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React Vs Angular: Which JS Framework Is The Best

React and Angular are the top Javascript frameworks Vs Angular: Which JS Framework Is The Best

We all know what significance the front-end development JS framework/library holds for the development of web application, which has become an inevitable part of technology and almost every company. Thanks to React and Angular, which has made our life easier with their complete set of tools and applications.

Being a front-end web developer, you may get puzzled to pick among the React or Angular JS framework. So, to guide you with the right decision, today are going to discuss and elaborate on all the features and applications that make the React and Angular as the front-runner in the race of top Javascript frameworks.

The Javascript landscape has been divided among these two most advanced JS frameworks, but most of the application developers get stuck when it comes to choosing between these two. ‘Should I choose Angular or React?’ is among the top most searched questions on the search engines.

Summary of Angular JS and React JS

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced programmer looking for a tool to complete your organization's project or a newbie to the web development; seeking an informative and convenient start, the question remains the same.

In order to know which one suits the best for your web app development, you need to thoroughly examine both of these tools and know what they have to offer. Once you are aware of every in and out of Angular JS and React framework, you will be able to make the right decision on your own.

Let's get into the details of both of these Javascript frameworks and know “Is react better than angular?”

About React Framework

This JavaScript library was released at the beginning of the year 2013 and is now managed by one of the largest social media platforms i.e. Facebook. React can be basically described as a javascript library that is used for creating user interfaces (UI). Facebook itself uses several React components on many of its pages but not as an SPA (Single Page Application).

It was even stated by Chris Cordle, a known software engineer, that 'Facebook uses React much more than Google uses Angular'.

Companies That Uses React JavaScript library

About Angular Framework

The Angular is an efficient tool that is based on TypeScript and was developed at the end of the year 2010 and currently, it is maintained by Google. The tech giant often describes it as a 'Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework'.  The Angular javascript framework can also be referred to as Angular 2, ng2, or even Angular 2+.

Companies That Uses Angular JS

Difference Between React And Angular?

Before moving towards the main components of the JS frameworks, you should know the main differences between these two. Angular is a complete JS framework embedded with enormous features compared to React, which is just a UI component library.

Angularjs downloads per month

Angularjs has a substantial community support and that indeed fuels its demand among the developers. Also, this framework runs on all the browser platforms.

It won't be fair to compare Angular with React and to take the fight on the common ground. All we could consider is that React is connected to the other libraries that are commonly used only with it.

Here is a short overview of some of the differences of React and Angular in the tabular form:

Factors AngularJS React
Language JavaScript + HTML JavaScript + JSX
Latest Version AngularJS 6 version React 15
Corporate Support Google Facebook
Data Binding Two Way data binding One Way data binding
  • Works with real DOM
  • Beings JS into HTML
  • Client-side Rendering
  • Brings HTML into JS
  • Server-side Rendering
  • Works with virtual DOM
Type of Technology Full-fledged MVC framework written in JS JavaScript library that requires flux to implement architecture
Best Suitable for Suitable for those SPA that update a single view at a time Suitable for those SPA that update multiple views at a single time
Dependencies Angular manages dependencies automatically React requires additional tools to manage the dependencies

Parameters To Consider

1. Maturity

Maturity is the scale to measure the popularity and success of any tool to date. So, before opting for a tool, you must know how long it has been on the market. A tool is said to be mature if it has been used by a number of application developers and showed no signs of any problem.

The maturity of any tool could be due to a number of factors like being unstable or having some bugs, maybe abandoned by the vendor, or perhaps not being backed up by a large community for support.

2. Type of Features

The second most important thing you should look for is the kind of features the tool offers. You need to compare them with others. By doing this, you will know about the variety of tools you have in your hand. Further, you must inspect if those features are suitable according to the demand of your project or not.

How smooth is the learning curve?

There is no benefit of the feature-rich tool if you have to spend immense time and efforts in learning it. The tool should come with a natural learning curve, so the developers and programmers can easily understand it in no time for efficient results.

Here are some questions you should address before the decision.

  • Will the framework going to exist for a long run?
  • How responsive and helpful is the respective community with the tools?
  • Is it easy to find the developers for such development?
  • On which basic programming concepts it works?
  • How easy is it to use them for small and large applications?
  • What kind of performance can you expect from it?
  • Where can you have a closer look under the hood?
  • How can you start developing with it?

AngularJS Advantages

Angular is one of the widely used javascript frameworks that is supported by Google. It is the successor of Angular JS which was turned down by Google after it was found to have unnecessary complexity

Angularjs fundamentals

So, the company took care of everything in the second version of Angular JS that is also used in Google Adwords and Google Fiber. This certainly clears how significant and essential Angular is for Google. Besides, Angular has some beneficial features like native app support and many others.
Advantages of the Angular framework:

React JS Advantages

React JS framework was introduced about five years ago and considered as the oldest JS library for the new generation. It is built and maintained by Facebook. The social media giant uses React in its product including WhatsApp and Instagram social media channels.

However, React isn't exactly an MVC framework, instead it is an open source library for viewing UI only. The UIs built with the help of React is highly responsive and loads immediately.

Advantages of the React framework:

Features offered by React and Angular

Coming down to the features, Angular holds the upper hand in this field, as it offers more features than React. However, these benefits could have its ups and downs for a developer depending upon their point of view and also on the project that they are working on.

Notable Features of Angularjs

These beneficial features could help the programmers in coming up with an intuitive web application. Besides, with all these features already present inside the tool, the coder doesn't need to waste their time in searching the libraries.

However, in some ways, this could be a problem as you may get confused with all these features. Although you can replace them from the libraries, but that too requires extra effort and time.

Notable Features of React

As mentioned earlier in React, you won't find many in-built features, which is good for the developers as they have the freedom to choose anything. The programmers can choose from the number of libraries in React. 

However, the users also need to do all the operations by themselves in React, including the adding of features from other libraries. Some of the popular libraries that are mostly used by the developers are React-router, Fetch for https requests, and Enzyme for unit testing utilities.

Core development

We already know that both Angular and React are being backed by the industry’s top leaders. Facebook uses React Library for WhatsApp and Instagram, whereas Google has implemented React in several projects including Adwords UI with Angular & Dart. Talking about the core development application of these frameworks, we had a look at their Github popularity. 

Core development

So, it can be seen that the freedom of adding features from different libraries benefits React over Angular on Github.

Technical Comparison: Angular vs React JS

Here, we have done the comparison of React and Angular in respect to various components including MVC (Model View Controller), Templating, Data Binding, License, and Rendering.

1. MVC (Model-View-Controller)

Breaking the entire data of the project or application into smaller and readable component, i.e., Model, View, and Controller helps the developers to write shorter codes for a better quality product. The MVC pattern allows the programmers to do quality work with the required assistance. 

So, the MVC model along with the Model View Presenter and Model View-ViewModel is still preferred by the developers. Angular is entirely based on MVC architecture, however, React supports only the View part of the MVC pattern.

2. Templating

Templating is one the most important feature that no developer wants to miss while working on a web application. While using an effective framework, you can't afford to skip on the templating options. Angular offers number templating options using Typescript files and React in JSX files for creating UI.

React does not offer any division between the directives, the template logic, and templates. Also, the template logic should be written in the template itself. But in Angular, the user can make their own directives that will be inserted into the templates later. The template in angular must have an element with the user's directive written as an attribute.

3. Data Binding

The data binding is one of the most important steps for building a web application as it establishes a relation between UI and the business logic of the app. To carry out the whole app’s process it requires the data binding in frameworks. Angular uses the two-way data binding approach in which it connects the DOM to Model data using Controller. However, the two-way approach hampers the performance as every binding has a watcher to spot the changes in DOM.

On comparing the One-way binding (React) vs. Two-way binding (Angular): The React uses one-way data approach for the data binding. In this, the data flows only in one direction that makes the work easier. With the one way approach, it is easier for the developers to debug the process having large applications.

4. License

The libraries and frameworks are divided into different categories using the license. Where some of them are flexible and allows the developers to adjust them according to the requirements, others don't. The flexible ones are known as the open-source products while others don't allow to make the commercial apps or change the content. 

Both React and Angular are the open source frameworks, that means you can make the changes accordingly, as there is no restriction about commercial apps and usage. Angular comes under the MIT license and React falls under the 3-clause BSD.

5. Rendering

Rendering in Javascript is known as the fetching data in order to make the app works efficiently. There are basically two ways of rendering in the frameworks it is either client-side rendering or server-side rendering. The client-side rendering affects negatively to the app as it slows down the page loading. The AngularJS has the client -side rendering, that is further resolved in its next iteration. 

Now, both Angular and React has server-side rendering process. Another thing to note here is that the JS frameworks render the pages on the client side, which can badly influence the overall user experience, search engine optimization (SEO), and also the perceived performance. For the React framework, we have the next.js library whereas, for Angular, there is the Angular Universal library.

Technical Comparison: Angular vs React JS

Important Information about React:

React has a number of topics to talk about from a developer’s point of view, that includes:

1. JSX

JSX is one of the most debatable points when it comes to React; some think it is a huge issue other finds its helpful. In React the JSX combines both makeup and logic within the components using the XML instead of following the classic approach with separated markup and logic. It allows the developers to write the markup directly into the Javascript.

With it, the programmers get the benefit of static analysis. The JSX markup compiler will spot the errors as soon as you make it, instead of letting you continue with the errors. It helps in rectifying the silly errors in real time while writing the codes.

The JSX is actually an optional pre-processor for syntax that is similar to HTML and can be compiled later in JavaScript. It does follow some notions like the use of 'className' instead of just 'class'. One of the biggest advantages of application development is the efficiency of compile-time checks, which work better with JSX because all your data is in one place during the process of code compilation.

2. Flow

Flow is the type-checking tool for the framework developed by Facebook. The tool is capable of spotting the implicit errors and parsing the codes for the programmers. Unlike TypeScript in Angular, Flow doesn't require you to get into a new language and annotate your code for type checking. 

In Flow, the annotations of the codes are optional, besides it provides the additional hints to the developers. Instead of overwriting the existing code, it suggests the change to the user with static analyzing.

3. Redux

Redux can be referred to as the tool that developers take into action to make their life easier when things get really messy. It is used for the ’state of management’, that deals with the inner parts of the app. The tool is complicated and comes with a steep learning curve. It’s more about the inner look and feel of the web app and managing it requires Redux.


Redux has three fundamental principles:

  • The state in Redux is read-only.
  • There is a single source of truth available.
  • The changes in Redux are performed using pure functions.

Important Information about Angular:

Angular also has some important and beneficial features under the hood that could help in taking the better decision.

1. TypeScript

The new generation language is built by Microsoft at the top of Javascript. This is the enhanced version of Javascript ES2015 that comes with more features inherited from the new language. The typing system in this language is robust and it analyzes the codes with the help of various annotations and type inference.

The Typescript is also influenced by Java and .NET, so if you're familiar with these languages, then it will more manageable for you to learn Typescript over Javascript. Also, Angular is known as TypeScript-based Javascript framework.

2. RxJS

This is an exclusive Reactive library that enables the more flexible and customized handling of the operations. RxJS can be taken as the perfect blend of observer and iterator pattern along with the functional programming. With its help, you can treat anything as the continuous stream of values in order to perform distinctive operations like mapping, filtering and much more.

Final Comparison

Now you must have learned about the difference these two frameworks have. You need to consider all the parameters and project requirements while choosing the most suitable framework. Once you select the most prominent tech stack for the project, you will be tempted to use it in all upcoming projects. 

However, you don't need to blindly follow the same approach every time, although keeping the consistency is good, but before every project, take your time and then decide.

When to use angular and react

We hope that with the help of this article, we have cleared some of your doubts regarding the Angular and React javascript frameworks. 

To be honest, we can’t decide which one is the best framework, neither the articles posted across the web surrounding this debate can help you. Both React and Angular hold different positions and help the programmers in their own way.

To get access to more such interesting information on such frameworks, click on that ‘Subscribe’ button. Once you are subscribed to MobileAppDaily, you won’t be missing any important updates of the Mobile App Industry.

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