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Best Journaling Apps for Keeping a Safe Journal [2021]

Keep up with journalism on the go with these Top Journal Apps.

Journaling Apps for Keeping a Safe Journal

Journaling is considered as the best way to keep track of the important things in your life. It is believed that maintaining a private journal is a great way to spill out your thoughts, desires, and even your worries. Journal and diary entries have a long, rich history.

You can also preserve those crucial moments as cherished photo albums. It’s no surprise why these journaling apps fall within the category of some must-have apps at any time or situation of the day. Besides, with the emergence of software developers, there is a wide assortment of rich apps that inspire you to write down your memories and daily activities.

It is said that if you have a written account to look back on, it can keep all the great times of your life clear. There is nothing wrong with saying that now, with journaling apps on your smartphone, you have an easy option of keeping a journal.

Best Journaling Apps for Android and iOS

Journaling online can be a game-changer in your life. Here’s a list of the top journaling apps for Android and iOS: 

1. Journey: Online Journal App

Your Personalized Diary and Journal

It is the best journal app for Android that allows you to write entries and geotag your entries etc. Moreover, while making entries, you can use the app to log the weather and add a variety of media. Such applications pave the way for convenient writing, which can be easily edited also. The app uses Material Design to provide wonderful navigation through the app.  

The journey app also has a premium model that gives you access to several features such as access to Markdown and further aesthetic customization. With the help of this app, you can see your journal from any location and you can get access to a calendar, allowing you to easily scroll and see the date when you have an updated journal. Hence, it is a complete package.

online journal app

Notable features of Journey, one of the best journal apps for Android: 

  • Protection with passcode and fingerprint
  • Step by step guide for beginners 
  • Compose your journals by email    

Download this best journal app for Android

2. Day One Journal: Best Journal App

Your Daily Journal App

This journaling app for Android gives you an unbeatable journaling experience. It is because when you are writing an entry, you'll get features like word count, options to customize your entries in which some of them are tagging, detecting local weather, and location tags.

There is a feature of attaching photos also, and it is said that when you add photos or audio to a specific entry, you can relive the memories of that moment.

best android journal app

Notable features of the Day One Journal online journal app:

  • Easy managing feature to manage your calendar
  • Timely reminders so that you don’t miss out on recording your mood or travels
  • No limit on storage so that you store as much as you want

Download this online journal app for Android and iOS 

3. Penzu: Journaling App

The Journaling Experience You’ll Love 

Penzu is known for giving stress-free journaling experience as it allows you to write entries, make some tweaks to the format, and add photos. The security lock is the golden feature of this journal app. It makes sure that your journal is stored at a place where your most private thoughts are stored, and without giving its access to anyone, no one can see your entries.

In addition, with Penzu Pro, you can access unlimited journals, custom journal covers, 256-bit encryption security, and custom fonts, to name a few.

best journal app android

Notable features of the Penzu online journal app:  

  • The app provides unlimited storage so you can create as many entries
  • Lock your entries or personal information that you write with a lock 
  • The app offers end-to-end encryption so that you don’t face any troubles  

Download this best journal app for iOS and Android

4. Diaro: Best Online J ournal App      

A Versatile Journal App

If you want to organize everything in your digital journal, then this is the perfect app. Whenever you add an entry, you can select a folder and tags for it. With the option of full-screen mode, concentrating while writing is much easier. The Pro version of the app gives you the ability to export entries to PDF along with cloud sync using your Dropbox account.

The Dropbox sync option stores your journal on Dropbox and syncs effectively and quickly. This means that if you switch off your phone, then you will also be able to access your journal from a new device. The Pro version also gives you a chance to backup and export journal entries for better security.

best journal app for iphone

Notable features of the Diaro free online journal app:

  • You get to secure your entries with a pin 
  • Multiple colors and themes for your varied moods and needs
  • Never lose your data with a backup or restore feature

Download this free journal app for iOS and Android

5. Journi- Travel Blog and Journal 

A Creative Photo Book Maker

The Journi online journal app is especially for those who take pleasure in the travel blogging they do. With this app, you can unleash the blogger residing in you as you go about recording your travels with photos. This app offers to record your travels through photos, notes, and even location tags. 

The best part? You can use the app offline as well with its offline feature and share it with your friends. 

best journal app for android

Notable features of the Journi online journal app:  

  • No internet connection? The app even works in offline mode
  • The option to sync across all your devices  
  • Easily print your journal and ship it to your friends and family

Download this online journal app for iOS and Android

6. Memorize: Free Journal App  

Maintain Your Personal Diary

Another best Android journal app that not only lets you maintain a dairy but offers a lot more than that. You get to share your memories, plan your events, edit your notes, and even keep a track of your events. What else? The app offers unlimited storage along with a free markdown toolkit. So you get to format your journals with headers, photos, and even quotes.

best free journal app for iphone

Notable features of Memorize, one of the best online journal apps: 

  • The app offers a free markdown toolkit so you can create headers or footers the way you want
  • No limit on storage so get to store as much data as you want
  • Support multiple categories of entries so you have your options open 

Download this best daily journal app for Android

7. Daybook: Best Daily Journal App

Your Digital Day Diary

Another of those journaling apps that are much easier to use is Daybook. With this journal app for iPhone and Android, users get to maintain their personal diary along with journals and notes. So you can easily download the app and record your experiences of a particular place or any sort of thoughts you wish to record. 

best journal app for android

Notable features of Daybook, one of the best journal apps for iPhone and Android:

  • User-friendly interface to use 
  • Lock with pin
  • You can speak and write in your diary as well

Download this best journal app for iOS and Android

8. Diary: Best Journal App for Android 

The All-in-One Journal app

Another best journal app for Android, the Diary app is another of those apps which allows you multiple features. Users can write their journals, memoirs, mood and other types of notes. Users get features like password protection for everything they write on the app along with multiple themes and font styles for you to pick from. 

online journal app

Notable features of the Diary, one of the best journal apps:

  • Protect what you write with a password
  • Multiple themes and fonts
  • Mood tracker

Download this best journal app for Android

9. Daylio: Journaling Apps

Your Private Micro Diary App

One of the best journal apps when it comes to tracking your mood, the Daylio app will help you understand your mood with the help of statistics. All you need to do is pick your mood, write it and the app saves it for you. Your moods are stored as a statistic and that helps you understand your overall habits in a better way. 

best free journal app for iphone

Notable features of the Daylio online journal app: 

  • Backup and restore via Google Drive
  • Understand your habits
  • Pin lock

Download this online journal app for iOS and Android

10. Life: Best Journaling Apps

Your Personal Diary, Journal and NoteBook

For a few of those who love daily journaling, the life journal diary could be a treat. The app allows users to write about their feelings and moods along with a couple of other features. Not only you can write about your mood but also make a note of your daily activities and plans. What’s more? Protect your diary with a fingerprint as well. 

free online journal

Notable features of Life, one of the best daily journal apps:

  • Fingerprint protection
  • Night theme 
  • Daily reminder

Download this best journal app for Android 

Closing Point 

Journaling is the way by which you share your thoughts and feelings with the world. Some prefer sharing it while others prefer keeping their entries safe. All these journaling apps for Android and iOS allow you to maintain a digital diary in a hassle-free manner with unique features that allow you to either share the entries with your friends or protect them with a lock. So try these apps and make your journalism easy. 

If you wish to drop your views on these apps or want to suggest some more such apps, let us know in the comments below. In case you are still not sure about installing the above-mentioned apps, you can always go ahead and take a look at in-depth app reviews explaining the advanced functionalities that are being offered by these applications. 

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