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by Akash Singh Chauhan

February 20, 2018

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Idea Behind This App

Learning new languages is fun and very useful at the same time, almost everyone wants to explore more languages. However, most of us believe that learning a new language is a tough job and we need to get a substantial amount of time from our hectic schedule. 

All these excuses are long gone since Memrise app is here to help the explorers in learning their interested languages. The app simplifies the language learning process and transforms it into more of a fun. No longer practicing or mugging up the words and sentences, Memrise has its own creative way to teach a new language. Become fluent in Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Italian and many more languages speaker with Memrise app. Explore huge vocabulary with various reading writing and speaking exercise in the app that helps in learning new languages. There is a number of memory games and more than 30,000 videos of native speakers to learn from. 

An easy way to learn different languages without getting bored, the mobile app is designed in a way to maintain the user's interest throughout the learning. The app also offers simple ways to practice the language that improves your skills on a daily basis. Become native speaker of any new language within no time by using Memrise. 

  • Learn languages easily with Memrise

    Browse through 1000’s of language learning videos

  • Learn languages easily with Memrise
  • Browse through 1000’s of language learning videos

Memrise aims to help the users in learning new languages using interesting and creating ways. The app offers a number of languages including Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Italian. If you are among people who wish to learn foreign languages but didn't have enough time or don't want to spend on tutors the Memrise app is all you need.

The app is the free language learning tool that comprises a structured and enjoyable learning session for the users. The courses and exercise available on the Merise are prepared by linguistic experts. The app offers various reading, writing and speaking exercises for users to quickly learn the languages. Memrise also offers some language learning games that are designed to help in memorizing the vocabulary and improves the particular language skills. Along with this the app also contains a huge collection of videos tutorials of native speakers teaching language learning tips.

Google I/O Award Winner for Best  App of 2017

Use the chatbots to practice and test your language progress via conversation and enhance your fluency in the language. Study new words, sentence formation, pronunciation, grammatical correction to use in daily conversation. The available games will help you in testing your learning with different exercise like sentence correction., jumble words and choosing the right answers.

Memrise offers beginners lessons to start your learning offers and take you through the intermediate lessons that’s make you fluent in any language. So, the next time when you are flying to France, install Memrise and start learning French, you will be fluent French speaker by the time you land France.

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