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low-code development platforms Develop your app without programming knowledge with these best no-code platforms for app development!

Low-code development platforms are turning out to be an efficient alternative to traditional software development practices. Their perks such as reducing the overall time to build an app, lower development costs, and more, are triggering the rising popularity of these platforms.

According to Statista, the global low-cost development platform market is rising at a CAGR of 26.1% between 2022 to 2024. The approximate revenue from the industry is expected to touch approximately $32 billion by the year end. 

Low-code development platforms, or LCAPs, as the world knows them have the ability to automate several development stages. These tools make development more accessible for amateur developers or non-technical business owners. Additionally, eliminating the traditional coding process reduces the probability of technical glitches. Ultimately, making app testing cheaper and app launch faster.

Best low-code Platforms To Develop Applications

Low-code platforms democratize AI for app developers or anyone looking to build an app with limited coding knowledge. 
A MobileAppDaily interview with Farhat Habib, Senior Director at Ikigai, illuminates the importance of artificial intelligence for people without coding skills. 

Check out the full interview here-

Moving further, this list of low-code development platform examples introduces you to the industry maestros. We curated options that were popular among the top app development companies. Additional factors such as popularity, reviews, and more were considered as well.

1. Appian

Appian comes with a free trial. The tool is considered a prominent leader in enabling the automation of the development process. Statistically, Appian has displayed a prominent growth among the top low-code development platforms out there.
The app builder without coding delivers a 20x faster deployment speed. It is being used by various organizations to improve customer experience, simplify global risk management, and achieve operational excellence.
Appian has also managed to secure #1 for Business Workflow Automation among the best low-code development platforms in the market. Its packages are categorized into three-

Notable features of Appian

  1. Plan and develop an app within minutes;
  2. No technical knowledge is required to use Appian
  3. Easy-to-configure APIs to increase the integration speed
  4. Supports the development of responsive websites
  5. Comes with enhanced security certifications

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2. Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft PowerApps lets you or your teams develop apps and launch them instantly with the help of pre-built templates. The low-code mobile app development platform offers advanced functionalities in the apps. Microsoft PowerApps enables enterprises to re-architect their legacy applications or build them from scratch.

Professional developers can create more advanced apps with the help of Azure functions offered by this no-code mobile app development platform.

As for the cost, Microsoft PowerApps remains one of the most affordable low-code application development platforms out there. Its services are accessible in two plans-

  • Developer Plan: This free-of-cost plan is designed to help developers execute app testing routines across three environments.
  • Power Apps Premium: A 20$ per user monthly plan designed for licensed users to build and launch unlimited modern applications seamlessly.

Notable features of Microsoft PowerApps:

This low-code app builder offers a wide variety of UIs and templates
Enables app integrations like Office 365, Power BI, and Dynamics 365
Supports the development of multiple app types
Can integrate advanced functions earlier limited to manual coding
Offers an approximate 74% reduction in app development costs

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3. GeneXus

GeneXus is one of the most customizable low-code development platforms servicing 9,000+ companies from all around the world. The platform allows you to develop apps and keep ownership without having to share their source codes or copyrights.

To make the app development process smoother and more effective, GeneXus uses AI to accompany the low-code development process. You can create more efficient apps within much less time and with less effort on this no-code app builder platform.

Notable features of GeneXus: 

  • Build cross-platform apps automatically without any hassle
  • Supports the development of online and offline apps
  • The low-code app builder supports SAP and ERP development
  • Supports app and source code ownership
  • Immediate previews to verify the development accuracy

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4. Studio Creatio

Studio Creatio
This powerful tool lets you build custom solutions or edit existing ones without much technical knowledge. You can use this platform to build AI-supported business solutions without any hassle and in less time. 

This one of the best low-code development platforms allows extensive integration with technologies like .Net tools, SOAP, REST, OData, and open API. Moreover, swift integration allows apps to be developed according to any ecosystem of organizations.

Additional technological applications like Microservice architecture, open-source support, all-level-security, scalability and fault tolerance, and extendable platforms are some of the additional perks that gave Studio Creatio a position in our low-code development platform list.

Notable features of Studio Creatio: 

  • The no-code app builder offers several templates
  • Upgrade apps with new technologies faster
  • While designing a process, collaborate with your team on the platform itself
  • Use remote view, comments, editing, etc features to work in collaborations
  • Convert process descriptions in PDF anytime for easy exports

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5. Mendix 


The Mendix no-code development platform has helped users create 100,000+ apps on the platform. It doesn’t matter if you are building the app for yourself or your business; whether you have a team or not, you can build apps on the low-code software development platform with no hassle.

With no or little app development knowledge, you can own high-quality app solutions for any sector in this no-code development platform. 

All you need is a powerful idea to begin with. Mendix also lets you leverage AI in app development procedures. Several brands, including Zurich, Mitsubishi Electric, Fugro, and more, have trusted the platform. 

Notable features of Mendix: 

  • Leverage technologies like IoT, machine learning, predictive analytics, etc
  • Deploy apps with a single click once built
  • Automated testing and a QA system allow you to build flawless apps
  • The platform supports project collaborations and management
  • Mobile and tablet app previews allow you to review your apps in real-time

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6. Outsystems

Outsystems allows you to develop apps and upgrade them according to business and technical needs. The platform is greatly assisting full stack developers by reducing the requirement of coding and overall development time.

As for customer service, the staff is available 24x7 through live chats, e-mail, and calls. There are a plethora of courses as well for new developers in the industry. These courses are designed to break down the development process in depth.

Moreover, if you are an experienced developer, Outsystems allows you to use your custom codes in-app scripts to add additional features. Security features offered by this low-code mobile app development platform provides modern protection to your apps.

Notable features of Outsystems: 

  • Superior Technical Support (SLA) is available for critical situations
  • Outsystems allows a collaborative environment for team members
  • A real-time dashboard to check app health
  • Connect your apps with any system easily on this platform

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7. QuickBase


This automated app development solution gives tough competition to its alternatives due to features like resource management solutions, project management solutions, delivery & installation solutions, etc. 

The top no-code app builder platform gives you relaxation against the high cost of manual coding and saves you time and effort. Moreover, you can integrate all the data spread on multiple platforms to manage it from QuickBase.

The low-code mobile app development platform is trusted by several industry leaders, including Amazon, P&G, CVS Pharmacy, and more. To test its abilities, you can access a free trial for a limited tenure.

Notable features of QuickBase: 

  • The centralization feature allows for reducing the overall development time and cost
  • The platform provides tutorials and guides to maximize its experience
  • You can automate the workflow through its form-based UI
  • It allows you to integrate with existing tools and app systems

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QuickBase is a simple, low-code platform that helps businesses handle data easily. With, you can set up data pipelines quickly without needing a lot of coding knowledge. This helps you make decisions based on your data.

The best low-code development platform works with many types of data sources, such as databases, cloud storage, and apps. You can pull all your data into one place. It offers real-time data integration, automatic workflows, and tools to turn raw data into helpful insights.

Security is a critical component of It protects your data with strong security measures like complete encryption. It also follows important rules like GDPR and HIPAA to keep your data safe. is perfect for marketers, data analysts, and IT workers. It simplifies data tasks, helping you manage your data better. This lets you use your data to grow and improve your business faster.

Notable features of 

  • Helps you build GDPR and HIPAA-compliant apps
  • Delivers perfect encryption for data security
  • Comes with databases and cloud storage options
  • Useful for making data-based developments

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9. Oracle APEX

This one of the best low-code platforms reduces the complexity of mobile app solutions for businesses, individuals, or expert developers. Tasks like manipulating data, creating charts, processing data, editing data, etc, get easier with this one of the top low-code platforms. 

Its stunning ability to create visually appealing charts in apps by leveraging Oracle JET helped Oracle APEX secure a place in our low-code development platform list. These highly customizable charts have many color options and support multiple forms of data in this top low-code app development.

On top of that, you can integrate data from various sources like local databases, a remote Oracle database, or web services in Oracle APEX, one of the top low-code development platforms. This enables you to centralize the data processing and management for your high-quality apps.

Notable features of Oracle APEX

  • A sophisticated filtering system makes it easy to find data anytime
  • An interactive Grid Component to select and edit data in bulk
  • REST-Enable SQL Services enable accessing data and executing SQL
  • Build and edit data from Oracle APEX, SQL Developer, or PL/SQL APIs

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10. Kissflow


Business Process Management (BPM) allows you to build business processes without any knowledge of coding. You can create an end-to-end workflow platform that enables user control without any hassle.

Its intuitive work management approach and independence of collaboration with other users make it unique. Kissflow’s userbase include names like Pepsi, Caribbean Airlines, Motorola Solutions, and Schnucks among others.

The stunning case management dashboard makes it easier to access and prepare product strategies on a single screen. Additionally, it can also connect to several Project Management Software easily including Slack, Dropbox, Mailchimp, and more. 

Notable features of Kissflow

  • Includes case management feature for reporting incidents and automatic debugging
  • Bug tracker provides a report sorted according to priorities
  • The platform offers a detailed analysis report for your assurance
  • Kissflow lets you design fully customized forms for your application
  • The simple design makes it easy to use for people with no coding experience
  • Real-time metrics allow you to keep track of each workflow process

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11. DWKit


DWKit’s main feature is that it is a low-code app development platform that is able to leverage other technologies. For example, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle as its database. Moreover, DWKit supports FormBuilder, Workflow management, Continuous integration services, delivery, deployment, etc. To make it easier to use, DWKit comes with a video tutorial for its users.

The Low-code + workflow platform provides a self-hosted low-code platform for web and mobile application development. Its ability to enable a 4x launch makes it one of the outstanding low-code development platform examples. 

Notable features of DWKit: 

  • Drag&drop interaction reduces the development time, cost, and efforts
  • An ultimate license provides complete access and control over the source codes
  • The platform enables you to build, test, debug, and launch applications within weeks
  • Customize the UI or change the behavior of web browsers without coding knowledge
  • DWKit comes with Workflow designer solutions and the data layer

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12. Salesforce Lightning


This free low-code platform allows you to save 25% of the time by providing no-code or low-code development opportunities. Moreover, you can add analytics, prediction analysis, AI, etc., to your apps to make them smarter. The built-in AI in this free, low-code platform also helps you in developing high-quality apps faster and without any complications.

Salesforce Lightning also enables a faster drag & drop functionality. This can increase the overall development speed by a larger ratio. 

Notable features of Salesforce Lightning:

  • Reuse and develop components to integrate them with apps
  • Supports easy integration from various industries and their business solutions
  • It combines App Builder, Lightning Flow, SalesforceDX, and Heroku for speedy development
  • Offers a 24x7 assistance

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How do Low-Code Development Platforms Benefit Businesses?

Leading app development companies In the USA, India, the UK, and other corners are the world are moving towards the most customizable low-code development platforms for several reasons. Let’s break them down deeper!

1. Faster App Development

Adopting low-code development has become a common practice, practically to multiply the speed of the development process. Integrating low-code platforms in-game app development, enterprise development, and other such practices helps make apps trendier with less effort.

2. Save Money on Development

Since apps can be made faster, they cost less to make. Low-code platforms mean you don't need many highly skilled coders. Sometimes, even people who aren't coders can make or help make apps. This saves money and lets businesses use their money more wisely. Also, apps get to market faster, which saves even more time and money.

3. Easy Updates and Growth

Businesses need to change quickly as technology or customer needs change. Low-code platforms make it easy to change apps with little effort. You can update apps and see the changes right away. These apps can grow as your business grows without needing to rebuild them.

4. Business and IT Work Better Together

In many companies, the business side and IT don't always match up well. Low-code platforms help solve this by letting more people make apps, not just IT pros. This means apps are more likely to do what the business really needs.

5. IT Teams Can Do More

IT teams often have too much to do. Low-code platforms can take off some of that load. They make app building faster and let other people in the company make changes. This lets IT pros work on bigger projects. Also, many low-code tools check your work as you go, which makes everything even faster.

6. Safer and Compliant

Low-code platforms help manage risks better. They use standard ways of building apps that include security from the start. This means less worry about data leaks or breaking rules. Everything about building the app is done in one place, which makes it easier to keep an eye on.

7. Everyone Can Innovate

Low-code platforms make it easier for everyone to try out new ideas. They take away the need for deep tech skills to build something new. This lets people who know the business challenges best try out their ideas quickly and safely.

Comparing the Top Low-Code Development Platforms

Key Takeaways

Platform Key Features Free Trial/Plan Notable Clients
  • 20x faster deployment
  • No technical knowledge needed
  • Enhanced security certifications
Free trial available Salesforce, Gartner, IBM, etc.
Microsoft PowerApps
  • Wide variety of UIs and templates 
  • Integration with Office 365, Power BI, Dynamics 365
  • 74% reduction in app development costs
Developer Plan (Free) Enterprises re-architecting legacy applications
  • Build cross-platform apps
  • Supports online and offline apps
  • AI-enhanced development
Contact for details 9,000+ companies worldwide
Studio Creatio
  • Multiple templates
  • Supports .Net, SOAP, REST
  • Process collaboration tools
Contact for details Businesses needing rapid integration and AI support
  • IoT, machine learning integrations
  • Single-click deployment
  • Collaborative project management
Contact for details Zurich, Mitsubishi Electric, Fugro
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Collaborative environment
  • Real-time app health dashboard
Contact for details Full stack developers needing less coding
  • Centralization feature
  • Integration with existing tools
  • Form-based UI for workflow automation
Free trial available Amazon, P&G, CVS Pharmacy
  • Integration with 100+ data stores and SaaS services
  • Drag & drop UI
Contact sales team Cross-platform experts and companies handling big data
Oracle APEX
  • Case management
  • Customizable forms
  • Real-time metrics for workflow tracking
Contact for details Pepsi, Caribbean Airlines, Motorola Solutions
  • Drag & drop interaction
  • Complete control over source codes
  • Workflow designer solutions
Contact for details Businesses needing a self-hosted platform
Salesforce Lightning
  • Built-in AI for smarter apps
  • Drag & drop functionality
  • Comprehensive integration options
Free plan available Various industries

Key Takeaways

Almost every industry is recognizing the potential of mobile apps, which has resulted in a rising number of apps. In 2023 alone, over 257 billion apps were downloaded. This competitiveness makes it critical to adopt apps to revolutionize the business strategy. In case resources are limited, low-code development platforms can come in handy.

As we've seen, above mentioned LCAPs empower individuals and organizations alike, turning intricate coding processes into accessible, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. As you include the best low-code development platform in your app development strategy, remember: the power to innovate, disrupt, and lead in your industry is quite literally at your fingertips.

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