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service business ideas Unlock endless opportunities with 105 service business ideas perfect for entrepreneurs eager to begin their journey in the dynamic world of services today. Do you get intimated by the thought of establishing a startup?

Well, it is a risky path, but you are not alone in this. A 2024 report by Embroker states that almost 66% of small businesses survive past their first six years. This number reflects the success rate of service business ideas and is a sign of giving your shot at it.

Think of the power of incorporating your skills into a business venture. Moreover, service businesses are great for new entrepreneurs as they have fewer overhead costs. And when done correctly, it can yield great profit margins.

However, you must keep in mind the exact service you are planning to offer. This will help you have a framework for your business plan.

If you are looking for some service based business ideas, here is a list of 105 service businesses and what they bring to the table for your audience. So take your time to read on till the end and choose the ones that suits your skillset the best!

105 Most Profitable Service Businesses to Start in 2024

Here is a list of some service based business ideas that are feasible and have a scope for development. Having a concise idea of your project can help you better focus on the business model elements and have a strategy in hand.  Read on and know the implications of various service business examples.

1. Mobile Pet Grooming

Starting your own pet business is one of the most trending service businesses to start. All pet owners and pets appreciate the convenience of a grooming service. All you need is proper training, experience, a van, and some grooming tools. Pet grooming business can be started with moderate investment, and you don't need a large storefront.

The pet industry is experiencing steady growth. In fact, the worldwide pet care market was valued at USD 246.66 billion in 2023. It is anticipated to increase from USD 259.37 billion in 2024 to USD 427.75 billion by 2032. This clearly demonstrates a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.45% throughout the forecast period. 

This shows that pet owners are increasingly willing to spend money on their furry companions. Regular pet grooming is essential for most animals, which promises a predictable revenue.

2. Bridal Makeup Services

The wedding industry makes a lot of profit from various services. If you really love doing makeup, this is one of the best service based business ideas. You need to know how to match it with different skin tones. You also need to understand what your clients want.

A makeup artist can own or rent a space or travel to the wedding venue to apply makeup on the bride. Makeup services are really wanted for many things. People need them for events like weddings, photoshoots, and just to look nice every day. That's why starting a makeup business can make a lot of money. It's one of the most profitable service businesses to start if you want to make a whole revenue.

3. Online Tutoring Services

A recent study states that the Edtech industry has witnessed a 900% growth since its creation in 2000. The post-pandemic era has increased the demand for online tutoring. It is the best service business to start with minimum investment. This online business idea is a thriving sector within the education technology field. 

You need to decide if you want to operate independently (or work with an established online tutoring platform. Establishing an online presence is important and can be done by creating a website or working on social media handles. 

4. Pet Sitting Services 

Leaving pets alone at home can be very stressful for the pet parent and the animals themselves. Many owners often prefer people looking after their furry babies in their own homes while they have to be away. This is an excellent home service business idea that will give you a full profit. 

It is one of the best small service business ideas that can be started with zero to no investment. The only thing you require to start such a service business is time and research of the demand amongst your target audience. You can establish your presence by marketing and making a social media presence.

5. Catering Service

Catering service is among the most common types of service businesses. A catering service provides food for events such as weddings or birthday parties. It also provides equipment such as tables, chairs, flatware, and other items. You need to have a concept and identify the cuisine you are offering.

Depending on your operation size, you might need a source of funding for business. You need to have a commercial kitchen space for food preparation and a space to store your cutlery and other items.

6. Kids and Senior Daycare

Child and adult care services are among the most in-demand service based business ideas. This is because working individuals need a reliable space. They need a space that takes care of their dependent family members. This can be done either by establishing a full-fledged daycare or by providing the service at home.

For service business examples like this, you might have to hire qualified and experienced professionals with certifications. Conduct thorough background checks and reference verifications. You need to create a warm, nurturing, and stimulating environment where children and the elderly feel safe and secure.

7. New Born Photographer

New-age parents want to document their newborn’s first look. If you're good at taking pictures and like babies, you might want to start a business taking photos of newborns. It is among the unique service business ideas that have grown immensely in the last few years.

These photographers can capture unique moments for new parents. You just need to invest in a good camera, lighting, and props for the shoot. After establishing yourself, you can then have your work displayed on social media, which will gain you customers. 

8. Translation Services

Translation services is one of the most suitable service based business ideas if you are bilingual or have a decent amount of knowledge of various languages. These services run well in countries that have an official language other than English. People often need help translating official documents from regional languages to official ones. This is where an expert comes in handy. They have the knowledge and skills to ensure accurate translation.

The perk is that you do not need a specialised setup. A great skill set and a few technological tools are essential for the process, such as TMS and CAT.

9. Party Planning Services

Party planning has become a service business in demand due to the personalised effect it brings to events. You need to identify your unique selling proposition and tell your audience what makes your service unique. You can offer themed prop rentals, personalised decorations, and budget-friendly party planning.

You can invest in several items, but these will be a one-time thing and bring revenue for a long time. Once the business becomes established, you can hire workers and use a strong portfolio to attract clients.

10. Mystery Shopping

If you like shopping, this is the best service business to start. You can enjoy shopping while earning money if you work as a mystery shopper. As a mystery shopper, you will have to assess service personnel at different brands anonymously.

It involves evaluating stores' employees based on their attitude, friendliness, and service quality. Then you have to report your findings to store owners to help them enhance their service standards. To become a mystery shopper you can register with companies that hire mystery shoppers for their clients.

11. Personal Chef

Personal chefs are in demand amongst the busy lives that people live. This is one of the most popular personal services examples. You can focus on reaching different groups of people. One group is busy professionals. Another group is families with dietary restrictions. Also, there are health-conscious individuals. These are the audiences you can target.

While there is no requirement for professional training, you can invest in having the right tools. You can stand out in the competition by using fresh ingredients and providing delicious and professional meals.

12. Tailoring Services

If you have a knack for stitching and designing, tailoring services can be a great venture for a service business. You can use your skills to create a positive brand image and establish yourself by catering to the customer's needs.

This is one of the best small service business ideas that requires less investment. You will have to invest in good-quality sewing machines, tables, and mannequins. Along with that, you will also have to spend money on materials like fabrics, buttons, zippers, threads, etc.

13. Cover Letter/Resume Service

All job aspirants do not know the tricks of looking good on a resume. It is an important part of the process and must be done mindfully. Writing resumes is one of the most unique service business ideas. Along with your editing skills, you just need a laser printer and some stationery.  

With this limited investment, you are set to show clients how to put their best foot forward in their resumes and cover letters.

14. Startup Consulting Services 

Startups have some big problems. One is that they might not have all the skills they need. Another problem is they often don't have a lot of resources. These challenges can make it hard for startups to succeed.

This is why numerous startups fail in their early stages.

To mitigate these risks and prevent failure, startups frequently seek support from consulting firms. If you know a lot about how businesses work, you can offer consulting services. It is one of the best types of service businesses that can help startup founders understand how to run their businesses better. You'll be like a guiding light for them, showing them the way forward.

15. Private Investigation

A private investigator (PI) is someone who observes and gathers information about people's activities. They do this discreetly, meaning they keep it secret to find out what's going on. As a PI, you can gather evidence for attorneys involved in legal cases. This evidence might help prove if someone is innocent or guilty.

You might find out if someone is doing something wrong, like cheating or lying. People might also hire you to find someone who has gone missing. There is a lot of potential in this service business.

16. Interior Design

An interior designing business is a great option amongst other best service based business. You can be a qualified designer or just an individual with a sense of aesthetics. To attract clients, you must have a portfolio and a clear declaration of the services provided. 

You must focus on building trust with clients through clear communication. As a designer, it is important to understand their needs and exceed their expectations throughout the design process.

17. Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most common service businesses examples. To start a copywriting business, you need to select the services you’ll offer clients. Showcase your writing samples and market yourself to attract new clients to hire you as a freelance copywriter.

Initially, you would need a huge investment. You can work with a working laptop and stable internet. Later on, you can have a proper accounting system and legal contracts with clients.

18. Social Media Management

In order to start a social media management service, you need to decide which platforms you specialise in managing. This should be based on your own expertise and where your ideal clients are most active.

It is among the best types of service businesses that can be easily scaled. You can start by managing a few clients yourself and gradually build a team or outsource tasks as your business grows. Once you have managed clients successfully, you can manage multiple clients at the same time. 

19. Nutritionist Services

If you have pursued relevant education and certifications in Nutrition science, this is the best service business to start. Lots of coaches who succeed have degrees. These degrees are in nutrition, dietetics, or similar fields. They also have certifications. These certifications come from accredited organizations.

You can create a user-friendly website showcasing your qualifications, services, and success stories. Social media apps and platforms can help your business by connecting you with potential clients. You can also use them to share valuable nutrition tips. This can be really useful for your business growth.

20. Massage therapy

A masseuse service is one of the most profitable business ideas. This business requires very little capital to start. You can start it from a one-room space or can provide home services. You should research and obtain the necessary permits and licenses required to operate legally in your area. This can include a business license and a massage therapy license.

Once revenue is gained, you can invest the return on equipment and establish a better working booking system. You can hire a team of helpers and other masseuses. 

21. Mental health Counselling

Mental health awareness is increasing, and this leads to a growing demand for qualified mental health coaches. It is one of the best small service business ideas that translates to the potential for business growth and stability. A mental health coach service business can start small and scale in later stages.

The challenge with this service business idea is that it can have legal and ethical implications. You require proper qualifications to run such an enterprise. Since you are directly in contact with a person’s health, you need to be cautious at each step.

22. Language Teaching Services 

Contemporarily, the demand for being multilingual has increased across the globe. Language teaching services are one of the best service businesses examples in modern times. Knowing several languages gives you confidence and an edge over your peers. The only asset you need is the command of the language you are teaching.

However, the market is competitive because there are already established platforms that are doing the same. Building a strong client base can become difficult in such a scenario.

23. Test Preparation

Standardised tests like the SAT, GMAT, GRE, etc, are often a nightmare for students. It is among the most common types of service businesses today. The test preparation academies are flourishing. A test preparation service would be one of the easy service businesses to start. Just have a greatly qualified team of teachers and a platform where you do the teaching.

24. Educational Consulting

Education is a vast industry in which people want to invest mindfully. Educational consultation covers a range of services. These services involve helping with school and college applications. They also involve advising on subjects and programs to choose.

For such a service business to succeed, it needs well-qualified professionals. These professionals must demonstrate their competence in the market. It requires your time commitment, and you need to consider the ethical issues of providing an unbiased opinion.

25. College Admissions Consulting

The college application process is tedious for the students and their guardians. Starting businesses that provide services like this to simplify this process for students is a wise idea. You just need to gather the expertise of the process and form a strong client base. Providing personalized guidance will benefit your business.

26. IT Consulting

All businesses rely on technology, and many lack the internal expertise to manage their IT infrastructure. This creates a consistent demand for skilled IT consultants. 

IT consultants with skills and experience can command competitive fees. The earning potential can be high for niche specializations and complex project work. However, the IT consulting industry is competitive, with established firms and freelance consultants.

service based business ideas

27. Computer Repair

In today's computer-based society, computer breakdowns can be costly and aggravating. As a repair professional equipped with basic diagnostic equipment and technological knowledge, you can get clients' computers back up and working again. It is among the best service business examples that can help create profit for yourself.

28. App Development

The demand for mobile apps is very high due to the increased reliability of mobile phones. App development is a blend of creativity and technical skill. You'll solve problems, design user experiences, and bring innovative ideas to life. To bring such a service business idea to life, you need to have a great skill set and good connections.

29. Software Consulting

Software consultants help businesses solve problems and optimise efficiency with custom software solutions. They analyse needs, design systems, and cater to business goals and tech needs. From building new apps to simplifying existing ones, consultants offer solutions for a catalyst in the journey.

30. Cybersecurity Service

Most people today are on the internet for the most basic things. Cybersecurity operations are one of the best small service business ideas in the digital world. These include payments, communication, etc. In such a milieu, cyber security services are essential. Cyber security services shield your data from digital threats. 

Experts identify vulnerabilities, install defences, and monitor systems for breaches. They also offer incident response to recover from attacks and keep your information safe.

31. Data Analysis Services

Data analytics services help businesses observe hidden insights. A data analysis startup transforms raw data into actionable knowledge. They offer services like data cleaning. They also provide visualization and trend analysis. These services empower businesses to make data-driven decisions. 

32. Cloud Management

A cloud management service offers expert management, cost optimisation, and robust security. This streamlines your cloud experience in one user-friendly platform. 

Providing such a service is great for a business as it is a high-margin one. Subscription-based cloud management services provide predictable revenue.

33. VR/AR Development

VR/AR technology is evolving and being adopted across various industries. This high-growth market presents a vast opportunity for service providers. You should focus on offering services such as VR training simulations. Also, consider AR product visualization or location-based AR experiences for clients.

34. Electrical Services

Electricity breakdowns and disruptions can be an issue in daily chores. Establishing a service that provides an electrician on call can ease this hassle. It is thus among the best small service business ideas for skilled workers. Electrical issues are unpredictable, and people need prompt solutions. Your service should cater to this urgent need and help out during inconvenient malfunctions.

35. Plumbing Services

The plumbing industry is a reliable business sector.  Every household and business needs a plumber. This demand makes it one of the best small service business ideas. This is what makes it a great choice for starting your service-based business.

You can outline your services, such as residential, commercial, repairs, and installation. Identify the target market, pricing structure, marketing strategy, and financial projections. These elements are essential for successful business planning.

36. Carpentry

Skilled carpenters are always in demand for residential and commercial projects. Their services are required for building the furniture we use, installing furnishings at home, and for repair services. 

You will need a startup cost to invest in tools and a space for working at times. The job is also physically demanding. However, the skills you learn for it are a lifetime valuable asset.

37. Automotive Repair

The automobile repair industry is a well-established sector with consistent demand.  If you're handy with cars, then an automobile repair service business could be a great venture for you. 

Automobiles require regular maintenance, and there is an increasing number of vehicles on the road. This reflects the potential of it being one of the most profitable service business ideas.

38. Print-on-demand

A print service is used by people of all age groups. School students, college students, and offices all require it at various points. Very often, people wish to have their documents printed from the comfort of their homes. 

Providing a print service that caters to such a demand makes it one of the unique service business ideas. All you need is a printing machine and a delivery person.

39. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best service business examples for professionals. This tye of marketing helps you earn by promoting other products. You find a product you like, share a unique link, and earn a commission if someone buys through your link. It is being a salesperson for many companies at once, without any inventory or overhead costs. You can promote products through websites and social media.

40. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant services provide remote technical or creative help to busy clients. They function as digital assistants, aiding in scheduling appointments and managing emails. Additionally, they handle tasks like social media management and data entry. They free up your time to focus on core tasks while keeping your business running smoothly. 

A virtual assistant service startup is an easy business idea that just needs a proactive and efficient workforce. This is one of the most unique service business ideas. You do not need specifically qualified professionals here. But, you can easily train them according to your needs.

41. Fitness Coach

Those interested in fitness can start a personal trainer service. With this business, you can help clients achieve their fitness goals. Plus, you can customise health and fitness plans to their personal needs. 

As a fitness coach service, your task would be to get onboard qualified trainers who can work well with individuals on their health goals. The startup costs don't add up to a lot; you can spend on equipment and upgrade it as you make a profit. 

42. Relationship Coach 

A relationship coach service business offers guidance for love life challenges. It is one of the best service based business ideas that can help both individuals and couples. Consider becoming a coach to provide advice, communication techniques, and conflict-resolution strategies.

You can help your clients build healthier relationships and achieve their relationship goals. You would be a personal trainer for your client’s love life.

43. Editing and Proofreading Services 

Editing and proofreading services help enhance written content. Editors refine ideas and the flow of writing. Proofreaders find typos, grammar errors, and inconsistencies in the form. They help businesses and individuals ensure their writing is clear, professional, and error-free. 

You can provide this service with no investment at all if you are proficient in any language. You can find clients on various platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, etc. This is one of the most easy service business to start.

44. Graphic Designer 

Graphic designers play an important role in helping startups craft a compelling brand identity. A good graphic design helps create a strong visual presence. This can be a freelance or agency business that caters to a wide range of clients. 

As a designer, you can create logos and social media content. You can also use various software and creativity to turn ideas into engaging visuals that resonate with target audiences. 

45. Sales Consultant

A sales consultant service business helps companies increase their sales. These consultants act as advisors, coaching salespeople and identifying new sales opportunities. 

A sales consultant agency offers businesses skilled experts to boost their strategies. These experts leverage their knowledge to enhance business performance. To run such a service business, you need to have a commendable skill set and a team of experts. 

46. Financial Planner 

A financial planner evaluates personal financial goals such as retirement and education. You can become one by analyzing clients' current situations and crafting personalized plans. This might involve budgeting, investment advice, retirement planning, and risk management. Later on, you can start your own agency and onboard qualified finance experts. 

47. Baking Services 

A baking service allows you to be your own boss. You can set working hours and craft delicious treats. It is a great venture to turn your passion into profit with minimal startup costs like ovens and mixers. You can attract customers with custom cakes, cookies, or breads. 

48. WordPress Website Consultant

A WordPress development service business helps in building websites using WordPress. It is a popular platform known for its user-friendliness. WordPress developers create unique themes and functionalities to bring an individual’s website vision to life. 

WordPress developers craft customized themes and features to realize website visions. As a WordPress website consultant, your role involves assembling a skilled team updated on market trends. You just need to manage that team and need not have any technical knowledge.

49. Spiritual Coach

A spiritual coach helps people on a journey of self-discovery. You can also become a spiritual coach by selecting a niche and learning relevant skills in that niche. You do not need any specific certification. 

You will have to help people transform their lives and find inner peace. This is one of the most interesting small service business ideas.

50. Lawn Care and Landscaping

Lawn care services are required by residential and commercial complexes. The services you must know to start such a business are mowing, clipping, and fertilising.  

You can also offer additional services like leaf removal, aeration, and fertilisation. The aim is to deliver a neat and healthy-looking lawn and free up your clients’ time and effort. This is one of the best home service business ideas.

51. Home Cleaning Services

A home cleaning service business provides professional cleaners to residences. This can be for regular or one-time cleaning. They can help customers with tasks like dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and bathroom sanitation. Busy homeowners or those who need a helping hand can benefit from this service. This gives them free time and a clean home.

Now, you must be wondering how to start a service business like this. So, to start your own home cleaning service business, you can create a team of workers who can do these tasks. 

If you are investing in tools and equipment that facilitate the process, make sure you have a workforce that can manage these. You can market your business by getting in touch with housing associations or going online.

52. Pest Control

A pest control service business helps in protecting homes and businesses from unwanted visitors. A pest control business will require you to invest in the chemicals and machinery essential in the process. Since this is not a one-time investment, you will have to spend some of the profit to grow the business. 

53. Pool Cleaning

You can start a pool services business with some cleaning equipment and a water-test kit. You can simply have your tools in a vehicle and make the rounds in your neighbourhood.  Offer your services to friends and family first. Then expand to homeowners' associations, apartment complexes, and individual residences.

54. Voiceover Services

A voice-over service business offers skilled voice actors for narration needs. These include videos and commercials. These professionals use their voices to bring scripts to life.  A voice-over artist needs to use the right tone and emotion for the project. The business manages client requests and assigns projects to voice actors. It ensures high-quality audio recordings are delivered.

55. Craft Workshops

The indulgence crafts are experiencing a resurgence. A crafts workshop service business can be a great way to make the most of this trend. If you have a passion for a particular craft and enjoy sharing your knowledge, then this might be the perfect fit for you. 

All you need to do is to decide upon a way of conducting the service and have a proper registration system. You can price the workshops based on the service you are providing.

56. Dating Coach Services

A dating coach service business helps single customers survive the dating world. They offer guidance on profile creation, communication skills, and date preparations. You can start a service business that guides people in dealing with dating issues without much investment. 

A qualified expert certificate and a good social media presence can be a great starting point. Further in the business, you can start providing couples therapy sessions, which will help you gain profits.

57. Ghostwriting 

A ghostwriter service business provides agents with secret writing partners. These ghostwriters formulate content based on your ideas and expertise. The client gets the credit, and the writer receives the money.  

This service aids busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals with untold stories. They lack the time but possess compelling narratives. You can run such a service business with the minimum investment and teammates if you have a knack for writing. A sentence generator can also make things easier for you by automating the process.

58. Personal Training

Personal training is tailored fitness instruction for individuals. Personal trainers assess fitness levels, set goals, and offer guidance. They also monitor progress to ensure effective training. They motivate clients, demonstrate exercises, and provide nutritional advice for comprehensive fitness support.

You can offer this service with certification, expertise, and access to fitness gear. You would also need to develop personalised workout plans, maintain records, and stay updated on fitness trends. 

59. Home Inspection Services

A home inspection service business helps assess the condition of a residential property. These inspectors look at the structure and major systems, such as plumbing, electricity, and safety hazards. 

They provide a detailed report that reflects any defects or areas of improvement. Running a service like this requires you to onboard certified professionals who are well-versed in the legalities and technicalities of housing.

60. Energy Auditing Services

Energy auditors perform an inspection of some aspects of your home or business. These aspects include insulation, appliances, lighting fixtures, windows, doors, etc. The auditors give recommendations on how to increase efficiency and save money on utility bills. 

To start a service business that caters to such needs, you need electrical engineers who can conduct the inspections. Furthermore, having onboard certified auditors and providing quality reports will create a positive brand image of your service.

61. Meal Delivery Services

A meal delivery service prepares and delivers a specific menu weekly to customers. The menu may be set or have limited options, with meals either frozen or ready to heat and serve. 

If you start a meal delivery service, you will have to invest in the raw ingredients, the cooking equipment, and a delivery service. You also require a good cook and a system to manage the orders and menu.

62. Valet Parking

To run a valet parking service, all you need is a team of drivers to keep clients' customers and their cars on the move. Restaurants, hotels, and convention centres can all use the services of well-dressed parking staff. You can build connections and pitch your service by providing excellent service.

63. Custom Meal Planning Services 

Meal planning involves providing the customer with a menu for a period and the calories it carries. Such a service targets busy professionals seeking to save time on meal planning and grocery shopping. Individuals with dietary restrictions who appreciate pre-portioned meals. Your service can provide just the planning process and, in later stages, source meals to the customers as well.

64. Drone Photography and Videography

Drone cameras are expensive, and people do not usually buy them for personal use. To cater for this need, you can invest in one to start a business. For this service business, a display of your work on social media or a website will help you gain customers. You can decide the pricing based on the time and the number of shots taken.

65. Home Staging Services

A home staging service business transforms houses for selling.  It’s like being a set designer for real life to create a welcoming ambience. This helps potential buyers envision themselves living in the space. 

It can lead to faster sales and potentially higher offers. For such a venture, you do not need any capital investment. A good understanding of the psychology of a buyer and connections in the brokerage industry who will hire your service.

66. Property Management Services

A property management service business helps the owner in managing their property. The work includes overseeing daily operations of residential or commercial properties. 

The manager handles the tasks of property ownership, allowing landlords to avoid the hassles of the process. As a service provider, you need to be up to date with the latest legal implications and manage important documents.

67. Dog Training Services 

A dog training service business helps dog owners transform their pets into well-behaved and happy dogs. They offer services like basic obedience training.  Teach them to sit, stay, and tackle behavioural issues like barking, chewing, or leash aggression.

Such businesses can be operated in the form of home training sessions, or you can have your own space. You just need to be a dog lover and skilled in dog training.

68. Pressure Washing Services 

Pressure washing services are needed regularly to maintain clean surfaces. The construction and renovation sectors require it for project completion. Homeowners also need it for cleaning purposes. 

The startup cost is lower in comparison to other service businesses to start in the market. The major investment is only in the washing equipment and a team of workers.

69. Personalised Online Shopping Services

A personalised shopping service business gives the client a shopping companion. They cater to the unique style and needs. The target audience is busy individuals, those in the show business and fashion industry. 

Personalised shopping consultants research and hand-pick clothing or other items based on your needs. All you need to start this business is a team with a great fashion sense and a knack for finding good products online.

70. Virtual Home Renovation Consultations

If you are a professional home renovator or interior designer and wish to start your venture. This is a great option because starting a virtual service would require a reduced overhead cost. 

You will have to invest in good software that allows a smooth virtual session with the clients. A good marketing team and display of a portfolio on a social media platform will also be essential.

71. Online Coding Classes for Kids

Online coding classes for kids offer valuable opportunities for young learners to develop essential digital skills, critical thinking abilities, and problem-solving techniques in a fun and interactive environment. To start this business, begin by developing a curriculum specifically designed for the needs and interests of young learners. 

Try to choose beginner-friendly programming languages and concepts, such as Scratch or Python, and incorporate engaging projects and games to make learning fun and accessible.

72. Video Editing Services 

Pursuing professional video editing as a freelancer can be risky due to the unstable influx of work. You can try starting your own service business instead. For this, you just need your skills and a great knowledge of editing software. 

Such services are being increasingly adopted by YouTubers, influencers, and other businesses that publish video content. 

73. Virtual Legal Assistance

A virtual legal assistance service business provides remote legal support to firms and legal departments. These virtual assistants are skilled professionals, often not lawyers themselves. They handle tasks like scheduling appointments, managing documents, and conducting legal research. 

Taking care of these chores saves time for legal professionals who need to focus on client work and enhance profitability. This working model keeps costs down for law firms. 

Because of the perks of hiring a virtual legal assistant, a business startup can turn out to be a profitable one. You can simply acquire a team of experts and market your work. 

74. SEO Consulting 

An SEO consulting service business helps websites rank higher in search engine results. A consultant will analyse a website's strengths and weaknesses and then craft strategies to improve website traffic. They also work on improving user experience and content to climb search rankings. 

This can lead to more website visitors and increased leads. Almost every business needs an SEO expert and content strategist these days. You can provide SEO consulting with no investment and scale up by investing in paid tools like SemRush and Ahrefs.

75. E-Commerce Store Management 

E-commerce store management oversees online stores, including product listings, inventory, and customer service. You can offer this service by mastering platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.  You must also build a portfolio of satisfied clients and leverage word-of-mouth referrals to grow your business.

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76. Music Lessons

If you are gifted with the art of music, you must share it by offering personalised lessons. You can launch your music lesson business by identifying your areas of expertise and target audience. 

For this, you will need to create lesson plans and set up a space conducive to learning. To attract students, you can advertise your services through local community centres, schools, or online platforms.

77. Online Self-defence Classes

Online self-defence classes are essential for equipping individuals with the skills and confidence to protect themselves in various situations. You can provide this service by developing thorough courses covering situational awareness and physical techniques. Moreover, you can offer both live sessions and pre-recorded tutorials for accessibility. 

78. Online Public Speaking Courses 

Public speaking skills can take career opportunities to the next level and build self-confidence. Thus, many people look for courses to overcome stage fright and improve articulation.

You can help individuals overcome public speaking fears with online courses. You can prepare course materials and create engaging content. Try utilising social media, email marketing, and public speaking forums to promote your courses and attract students.

79. Bookkeeping and Accounting Services 

Bookkeeping and accounting services are essential for businesses to maintain accurate financial records, track expenses, and ensure compliance with tax regulations. Businesses usually outsource this task so they can focus on the core operations. 

So, you can also offer services to small businesses. You'd be responsible for managing financial records and providing tax preparation to ensure compliance and financial health.

80. Art Therapy Services 

As mental health awareness is rising, new approaches to mental health treatment are coming in. One such way is Art Therapy. Through various art modalities, such as painting and sculpting, individuals can explore emotions and process trauma in a supportive environment.

You can also create a safe and welcoming space for therapy sessions and invest in art supplies to start this business. 

81. Dance Choreography Classes

If you love dancing, you'll love this services oriented business idea. You can start your dance choreography business by developing routines for various styles, teaching techniques, and offering sessions for individuals or groups.

You can also create recorded lessons for your students to access at any time and anywhere in the world.
Online Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Courses
In this technology-driven era, stressors are abundant, and learning mindfulness practices can provide a sense of calm and clarity amidst life's challenges. You can help individuals achieve inner peace with online mindfulness courses.

All you have to do is get the necessary certifications and start developing your lessons. Your courses can cover topics like meditation, anxiety management, etc.

82. Data Entry Services

Data entry services play a crucial role in helping businesses organise, manage, and process large volumes of data accurately and efficiently. Providing data entry services is one of the easiest business service ideas. 

You can easily utilise software tools to input and organise data for businesses, providing timely and reliable services to improve workflow and productivity.

83. Personal Concierge Services

A personal concierge is a person who makes arrangements and performs tasks on behalf of busy people. This service business includes running errands and making travel or dining reservations. 

You may also have to look after personal chores like home repairs and scheduling appointments. The startup cost of this business is minimal, and you can scale it up as you create a brand name in the market.

84. Podcast Advertising Management

Podcast advertising management involves strategizing and optimising ads within podcasts to reach target audiences effectively. Start your own podcast advertising management business by building relationships with podcasters and businesses. Learn about advertising metrics and negotiation techniques to offer effective ad placements and maximise client ROI.

85. Website Accessibility Consulting

Website accessibility consulting ensures websites comply with accessibility standards, making them usable by people with disabilities. By being a consultant, you can offer services such as website audits, accessibility training, and ongoing support to businesses seeking to enhance their online accessibility.

86. Virtual Assistant Training Courses

Virtual assistant training courses cover tasks such as email management, scheduling, and social media coordination. You can create your own courses and market them through online platforms and social media to attract aspiring virtual assistants.

87. Online Business Coaching

Online business coaching offers personalised guidance and support to entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their online ventures. You can be an online business coach by defining your niche and expertise. Furthermore, you must develop coaching programs and create compelling content.

88. Research and Market Analysis

Research and market analysis services assist businesses in understanding market trends and customer preferences. You can launch your research and market analysis business by offering services such as competitor analysis, consumer surveys, and trend forecasting to businesses seeking actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

89. Online Fashion Styling Services

Online fashion styling services offer personalised styling advice and outfit recommendations to clients through virtual platforms. You can offer the services of a professional stylist and help clients curate clothing options based on their preferences and body types. This is one of the best service businesses to start as you’ll get a chance to use all your creativity and stay trendy.

90. Career Assessment and Consulting

Career assessment and consulting services help individuals explore career options, identify strengths and interests, and develop effective career plans. You can be a consultant and offer guidance on resume building, interview preparation, and skill development. However, you must obtain relevant certifications and develop assessment tools. 

91. Virtual Real Estate Tours

Virtual real estate tours are very popular these days as they allow prospective buyers to explore homes in detail, saving time. You can start a virtual real estate tour business by investing in virtual tour technology and building partnerships with real estate agents and agencies.

92. Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing courses teach essential skills and strategies for promoting businesses online. You can build your course by identifying your target audience and creating high-quality course content. 

You must take advantage of online learning platforms or create your own website to offer courses to attract students and drive enrolments.

93. Voice Acting Services

Voice acting services provide professional voiceover talent for various projects, including commercials, audiobooks, and animations. You can get into this business by creating a professional demo reel showcasing your voiceover talents. You can sell your services to businesses, advertising agencies, and content creators.

94. Online Tutoring for Standardised Tests (SAT, GRE, etc.) 

With the increasing demand for standardised test preparation, starting an online tutoring service can be lucrative. To begin, establish expertise in the test format and content, create engaging lesson plans, and invest in online teaching tools. 

Market your services through social media, educational forums, and partnerships with schools or tutoring centres to attract students seeking personalised, convenient test prep assistance.

95. Virtual Wedding Planning Services

As couples seek more flexible and remote planning options, launching a virtual wedding planning business offers significant potential. To start, develop a strong online presence through a professional website and social media platforms.

You can offer comprehensive planning packages, collaborate with reliable vendors, and utilise virtual meeting platforms for consultations. Network within the wedding industry and leverage satisfied clients' testimonials to build trust and attract new business.

96. Social Media Management 

With businesses increasingly prioritising their online presence, becoming a social media manager presents ample opportunities. To kickstart this venture, hone your social media marketing skills and stay updated on platform algorithms. 

Create service packages tailored to different business needs, showcase your expertise through case studies and client testimonials, and actively engage with potential clients through networking events and online communities.

97. Product Photography Services

As e-commerce continues to grow, there's a rising demand for high-quality product photography. To enter this market, invest in professional photography equipment and editing software. 

Develop a portfolio showcasing your skills across various product categories and create competitive pricing packages. Market your services to e-commerce businesses through targeted online advertising, collaborations with web designers, and participation in industry trade shows or marketplaces.

98. Sustainable Living Consultant

Starting a consultancy focused on sustainable living is one of the best service business to start as your work would be helping the environment and will financially rewarding at the same time. To begin, educate yourself on sustainable practices and certifications. 

Offer services such as home energy audits, eco-friendly product recommendations, and waste reduction strategies. Establish partnerships with green businesses and organisations, and market your services through eco-conscious channels such as environmental blogs, social media platforms, and sustainability events. 

99. Online Therapy Services 

The demand for online therapy services has surged, making it one of the best healthcare business ideas. To start, obtain proper licenses and certifications in your area of expertise. Invest in secure video conferencing platforms. Develop a website to promote services and schedule appointments. Advertise through online directories and mental health forums. Moroever, collaborate with healthcare providers to reach potential clients.

100. Portfolio Building Services

Offering portfolio-building services can be valuable. This is because professionals seek to stand out in competitive industries. Launch your business by developing expertise in portfolio design and content creation. Offer personalised coaching and feedback. 

Moreover, showcase your skills with your own portfolio. Market your services through professional networking platforms and industry forums. Establish partnerships with educational institutions or career centers to expand your reach.

101. Travel Planner

Starting a travel planning business can be rewarding. This is because today travellers seek fully customised experiences. You can research popular destinations and establish relationships with travel suppliers. 

You can also create personalised itineraries tailored to clients' preferences and budgets. Moreover, offer additional services like travel insurance and visa assistance. 

102. Personal Branding Consultant 

The competitive job market drives people to enhance their brand through seeking assistance. To do this, you'll need to understand branding principles and online marketing strategies. 

However, to really stand out, you'll need to build credibility. You can achieve that by sharing thought leadership content and showcasing client success stories. Utilize your social media handles and website to maximize visibility. And don't forget the power of networking! You should connect with professionals in fields where personal branding is vital.

103. Digital Product Design Services 

Starting a digital product design business can be quite lucrative.  First, get good at using design software and understanding user experience principles.  First, get good at using design software and understanding user experience principles. 

Work closely with clients to understand their needs. Then, craft visually appealing digital products such as websites and apps. Showcase your creations online and at networking events. This will attract clients seeking innovative digital solutions.

104. Online Tech Support Services 

Start an online tech support service offering remote assistance for tech issues. Provide troubleshooting solutions to users seeking help online. You'll need to hone your technical skills and invest in remote access tools. 

Moreover, you must establish a professional online presence through a website and social media. And remember to focus on delivering excellent customer service to build trust and attract clients to your business. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll realise this is one of the best service business to start.

105. Apartment-Prepping

An apartment processing service aims to ease the headaches of landlords by taking care of the repairs and other services. This service requires a team of plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, and other specialists. They will handle the maintenance tasks efficiently. The startup requires some investment in building a skilled team, but there is potential for making high-margin profits.

Why Should You Start a Service Business?

Before deciding to start a service based business, you must understand “what do service businesses sell?” Well, service businesses provide intangible offerings. These include expertise, professional skills, and other related products. These are usually personal, business, or social services. 

This is different from making or selling products. Consider starting a service-based business for a lifestyle where you're your own boss. Here are some reasons that would make you want to grab services business opportunities.

service business ideas

Reasons To Start A Service Business

  • Flexibility Work Schedules
  • Low Investment
  • Take the Lead
  • High-Profit Margins
  • Diverse Opportunities

1. Flexibility Work Schedules

Service based businesses offer more flexibility than traditional jobs. You can choose to work from home, set your schedule, and choose the projects you take on. This allows you to work out your business according to your lifestyle and preferences.

2. Low Investment

Compared to product-based businesses, service based businesses require lower startup costs. You may not need a large inventory or physical store to begin. Product-based businesses need significant infrastructure. However, for services, you may only need a few tools, equipment, and perhaps a website to get started.

3. Take the Lead

When you run a business, there are several perks to you. You get to call the shots, set your work hours, and build a business that reflects your vision and values. It is a space for you to be creative and apply your creativity in the business.

4. High-Profit Margins

The service based businesses do not have the same overhead costs as product-based businesses. So. they can often enjoy higher profit margins. Once you cover your initial expenses, much of the revenue generated from your services can translate directly into profit. This income is not limited to a salary, and you can exceed it by working hard.

5. Diverse Opportunities

The service industry offers a wide range of possibilities. You can find a niche that aligns with your skills and interests. There is potential for growth, as you can constantly challenge yourself by taking on new projects. It includes sectors like consulting, coaching, personal training, digital marketing, tutoring, etc.


Bringing service business ideas to reality is one of the easiest ventures to take up. It is safe to say this because these require minimal capital. All it takes is specialized knowledge of the field in which you are working. You’re essentially selling a valuable skill or profession you have. At the heart of these businesses is your know-how, essentially selling a valuable skill or profession you have.

There are ample services business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the industry. Successful service businesses rely on excellent customer service and word-of-mouth referrals. This guide outlines profitable multi-service business ideas spanning health, technology, and consulting. Explore the lucrative multi service business ideas across various sectors.

With the right business processes and business models, you can aim for great heights. Market research highlights the increasing demand for specialised services. This makes it easier for small businesses to make their space in the industry.

Now that you have a good understanding of the examples of service businesses, you are ready to start and grow your service business. Plan a strategy and implement it in your business venture today!

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