The Android App Development training online program includes the following courses:

  • Java for Android
  • Android App Components - Intents, Activities, and Broadcast Receivers
  • Android App Components - Services, Local IPC, and Content Providers
  • Engineering Maintainable Android Apps

Duration: 4 months
Student Reviews: 4.5
Fee: Free
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4. Android App Development for Beginners by edX

This Android app development complete course is ideal for beginners who want to learn how to develop Android apps. With it, you will learn about Android Studio and to run a debuggable version of the app. The course also caters to the Android architecture and the key principles underlying its design.

The Android app development course for beginners for free is an extended part of the GalileoX Android Developer MicroMasters Program and focuses on teaching the critical skills needed to prepare for the Google Associate Android Developer Certification exam.

Android App Development for Beginners

The Android app development course for beginners for free will help the learner with the following points:

  • Techniques to plan, design, and prototype the app;
  • Understanding of pp life cycle and its main components;
  • Create a graphical user interface (GUI);
  • Implement a custom application theme;
  • Define a RecyclerView item list;

Duration: 6 weeks (8 to 10 hours per week)
Student Reviews: 4.4
Price: Free (Add a Verified Certificate for $99)

5. Android App Development Certification Training by edureka

edureka offers a world-class Android Developer course that further shapes the learner into a complete Android mobile app developer. The company aims to assist Google in their endeavor to train two million android developers worldwide.

The Google authorized Android Development course makes you learn to create widgets, Customize List and Grid view, develop applications using various database and publish it on Google Play.

To make the Android app development course for free more informative and attractive, edureka offers features like instructor-led sessions, real-life case studies, practical assignments, round the clock expert support and more.

Mobile App Development Courses

The course includes the following topics:

  • Android layouts, widgets and implementing event receivers;
  • Activities, intents, fragments, and notifications;
  • Customizing widgets and constructing an options menu;
  • Storage, media, and animations;
  • WebServices, and more. 

Student Reviews: 4.5
Price: $173
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iOS App Development Courses For beginners

Apple developed the iOS mobile operating system, and due to immense popularity, there is a sudden spurt in the iOS app development courses. Following app development course for free online is a perfect platform for a beginner to learn the basics of iOS app development.

1. iOS App Development with Swift by Udacity

The iOS beginner course by Udacity is one of the best app development courses to learn to develop an iOS app development. The course by Udacity introduces the learner to iOS app development in Swift, a programming language from Apple. It is an ideal platform to start training for the iOS Developer Nanodegree.

To keep it simple, the course is designed in such a way that the learner doesn’t need a physical device to build an app, as the work is done on a simulator. The course includes the rich learning content, interactive Quizzes, sessions by the industry experts, and student support community for round the clock support.

undertaking an app development course

The lesson includes in this app development course for beginners for free are:

  • Introduction to Swift and Xcode: the tools of iOS
  • iOS App Structure: AutoLayout and Buttons
  • Using ViewControllers to build an app with Multiple Views
  • How to record audio and use the Delegation Design Pattern.
  • Playback Sound and Add Sound Effects

Duration: 1 month
Student Reviews: 4.7
Fee: Free
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2. iOS 12 & Swift - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp by Udemy

iOS app development Bootcamp is another excellent option for you to learn about iOS app development. Even if you have no experience of coding, this course helps in coding using Swift 4.2 and build beautiful iOS 12 apps for iPhone and iPad.

The best thing about this course is that it caters to both the beginner and a seasoned programmer. Right from starting with coding to speed up with Swift 4.2 and native development, the course will make you learn all of it.

app development course for beginners

With this course, the candidate will learn the following aspects of iOS app development:

  • Master the Augmented Reality apps using Apple’s new ARKit2;
  • iOS developer by learning the latest APIs;
  • Create apps that use Machine Learning using Apple’s new CoreML2 and CreateML;
  • Master app design;
  • Create a portfolio of apps and more.

Duration: Full lifetime access
Student Reviews: 4.8
Fee: $11

3. iOS App Development Basics By Coursera

This Coursera course rightly imparts the iOS app development basics. With the learning from this course, the learner can easily expand his programming skills and can further apply them to authentic app development projects.

The mobile app development courses online for free focus more on Apple’s components to access sensors like GPS, microphone, and camera by imparting knowledge of Xcode basics, simple user interface creation,  Core iOS, and Cocoa Touch frameworks, MVC Architecture and more.

 iOS App Development Basics By Coursera include the following courses:

  • Welcome to iOS App Development Basics
  • Further Introduction to XCode
  • UIKit and the Interface Builder
  • Advanced UI Concepts

Duration: 1 week
Student Reviews: 4.2
Fee: Free
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4. Build your very first iOS app by edX

Much like other iOS app development courses, this course by edX revolves around techniques and concepts required to design an iOS app. Then there are sessions for the introduction to the Swift programming language and expertise to use Apple developer tools.

With this course, the learner goes through various stages of iOS app development like control flow, advanced variables & data types, Xcode & interface builder, introduction to user interface development, and more.

App Development Courses For Beginners Online

The course will help you learn the following concepts:

  • Understand and use the Swift programming language;
  • Use and explain the Apple developer tools;
  • Understanding the basics of coding and App development;
  • Design, develop and build an iOS app.

Duration: 8 Weeks
Student Reviews: 4.3
Fee: Free ($99 for graded exams and assignments, plus a certificate)
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5. iOS App Development Certification Training by edureka

The last course in our list of iOS app development courses is offered by edureka, which introduces the learner to the world of iOS application development. The program revolves around the Swift programming language which adopts safe programming patterns and infuses new features to make programming easier.

The course is apt for people who are looking forward to designing and developing applications for iPhones & iPads.

iOS App Development Certification Training by edureka

The curriculum of this course include:

  • Understanding Swift;
  • Getting Started with Swift;
  • iOS Development Basics;
  • Storyboard Controllers and Layouts;
  • TableView, CollectionView & Various View Controllers, and more.

Student Reviews: 4.5
Price: $109
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What Does it Take to Become an App Developer?

With salaries of app developers skyrocketing, more and more people are getting inclined towards mobile app development. Also, due to the expansion in the number of apps and its categories, the demand in the mobile app development courses have increased considerably.

After the successful completion of an app development course, the chances of getting hired by the top mobile app development companies also surges.

Top Mobile App Development Courses For Beginners Online 2023

To become a bankable app developer, here are the points that you need to take care of:

  • Chose your major platform between iOS, Android, and Windows;
  • Go through a complete app development course;
  • Learn the mobile user interface design and programming;
  • Practice all the learnings;
  • Find a company to test your skills.

To become an eminent mobile app developer, you need to stay passionate all through the journey and fall in love with every aspect of app development. Starting from scratch is surely going to take some time, but if taken seriously, it will be worth it. Some of the top certifications that mobile app developers should consider to become a mobile app developer.

If you are still looking for more information on the mobile app development or courses related to it, please comment below and we will help you with our heart out.

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