To-do Adventure App: Gamify Your Task Management

If life is a video game, then the To-do Adventure app contains the cheat codes.

Updated on September 13, 2022
To-do Adventure App: Gamify Your Task Management

We all strive to live a healthy life, full of positivity, and productivity. We all desire to become the best version of ourselves. But, in reality, what we do? 

To hit the goals right, achieve success, chase dreams, and live a life that’s filled with passion and confidence, all you need is to free up your mental space, attain peace of mind with a smart To-do list. 

In the current scenario, most of us are working remotely, managing your team's workload, living with uncertainty in the face of a pandemic, that’s making the prevailing condition even more stressful. To accomplish everything in a single day, we forget to maintain our daily routine, skip breaks, meals and hop all the things you love (or maybe don’t love).

To avoid work-from-home burnout, you need a personal task manager that not only set limits but also manages the day’s tasks, keeps track of progress, and creates detailed plans to achieve your goals making it more fun!

Today, MobileAppDaily has come with an interesting yet productive app - To-do Adventure app review. The best productivity apps that use Gamification to improve your productivity, health, and working attitude. 

Let’s get started by reviewing this smart task management app. 

What is a To-do Adventure app?

To-Do Adventure is a personal productivity app that makes to-do lists more fun. This is one of the best productivity apps, that helps you plan a task and discover new lands.

What is a To-do Adventure app?

In the app, users can create to-do items, set deadlines, and add an island to their map as they check off a task on the list. The more tasks are completed, the more diverse the landscape becomes.

To-do Adventure app is developed by Fourdesire, winner of multiple Editor’s Pick awards in the Apple store with over 27.5 million users worldwide.

This app aims to fit relaxation into a busy schedule by keeping track of every task that needs to get done. To-do Adventure lists help you organize your tasks in a way, you don’t need to push yourself to finish them monotonously, rather making it fun-loving, and enjoyable. 

What is the need for a To-do Adventure App?

If you are a student, parent, young adult, or those who need a productivity boost. If you’re experiencing this, then this will be one of the best task tracking apps you've had.

  • You lack motivation or feel lazy.
  • You can’t figure out how to get started with your work and studies.
  • You procrastinate or get lazy and then feel sinful for uncompleted tasks
  • You easily get troubled, can’t focus on the things you want to get done.

Best to-do list app for balancing tasks and simplicity

Through Fourdesire’s gamification mobile apps, people are encouraged to complete essential everyday tasks without the overwhelming pressure or monotonous approach. 

Best to-do list app for balancing tasks and simplicity

1. Create a To-do list to organize work & life

To-Do Adventure app is the best list management app, that distinguishes itself from many other productivity tools that are either too complicated or too boring to use. 

In the app, users can create to-do items, set deadlines, and add an island to their map as they check off a task on the list. The more tasks are completed, the more diverse the landscape becomes.

2. Complete tasks and unlock worlds 

Users can add a to-do item to the app, finish it to expand their island, and revisit the adventure. While many to-do list apps focus on giving users a sense of accomplishment as they tick off tasks, To-Do Adventure features a screen that displays a list of uncompleted items. On the map, these tasks will be shown as a broken bridge or an unfinished waterslide, suggesting that the users improve their time management skills.

Top Features of To-do Adventure app

To-do Adventure app is an incredible productivity app that not only makes it faster to add and organize tasks but also offers multiple ways to achieve them. Although this productivity app is full of amazing features, we noticed a few features that made certain ones out. 

1. Turn your to-dos into a fun game

To-do Adventure app is a productivity management app that helps you plan a task and discover new realms. Every task added in your on your to-do list becomes a part of the new island’s landscape. If you’ve shifted the task to some other day, you might get a river. And, when the task is marked done, you erect the mountain. This is how this app makes task management entertaining. Also, it keeps track of all the little things that stack-up over time.

2. Complete tasks and unlock new landscapes

This is one of the best productivity apps, that keeps track of all the little things that stack-up over time. It is the best daily task tracker app that keeps track of your tasks for the day/week/month precisely. The more tasks are completed, the more diverse the landscape becomes. It helps you reach your goals for the day and explore your own unique island map, discover rivers, mountains and a lot more!

3. Review Task Performance on a Regular Basis

The To-do Adventure app comes with the exclusive feature of the “Task Review Plan”, that helps you plan out tasks in-progress and those which are yet to be completed. It improves your commitment and productivity towards your work.

 Review Task Performance on a Regular Basis

4. Visual your progress 

This app has everything that eliminates your boredom towards your work, by making it interactive and adventurous at every step. This productivity tracker app helps you visualize your tasks through your achievements, make adjustments according to your requirements. 

Visual your progress 

5. Choose your Favorite Themes

The To-do Adventure app gives you 10+ different themes to customize the look of your productivity journal. Once you use this app, you will be able to unlock different island blocks with chances to unlock even more amazing landmarks. 

How does the To-do Adventure app work?

Let’s start with the To-do Adventure app in 3 easy steps -

  • Start Life Adventure by listing what you want to achieve for the day.
  • Complete your to-do lists and create your unique island map.
  • Analyze the task progress and you’re done!.

Hits and Strikes 


  • Level-up your productivity levels.
  • Turn your to-dos into a fun game.
  • Gamified To-do List with time tracking (Especially for Workfromhomies).
  • Offer multiple ways to organize your tasks.
  • Keeps you motivated. 
  • Remind you about voluntary deadlines.
  • Clean UI (User Interface).
  • Visual feedback.
  • 10+ different themes.


  • To-Do Adventure is available for iOS users only (As of now).
  • The feature of creating sub-tasks is missing.

Additional Data and Ratings

Additional Data and Ratings


To-do Adventure App is Free to download an app. However, includes in-app purchases - 

In-app purchases - 

About Company - Fourdesire

Fourdesire was established in 2012 with the goal of bringing together entertainment, design, and technology. As a digital design company, Fourdesire believes in the power of fun to solve problems in real life. Fourdesire's playful apps allow users to face all kinds of practical concerns: physical health and weight loss to mental health and self-care, financial literacy, and more. Fourdesire is trying to bring fun into every aspect of life, giving more profound meaning to the way people play.

"Our mission is to create apps that help people be healthier and develop better habits.  We are excited to have released To-Do Adventure to help increase productivity and improve time management skills. We know that the mind can be a cluttered place, but with our engaging features and visuals, we can help our users become the best version of themselves.”

~ Wei-Fan Chen, founder, and CEO of the company

MAD Verdict 

To-do Adventure app is one of the best gamify productivity app, for all those who need a productivity boost. This app encourages to complete essential everyday tasks without the overwhelming pressure or monotonous approach. Download this free powerful online productivity app that manages your to-do list, organizes tasks, and reviews them into visuals. 

This is all about To-do Adventure App Review with MobileAppDaily, you can also get your app reviewed with us and help your app reach millions.

Written By Pallavi

She is an avid writer of technology and trending mobile apps. When she is not busy updating you about the tech world, she spends time reading books and playing guitar.

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