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20 Best Android Apps of 2019 For Your Smartphone

Lay your hands on some of the best Android apps

20 Best Android Apps of 2019 For Your Smartphone

We all know that without the powerful and highly functional mobile applications, our smartphones are nothing. The right combination of Android apps is what makes your smartphone perfect. I really take the Android app selection very carefully, because if we have good Android apps then it will make many task easier and convenient for us. Besides there are plenty of apps offering functionalities that makes you realize that you only need to use them once.

However, Google Play Store consisted of almost 3.3 million apps by the end of March 2019, that makes it is impossible to search for the best apps. Even for single purpose you will find plethora of apps in the store, so it is hard to make sure that you download the best one among them all. But, don't worry we have already saved you from all that hassle and hard work. Here is the list of the apps for your smartphone that you must try:

Best Android Apps You Need To Try In 2019

1. Google Assistant | Google Now | Google Search

The highly recommended app for the Android users that will make your life so much easier by assisting almost every task. The Google app is capable of assisting in almost everything. You can ask for anything and it will respond to your command, the Android app supports a wide number of commands. You can ask the latest news or do a web search just by your voice command.

Google Assistant

With this Google app you can effectively operate by eliminating the unnecessary effort as well as time. Moreover, the app is compatible with a number of Google products like Bose QC II Bluetooth speakers, Google Home and Google Chromecast. With the help of this app you control some specific tasks of your smartphone like adjusting the light, putting on silent mode and other.

2. LastPass Password Manager

The Android app that I personally recommend is the LastPass, the password managing app is real help for an Android users. With a number of accounts, profiles and their respective passwords, it is almost impossible to tackle them by yourself. So, you need an app that can take care of all your credential efficiently.

lastpass password manager

LastPast is the best choice to save your password and make sure that they stay secured. It stores all your credentials under unbreakable security. Besides this, LastPass also helps you in creating new passwords that are almost impossible to crack. Moreover, the premium version of the Android app is cheaper and you can have the Authenticator for an extra layer of security.

3. Nova Launcher

We generally don't recommend the launcher apps, as we prefer the default launching functionalities of the phone. However, the latest version of the Nova launcher comes with alluring updates that we can't just ignore. The launcher is available in the Google Play store for a long time and being updated by the company regularly. Nova launcher changes the full appearance of smartphone with additional options.

nova launcher

With the launcher, you get the features like backup for your phone, theme icon, and many customized settings for the home page. With Nova launcher, you will be able to trigger the options that are unavailable on the default launcher. So, go and download this Android app and give your smartphone a whole new look and appearance.

4. Pocket Casts

It is time for all the Podcast lovers to find the best Android app; at least it should be better than the one that they downloaded last time. Pocket Casts is the best podcast app in the Google Play store that will fulfill all your requirements related to podcasts. It contains a massive collection of Podcasts that gets updated almost every day by the company.

pocket casts

Besides you will find both audio-only and video podcast so you don't need any other medium. Along with this, the ap comes with very intuitive user interface that looks great. The Pocket casts is also a cross platform app, so you just need to sign in and you can switch your current podcast on any other device. This Android app also looks after your interests and behavior closely and also recommend the most relevant podcasts to you.

5. Solid Explorer

Every Android smartphone user need a file explorer. Whether you are looking for specific file just want to known the available storage the solid explorer will help you. However, finding the perfect file explorer without any ads and having fast speed is a real task. Solid Explorer will save you from the hunt, as it is one of the best file explorer in the store.

solid explorer

The Android app comes with a number of features including the material design, support for cloud service, archiving and additional options like FTP, WebDav and much more. Solid Explorer is fast and works well for all the users, you can access each every file on your computer. Besides, there is also a option for searching the file you are looking for. It offers a 14 day free trial but after that you need to purchase the app.

6. Swiftkey

If you got bored with your default Android keyboard then it is time to spice it up a little bit. There is no app better than the Swiftkey to give a makeover to your keyboard. The third party keyboard Android app was launched few years back and has taken the industry by the storm with its performance. It offers features that no other service provider were giving at that time, and over the years, it has evolved and become the best in the store.


By downloading Swiftkey you can add different theme to your keyboard and make several customized settings to it. Besides this, the Android app also provides the other options including Swift Flow for adding gesture controls to the keyboard. It is available for free and you can download it directly from the Google Play Store. However, for the additional features and some premium themes, you need to spend money on the app.

7. Wallpaper HD,4K Backgrounds

Wallpaper HD 4K Backgrounds is one of the best Android app that would change your phone’s background frequently. It offers a vast collection of high resolution backgrounds at single place. All the user who like to put only high quality images on their background now don’t need to Google for the images. The best part of this Android app is that, it automatically detect the resolution phone’s screen. So, all the images being shown to you will be according to your phone's resolution

wallpaper HD 4k

The wallpaper app owns database of more 80,000 HD wallpapers that are being updated every single day. However, there are some ads, but that’s not an issue because you will open it only when you want to change the wallpaper.

8. Zedge

Here comes the complete package for your Android smartphone, Zedge promises to take care of your entire phone. It comes with functionalities that include wallpapers, ringtones, notifications, live wallpapers and much more. Zedge allows you to set new wallpapers or live papers by choosing them from its own huge database where you will find everything. Besides, the ringtones and notification alerts are also available, you can download the best one from your favourite seasons like I did.


The USP of the Zedge enables you to customize the most basic function of your phone and use it according to your need. The app’s wallpaper and ringtone collection is amazing where you will find whatever you are looking for. Moreover, it is free to download but comes with advertisement and a few bugs that you can get rid of by purchasing the premium version.

9. Google Duo

Now, let's talk about the video calling apps, we may have the facility in WhatsApp and even in Instagram now but we all known what’s the problem with them. These social media apps offers the video calling but you need a higher internet connection for a good quality call. On the other hand Google duo is the best video calling app that can work even on limited internet connection.

google duo

The video quality of the Google Duo is great, you can call anyone with just a single click and it doesn’t even lags like WhatsApp. The only problem with Google Duo is that not all the Android users have that makes it difficult to call all of our friends. It comes for free in the Google Play Store.

10. Evernote: Productivity

We all need to write down something or make notes at many point of time, this require a great note taking app. Evernote is among the top Android note making app that is available in store. You can create, add and edit notes which will stay there until you delete them.


Evernote offers multiple features to make your note-taking more efficient, you can add image of any other file to the notes in the app. Besides this, it also integrates with other services apps like Google drive to make your work more interesting.

11. Google News

Google News is undoubtedly the best news app of 2019, as it swiftly brings you the most relevant news. You can download Google News from the Google Play Store for free and it will keep you updated with all the happenings occuring in the world. Google News uses the AI technique to known about you and then delivers you the personalised news that interests you more.

google news

In the app, there is a ‘for you’ tab that delivers personalized news depending upon your behaviour. Besides, that the ‘full coverage’ delivers you the full story on the same news. It is lightweight and is also fast with quick updates to deliver the news as quickly as possible to you.

12. MX Player

I understand the struggle of finding the perfect video player for Android smartphone just to watch your favourite song or movie. There are a number of options in the store but either they are filled with bugs or require money to be accessed. However, I have found MX player that is the best player available in the entire Google play store.

mx player

The player supports almost all the audio and video formats without any trouble. Besides that it has the support for subtitles with features like forward, zoom and much more.

13. PicsArt

PicsArt is the app that will help you in creating your best profile picture for any social media platform. If you like to make changes to your images by editing then PicsArt should be your pick. It comes with many editing tools like crop, effects, frames and other options to make your image much more attractive and even sharper.


14. Shazam

This one is for the music lovers and people who like to known about every song they hear around them. There are so many situations where we hear a song but we don't know anything about it. But, Shazam is designed specifically to deal with such situations.


You just need to open it and make it listen that piece of music and it will instantly bring you the information about that particular song. Besides this, Shazam also allows you play the songs and add them to your spotify list.

15. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is a very useful app that I recommend every Android user to download. This app is capable of scanning any document and converting them into image or PDF files for you.

tiny scanner

Besides that, you are allowed make changes in your document using tools like crop, adjusting the borders, color and many others. The app is available for free in the Google Play Store.

16. Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker is the best app for the people who are fighting with procrastinations. This app let you keep track on your actions and helps you in acquiring good habits. You can use the Habit Tracker app to manage your everyday effectiveness by adding a new good habit. Using the Habit Tracker with a good alarm app will be best for you.

habit tracker

17. Xender

The times where people used to carry USB cables for file transfers are long gone. There are now apps that transfer the data with lighting fast speed and make it a simpler task. Xender is the best among all, you can easily exchange files wireless within no time. The app is fast and much better than other file sharing apps as it is cross platform and works great.


18. Simple Alarm Clock Free

Everyone needs a alarm clock that helps in taking the actions at the time we are supposed to. Whether its leaving your bed in the morning or getting ready for your gym, most of these tasks needs a companion who pushes us to do that.

simple alarm clock

Simple Alarm Clock is the best app that you can use to keep all your plans in check with the time. You can make customized alarm as much as you want with specific music.

19. HD Camera

There is nothing more enjoyable then capturing images with different ideas and effects. However, not all the Android smartphone has premium camera features, but you can access them via HD Camera app. The app is the best camera app of 2019 that converts your phone’s camera into a professional device for capturing amazing shots.

HD camera

You can get the features like Digital zoom, AF mode, Exposure, White balance, View mode and much more. Download this app and start taking shots like the professional photographers and flaunt them to your friends on social media.

20. WhatsApp

The cross-platform messaging and Voice calling service is one of the widely used app across the globe. The Android app is just not only a hit on Android, but also on iOS, as it ranks on top. WhatsApp offers features like texting, calling, video-calling, group chat, web version, and much more.


It would be injustice for the whatsApp if it didn’t get a place in this list.

The Bottom Line

So, these were the apps that made to the upper cut in the list of best Android apps of this year. If you think, there are other similar apps which we should included in our rundown, you can comment below and we will consider to include them in our list of amazing android apps.

We are well aware of the fact that Android apps currently hold a bigger segment in the industry, especially if we talk about the global market. That’s why we have listed the best Android mobile apps, from Evernote to Pocket Casts in this article that you definitely need to try. In addition to this, you can also check out the exclusive app reviews done by the team of MobileAppDaily.
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