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Which Cloud Solution Is Best For Your Web App Development in 2023?

By the end of 2021, approximately 80% of all enterprises have onboarded cloud products.

Which Cloud Solution Is Best

Storing data can now be classified as one of the main priorities in all fields. In the last two decades, there has been an unparalleled rise in mobile as well as computer users. It doesn't matter if your business is small or large-scale, the main aim here is to thrive on data and make an accessible storage at an affordable cost.

This is because not every organization can afford to spend a huge amount of money that further goes into buying and maintaining the hardware. At this point, having a strong IT support and a large storage hub becomes a necessity for a business to survive in the competition. That's why in this article we will be discussing how you can pick the right cloud solutions for web app development in a cost-efficient way.

And this is the part where cloud computing for web app comes into the picture as a more affordable alternative because there is efficiency in data storage, less maintenance & computation costs. When investing in cloud computing services the need for the high-priced IT infrastructure can be completely eliminated.

Rise of Cloud Computing 

Now let's have a look at why cloud services for Web apps are gaining so much popularity nowadays with the help of a graphical representation. According to a survey conducted by Formotus, it was seen that companies usually spend from $100,000 to $500,000 for the on-premise app development where half of this budget is actually spent on the hardware and software of the app development process.

Cost Of Ownership

With this, it was concluded that today the businesses that have already adapted to the cloud solutions for web app development witnessed approximately 2.3 times more growth in the revenue. Other than that, they can also cut around half of the total expenses just by opting for the cloud applications.

This adds to the list of prominent reasons why so many companies have already switched from their on-premise app development to cloud-based development. Some of those names are Instagram, Quora, Reddit, Adobe, Pinterest, Facebook, Spotify, LinkedIn, Airbnb and Netflix. 

Why Cloud-based Application Development Is Better? 

Below is a list of some of the main reasons why cloud-based application development is way better than the option of on-premise application development services:

  • Data Security: The cloud platforms provide guaranteed data security, as they are obliged to protect the companies' valuable information at all costs while following the latest GDPR standards.
  • Scalability: The cloud-based development solutions offer scalability both ways on demand, which can be really convenient in case the business doesn't plan to support some of the app features and hence requires fewer resources for hardware and software.
  • Rapid Deployment: The development, as well as deployment, is faster in cloud services, where Web app developers don’t need to spend extra time installing hardware and software to develop the app.
  • No Backup is Required: Here, there is no need to maintain a backup for the hardware and software that is being used for the development process of the Web and mobile applications.
  • Cutting-Edge Software: It provides access to innovative software and hardware, as these cloud services are regularly upgraded to deliver solutions that are better and faster.
  • Track Services: It offers the ability to track different services that are being used while working with cloud computing platforms. That's why you’ll know how much money and resources are being spent on a particular app feature.
  • Remote Access: Another plus point is the availability of remote access worldwide for all of the cloud-based app development teams, which further allows them to attract high-level professionals from various geographical locations.  

Public IT cloud spending

Apart from the reasons that are mentioned above, there are many more such as the investors find the cloud-based applications more appealing and also predictable. For instance, we have added a graph depicting the rise in the value of public IT cloud spending. According to this, in the next two years, the total IT cloud spending value will cross the threshold of 200 billion dollars. Businesses are now moving to partner with the top cloud consulting companies to get better ideas on how to start creating effective platforms.

Which Cloud Platform is the Best? 

When it comes to finding the right cloud platform for your Web apps or other app development services, things can tend to get a bit tricky. Because choosing a cloud-based platform can be is not something that should be taken lightly, especially when you are trying out cloud solutions for the very first time.

The decision here is to know which type of common cloud services are suitable for your business such as SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) which are explained below: 

1. PaaS 

PaaS also known as Platform as a Service, which provides users with a complete software environment for creating mobile/web applications. This type of cloud-based service also provide effective tools for accurate configuration of the surrounding software environment including operating system, hardware, OS (operating system), testing and development tools.

Pros of PaaS

  • Less coding
  • Easy customization
  • More flexibility 
  • Simple mechanism 
  • More convenient option    

Cons of PaaS

  • Platform lock-in
  • Restricted access
  •  Integration challenges 
  • Suboptimal app performance 

There are various advantages of using Platform as a Service and some of them are presented in the above image. However, PaaS is also considered to be one of the basic components when it comes to building e-commerce websites or mobile apps. Even cloud developers opt for this type as it is affordable and light in comparison to other services available in the market.

On the other hand, PaaS also requires developers to hold some experience working on database deployment, front-end development and also the business logic of the project.

2. SaaS 

Software as a Service, which is also known as SaaS, can be referred to as software that is provided over the Internet mainly on the basis of subscription. These SaaS solutions can be a good option when your business is suffering from a timeline boundation and it is not keeping up with the pre-fined deadline to create the complete infrastructure which includes developing and deployment of the app.

A well-known example of a SaaS product is Lambda by Amazon for the purpose of adding specific functions to a mobile application. With the help of this SaaS solution, the task app building becomes easier because Lambda can automatically scale which requires zero administration. 

Pros of SaaS

  •  Reduced cost
  • Multi-tenant distribution model
  • Easier maintenance 
  •  Faster access
  • Device & location independence 
  • Improved data analytics 
  • Offers continuity 

Cons of SaaS

  •  Time-intensive security issue
  •  Contractual obligations
  • Data locatization 
  •  Control of Data

Overall, one can say that choosing SaaS as your short-term cloud services for Web apps can be a great pick if your project is short-term or if you are looking for a temporary software collaboration with a specific type of user base. But before choosing Saas we should consider the mistakes that SaaS businesses make.

3. IaaS 

IaaS is also known as Infrastructure as a Service can be defined as a cloud service that offers online access to resources such as storage, networks and servers for the deployment purpose of operating systems (OS) as well as programs. Basically, in this case, it can be realized through the process of data virtualization and without any need to maintain your own infrastructure. In simple words, it is similar to renting a physical server but only online.

Pros of IaaS 

  • Minimum management cost 
  • No administrative issue
  • Pay per use option 
  • No cost on infrastructure 
  • High reliability 

Cons of IaaS 

  • Restricted flexibility 
  • Limited control on infrastructure 
  • Require good bandwidth 
  • Ongoing Costs 
  • Security Concerns 

In the case of this cloud platform for web app development, web cloud developers receive scalability and full control of infrastructure along with the highest levels of customization. There are several businesses that usually require IaaS services that mainly belong to the telecommunication or e-commerce industries.

The below image displays the various services as some of the general options and web app development tools according to each of the previously discussed cloud solutions for web application development i.e. SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. With the help of this table, you can make sure to choose the top pick among these common cloud services.

Separation of responsibities

Things To Consider While Selecting Cloud Solutions 

When it comes to picking the right cloud platform for your web app development services than there are a couple of things that you need to pay attention to and some of them are:

  1. Number of users: Try to use the service effectively, as a majority of app users often view this as a sign of trust and client satisfaction.
  2. Cost Perspective: For some businesses, the pricing may act as a primary objective in the selection of the cloud solution for your web or mobile app.
  3. Tech support level:  Make sure that you get suitable assistance and tech support for maintaining your application in case something goes wrong.
  4. Data Security: As we have discussed above, every cloud service delivers a different level of data security to mobile app developers to protect against online fraud and security breaches.
  5. Up-to-Date Policies: Another important thing to consider is that you keep your app updated with the policies of the cloud services in order to run your software smoothly. 

So these are some of the points that matter when you are selecting a cloud service like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS for your web applications.

Key Takeaways 

Below are some of the most important key takeaways related to these cloud solutions for web apps and cloud-based services:

  • Specific security standards are also considered to know if it is the right time to go cloud-based for your business or not.
  • Banking and medical companies are using local data centers to store personal user data/information.
  • Cloud computing provides you with an additional array of features for your web application development.
  • Using these cloud solutions for your web apps, you can improve the user experience for the audience.
  • Opting for cloud solutions greatly depends on the business strategy as well as the project budget.
  • Ensure to run a cost-benefit analysis before finalizing a cloud professional services provider for your business.
  • IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS are three of the most suitable options when it comes to cloud computing services.
  • With its cloud-based apps, the IT industry is transforming the trends of the corporate culture.
  • Additional skills are required by cloud web developers to use these cloud services efficiently.  

We really hope that you enjoyed reading this article on the topic of cloud computing and in case you still have some doubts regarding which cloud solution will be the best for your business, feel free to comment down below.

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