Top Data Virtualization Tools that Deliver Full Data Control and Governance

These top Data virtualization tools are built to help enterprises optimize the way they gather and manage data by providing them with smarter and faster solutions.
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January 23, 2023
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As the demand for data has boosted massively, data virtualization tools are turning out to be a blessing for the IT industry and have become one of the most popular digital transformation trends. Businesses across the globe are using data virtualization tools to fasten up their digital processes while making digital operations more cost-effective as well.

Now, in this blog, we have shortlisted some of the popular and most preferred data virtualization tools that are known for their range of analytics, support for projects, performance, and more. Each of these tools has been reviewed to ensure that only the best options are recommended to you.

Leading Data Virtualization Tools

With each of these data virtualization tools, you will find their descriptions and features. You can also explore the links of each tool given below to know them better. So, without further ado, let’s begin with this list of top data virtualization tools.

Actifio GO

This one of the top data virtualization tools examples is designed to enable enterprise-class and powerful backups for hybrid workloads and Google Cloud. The top data virtualization software was built with the goal to help users in taking full advantage of data control features integrated into this software. From just a copy data management tool, today, this leading virtualization technology solution can support the modernization of apps whether they are built on hybrid or multi-cloud servers.

Key features of Actifio GO, the top database virtualization software

  • Designed to eliminate duplication of the data
  • Provides rapid access to any data
  • Comes with a 30-day free trial
  • Instantly recovers databases
Explore Actifio GO, one of the top Data virtualization tools


This virtualized data center is a smarter approach that delivers better data management and controls to the user. Among the top benefits of data centers, virtualization includes its ability to generate insights using AI and making them accessible to a larger user base. Atscale is also one of the most preferred tools by cloud consulting companies because it is designed with the goal to empower citizen data scientists and analysts to have complete control over their data by making the data more democratize. 

Key features of Atscale, the top virtualized data center software

  • Built to empower ML data pipelines with flexibility and control
  • Makes it easier to manage and use data
  • Helpful in improving the performance of BI tools
  • A free demo is available on the website
Explore Atscale, a top cloud data virtualization tool


Another top name preferred by most of the top virtual reality companies and other such categories of IT organizations, CData is helpful in extracting data from over 250 data sources. These data sources can be CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation Platforms, Collaboration Tools, APIs, etc. The tool is also designed to deliver rapid data insights and agility to ensure data scientists, business analysts, low-code developers, and other non-technical users have a seamless data access experience.

Key features of CData, the top data virtualization technology

  • Designed to make data accessibility more seamless
  • Most suitable for non-technical users
  • Delivers independence from building and managing custom integrations
  • Provides freedom from investing time and money in re-tooling to enhance applications
Explore CData, one of the top data virtualization tools examples


If you are still looking for a smart tool that can convert raw data into insights that are easier to understand, Datameer is the perfect tool for you. This top name in this data virtualization software list is quite popular for its abilities like automating data insights using SQL or no code, exploring and building them, and more. The tool is used by top names like LabCorp, Scotiabank, ReliantFunding, and so on already. 

Key features of Datameer, the top database virtualization solution

  • Comes with an in-built data catalog for easy searches
  • Uses SQL and hundreds of pre-built operations to transform data
  • Supports integration with already existing BI tools
  • Allows you to version and monitor your work
Explore Datameer, the top cloud data virtualization solution
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Data Virtuality

A simple tool to use in this data virtualization software list, Data Virtuality is designed to deliver high-performance and agile data infrastructure by combining data virtualization and next-gen ETL features. You can use SQL to extract data from multiple sources whether the data is relational or non-relational. Data Virtuality also supports any file format of the data that is supposed to be extracted from sources. You can use the data to integrate and create central data logic as well as to make the data accessible- this top virtualized data center supports common interfaces like JDBC, ODBC, REST, etc. 

Key features of Data Virtuality, the leading database virtualization solution

  • Supports common interfaces like JDBC, ODBC, and REST
  • Uses SQL to query data from multiple sources
  • Supports any file format
  • Can create central data logic layer by using SQL
Explore Data Virtuality, the leading virtualization technology solution


The top data virtualization software, Denodo is used to connect with disparate structured and unstructured sources to catalog the entire data environment. Users can access the data from sources whenever required without having to create duplicate data. The data virtualization tool supports SQL, SOAP, REST, and OData to secure and consume the data across sources. Some of the benefits of Denodo are full data governance and control, intelligent execution of data queries, easy access to data of all types, and more.

Key features of Denodo, one of the top data virtualization tools examples

  • Supports cloud and multi-cloud interoperability
  • Allows creating data marketplaces
  • Get real-time data in any format
  • Smart data control and execution
Explore Denodo, the best database virtualization tool


The IT giant IBM is a leading builder of IT tools like top mobile app testing tools, AI chatbots, data virtualization tools, and more. To talk about its data virtualization tools specifically, these tools are well-known among modern developers and businesses for simplifying data management massively. These tools are also famous for their capabilities of improving collaborations and reducing costs for users to empower business processes. 

Key features of IBM, top data virtualization tools

  • Best customer 360-degree data provider
  • Top option for full data governance and control
  • A bridge to connect the right people with the right data
  • Past clients include Highmark Health, Wunderman Thompson, etc.
Explore IBM, one of the top data virtualization tools examples


One of the most-demanded IT tools out there, the Informatica data virtualization solution is well known for simplifying data management tasks. The Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) is a dedicated cloud solution that provides features such as data governance, privacy, acceleration for AI projects, master data management, easy data synchronization, and deliveries among others. The tool uses the CLAIRE AI engine to empower its IDMC feature to unify, govern, and manage data on a single platform.

Key features of Informatica, the leading virtualized data center

  • Useful for automated business insights
  • Use a button to connect with any process or data
  • Supports fast building and running intelligent ETL and ELT
  • Used by over 5,000 active customers already
Explore Informatica, the top virtualized data center tool

Oracle Virtualization Software

If you are looking for one of the top open-source and free data virtualization tools, Oracle is your destination. The tool offers a simplified management tool along with support for Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. Oracle Linux KVM is one of the Oracle data virtualization solutions popular for features like reboot-free security updates, easy-to-move VMs to the cloud, support for hybrid cloud, etc. Oracle Virtualization Software supports non-Oracle and Oracle products both.

Key features of Oracle, the best Informatica data virtualization alternative

  • Patch security updates with no downtime
  • Provides access to restricted applications without compromising the data security
  • Simplifies deployment of virtual machines on hybrid clouds
  • Supports Oracle and non-Oracle applications as well
Explore Oracle Virtualization Software, the top AWS data virtualization alternative

Red Hat

A choice of more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies, Red Hat is known for delivering cost-effective and fast IT infrastructures for hybrid clouds, applications, cloud-native application development, and automated solutions among others. The KVM hypervisor-based solution uses SPICE and Virtual Desktop Server Manager (VDSM) with an RHEL-based server management server.     The tool is capable of supporting 400 hosts in a single cluster without any limitations or upper limits on the number of hosts supported by the tool.

Key features of Red Hat, one of the top Data virtualization tools

  • Can support up to 400 hosts in a single cluster
  • Used by more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies
  • Most suitable for scaling applications
  • Supports enterprise-wide automation
Explore Red Hat, the best AWS data virtualization alternative


A leading data virtualization solution among enterprises is called SAP HANA Cloud. The tool lets you access remote data easily as if the data you want is stored on local sources. Additionally, through its three data replication models - ETL, replication, and federation, the tool makes it easier to move data from various sources. These sources can be third-party databases, SAP, and more. To replicate the data to make it easily accessible in real-time SAP HANA Cloud is the most preferred solution.

Key features of SAP HANA Cloud, the leading cloud data virtualization tool

  • Suitable for integrating and replicating any type of data
  • Supports synchronization with remote data
  • Seamless support to blend multi-model data
  • Provides real-time data accessibility features
Explore SAP HANA Cloud, one of the top Data virtualization tools


Last but not least addition to this list of top Data virtualization tools, Tibco is a solution that enterprises deploy to reduce their data virtualization costs by 48%. The tool also provides a reduction of manual efforts by up to 75% to generate reports and insights. This one of the top data virtualization tools examples also comes with a 30-day free trial that you can use to extract real-time data to make rapid business decisions. You can also write to Tibco for on-demand demonstrations before you finalize a decision to use its services for the long term.

Key features of Tibco, the top data virtualization software

  • Comes with a 30-day free trial
  • Provides on-demand TIBCO demonstrations
  • Delivers 5x faster time-to-solution
  • 48% effective in reducing costs
Explore Tibco, the top Informatica data virtualization alternative
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Well, that is all for this list of top Data virtualization tools. The tools that we mentioned above have been reviewed by MobileAppDaily experts to test their usability. So, you can pick any of the above-mentioned options and use a smarter approach to gathering and using data to empower your enterprises. 

Now, if you are a software developer or a development company and own one of the top digital solutions that you think should be enlisted among the above-mentioned options, you can list your product by submitting it for a review. If the product qualifies for quality standards, then it can have the opportunity to get displayed among the top options so potential users can find them easily.

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