Aspecta secures $3.5M funding to launch AI-based digital identity platform for web3 developers and content creators

Startup Aspecta has secured $3.5 million seed funding to launch its AI-powered profile builder for developers who want to create LinkedIn-like identity for themselves.

Aspecta launch AI-based digital identity platform for web3 developers and content creators

Aspecta, a startup, has raised $3.5 million in seed funding to launch its AI-powered profile builder, Aspecta ID. 

Unlike LinkedIn, Aspecta ID aims to provide a platform for self-taught tech talents whose skills are not easily reflected on professional networking sites. The platform uses large language models to review code quality and social endorsement to vet developers. 

It also considers network analysis to determine if a programmer's work has been liked by other recognized experts. Additionally, its algorithms take clues from how users' wallet addresses interact with smart contracts in the blockchain world. 

Aspecta's alpha version has attracted 130,000 users on its waitlist and is integrated with GitHub, Google, StackOverflow, and MetaMask, with Twitter onboarded soon. The startup also plans to apply its algorithms to content creators' popularity on social media platforms. 

The platform targets organizations that can benefit from digestible developer data and identity-as-a-service, such as hackathons and hiring developers. Furthermore, Aspecta's co-founder, Jack He, believes that talent insights generated by the platform's AI will generate revenue and be divided based on community rules managed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). 

Overall, Aspecta aims to create an identity ecosystem that empowers its users to decide how their data is used by data consumers.

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