Google Launches New AI Hardware Tools For Android Dev

Google Launches New AI Hardware Tools For Android Developers

New AI hardware tools by Google will come under the new brand name Coral.

Google Launches New AI Hardware Tools For Android Developers

At the launch event today, Google announced a series of new AI hardware tools for Android developers in addition to its other machine learning developments.

Google is again making headlines with the introduction of new AI hardware tools that will come under the brand name ‘Coral’. The company has planned Coral to work with other Google tools like TensorFlow and Google Cloud IoT (Internet Of Things) for connected device administration.

Google’s New AI Hardware Tools: Google Coral

It can be used for large business houses to the startups that are still in their initial stages. From today Coral products, sample code and other resources are available.

Products Offered By Google Coral

Coral offers five products that vary from new product development to augmenting existing designs and at the end scaling for production. Here are five products of Google Coral:

1. Coral Dev Board

It is a single-board computer with a removable system-on-module. It features the Edge TPU, Wi-Fi, eMMC memory, Bluetooth and RAM. It costs $149.99.

2. USB Accelerator

It features the Edge TPU that brings ML inferencing to existing systems. It also gives flexibility to users for easy integration into the Linux system over USB 3.0 and 2.0. It costs $74.99.

3. Camera

It has a compatible camera module of 5 megapixels. It is available at $24.99.

4. PCI-E Accelerator

It carries a device for easy integration of Edge TPU into existing systems.

5. System-on-Module (SOM)

It is a 40mm x 40mm pluggable module with a fully integrated system.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Google Coral

Here are some of the major advantages of Google Coral, which are as follows:

Main Advantages Of Google Coral

  • Privacy: Google Coral will keep the user data local and also under your control.
  • Fast: The AI (Artificial Intelligence) is accelerated locally by Google Coral, which brings down inference time to 2 ms.
  • Efficiency: It demands low power consumption for allowing embedded applications.
  • Offline Support: User can deploy it in a field where connectivity can be limited. 

Google Money Making Tools For Android Developers

Google has also introduced a new way to generate revenue for Android developers with the use of their mobile applications. The company has launched a new monetization option for apps called Rewarded Products and it is not related to the subscription.

The revenue model of this option is simple: users will contribute to the app’s revenue by giving their time instead of money. It will offer a rewarding video to users, where they can choose to watch a video ad in exchange for virtual goods and other in-app purchases.

This new feature will definitely make android developers happy but we have to wait for the user’s reaction. It will largely depend on the presentation of the video ads.

The launch of the new Google Money Making Tools and Rewarded Option aims to compete with Apple’s success with the fully embraced subscription. Subscriptions are one of the major factors in App store revenue growth other than the mobile app gaming aspect.

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