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Machine Learning  Evolving Machine learning along with Artificial Intelligence is redefining our future!

Even common folks will agree with the statement that Artificial Intelligence or AI is the future and it has the ability to bring about a considerable degree of transformation in all industries. Artificial Intelligence can solve even the most challenging and complex problems with ease.

This makes it immensely beneficial, keeping in mind the human perspectives and needs. Lately, a tool that goes by the name ‘TensorFlow’ is gaining a tremendous amount of popularity among the machine learning programmers.

TensorFlow is an open-source resource that aids and assists in building and using training data sets in machine learning. One of the major reasons behind the incredibly high popularity levels of and TensorFlow is its adoption by some of the big names in the relevant industry.

However, the question is as to what are the attributes and characteristics of TensorFlow that have made it emerge as the victor. Through the medium of this post, we are making an attempt to layout the same for you.

What are the Tensors?

Before you proceed further, you must know as to what exactly are Tensors. In simple words, Tensors are nothing but a way to represent data in deep learning. Basically, Tensors are the multidimensional arrays that enable you to represent data that possesses higher dimensions.

In the field of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, you have to deal with high dimensional data sets.

What Exactly Is TensorFlow?

As clear from the name itself, TensorFlow refers to the series of operations that one performs on tensors. TensorFlow is a library that provides a wide range of functionality for the implementation of Deep Learning Models.

Is Certification a good start to a career in AI & Machine Learning?

With more than 1500 project mentions in Github and a number of institutions providing TensorFlow Certification and Training, the popularity of TensorFlow is evident. The following are some of the major attributes and characteristics associated with TensorFlow that make it extremely favorable in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

AI & Machine Learning

1. Open Source

The very first reason behind the status that TensorFlow enjoys is the fact that it is Open Source. Therefore, if you have internet connectivity at your place you can easily jump on the bandwagon of learning TensorFlow. You can perform your own manipulations in the library and come up with a wide range of useful products.

2. Unparalleled Flexibility

Flexibility in operations is another important attribute of TensorFlow. With this, we mean that TensorFlow is modular in nature. You don’t have to learn the entire TensorFlow in one go. The modularity allows you to distribute it into various parts and learn the same part by part.

Moreover, if you wish to make certain parts of it standalone, you can do the same as well. This attribute of TensorFlow makes it pretty easy to learn, understand, and apply towards solving deep learning problems and this is why a vast chunk of machine learning programmers are moving towards learning Tensor Flow.

3. Easily Trainable

As you can see from the attribute explained above, TensorFlow is easily trainable on CPU as well as GPU. Anything that is easily trainable definitely enjoys a great deal of popularity. Moreover, as you will know by now, apart from being easily trainable, it has got great potential in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

These two attributes combine to impact the status of TensorFlow that it is currently enjoying. In the future, we will indeed see TensorFlow revolutionizing the field of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

4. Backed Up By Google

Google undoubtedly enjoys a king-like status in the relevant industry and when Google develops anything, it will definitely acquire an immense level of popularity. Since Google is behind TensorFlow, one can understand as to why the machine learning folks regard it as a great favor.

People know when Google engineers are working on anything; they will definitely get unparalleled and unequal support for the product.  Thus, people will go for the product and adopt it within their existing technologies.

5. Readable Syntax

You will agree with our statement that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is indeed tough to learn, understand, and apply. Along with this, if the syntax of the elements utilized in the machine learning and artificial intelligence tool is tough to learn and understand.

It will be a double whammy for machine-learning programmers and artificial intelligence enthusiasts who are interested in taking up a career in their respective fields. Google understood the same and thus made the syntax of TensorFlow easily accessible and readable so that the users of TensorFlow do not have to fight with the syntax.

This further enables them to easily focus on the development of useful products from the tool. This aids while assisting machine-learning programmers and app developers in usa and worldwide to iterate quickly, train models faster, and run more experiments. Moreover, TensorFlow also contributes significantly to error reduction. TensorFlow reduces errors by at least 55-85%.

6. Large community support

As mentioned above, Google is the brain behind the development of TensorFlow. Hence, there is already a very big, experienced, and professional team of software engineers working behind TensorFlow.

If programmers face any kind of issues with the product or have any questions or queries regarding the same, they know that they can immediately reach out to the large team of software engineers who are actively working on the management and further development of TensorFlow.

Furthermore, there are active forums on TensorFlow. So you don't need to scratch your head hard to find a solution for any kind of issue which you might face while developing products with TensorFlow as help is just a click away. Hence, now you can understand that the presence of a large community behind TensorFlow makes it favorable among artificial intelligence and machine learning programmers.

7. Used by Established Companies

As of now, NASA, other government agencies, and a host of private sector giants use TensorFlow. Therefore, you can understand that since the big names in the relative industry are already using TensorFlow, it adds to the already immense appeal of the product.

These are some of the major reasons behind the overwhelming popularity of TensorFlow in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We hope that you are now clear with the reasons as to why Machine-Learning programmers regard TensorFlow with great favor and appreciation.

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence and deep learning are indeed the future. Hence, if you are looking to start acquiring artificial intelligence and machine learning skills, now is the apt time to begin doing the same and there is no place as good as TensorFlow to start.

With TensorFlow certification under your hood, you will also make yourself eligible for some of the most coveted positions in the relevant industry. Hence, by acquiring artificial intelligence and machine-learning skills you are also shaping your career for the good.

Since artificial intelligence and machine learning are the primary technologies of the future, the career growth rate in the same is unparalleled and unequal. Hence, you do not need to think further about your decision. Start by acquiring the machine-learning skills with utmost vigor and excitement.

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