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 Advantages Of Hiring A Custom App Builder Hiring a custom app builder can remarkably improve how your app finally turns out to be.

Around 4.78million mobile apps were available on both Google Play and Apple App stores combined as of September 2020. But in an increasingly saturated app market, there is a lot you have to do to stand out from the rest of the competition to make it out successfully.

Ready-made apps may suffice your needs for a while but if you settle for them for your business in the long run, you might eventually regret this decision. Especially if it doesn’t suit your needs as well as those of your target audience. You’ll thus need a custom app instead, which is created only to fulfil yours and your customer’s needs. 

What is a Custom App Builder

Custom app development is a process creating tailor-made app solutions which can not be procured off-the-shelf in terms of functionality, features and design. Custom app makers create bespoke solutions according to the need of the business and create functionality which specifically fulfils your needs. The custom app development solutions are designed to fulfil specific purposes of your business which you couldn't get from off-the-shelf solutions. The custom app developers aim to cater the specific needs of your business against the off-the-shelf services which, by in contrast offer solutions which can accommodate as many businesses as it can, losing the focus on specialisation and tailored solutions. 

Advantages Of A Custom App Builder

Software development is a niche job which requires specialisation, years of training and experience to say the least. It will be safe to say that it requires a special set of people with dedicated skills and experience to join the job. Hence, the wise thing will be to hire a custom app builder rather than figuring out how to create your custom software on your own. Initially, build your own mobile app free may seem like a cost-effective solution to you but the long term effects will cost you much more than what you will spend to hire app maker. Before you try to create your own mobile app for free, you might want to consider the following app builder advantages that can facilitate your business.

Benefits Of Hiring A Custom App Builder

1. A custom app builder can save you time and money

You might initially think that building a custom mobile app for your business all by yourself is faster and cheaper. But here are some ballpark figures to ponder upon that can make you quit developing it before you even started and dump the whole “create your own app without coding” thought:

  • A standard app coded using either Java or Objective C for Android and iOS mobile operating systems, respectively, takes around 18 weeks to build and release.
  • Average time to develop an app is about 300 hours while a highly multifaceted one can consume more than 900 hours of development time.
  • A small-sized app costs USD3,000 to USD8,000 to develop while creation of a complex one can set you back USD50,000 to USD150,000. 

You most likely don’t have 18 weeks, 300 hours, and $3,000 to build your own mobile app, especially if you are occupied with other necessary engagements that come along with running a business, like meeting with clients, overseeing your business operations, attending speaking engagements, and so much more.

Instead of trying to wing it solo, you can hire an app builder instead and let them use their expertise and experience for developing your bespoke mobile software for you so you can focus on all other aspects of your business which are more your cup of tea.

2. A custom app maker can provide your mobile software tailor-fit solutions for robust security

Using a mobile app template which is available on various stores or using the app which already exists for you and your customers to download may have some immediate benefits, but most likely they have not been tested for security to match up your specific needs. You don’t even know anything about the company that’s developed it, they might not have added any security features to it, thus putting any sensitive information about its users at risk. 

For instance, if you decided to settle for a third-party shopping app, its developers might not have included an option to mask the user’s credit card information. A hacker might snoop at any of its users entering their credit card info in it while in a public place.

They might not even notice that someone is stalking their phone even when they’re using the app. The hacker might then try to enter the victim’s credit card info in their copy of the same app and make numerous transactions. The unfortunate victim might only realize that their credit card info was compromised after they receive several packages at their doorstep that they didn’t even order.

On the other hand, if you hire mobile app builder to build a custom shopping app for your business, they can include features that mask its users’ credit card information as well as password and contact details as part of its security features. Your custom mobile app builder can even ramp up the security of your custom app further by letting its users log in using only their fingerprints or a specific letter and number combination different from their password.

3. A custom app builder can provide you with initial support even after they’ve finished developing your mobile software

When you settle for a ready-made mobile app, there’s no telling if its developer still offers customer support for it, especially if they’ve already discontinued it.

But when you let a custom app builder create special mobile software for your business, they can provide external customer support to you and its users as part of rendering their services to you – at least initially. They can also train some of your staff to handle some of the most common troubleshooting requests that your custom app would receive until such time that you can already build a customer service team of your own for it.

4. A custom app builder will deploy and introduce advanced technology to your app development process 

App development is a rapidly changing industry, introducing advanced technology every day and making the older one obsolete. The custom app developers are teams of professionals who constantly keep themselves introduced and updated with the advent of advanced technology. They have access to professionals getting great results with the deployment of advanced technology. 

For example, in the past few years, we have seen the impact of technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, blockchains etc and the benefits they can bring to your business. A custom app developer will be aware which technology may help you in achieving your goals and how to make the best use of them without compromising on other aspects of your business. 

5. A custom app builder will give  a lesser error rate and speed up the development process

Let's be honest, no matter how prepared you are, if you are trying app development for the first, second or even third time, chances are you are going to face problems, big time. There will be codes that fail, goals not met and timelines surpasses because of the uncertainties that come with app development.

A custom app builder is the antidote for the absence of experience which most new business owners are facing. The professionals, having worked on many projects will produce much fewer errors, speeding up the process of development and giving results before you could get if you had developed the app on your own.

6. A custom app builder will save you the extra cost of infrastructure

While developing an app bespoke for your business, there are going to be functionalities which off-the-shelf solutions are not going to feature. In case you need something which is not offered by your template of choice, adding infrastructure extent the functionality will cost you money, time and resources.

Custom app builders on the other can save you a lot while deploying any functionality you need in your app. They will save you the trouble to procure new infrastructure to operate new functionalities and help you maintain the pace of your app development.

Hiring a custom app maker vs developing your app in-house

There are several advantages of hiring a custom app developers, some of them are mentioned here -

  • Established team vs new team dynamic - An app development agency has a team of experienced app developers, quality testers, product managers, etc who have been working on many projects and have developed an efficient way of operations over the time. On the other hand, your in-house team may have one or two people with the same background but it's unlikely that it will be enough for getting the results you are expecting to get. Adding new members to the team will add to the cost and will take more time in establishing team dynamics for efficient functioning.
  • Extensive experience vs a mix of everything - Coming back to the analogy where you develop your app in-house, you will be working with professionals who may have worked in the same area but certainly were hired for some other talent they possess. They will possess a mix of everything you need but lack the leadership and vision they need to take over the project. Hiring a custom developer connects you to developers who have specialised knowledge and experience of the job they are expected to deliver here, giving them an edge over the in-house app developers.
  • Availability of talent - People working in app developer agencies were hired to do that exact job only. They were interested in it, had a knack for it and loved it enough to make it their career.  It's more likely that they will be more suited to commit to your app development than your inhouse team, who are passionate about other things and maybe working on this project on your behalf only.  Hiring a custom developer will expose you to people who have a talent for app development rather than other virtues.


In 2019, close to three out of every four enterprises have built custom mobile apps that underline the need for your business to have one as well. But if you try to create a mobile app all by yourself despite having very little knowledge about it, you may put out a product that might fall short of your expectations. Hiring top mobile app developers will give a product which does everything you expect it to do and save you a lot of money in the long run.

That’s why you might want to avail of the services of a builder working for a custom app development company instead to avail numerous custom app builder benefits, especially after bearing in mind the above-listed advantages of hiring one to make a potentially successful product that can propel your business towards financial gain.

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