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 React Native Vs Native App Development A mobile app is a must for business because people spend 87% of their time on mobile apps.

We, as a mobile dependent community, are totally obsessed with mobile applications. In the year 2017, around 197 billion apps were downloaded while 90 billion Android applications and 25 billion iOS applications were downloaded in the year 2016.

Following these numbers, you can understand how important it is to get yourself into the application development to enhance your profit margins.

Technology stack has become the backbone for developing mobile applications, and considering them initially is a smart choice. It also plays a crucial role in your business development and strategy. All you have to do is prepare a summary with your goals, scope, budget, and technical assistance, and you are done with the toughest part.

Nowadays, any mobile application development company is thriving to deliver the best to the users. Consider that you want to develop an application for iOS as well as Android users or a platform that is reliable for both. You also need a framework having its own development module and optimal UI and UX as well.

In case you are asking for a platform that is actively supported across different layers without further application development, then React Native is the best way. It allows the app development to be supported across multiple platforms, and for this; you can hire react native developers.

In this article, you will learn the differences between React Native and Native applications in detail, along with some other useful applications.

Difference Between React Native Vs Native App Development

React Native and Native App Technology

Every day, the number of the internet or mobile users are increasing, which gives a genuine reason for the mobile application development companies to perform better. The most used OS platforms are Android and iOS, where the mobile phones are operating enormously.

If you are considering the app development, it is essential for you to know:

  • For the cross-platform application development, the most efficient framework available for you is React Native. In case you want to make the codes that are readable by Android and iOS equally, then you can also consider Google's flutter.
  • If you want to develop an application with two significant codebases for iOS and Android devices, then you can prefer native mobile development. It supports the native language of the OS, for example, Swift or objective for iOS and Java and Kotlin for Android.

For these two absolute variants, just a brief is not enough. Let's dive deeper into their actual concepts, including technology, excellence, performance, and lot more.

React Native App Development

For the cross-platform mobile apps, React Native app development was introduced. Initially, it was created by the Facebook developers for their own dealing but later in the year 2016; it was released publicly.

The apps built on this platform are Bloomberg, Instagram, Activity feed and Facebook ad manager, and many others. React native actually allows the shipment of iOS and Android applications under a single code base to the extremity.

It is the most improvised comprehension to perform better than other network technologies. So if you are looking for app development, then don't take long to hire react native developer.

Benefits of React Native Over Other Platforms 

  • Reusable components 
  • Efficient app development 
  • Compatibility with third party apps
  • Fully functional User Interface (UI) 


It has a wide range of possibilities to share code between different platforms, which absolutely makes it most suitable for business. The Android app development companies are making significant profits with it. Let us know about its other benefits as well-

  • It supports shared codebase.
  • It is a faster mobile app development framework.
  • It has a less developmental cost; hence if you are tight on budget, then it is a good option.
  • If your team has the excellence with React or JavaScript, then React Native is easy to learn.

As we are performing a comparative note why not flip the coin and learn about its cons as well to examine the actual necessity.


Following are some of its cons:

  • It takes a long time to debug.
  • The performance can raise questions as some features are developed in native apps.
  • It is not completely measured technical asset, and rapid changes in its versions are also occurring.

Difference Between React Native Vs Native App Development

Native Mobile Application Development

If you are active in app development, then don't take long to hire app developers. Native mobile app development is more or less like old school concept for building web applications but do not confuse it with old fashioned technology.

It is entirely based on developing the application from scratch for any operating system. The app development is supported in multiple languages, and if you certainly wish to create the application for Android as well as iOS platform, then you need to hire app developer with proficiency in technical skills.

Benefits of Native App Development 

  • Fast and reliable apps
  • Best User Experience (UX) 
  • Highest security 
  • Better app performance
  • Native design 
  • Full device integration
  • Huge developers community 

Benefits of Native App Development


Following are the benefits that come along native mobile apps:

  • Delivers high performance and more responsive towards the dedicated devices.
  • It has maximum reach towards a more extensive community network for resolution.
  • The compatibility of native app development with hardware as well as software functionalities makes its performance outstanding.
  • Debugging is easy, and it also has fewer bugs.


Here are the disadvantages of native apps:

  • It has two different codebases, and you will have to hire an app developer for both of the OS platforms.
  • Comparatively, it takes considerable time and resources for development.

What should I prefer Between React Native and Native App?

Before choosing for any platform, it is essential to consider your goal about the application and its duration. There is no other way around instead think about the idea rooted in your mind. As the React Native gives cross-platform for mobile app development, native app development is entirely different.

The two possible scenarios you can fit yourself in are-

> If you want to develop faster and comparatively cheaper means then it is not required for your application to be integrated with the sophisticated technology. To serve this purpose, you can consider React Native development.

> If you have an idea to develop an application with many essential features then consider the native app development.

Which technology to Choose Based on Your Goals?

In the long race of both don't miss the online Giants like Instagram and Facebook, which are converting the advantages of cross-platform mobile development network. Understand the fact that if you need more sophisticated features, individual elements for interfaces, dependency among native libraries, then you need native code for this requirement.

Here is a list of some of the significant applications which daily come across to us:

  • Facebook - The benefits of fast iterations and limited team to build the whole product is converted for Facebook.
  • Uber Eats - React Native as a cross-platform cover this application as it requires a dashboard for restaurant features and functions including notification with sound, push notification in many more.
  • Zomato - It is one of the most popular apps for food delivery, which is a combination of food delivery services and its features.
  • Postmates - Launched in 2011, this application helps to deliver multiple kinds of goods. Recently it has also shifted to food development service.
  • SOOTHE - This application is the best proof that the on-demand app is not limited to food or taxi service. It allows a user to order a massage to their home or office.
  • Ola - It is the top-rated taxi application with maximum users all across India. Following simple steps, the booking can be done, and payment mode is easy.

It’s Time to Code

The mobile app development companies are absolutely converting the online presence of users. With two of these app development technologies, you really need not search much about their pros and cons rather make yourself clear with your application comprehension.

Native app development is suggested when the aim is to deliver excellent performance, acute integrations with the API and features a specific platform. On the other hand, React Native is best to serve the immediate purpose where the scale is not large. Speaking according to quotation, the former one is larger on budget while the later comes with affordability.

Especially discussing the app development, it is imperative for you to know that there is no fixed budget associated with the project. It is justified that when it comes to mobile app development whatever you have paid, you ultimately get it back.

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