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Best 8 Education App Ideas for Startups in 2023

Trends have changed and new technologies such as AR have become a crucial part of mobile apps. Let’s have a look at other education app ideas for startups that can help students and businesses.

education app ideas for startups

Mobile apps have taken over almost every segment of the market, including education. According to Statista, in the first quarter of 2020, education apps were downloaded more than 900 million times from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store combined.

education app ideas for startups

Now, if you have a plan of launching educational apps of your own in the market, but you are not sure about the features that you can integrate into them, we are here to help you out. Furthermore, we are shortlisting a few crucial ideas that can be useful for educational app users. So, if you are intrigued, read this blog until the end.

Best education startup ideas

Here, we have tried to shortlist a few best app ideas for startups that can help the education industry crucially. Let’s have a look at these ideas.

1. AR-based educational apps

AR-based educational apps

Augmented reality or AR is growing and getting advanced rapidly with time. The technology is taking over the market segments like gaming, interior designing, and more. One of the best technologies for the e-learning app development segments, AR can be used to educate students about healthcare, engineering, and more.

2. Private virtual tuitions via apps

One of the best app ideas for students that top app development companies can use for education app development is private virtual tutors. Now when situations like pandemics force students to confine themselves into their homes, private tutors can help them out in learning effectively. Thus, an app for private tutors deserves to make a place on the list of one of the top app ideas for startups.

3. Quizzes apps to make learning effective

Quizzes apps to make learning effective

It is always a good idea to test your knowledge after finishing a chapter. Thus, quiz mobile apps in education can easily be one of the app ideas for students. Apps such as Udemy, Khan Academy, Coursera, and more are already using quizzes to test the knowledge of the user.

4. School Bus tracking app

School Bus tracking app

Well, wouldn’t it be cool to track the school bus in real-time to not get late or wait for it if the bus is late? If you find it a good idea, then you can hire one of the best app development companies for startups to build it for you. The app can work like Uber but for school buses. It can be helpful for schools too. Users can rate bus drivers according to their experience or the student’s experience.

5. Track the learning progress app

One of the most popular app ideas for students being used is tracking the learning progress. With the help of AI in education, this data can be also used to provide users with a customized learning pattern to make the process of learning more effective. Major names like Udemy, Coursera, and others are already using these educational app ideas.

6. App to resale or recycle owned books and gadgets

Well, being a student is tough today, especially with all the digitalization that has been going on. Thus, it is a good idea to recycle or resale used gadgets. When users have no use of a book or a gadget, they can list them on the educational app that you design. It will reduce plastic waste, usage of paper, and help students. This one of the top educational app ideas can effectively save money for learners.

7. Audiobooks reading app

One of the most effective e-learning app ideas can include audiobooks. Students can learn even when they are occupied with something else like traveling. It does not only help in remembering things but also improves the focus of the individual.

8. AI vocabulary and pronunciation app

If you own a company or planning to hire an education app development company that specializes in AI, then it is a good idea to use it for the education app. AI can help students in learning languages. For instance, the user can say a word and the AI can tell if the user is saying it right or wrong. The AI can also tell them the correct pronunciation and rate the repetition.

To conclude, well, these were the best mobile business ideas with apps. However, surely, in the future, more mobile apps in the education sector will come with new ideas due to the continuous technological evolution. Thus, researching and keeping an eye on trends is always the key to staying ahead of the competition. Hopefully, these ideas that we discussed above will help your business grow.

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