Best Free Movie Streaming Sites of 2023 | Reviewed & Ranked

Check out the best free movie streaming sites to enjoy your favorite content with HD video and sound quality.
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October 16, 2023
Best Free Movie Streaming Sites

Streaming movies online has become a billion-dollar industry and popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and others are reaping its benefits. All these streaming platforms allow users to enjoy their favorite shows and movies on the go.

Most of the popular platforms charge a subscription fee to allow video streaming. However, watching your favorite movie without having to spend a dime is pure bliss. This is where top free movie streaming websites come into use.

These sites do not require any sign-ups or subscription fees, and you can quickly jump onto the fun part of watching movies right away! So, if you are looking for a way to enjoy good movies, do not sleep on our list of the best free movie websites for your device.

Top Free Movie Streaming Sites in 2023

Watching free movies online is the most frugal and convenient way to enjoy your favorite videos from the comfort of your home. We have listed the best free movie websites that let you enjoy complete entertainment without any interruptions.

The ever-increasing prices for Netflix and Hulu can be a major burden on your pocket. These free movie sites offer the perfect alternative to the same. If you are looking to save money and pare down to a few streaming services that offer the best value, check out our inclusive list of websites below.



YouTube is one of the most popular sites to watch movies for free. This site is packed with all the famous movies, TV shows, music albums, videos, and much more. You can enjoy movies of different genres including comedy, action, horror, and others. 

Most of the videos on YouTube are available with customizable video quality. You can choose to view the video from 144p to high definition quality ranging up to 1080p and 4k. The best part about using YouTube for streaming live videos is its availability on both browsers and smartphones. 

YouTube is home to a huge library of ad-supported movies and TV shows. You can watch some of the classics for free and save a lot on your monthly subscription charges. 

Features of YouTube

  • Accessible through mobile and PC
  • Customizable video resolution option
  • Simple to navigate and intuitive interface
  • Stream free movies without creating an account
Visit YouTube

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is among the top free streaming websites that offer a combination of on-demand movies, original TV shows, and other videos. Users can enjoy their favorite content without having to shell out for a monthly subscription. 

Since Tubi is free, the website is packed with tons of ads that can interrupt your binge-watch sessions. It is ranked among the best free movie sites that boast a large catalog of films and popular TV titles. 

Users can also enjoy over 200 live TV channels including local news and sports. From thrillers to black cinema, there is a show for all on Tubi TV. This streaming service is accessible via a web browser or an app on Android or iOS mobile phones.

Features of Tubi TV

  • Free from charges and subscription fee
  • Accessible through Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, etc.
  • No-risk platform with quality niche content for the audience 
  • Sends personalized recommendations based on your preferences
Visit Tubi TV


PlutoTV is a completely free television streaming service that is owned and operated by Paramount Global. You can stream all the content without having to pay any additional fee for the same. 

This site is packed with on-demand content and multiple live TV channels for its users. With an extensive library of movies, TV shows, and other content, PlutoTV ranks among the best movie streaming sites in the world. 

PlutoTV has diverse content from comedy to murder mysteries. The extensive library of streamable content includes a number of classic movies and archive TV series that you will not find anywhere else.

Features of PlutoTV

  • Allows streaming exclusive content for free
  • Does not require personal information to sign up
  • Offers an extensive library of content- both old and new
  • Available on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Samsung TVs, Xbox One, etc. 
Visit PlutoTV


Kanopy is one of the best bargains on free movie streaming sites. With Knopy, users can watch individual movies, cult classics, documentaries, and a range of award-winning shows. Kanopy’s library includes over 30,000 films and shows. 

Unlike other free movie websites, Kanopy allows users to view closed captions, subtitles, and transcripts along with their movies. The content available on the site is updated every week and some older content is removed. 

Kanopy is primarily designed to cater to the media needs of academic institutions and universities. As a part of fulfilling its moral responsibilities, the company invests around 50% of its revenue on individual filmmakers through royalties.

Features of Kanopy

  • Enjoy ad-free movies without any cost
  • Stream movies on mobile, tablet, TV, and more
  • Offers engaging videos and shows for kids as well
  • Huge collection of critically acclaimed and award-winning movies
Visit Kanopy
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Popcornflix is among the top free online movie streaming sites that offer movies and TV episodes without any subscription fee. It is an ad-supported platform that provides excellent quality content for almost every genre possible. 

From popular TV show titles to cult classics, the Popcornflix app has everything for the users to watch for free. Along with a huge variety of content, the site offers a user-friendly interface that is extremely simple to navigate. 

The site offers movie suggestions and recommendations through different categories like ‘New on Popcornflix’, ‘Popcornflix Spotlight’, ‘Trending Now’, and more. If you are looking for the best free streaming websites to run a marathon of your favorite shows, we definitely recommend you try the Popcornflix app.

Features of Popcornflix

  • Offers a free iOS and Android app
  • Good video and sound quality 
  • Offers popular movies, TV shows, and original content
  • Accessible through Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox
Visit Popcornflix

The Roku Channel

The Roku channel offers free streaming services for all users across the globe. This service is now available on all devices, web browsers, and smart TVs. Users can enjoy exclusive content for free with some ads on the Roku Channel.

From Live TV to Roku Originals and the latest movies, viewers can enjoy all their favorite content using this streaming service. As for Roku Originals, you can watch multiple shows based on Comedies, Food and Home, Drama, and more. 

With over 300 TV channels, users can enjoy shows related to news, sports, Anime, Lifestyle, and much more. You can also watch documentaries on the Roku Channel. So, if you wish to enjoy all the premium content in one place, explore the Roku Channel now!

Features of The Roku Channel

  • Quality shows for kids as well
  • Enjoy all the content in HD quality 
  • Stream via- TVs, Amazon Fire TV & mobile app
  • Explore a variety of shows and original content
Visit The Roku Channel


Yidio is one of the most unique streaming sites that can identify and retrieve information from the top free movie streaming sites. This site gathers movies and content from other popular sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and more. 

From Yidio’s free section, users can scroll through their favorite genres- comedy, horror, action, or more and watch the movies anytime and anywhere. The site also allows you to filter the content based on MPAA rating. 

Most of the videos and movies offered by Yidio are hosted on different websites and offer a high-quality streaming experience for all users. If you wish to save your time exploring new movies and platforms to watch them on, Yidio is set to be the best companion for you. 

Features of Yidion

  • Streams video in HD quality
  • One-stop shop to find all free movies
  • Offers a dedicated and free mobile app
  • Videos are hosted through other sites like Popcornflix
Visit Yidio

Internet Archive

Unlike other free movie websites, Internet Archive offers an extensive research library for scholars and other professionals. The site provides free access to historians, researchers, academics, people with print disabilities, and the general public, much like a paper library. 

The purpose of the Internet Archive is to make all knowledge accessible to everyone. Users can upload and read any kind of media on the site. With digital access to academic books and notes, the Internet Archive is a perfect educational source for all. 

So, if you wish to explore and research exclusive content for free, try the Internet Archive streaming website today. 

Features of the Internet Archive

  • Free access to resources
  • Best-suited for scholars and researchers
  • Accurate and reliable source of information
  • All popular books available as digitalized copies
Visit Internet Archive

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is one of the best free streaming sites that offers binge-worthy original content along with a vast catalog of popular TV shows and movies. This streaming service is only available in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. 

The app offers both ad-supported and ad-free plans for its users. With a free tier plan, users can access their local NBC station and enjoy the entire streaming lineup offered by Peacock TV. you can view your favorite content via an on-demand library or through special streaming channels. 

Peacock’s channels are broken down by genres and franchises. If you wish to enjoy ad-free streaming, you can opt for Peacock’s paid plans. Users can access Peacock TV’s live-streaming app on Samsung, Roku, Android TV, Xbox One, PlayStation, and other devices. 

Features of Peacock TV

  • Offers a free entry-level plan to stream content
  • Watch all the latest Universal movies on the platform
  • Watch live events, latest news, sports updates, and more
  • Offers more than 80,000 hours worth of on-demand movies
Visit Peacock TV


FilmRise is an on-demand movie streaming service that hosts a huge collection of movies and content online for free. The site is packed with over 20,000 titles that are spread across different genres and themes. 

Along with movies, users can also enjoy hugely popular reality shows like Bear Grylls, Gordon Ramsay, and more. You can also browse FilmRise through its Android and iOS mobile app on your smartphone. This service can also be accessed through gaming consoles. 

It is among the top free movie websites that give users a choice to watch featured and the latest movies without any charges. You can also access its content library and enjoy a selection of documentaries and classic reality shows.

Features of FilmRise

  • Accessible through multiple devices
  • Offers multiple parental control options
  • Suitable for both arty and obscure titles
  • The library is categorized as per titles, genres, and more
Visit FilmRise


StreamM4U is a popular online streaming platform that is the first choice for many binge-watchers worldwide. It has gained immense popularity among users because of the wide range of regularly updated content that it has to offer. 

Along with streaming popular TV shows, StreamM4U can also be used to download and share the latest content among friends and family. Though it ranks among the top free movie websites, it is still extremely prone to malware and other malicious activities. 

With just a single click, the StreamM4U website allows you to enjoy all your favorite shows anytime, anywhere. With some ads and a lot of good-quality content, StreamM4U is definitely a must-try website for watching movies online.

Features of StreamM4U

  • Completely free to use
  • Offers all the latest releases in one place
  • Allows you to download and share content 
  • Does not require you to sign up for streaming services
Visit StreamM4U


StreamLord is among the popular free movie websites that lets users stream all the content in high quality, without any additional charges. The website provides free videos that can be accessed by any StreamLord user. 

Similar to some of the best movie streaming sites, StreamLord offers content in a range of genres like comedy, drama, action, sci-fi, and more. You can watch all the classic movies and TV shows using StreamLord’s website. 

With its exceptional search capabilities and vast collection of content, StreamLord is definitely a great option to watch free movies online.

Features of StreamLord

  • Easily accessible through different devices
  • Offers videos and movies of different genres
  • Supports streaming in full HD quality 
  • Allows you to watch all the latest content for free
Visit StreamLord


VexMovies is a popular site to watch movies and series online, without having to pay any additional charges. The site of hundreds of movies and TV shows available to stream on-demand. 

As a top streaming website, VexMovies offers its users a myriad of amazing features and a huge selection of movies and the latest content. The site comes with a quick search tool that makes it easy for users to locate the content as per their preferred genre or mood. Apart from streaming the movies online, you can also know the key details about the movie from the site. 

The VexMovies database is continuously updated to keep up with the dynamic demands of its users. The site has also eliminated the need to sign up to avail of streaming services. VexMovies is definitely the best website to watch movies. 

Features of VexMovies

  • Supports streaming with limited ads
  • Extremely simple and intuitive design 
  • Allows users to download their favorite movies
  • Offers a collection of movies and shows from around the world
Visit VexMovies


WatchFree+ is a free streaming platform offered by Vizio. The platform comes with an advanced navigation option to search and discover new content with recommendations that are tailored to your preferences. 

The app allows its users to enjoy hundreds of free channels across different genres- everything from comedy to murder mystery. It is one of the best online movie websites that offers direct access to programs and channels that you expect with a cable but in a free streaming environment. 

With over 260+ channels and 6000 movies and shows, WatchFree+ is among the best movie streaming sites worldwide. Enjoy all the latest news, sports updates, trendy music, and more with the WatchFree+ streaming service.

Features of WatchFree+

  • Offers instant access without any fee
  • Supports unlimited streaming for all users 
  • Enjoy new custom channels developed by VIZIO
  • No additional device is required to sign up or stream
Visit WatchFree+


Filmzie is a free movie streaming service available for users who wish to explore new and exciting content daily. Apart from being one of the best movie streaming sites, Filmzie also offers a space for people to discuss and review their favorite content with other users. 

You can stream movies on Filmzie as a guest user or can choose to register on their official website. Only registered users can enjoy the social features offered by this streaming service. Similar to other free movie websites, Filmzie offers high-quality content for all. 

Unlike paid streaming services that tend to push their original production, Filmzie offers recommendations and suggestions based on user’s preferences. 

Features of Filmzie

  • Totally free without any hidden charges
  • Allows you to stream content as a guest user as well
  • Supports a community of movie enthusiasts and fans
  • Social features- building followers, connecting with people
Visit Filmzie

Bounce TV

Bounce TV is one of the best free movie websites that primarily targets the African-American audience. It offers a blend of live sports events, documentaries, faith-based programs, original shows, and much more. 

The site is extremely simple to navigate and you can easily find your favorite show to watch on it. Users can search for their favorite genres and enjoy unlimited streaming sessions on their mobile phones or TV sets. 

The Bounce TV is promoted as the first 24/7 digital multicast broadcast network created exclusively for African Americans within the age group of 25 to 54 years. This site offers the best streaming services and is thus a preferred choice for many users worldwide. 

Features of Bounce TV-

  • Stream in HD quality for free
  • Accessible through mobile phones and TVs
  • Extremely simple to navigate with an intuitive interface 
  • Huge selection of sports events, live events, movies, etc. 
Visit Bounce TV


Crunchyroll is among the best free movie streaming sites for Anime enthusiasts. This site enables its users to enjoy high-quality Anime content without paying any additional subscription charges. This site is accessible through Android and iOS smartphones or Windows mobile. 

You can switch to different devices without any interruptions or glitches. Crunchyroll offers its users two different options to stream content. Users can either choose to view the content for free but with ads or can opt for the premium version of the site. 

Both free and premium accounts offer access to dubbed and subbed content. As a premium user, you can view all your favorite Japanese shows on the same day that they have aired in Japan. So, if you are an Anime fan who is looking to binge-watch your favorite shows for free, try out the Crunchyroll app. 

Features of Crunchyroll

  • English subtitles available for all shows
  • Premium users can watch content without any ads
  • Offers all the latest and classic Anime shows and movies
  • Accessible through mobile devices, Roku, Xbox One, Apple TV, Chromecast
Visit Crunchyroll


Plex is ranked the best among free online movie streaming sites that lets you be the master of your own domain. Plex enables you to stream the entire collection of media from a computer to your TV. Most of the Plex features can be availed for free. However, users can also opt for a paid version to enjoy a more premium streaming experience. 

The site offers an ad-supported streaming service that offers a huge collection of free TV shows and movies. Along with offering streaming services, Plex also connects users with other similar platforms. 

One of the best parts about using Plex is that it automatically organizes all your shows into seasons, with complete title cards and episode descriptions. From classic TV shows like Baywatch and Doctor to the latest news updates by NBC, Plex has it all!

Features of Plex

  • Offers both paid and free versions
  • Supports a ‘discovery’ and ‘watchlist’ option
  • Offers live TV streaming and DVR functionality for premium users
  • Allows you to build your own domain & library
Visit Plex


MyFlixer is one of the best free movie websites that hosts a variety of TV shows and classic movies. It is a safe movie streaming service created with the user’s ease in mind. MyFlixer allows users to find, watch, and download all the latest movies and their favorite shows. 

All the content on MyFlixer is updated regularly to ensure the latest and the best content for all users. You can explore multiple genres of video content, ranging from horror to comedy. In addition, MyFlixer also offers content in different languages to cater to the needs of different users. 

Although there are potential risks associated with MyFlixer, this site is still a preferred choice for many to stream movies online for free. MyFlixer is the most mainstream site and is preferred by most users to stream their favorite video content.

Features of MyFlixer

  • Comparatively safer than other websites
  • Free access to tons of movies and shows
  • Streams content in multiple languages 
  • Allows users to download movies as well
Visit MyFlixer


5movies is a free streaming website that directly links users to movies that are available on the web. It offers premium streaming services for free to all users. 5movies offers a stable performance for all devices and ensures that users can stream without any hindrance. 

With a ton of latest and featured content, 5movies has an option for all. The site offers a vast library of free movies and shows, belonging to different genres. All that you need to do is search for your favorite genre, and you directly land on a dedicated page related to that category. 

The site also offers a ‘hero section’ that is packed with all the new releases along with their important details. 5movies is definitely among the best free movie streaming sites that is worth giving a shot at. 

Features of 5movies

  • Offers an extensive content library
  • Intuitive design and simple interface
  • Exceptional streaming capabilities and quality
  • Variety of genres- animation, comedy, sports, & more
Visit 5movies


LookMovie is among the best movie streaming sites that offer a large selection of series and movies that can be streamed for free. The site does not allow you to directly stream on the website, but rather shares the links for movies. 

Along with allowing users to stream their favorite content, LookMovie also allows users to download all the movies and shows directly to their devices. The site offers excellent-quality videos for all users, without any additional charges. 

The site also offers important details and a short description of the movie, before you can start watching it. With advanced search filters and a huge variety of content, LookMovie is definitely among the best movie streaming sites available for all users.

Features of LookMovie

  • Offers a huge variety of content
  • Low to no server error on the site
  • Offers details and descriptions of the movie
  • Allows users to create their own watchlist & download movies
Visit LookMovie


If you are looking for a one-stop shop to watch all your favorite movies, documentaries, and videos, YesMovies is the best option for you. Users can pick their favorite categories or genres and enjoy all the content for free. 

You can also subscribe to the YesMovies website to get personalized recommendations and notifications about the latest releases. Users can enjoy all the classic movies in the best resolution and high-definition audio quality. 

With an intuitive interface and seamless working, YesMovies makes it easy for users to browse their favorite content and binge-watch it from anywhere. So, if you are looking to stream all the classic and latest movies in high quality, Yes Movies is the best choice for you.

Features of Yes Movies

  • Supports streaming in HD quality
  • No registration or subscription required
  • Allows users to download movies
  • Sends alerts and notifications about the latest releases
Visit YesMovies


SpaceMov is among the most popular movie streaming sites that allows people from all across the globe to watch and enjoy their favorite movies without any subscription. The site offers users all the latest movies with the best audio and video quality. 

A feature that sets SpaceMov apart from other free movie sites is its comprehensive library of the latest releases and timeless classic titles. Users can browse through a huge selection of shows and find the best one based on their preferred span, genre, language, etc. 

Along with a free website, SpaceMov also features a mobile-friendly design that allows users to watch all the content on the go. So, if you are keen on catching the latest box-office hits without having to pay for the tickets, SpaceMov is the best site for you.

Features of SpaceMov

  • It is optimized for search engines
  • Stream movies without any hidden charges
  • Prioritizes user safety and protects personal data
  • Discuss reviews and recommend titles to other users
Visit SpaceMov


SolarMovie is the best website to watch movies without paying any subscription fee. You can explore all the latest movies, TV shows, series, music, and more. 

With its unique P2P sharing channel, SolarMovie has gained immense popularity among users from all across the globe. It is preferred by most of the users as it supports the most latest collection as compared to other streaming platforms.

This torrent site offers advanced search options that can help you find the best shows as per your preference, in no time. So, if you are looking for a fast and dependable site, Solar Movie is the way to go!

Features of SolarMovie

  • Enjoy all the latest movies and shows
  • Completely genuine and reliable
  • Offers the best usability and interface
  • Search for shows within seconds 
Visit SolarMovie


Afdah is the best website to watch movies that offers everyone unrestricted content access to all users. This site is completely safe for users and ensures free availability of all the latest movies and shows. 

To ensure the availability of the most recent content for users, Afdah updates all its content regularly with the latest movies and TV shows. This website can be accessed through your mobile phones or computers. 

If you wish to watch Afdah safely without compromising your privacy, you must ensure to use a VPN on your device. We definitely recommend you try out Afdah for your next movie marathon night!

Features of Afdah

  • Offers the best video and audio quality 
  • Stream all your favorite movies in one place
  • Packed with Hollywood, Bollywood, and other genres 
  • Crawls movies and shows from the most popular streaming platforms
Visit Afdah
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What are the risks associated with using the top free movie streaming sites?

Most of the free movie websites offer pirated content that is obtained through illegal means. These sites can comprise user’s privacy and personal information. Some other risks associated with the use of free movie streaming sites include the following- 

a. Free movie streaming sites can affect your device with malware and viruses. If hijacked by malicious third-party software, your device can be at a serious risk of getting infected and damaged.

b. Most of the illegal movie websites, gather your personal information and details. Most websites require to register before streaming the content and there is a good chance that a cyber criminal could misuse this information. 

c. Illegal streaming sites are packed with bloatware which is an unwanted program that can harm your device’s working. Bloatware is mostly bundled with other software to negatively impact the working of your device. From the storage space to device memory, bloatware can harm it all. 

d. Even the best free movie streaming sites contain some kind of adware that can harm your device. Some ads can redirect you to harmful sites that can damage your device. Certain adware can also monitor your online activity, further tampering with your privacy. 

How to ensure your safety while using the free movie websites?

If you are a movie and entertainment buff and love exploring free movie websites, it is important that you take precautions while using them. Let’s explore some of the ways that can ensure online safety while using free streaming websites. 

a. While streaming movies online, you must ensure that you are using a virtual private network or a VPN on your device. This encryption software will hide your IP address and ensure that the information is not leaked out to any harmful source. If you are connected to a VPN, all your network data and traffic will be encrypted.

b. You must ensure that you are streaming videos only through popular and legitimate sites. Users must stay away from services that they have never heard of before. You can try safe sites like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, etc. 

c. The Government has made a stern effort to shut down illegal sites for streaming movies and shows. As a user, it is our responsibility to abide by the rules and regulations laid by the government for the protection of users. 

What are the alternatives for free movie streaming websites?

If you do not wish to use the top free movie streaming sites for your movie nights, there are multiple alternatives available for the same. Many popular websites offer paid streaming services of premium quality content. 

These sites are legit and offer better services as compared to the free ones. Let's have a look at some of the popular streaming platforms available for users in 2023. 

a. Netflix
b. Hulu
c. Prime Video
d. Apple TV Plus
e. ESPN Plus
f. Disney Plus Hotstar and more.

Wrapping Up!

Our list of the top free movie streaming sites will surely help you find the perfect option for all your streaming needs. With a significant price hike in most of the subscriptions, these free sites will surely come to your rescue. 

Whether you are looking to binge-watch family shows, original content, classic cinema, or edgy content, our recommendations of the best free streaming sites will surely help you. Be sure to use these sites with proper precautions to ensure your safety online. 

Lastly, if you are an app owner and wish to list your product, get in touch with us at MobileAppDaily. Our expert reviews will help your app to grow and reach its potential audience. Until then, keep on exploring MobileAppDaily for more information and updates on the world of technology and mobile applications. 

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