10 Best Startup Consulting Firms to Improve Your Business

Explore the top 10 startup consulting firms of 2024, each offering unique expertise to elevate your business, streamline operations, and drive growth through innovative strategies tailored to your company's specific needs and industry challenges.

startup consulting firms

Skills gaps and limited resources are the most common challenges startups face. In a world where innovation races ahead at breakneck speed, overcoming these problems is difficult. For this reason, many startups fail in the early years.  

Statistics show that 20% of startups fail within their initial two years, and 45% fail during the first five years. To avoid these challenges becoming a reason for failure, startups turn to consulting firms for assistance. Startup consulting companies can help startup founders learn and grow. 

If you want to grow your business, here is a list of the best startup consulting firms to narrow down your choice. 
Improve Your Bottom Line with Top Startup Consulting Companies  

A startup consulting company is a third-party firm with relevant experience and connections in specific industries. The business startup consultants from these firms get to the bottom of your business and help tackle challenges. 

Statistics show that about 70% of CEOs (chief executive officers) get help from consulting services. As more people rely on consulting services, experts expect it to grow by a CAGR of 4.96% between 2023 and 2028. The IT consulting companies are in top demand among businesses. With a market value of USD 72.36 billion in 2024, it is among the top consulting services.  

Here’s a list of some of the best consulting firms: 

1. GrowthRocks 

best startup consulting firms

GrowthRocks is among the top business startup consulting firms that help companies grow quickly and maintain sustainable growth. Since 2014, the firm has assisted early-stage startups to attract users with marketing strategies to grow businesses. 

It is a premium growth hacking marketing agency that helps startups understand customer behaviors. They help find efficient ways to increase customer acquisition, activation, and retention with their strategies. 

The firm also offers a SaaS product called Viral Loops. It is a viral and referral marketing platform to launch ranking competitions, pre-launch, and referral programs.  

  • Industry: Software, IT 
  • Location: London, England 
  • Services: Growth Hacking, Product-led Growth (PLG), SEO (search engine optimization), Copywriting, Link Building, UX, Analytics & Actionable Reporting, Inbound Marketing, Performance Marketing (aka PPC), GDPR Compliance, Content Marketing, and Strategy, etc. 

2. Bain & Company 

business startup consulting firms

Bain & Company, formed in 1973, is another well-known startup consulting firm offering results-oriented services. With expertise in the start-up and venture capital industries, B&C formed The Bain Innovation Exchange (BIE).  

The exchange is a global team of thought leaders and change-makers. The company helps founders understand the latest industry trends and determine how customers behave to craft effective strategies for long-term success. 

Their consulting services also include venture capital. It allows them to serve as a company’s VC arm, increase their reach, and connect with potential backers. 

  • Industry: Financial Service, IT, Transportation, Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate, etc. 
  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts 
  • Services: Customer Experience, ESG, Innovation, M&A, Operations, People & Organization, Private Equity, Sales & Marketing, Strategy, Technology & Digital, Transformation 

3. Ernst & Young (EY) 

startup consultants

EY is a popular accounting and startup business consultants company with experience in tax, assurance, and strategy. They help businesses address specific challenges and adapt to the market with modernization, digitalization, and sustainability.  

They help startups understand customer expectations and keep up with changing technological needs. With their expertise and assistance, companies can identify and implement business strategies to create and protect long-term value. EY also helps startups prepare to adapt to changes as they grow and develop as a company. 

  • Industries: Health Sciences and Wellness, Consumer Products and Retail, Financial Services, Technology, Media and Telecommunications 
  • Location: London, England 
  • Services: Analytics Consulting Services, Customer Experience, Cybersecurity, Strategy, Risk, Compliance and Resilience, Digital Transformation, Supply Chain and Operations, etc. 

4. IBM Garage 

business startup consultants

IBM Garage is one of the well-known business startup consulting firms with the expertise to help businesses grow and thrive. They collaborate with startup teams to develop a framework, helping them make informed decisions. 

The company aims to develop and deploy a strategy within eight weeks. The company empowers your team to take calculated risks, grow with the leading technologies, and measure different KPIs for sustainable growth. Plus, they offer innovative marketing techniques for startups.

  • Industries: Tech, IT, Sustainability, Retail, Insurance, Banking, Government, Healthcare, etc. 
  • Location: New York 
  • Services: AI, Automation, Talent Management, Security, Analytics, Supply Chain Resiliency, etc. 

5. Deloitte Catalyst  

startup business consultants

Deloitte Catalyst is your ultimate growth partner, offering several opportunities to scale your business. This startup business consultancy helps startups innovate, scale, and deliver more value in the most cost-effective and time-saving way.  

The company offers services for startups during the entire entrepreneurship lifecycle, ensuring lasting business growth. With their worldwide reach, Deloitte brings together the right players to co-develop and deliver new solutions. 

  • Industries: Financial Services, Tech, Health Care, Retail, Energy, etc. 
  • Location: London, England 
  • Services: Marketing, Core Business Operations, Analytics, Talent Management, Technology 

6. GrowthGirls 

new business startup consultants

GrowthGirls is a dynamic growth-hacking startup management consulting firm. The company is founded by females and offers several consulting services, from SEO and managing social media accounts to utilizing UX and net promoter scores (NPS). 

With many years of experience, the company has worked with brands such as Oh app, Sundance Film Festival, and Lana Bank. 

  • Industries: B2B, B2C, SaaS, eCommerce 
  • Location: London, England 
  • Services: Growth Marketing, Social Media, SEO, UX, Advertising, Outreach, Analytics 

7. Nielsen Innovate 

startup consulting companies

Nielsen Innovate helps early-stage startups understand market trends and become an established company. They work closely with the startup team, helping them generate commercialization ideas and offer strategic advice. 

Being one of the top startup business consultants, they have insider insights into how customers behave and buy. The company specializes in helping businesses build strong relationships and connect to Nielsen and its globally located Fortune 1000 clients. 

  • Industries: Retail, Marketing, Research and Media Technologies 
  • Location: Caesarea, Israel 
  • Services: Venture Capital, Incubator, Marketing, Advertising, Consumer Behavior, Market Research, Big Data & Analytics, Media, IoT, Retail Technology, and Retail 

8. Business Consulting Agency 

startup consulting firm

Business Consulting Agency is one of the best startup consulting firms focusing on marketing and technology consulting services. They are a full-service consulting firm that helps businesses by providing education, training, and coaching.  

With over 14+ years of experience, BCA offers much-needed expertise and professional help for success. They are experts in the early stages of business ventures. From research to sales efforts, they offer guidance on all aspects of startups. 

  • Industries: Business, Technology, and Marketing Consulting 
  • Location: Portland, Oregon 
  • Services: Strategy and Planning, Legal Business Formation, Business Structure Development, Vendor Selection 

9. Elysian Fields 

startup management consulting firm

Elysian Fields is a startup consultancy helping founders establish their brands, create pitches, conduct market research, etc. The firm offers expertise in marketing, investment, and product specialization.   

They help startups use marketing as engineering, offering validated insights and keeping the CAC/LTV ratio below competitors. Their consulting programs cover topics like brand messaging, value proposition, and marketing.  

  • Industry: Cybersecurity, Sustainability, SaaS, AI, Deep Tech 
  • Location: London, England 
  • Services: Marketing, Branding, Product Development, Organizational Design, Enterprise Sales and Fundraising Support 

10. ScienceSoft 

startup consultancy

ScienceSoft specializes in IT consulting and software development. The firm offers expertise in several technologies, software, and industries. Their business startup consulting services assist founders in planning and designing IT products. 

They also help establish a cost-effective software development program. Startups looking to develop these aspects can kick-start their new business with ScienceSoft’s guidance.  

  • Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting 
  • Location: McKinney, Texas 
  • Services: Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Testing and QA, Application Services, UI/UX Design, Infrastructure Services, Digital Transformation, IT Outsourcing, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity 

Final Thoughts 

Startups experience challenges in the early stages, but with informed decisions, they can change the face of their business. One such decision is whether to turn to startup consulting firms for guidance. Among the best choices are the "50 best startup accelerators," which offer a pathway to success by providing crucial support and resources.  

Whether to hire startup consultants or find a middle ground is a personal choice for each startup. For example, if you seek early-stage funding, mentorship, and resources, choosing the best startup accelerators is also a wise choice. In the end, it depends on the specific situation, goals, challenges, and resources of the startup. 

Whether you rely on startup consultants for advice or trust your instincts, the aim is to approach it with flexibility, insights, and resilience. Use the above list and find the top startup consulting firm that suits your business requirements.   

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